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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Soul Patrol Push - send your e.mails to these addresses on

I took this off of the American Idol, Soul Patrol site, posted by "hickshoney1" ---

"This will be happening all day tomorrow (5/1/06)Okay SP... here is your mission should you choose to accept it:On Monday May 1st, everyone needs to e-mail two sites about our support for Taylor.

The first one is USA Today. You can go to the dot com of this and go to contact us and under the print edition "Letters to the Editor"The second one is Scarborough Country on MSNBC. His e-mail addy is joe@msnbc.com. If everyone sends one e-mail to each of these sites, there would be no way they could keep it from Taylor. If they see enough of these e-mails, they will pay attention and talk about it and hopefully print these.

I'm not doing this to pimp for voters. I want to do this so we can tell Taylor and the world how much we love him. If you do decide to do this, please stay positive. Don't talk about the way the votes went this week or anything like that.

The goal is to show Taylor how much we support him. ***NO talking about Onions, either... I know what some of you are thinking. Remember: This will happen MONDAY MAY 1ST. All go, no quit!

HOT: Please do this with us. It would be a good show of unity and show these people that Taylor's talent is known all over the world."

Just passing it on...PUSH TIME SOUL PATROL!!!

Groove on Soulman!

Fan Mail addresses to Send Hicks your fan squees!

To express your thoughts about Taylor Hicks, let him know how you feel about his music and discovering him....

Soul Patrol mail:

Taylor Hicksc/o American IdolPO Box 900Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

American Idol Att:Taylor Hicks Fox TV 2121 Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067

American Idol Fox Broadcasting/Publicity Dept. Att: Taylor Hicks P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills, Ca 90213-0900

Open Door Cafe1115 Dunston AveBirmingham, AL 35213

Taylor Hicksc/o 19 EntertainmentAmerican Idol - Stage 36 3rd FloorCBS Studios7800 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles CA 90036

Groove on Soulman.

Out of an Article by Jeff Grode, Reality TV forum...

Jeff lets the reader know in his opening paragraph that he is a Taylor Hicks fan and supporter. His article features comments on the SNL skit, "Well to start off with, let’s take an example of a few weeks back. During a Saturday Night Live skit, Taylor was caricatured as a rambunctious rambling idiot. For those of you not able to catch it, I’ve included a picture. Now, Taylor took it all in stride and was seemingly ‘amused’ on air. As was pointed out, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Perhaps Taylor was able to take it in stride, but how would a skit like this affect the general populace that votes on American Idol? It’s sad to say, but far too many people vote for who they perceive as ‘popular’.

People can be swayed so easily from outside influences rather than how their ‘gut feeling’ is and that is truly sad. It’s been said that people are either leaders or followers; but there are more followers in this world than leaders. So all it takes is this one skit on SNL to tell people, ‘this man is a buffoon and so are you if you vote for him’, and suddenly the people who have made him so popular start to question themselves."

Now I did not take it the SNL folks were trying to make him out to be a buffoon. What I walked away with, and understanding the twisted SNL humor, is it was flattery on a few different levels. One, the fact they selected Hicks maintains the man's popularity is reaching beyond A.I., and two, the actors on SNL that were involved in the skit pointed out in an interview that everyone watching knew who he was immediately, and gave them a lot of positive feedback - for the most part the commenters were happy Hicks' was being recognized. I mean, look at big celebrities in Hollywood, to be 'roasted' is considered an honor. But I do appreciate Joe's concern.

Joe continues with the same line of thinking many of Taylor Hicks' fans are discussing, including myself, "Now let’s look at what happened this past week on American Idol. There are many people that thought Taylor did not do a good job. But what some people don’t realize is that Taylor didn’t have nearly as much time to work on his song as some of the others. According to Nigel Lythgoe; executive producer for the American Idol, Taylor had chosen to sing, ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ by Michael Bolton. (Actually, this is not a Michael Bolton song, and Taylor Hicks had planned to work the Otis Redding version. This song was initially recorded in 1933 by Bing Crosby and many others since.) "Suddenly at the beginning of he week it was decided that the song was not in the genre. Further explaining this, Nigel goes on to say, ‘that’s okay if we are doing the Blues Brothers week’. It seems they only wanted songs they felt Andrea Bocelli would sing. Well, Monday certainly is a fine time to let Taylor know this. When exactly are the songs chosen by the performers? Are they seriously telling us no one considered song choice before the beginning of the week? I’m sorry, but this seems slightly unfair.

