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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few Crazy Lady's Fanatics Visits

These numbers from the Fanatics who frequent my site, from today - a few always use the proxy through Reston VA: Totaled 8 in all today.

Returning Visits:88
Referring URL: 88
Dayton Ohio United States
4 hours 12 minutes
No referring link

Returning visits:34
Reston Virginia United States
cache-dtc-aa14.proxy.aol.com (XXXXXXX) [Label IP Address]

10th February 2008 17:13:36
5 hours 7 mins 27 secs
Returning Visits:122
Referring URL: 34
Reston Virginia United States
cache-dtc-ab14.proxy.aol.com (XXXXXXXXX) [Label IP Address]

Returning visits :10
10th February 2008 17:34:48
4 hours 38 mins 1 sec
New York United States

This one is henry8:
10th February 2008 18:14:27
4 hours 24 mins 27 secs (yesterday she was on the site 10 hours 11 minutes: it is documented)
Ottawa Kansas United States
(XXXXXXXXXX) [Label IP Address]

10th February 2008 17:13:19
5 hours 7 mins 45 secs
Reston, Virginia

There's more, but all I'm putting up for now.


  1. Single Bullet Theory6:27 AM

    For the record:

    CL Fanatics: I am NOT Sunny. My posts here are of my own volition and, unlike some of you, I can actually THINK for myself.

    Now go play in the street...

  2. They had themselves a real barn burner of a parTay last night.

  3. I was talking about VFTW - recognize this gal? VFTW loves when ol' Jeanni comes to visit. haha.