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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

Goat Milker, Dog Whisperer, and Cattle Driver..John Henry move over...

Taylor Hicks sent out a Twitter message on September 2, it read: "Goat Milker, Dog Whisperer, and Cattle Driver..John Henry move over..." Quite clever considering what he's been doing while in and around Ft. Worth and Dallas during his time here with the national touring production of "Grease".

Taylor Hicks has been saying in the local interviews how he loves Texas, and the appreciation seems to be reciprocated. He's been doing the interview circuits and the DFW media has been very kind to him. Well everyone with exception of one particular member of the audience as we can see in this upcoming video.

The Dog whisperer: 'Tough crowd' indeed. Yes, whispering and singing, and harmonica playing, but Burt the Basset hound mix can't be persuaded to move. Pooch looks rather like my basset mixed mutt, Cody. Energy is just not their thing.

"Seven Mile Breakdown" on FOX 4:

(He just can't stop singing about me.)

Channel 5 Interview with Bobbie Wygant:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.

The Channel 11 CBS interview with Taylor Hicks.

Now regarding reference to the goat, apparently Mr. Hicks had some sort of appearance in Victory Park and there were goats involved; have not located footage on that as of yet. The Cattle Driver portion of his message on Twitter, an obvious reference to the daily cattle drive that takes place in the Ft. Worth stockyards.

That sums up the catching up I was able to do this morning on the whats, wheres of Taylor Hicks in Dallas. Still haven't heard back on that barbeque invitation. I guess perhaps next time. Happy Trails, Taylor Hicks.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Taylor Hicks Comes to Town

Taylor Hicks headlining the national touring production of "Grease" skid into town this week. The show is being presented at the great Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth.

Gary Cogill, one of my favorite local entertainment reporters writes, "Bass Hall is the perfect place for shows like Grease. The big voices ring acoustically true to the top tier, especially the female cast members - they seem much more alive and together on stage, than the boys.

The sets are basic at best, but the ensemble dance numbers are staged beautifully, and bathed in bright colorful lights, hitting the hand jive at just the right level.

The leads, Sandy and Danny, are played-well by Broadway veterans Emily Padgett and Eric Schneider. He's less like Travolta, she's much more Sandra Dee.

Grease is being advertised with American Idol winner Taylor Hicks as the headliner, but don't be deceived, He sings one song in act two, and for a few brief minutes, it's a funny, well-placed parody of himself.

Grease is a ticket well-purchased, and stick around for the encore, you'll finally see more of Taylor Hicks."

Apparently, while I was out taking care of business, I missed Taylor Hicks' visit on Good Morning Texas. From what I understand the show aired from Victory Park and there was goat milking involved while Taylor blew harmonica. Now doesn't that sound entertaining? Damn, it's just not been the best week.

I asked my Darling Man if he had gone out and bought front row seating for "Grease" and his response was "*snort*". I took that as a 'no'. Now if Taylor Hicks had decided to do a pub-stop show while he's in town, either Darling would have had to accompany me, or I'd have had to haul someone else to the show.

Scrolling through the Google alerts on Mr. Hicks this title grabbed my attention, "Gay Panic in Fort Worth, Best Burgers and Taylor Hicks Defenders", posted in the Houston Press. At first, knowing Taylor was in Ft. Worth, it seemed the Gay community was somehow in a panic at his being there, then everyone settled down and went out for burgers. Seriously, look at that title.

What is the actual case, this posting simply a series of Houston Press commenters remarking on the Redneck cop situation in Cow Town. Apparently the local officers were going around and raiding the newly established Gay restaurant/bars that have recently opened.

You see, dear readers, Ft. Worth, or as we affectionately refer to it as Cow Town, is quite different than Dallas. Dallas is the shinier metropolitan haven for all things urban and modern, whereas Ft. Worth... well we don't call it Cow Town for nothing.

The burger reference had to do with an article from the tony Texas Monthly in which the writer seemed to think ambience trumps flavorful eats, which is absolute rubbish. The writer in the Houston Press winds up the article nicely with, "Atmosphere is in the mind of the beholder, but any way you score it, Rockwell's burgers blow away Texas Monthly's Houston burger choices. Don't take my word for it. Go eat a Rockwell Tavern burger and see for yourself." Now next trip down toward Houston I may have to do just that. Cypress is a little community just NE of Houston.

So to sum that up, the Gay community in Cow Town being upset has nothing to do with Taylor Hicks and the burgers were only eaten by Robb Walsh and friends. For entertainment value you might want to peruse this link just for the readers' comments. Now I'm hungry. Oh and hey, the other day I actually invited Mr. Hicks over for some Texas Bar-b-Que. Still haven't heard back. I guess he's busy.

Taylor Hicks, a song for you while you're hanging out here in my neck of Texas.

"Cow Town" George Straight