Next, Joe continues with, "Now to finish off this little rant I need to point out another bit of good news / bad news. In one popular site where the ultimate goal is to vote for the worst singer, they have now chosen Taylor as the next person they want their collective to vote for. Good news because it means more votes for Taylor, and yet bad news because they seem to consider him the worst of the remaining."

Call me a 'twisted sister', but I think this is a good thing. Most folks have this misconception that VFTW is only about this group picking the most deplorable contestant and pushing them for their 'evil' fun and entertainment, to poke a finger in the eye of A.I., 19E and the premise of the show. Of course they do have fun with that premise, but it's not the entire concept. VFTW is about pointing out the idea that this show is potentially compromised regarding who gets ' pushed' through and wins the title. It is a controversy gaining increasing creedence, especially with the turn of events for this past season. VFTW chose Hicks, if you can put your prejudices aside, go lurk in their forums, they are actually in mode to help him out - they see the way the A.I. / 19E group is leaning and of course want to disrupt 'the machine'. Granted this year they have backed their share of not-so-good contestants for the grins and giggles, and sheer mayhem, but in Hicks case, with the show this far down the road, it's an aide to push him through. They also recognize the fact that if they go with Paris or Elliott, they'll be soon picking another to root for - and really, at this point, there are no worst left in the group. Katharine would be wrong for them completely for all that she is endowed with and stands for, and Chris is TCO (The Chosen One) this year and so they won't back him. Plus, if you read between the lines, they like Taylor, everyone can understand rooting for the 'darkhorse' especially VFTW. I can appreciate the dark evil that is this site's humor driven motivation, but they are a big group with a lot of influence (so Taylor Hicks, don't be offended) and voting public don't be the sheep running behind Slimon and A.I. think for yourselves.

Got Soul? Vote Hicks!

Groove on Soulman.

American Idol; Got Soul?

This past week's show made me think "American Idol" should be renamed, "The Making of an Idol" . It appears that this organization may have a winner chosen, and it's not Taylor Hicks. Criticisms toward 19E and the "American Idol" show have been generated by the fans of Taylor Hicks over multiple venues by many fans. The complaints involve the appearance of bias and manipulation. The outcome of this season's show could possibly make or break the duration and popularity of this giant ratings hit.

We have had an interesting season on "Idol" with contestants of completely diverse talents and interesting back storylines. Not all of the contestants have been endowed with power pipes but the mix was obviously chosen to garner wide interest and make for compelling television, a necessary ingredient in a reality show format. Seemingly, though, on "Idol" this season, more of the characteristics that controversy was born of during the last couple of seasons are recurring. The possibility that "Idol" is fixed, I guess could exist, but the fixing seem to lie within the fact that what the judges have to say holds a generous amount of sway with the voting public.

There's no doubt that Katharing McPhee and Chris Daughtry are extremely talented and deserve every bit of their success. Elliott Yamin, not having the 'eye-candy' appeal of Katharine or Chris, will be probably eliminated before either of them, which is a shame. Elliott possesses one of the best voices in this show as well as possibly in previous seasons' shows. Paris, while being very talented, has not been able to generate a sufficiently manic fan base to carry her much further. I don't intend to take away anything from the work that they have put out to be remaining on this show.

The topics currently concerning me and the Taylor Hicks' fans is the appearance of unequal treatment on the show. Taylor receives criticisms for dancing too much, then he hears it for not staying true to himself, and not dancing. It has been a difficult road for Taylor to hoe to try to please the judges. The public finds Taylor Hicks appealing, so why are Simon's and Randy's comments virtually always extremely negative? Paula Abdul has on several occasions gotten so angry with Simon over Taylor that she's jumped up, or slapped him. Virtually every guest with the exception of Kenny Rogers have had good things to say about Taylor. Barry Manilow proclaimed Taylor as possessing "One of the great voices I've ever heard", Rod Stewart spoke of Taylor's charisma, and told him not to listen to Simon Cowell's negative comments. Music producer David Foster said, "Taylor has potentially the most charisma, and that is very, very important to being a star".

