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Friday, February 29, 2008

VFTW Saves Biker Momma, Little Alaina Kicked Out

Jason Castro is going on to the next round, for that I'm very glad.

I only got one right out of my four picks this week, Jason Yeager. Little Alaina just had no real story line nor an interesting pre-show clip, so popularity wins again over singing talents displayed.

Kady certainly looked like she expected to go home, I can't help but like this girl's attitude. She was overheard by one of the audience members as saying about Archuletta, "I don't know why he's looking nervous he's not going anywhere." That is great, seems this girl is certainly not stupid. Kristy Lee Cook gets to stay due to her assets displayed in her tight outfit and really, could she have spread her legs any farther apart and remained standing? Crazy. Horse back riding skills at work. Luke Menard, just a matter of time, perhaps next week. I know I'd not buy any of the guy's high pitched singles.

Speaking of which, you can get your iTunes of the show for your very own, I'm amassing a collection of my Dreadlocked Darling's. The kid, I hope, will pull a great song out of that magical mystery song selection next week.

I wonder if the show has this on the list:
Peter Gabriel, "Your Eyes"

I can imagine Jason Castro pulling that song off. Baby, play the guitar if you want, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


  1. Sunny,
    Personally I think the judges are playing games with Jason Castro. I winced when they did love the guitar, dump the guitar with him in two consecutive weeks. He's distinctive, he's got good stage presence, he sings pretty well. I hope he hangs around.

  2. I think so too, trying to set him up for getting kicked out before he catches on too hard.

    I like him very much, I like the fact too that he's not an already-tried-to-be professional.