Regarding Chris Daughtry, he gets a laser light show for every appearance not to mention the stage smoke and guitar players, in fact his last performance he had two guitarists flanking him. He has also performed twice in the 'pimp spot', the last slot of the evening, Taylor has yet to be chosen for this prime spot. Granted Taylor did have a fiddle player accompaniment in a performance, but the camera angles were so strange, he was blocked from view in parts of the performance.

Katharine McPhee, this last week came out in a sexy dress cut down to highlight her 'girls' and slit up to, let's say, in one camera angle, she could have incurred an "American Idol" censor oval... but she was indeed in need of a pair of Spanx. BUt it is a competition, and she needs to pull out all stops... And let's not forget the apologies Simon and Randy lavished on her for being 'overly critical' as they put it regarding her Tuesday night performance. They were nicely contrite. It was touching.

Then there is the song choice issue. It's pretty much open knowledge now, that again this week Hicks was told the Monday prior to the show, he had to change his song choice. I had thought that prior to rehearsals the choices were approved. Word 'on the streets' is that Hicks was so brilliant in the rehearsals with his original choice that it was pulled lest he deliver another performance the likes of "Taking It To the Streets". He was told that his original selections would not be a song that Andrea Bocelli would have performed. I did not hear that they had to sing songs Bocelli would chose to sing. Hicks' first choice, "Try a Little Tenderness" would have been a great choice. In sticking to this type of criteria, I guess that Kenny Rodgers would sing "Walk the Line" by way of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers version that Chris was allowed to do.

The contestants need to be fairly treated. It would be possible to see this show taking a nosedive in future seasons if the overtly unfair and biased treatment of the contestants continues. If Katharine can get an on-air apology from the judges taking back their initial assessments over her performance, then Taylor should have received an apology from Simon about his offhanded, intended to be a joke drunk remark. Instead of Taylor being ripped over his "Just Once" performance and told, 'you look uptight tonight' then dismissed, it should have been pointed out he had been made to change his song the day before the show and the song wasn't his choice. So, if Simon and AI are trying to hold him down, with his voice, talent, and charisma, they won't be able to do so for long. America has heard him, and he has developed a huge and intense fanbase. I truly think that each of the remaining 5 deserves to be there. They have worked hard, and are a talented group. Lest you walk a way with the wrong impression, I do realize that this is just a reality TV show, and basically a game. But like any game, fairness is preferable, and changing rules to meet the desired outcome are not acceptable. On the flip side, eventhough this is a game, the stakes can be potentially high for the contestants and the winner. Their careers lie in a balance which depends largely on how they are portrayed in this talent show; the impressions that result from their time spent on the

Taylor will have a long-lasting career in music when it's over, I am confident of this. One phrase that comes to mind from the song, "Levon" that Hicks performed early this season, "Levon wears his war wounds like a crown". Essentially, Taylor Hicks is fighting a battle, a war if you will, against a formidable opponent in 19E and A.I. An opponent who really does Owe Hicks. Ratings this season are making records, due in large part to the enormous base of Soul Patrollers that watch and vote. A short while back on the A.I. fan forums they deleted almost 100,000 of the posts to Taylor's folder to make it look like the general folder had more posts than he; of course moderators tried to attribute that alteration to bad posts. Well they couldn't keep the Soul Patrol down, and within a week his fans had made up the difference and passed the the general information folder numbers total again. His posts are double the numbers of any other contestant. I'd think that A.I. would realized that somebody who generates this much interest would be a good business investment, and a highly marketable talent. What do I know? And to "American Idol", as I said in my title; Got Soul?

Simons's own words in an MSNBC interview a while back,"I have a horrible feeling that America is going to vote Taylor to win".

I for one, as I have proclaimed in the past, want to do whatever I can to provide Simon with that horrible feeling and help the man reach his goals.

Got Soul?

Groove on Soulman.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

In Defense of Taylor Hicks

This link will take you to an article that completely summarizes the battle Hicks is facing against19E and American Idol, er, Slimon Cowell to be direct.

Soul Patrollers need to do better than last week - understand what Taylor was up against in his performance. Song change on Monday before the show!?! Ridiculous.

So heads up Taylor Hicks fans, the-powers-that-be on Idol are trying to take down the Soul Patrolman. Time to come out in force for our man.

Groove on Soulman.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Tuesday show Reviews

The critics reviews are pouring in, to start with, "The Orlando Sentinel", deemed it a 'strange, strange night', starting with Paula Abdul and her frantic, manic antics.

Edith C. Webster, "Rockford Register Star" had out her report that the Idols were "Underwhelming". Her article lead a reader to think Hicks should have been in the bottom 3 of votes. Considering the fact he was in the middle 2, not hjis usual top 2, if there had been a bottom 3, he very well would have stood there considering the 'off' performance he delivered.

"L.A. Times" put Kat McCHEEse and Hicks in a tie for second in this contest with Daughtry the winner. He looked definitely like he plans to give it his all to take the show on Tuesday.

Josh Hart with "The National Ledger" reports his top two will be Kat McCHEEse and Daughtry with Hicks pulling up the third spot.

"Ohio.com" reports, "aside from Taylor, who's been swimming in mediocrity for a bit, no really stinky singers left" the report continues with, "Taylor. ''Just Once.'' Man, the guy's range seems to get smaller every week. C minus.
Chris. ''Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman.'' I might have been more impressed if he had reached into the Clapton catalog for ''Have You Ever Loved a Woman.'' (Taylor might have done all right with that, too, getting back to his bluesy origins.)
"Ohio.com" brings up an extremely important point, that being song choice. Taylor's been riding with some important misses lately and he has got to refine his criteria for the next few rounds.

Pointing out the bad side of the news regarding Hicks' performance in no way diminishes my regard for Hicks, just a 'reality check' as Slimon put it Tuesday night.

I hope next week brings you back to form Soulman.

Groove on.

Tuesday's night record setting 47.5 million topped all show number with the exception of 2 show finals.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Results are In

It seems McCHEEse and Daughtry had the highest numbers last night and Elliott and Tay hung in the middle. Proves DialIdol not the King of the stats. Reality Check indeed for Taylor. First time he has Not had the highest number of votes. Slimon was vindicated.

DialIdol also had results on who was going home. Like I had said, Paris should stay and Pick Pickler should go and well, Vote for The Worst lost another contestant to root for...interesting to see who they chose now...

To have Elliott in the middle is wrong. That Mr. Tumnus from "Narnia" can sing! I thought for sure when Tay was with him they were top 2, but hell what the hell do I know really, anyway...not much.

Just look at this blog, it's still partially in the crapper with no time to fix right now. (Significant Other, well, he spent his time chasing my links not HTML so not much was accomplished. I hope that with a day off looming soon- from the heinous paying job, I can repair the damage from the massive onslaught from the previous week.)

Anyway time's up for now - Taylor baby, I really want you to win this damn competition. Soul Patrol want you to win this. We'll be sad if you don't.

You're Our Hero, afterall.

Groove on Soulman - pick yourself up, dust off the velvet jacket and carry on.
Sunny-still-Loves Soul.

Dial IDol Predictions

Taylor Hicks' delirious fanbase, according to Dial Idol still has him on top of the list, with Chris Daughtry second and Elliott Yamin third. Kat McCheese, I mean McPhee, should find herself in the bottom three with Kellie and Paris. Results have Paris as being the one to say good-bye. In my ever not so humble opinion, I think, no matter the popularity of Kellie-what's a ballsy-Pickler, Paris should be the one to stay another week, but I have a feeling that Pick Pickler will be a stickler and Paris will be out. One reason for this, I sometimes lurk in the Vote for The Worst site, they are, of course, backing Kellie as a snub to 19E and American Idol. Now, I can relate to what they say about the money machine behind Idol, but I can't go as far as to want to promote a contestant who needs to go back to Abermerle, NC out of derision or spite.

Regarding last night, Elliott Yamin scored huge with his performance! Huge! The man can really sing! Paula cried. Randy proclaimed it 'Dope', Paula cried some more, and Slimon squirmed then proclaimed it 'superb and master class'. Beautiful job Elliott. Paula finally composed herself and quit crying. Another night of Pauler getting to the pill box before Randy or Slimon could hide it.

Taylor sang "Just Once". Slimon told Hicks that this performance should send him a reality check. yadda, yadda, yadda. Randy yammered away, and Paula did not cry. I was disappointed in his performance, not his best, he sang flat in a few parts, which is so unusual for Taylor and really did not seem to be into the song or the evening. According to the various ratings posting sites the Soul Patrol carried him through. He did seem to shout out "Soul Patrol" more loudly than usual after his performance. (I wore out my phones and managed to get through just a few times in two hours, so went to bed thinking he would come out just fine.)

Daughtry got the pimp spot yet again and to trump matters, he had two, not one, two guitarists sitting beside him. Freaking just run a banner on the bottom of the TV with subliminal messages "this is our Chosen One...this is our Chosen One",.... pimp spot, pimp lighting, pimp musician accompaniament... Sheesh. He did do a beautiful job.

The other contestants I'm not wasting my time on today.

Groove on Soulman

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

American Idol SPoilers

Reportedly in the upcoming weeks, Elvis Presley songs will be a theme night. Right up the Soulman's alley.

Tonight - Oh Yeah - HAPPY TUESTAY!!! - two phone lines available per contestant to allieviate busy signals.... also the incoming calls will be monitored for Power Dialers so beware. Power Dialing tallies will be discarded.

Vote4 Idol has Katharine McPhee and Ace (what?) Young ahead of Taylor in the rankings! I've noticed in the little amount of time I have spent on-line doing Tay-Stuff, that the Kat McCheese, sorry, I meant Katharine McPhee fans are really coming out of their comfort zones and invading all areas of the net regarding articles and postings. We are going to see them start to really Push McPhee in the next couple of weeks. That's how this A.I. game is played, so SOUL PATROL time to really rally behind the Soulman!

Now I have been experiencing Tech-trauma plus the paying job eating up my time this week - in fact, about to pry myself from this computer and go take care of bu$ine$$ - but where is everybody this week? Forum counts (not so much on the A.I. SP board) seem down too. Man it's crunch time - get your Vote on tonight!

Groove on Soulman!

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Soouull Patrol Train Steaming Hicks up Idol Tracks!


Entering into the American Idol Soul Patrol forum on a Monday, you can almost HEAR sound emitting right from the typeface. Audio keystrokes if you will. Audible two dimensional font. The board posts start their rolling to the point its impossible to keep up with topics, they change so rapidly - that Soul Patrol Train, train justa keepa rollin all night long....

By TuesTay a.m., the rolling boards will be steaming out the posts and the VOTE VOTE VOTE chant starts - Soul Train keepa rollin all night long...

By TuesTay afternoon, the boards become one long single-minded track, steaming Hicks up the Idol tracks!!!


Countdown to showtime begins in earnest around 5:00 p.m. CST waiting for "Taylor's Show" to begin, ladies and gents counting down EST and CST (PST just dreaming about when they can watch Hicks....so close and yet so far.) The boards head to a roiling boil, and you see topics posting with just...

Soon that post has over 200 hits all just typing WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It's amazing, exciting, hard-core fanhood at its finest and Taylor Hicks, just being Taylor Hicks is to blame for this fun insanity. It's a wild exciting ride on the A.I. Boards, one I look forward to weekly - hell there have been TuesTays I should be at work - but for the grace of having my own hours - I've spent the better part of the day riding the Idol Board SOOOUL Patrol Train - it's more fun than the double looping roller coaster at Six Flags when it is at its roiling best.

There are "stars" of the board that make it and maintain the drive. I will be listing all these dedicated Hicks fan-a-tics on a later post. I love them for their enthusiasm, drive and the WOOOOO! WOOOOO!'s

I love riding the SOOUL Patrol Train!

Got my ticket on the train for tomorrow's ride...do you?
Happy TuesTay Eve!!!

Groove on Soulman!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 18th Taylor: Magnificent -"You Send Me!"

Taylor Hicks started out his song last night with a slow, thoughtful style. He chose Sam Cooke's, "You Send Me". At first last night, nerves got the best of me - I thought oh man why couldn't/didn't he put more of what he drove into the ending in the song. He sang low-key 1:05, then let it rip! (I love how he let's it out like that!!!) Anyway, after reviewing the video and letting go of my concerns, I agree with how he did the performance; perfect considering the length of time they have to deliver a song that is actually about 2 to 3 times longer than allotted. So my initial fretting that he should have done it a little different were for naught, I mean what the hell do I really know anyway about pacing songs and music - nothing, I just know what I like and I love and adore Taylor. Tay's performance morphed as the tune went along into a freaking Soul Explosion! T. took this song and to quote the cliche' bantered about on Idol, "Made it his own". I was so nervous at first when I watched him, as I always am. I pull so hard for T., and I get anxious he may let nerves get the better of him. Only 7 contestants and tonight goes to 6, every performance is So important. T. should win this competition for one giant reason - to prove 19E and A.Idol and 'Cowbell' wrong. By winning this Taylor will send this show spinning to a more dynamic and interesting level. As I said in a previous article, 19E and American Idol truly Owe Taylor Hicks.

Taylor looked beautiful last night, vocals pitch perfect. I thought he was so adorable in the introduction, thank you Ryan Seacrest for plugging the Saturday Night Live parody (and inadvertently giving Soul Patrol a big SHOUT OUT!) that was amazing! I am sure every one of the other contestants were devastated that Hicks received the 'honor' of being highlighted and spoofed on SNL. Taylor was bravely trying to hide his nerves, but his mannerisms gave him away, but when he hit the stage, started singing, the beauty of his soul shone through his eyes, through his voice. Magnificent.

Rod Stewart deserves kudos for his fantastic attitude with the contestants. I especially appreciated his comments to T., not to pay attention to Simon Cowell, and sell the songs, sell his performances. Rod "got Taylor" and appreciated what T. has to offer, called him "magnificent" and T. truly is... The judges were on their best behaviour last night. I think the bloggers, the press and the fan forums are getting the message out to them and they sat up straight and stepped it up last night. Ryan Seacrest wasn't the only one giving shout out to Soul Patrol, Paula Abdul commented how she knew the Soul Patrol would be going crazy last night. (Yeah-Yaas! ...sister they were!) Randy loved it - you could tell by the look in his eyes that Hicks is surpassing even what he anticipated he could do. Simon, I hate to give any props at this point, but he did say Taylor delivered "magic".

I would love to know the actual count on votes. Dial Idol had T. in the top spot again.

Eliminations tonight. I say bye-bye Ace.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Review of Taylor Hicks on Idol

The Soul Patrolman "reported for duty" on AI5's April 11 show!

The American Idol 5 contestant with the runaway rampant fan base that's putting all other contestant AI boards to shame, delivered what his fans had begged for all the previous week; he tore up the Idol stage.

Click the link to read the rest of the review.

Groove on Soulman!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gray-Haired Dude Expose' on AI 5: Is this show rigged???

Excerpt from the Article posted on GHD:

"There are certain things I think the public has a right to know and that is that yes, the show is now rigged. Only season one was as is. Bo was the actual winner last year by pulling in more votes. But the show did not want to go with a Rocker. The Show has since received many hate letters about the fact that Bo did not win because A.I just did not want to support a Rocker. Meanwhile, they still had to stick there noses into his debut album because they will do Anything to make as much money as possible until the show itself is found out as a Fraud. So, after receiving all the letters about Bo, and Constantine too, They already knew exactly what they were looking for before the season even began and before you, the viewers even had a chance to pick a favorite. Originally, Ace was their choice because he has the Constantine look. But he is no Constantine when it comes to vocals. ...

But since Chris is the closest thing to a rocker that they could find this year, they want to go with him, and he knows this and has gotten away with things no other contestant has ever gotten away with and he has gotten very *****y about the whole thing....

....to read this article in entirety click the Title Link... Interesting.

Bucky goes home but Taylor is - of Course - SAFE!

Basing it on performances; Bucky should still be on the show and ACE out, but Ace Young has the GayBrigade to thank for his continued longevity.... Bucky was a True Southern gentleman tonight and I loved his comments, "Well, somebody had to go." He really is a tall drink of water, sexy in a blonde, slow talking, southern man way... Known a few of them... mmmmmm

I think the overall A.I. Crowd realizes who Owns the Big Cahones in this show. I loved Taylor's part in the group sing of Queen medley, Fab Man in "We Are The Champions"!!! Happy was I when the show went an hour and we were able to hear some of the contestants sing again as well as see their cheesy (but love it) commercials and 'personals'. Very nice. *wiping a tear from my eye*...

(Somebody schedule a lobotomy for me... I am a complete moron and seriously ridiculous when it comes to this damn show. Maybe Lithium...something. 12-Step program. Shrink. Call 911....)

Did they say Rod Stewart Week next??? Taylor Baby, You Own "The First Cut is the Deepest"! But yet, the Libra within me is nagging.... there are a lot of songs out there Taylor would absolutley be able to knock out. Lemme break out a little Rod tonight... (*music plays, Tonight's the night....gonna be alright.....*)

Taylor I love and adore your sexy Soulman ass! Win this Baby!

Groove on Soulman.

Taylor, Elliot tops of the Night

Taylor Hicks, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Taylor wanted to do some dancing last night, and I wanted to see him dance! Spaz-sexy-tastic! Wearing a jacket that seemed to perfectly match his hair, Taylor came out and gave his fans what we have been begging for all week! (Give it to me, Mack Daddy!) The microphone stand kick move has been garnering a lot of comments, but Taylor baby, if they're talking that's what matters! I loved it, loved it loved it! And sing! man! - even when gyrating, hip swivelling spazdancing, he stays on key...

Quoting off of the "Idols on Fox" site, Tyler said, " HE'S BACK!!! The vocals kicked eighteen different flavors of butt! The dancing was pure Taylor paradise! The Grey Fox and his Soul Patrol have come back to full power. And smeg off, Simon! Vocals: 24. Performance: 15. Other: 8. Total: 47."
and from Bruce: "This was the one. One singer knew that the only way to sing Queen is to throw caution to the winds and just let it rip for whatever it’s worth. The best Taylor performance ever. It wasn’t even a close call. It made tuning in worth it for me. 10"

Simon asked Taylor, if he was drunk, I'm with Tyler, 'smeg off' Simon. Simon didn't expect the Wild popularity of Taylor Hicks. The Hicks phenomenon has thrown him off guard; and since he KNOWS EVERYTHING about popular music and what would sell, this is just a mind-boggling ordeal for him. Randy and Paula just beam at Taylor, it's good to be right.

Taylor is completely entertaining. No doubt about that. Apparently the mass viewers watching American Idol seem to think so as well. He is in no danger of being voted off this week. NONE.

"I don't know whether we should give you a record deal or a straitjacket." Paula Abdul said.

Elliot Yamin, Taylor's roommate on Idol, performed "Somebody to Love" and did a great job! I like him more every week. Bucky did passably well and should be safe for another week; some folks on the 'boards' have tried to make him out to be a dumb country boy - but he has been making the right decisions on song choices, made changes when necessary (no more Jessica Simpson hair) - just because you have a Southern accent doesn't mean you have a negative IQ...

Kellie Pickler surprised me. She handled BOH RHAP alot better than I first thought she would, she maynot know what a 'ballsy' is but she has some of her own...

Regarding the rest, well what can I say... they were like always, Chris screamed, but wore some eyeliner you know, to provide some diversity, Katherine balladed out (my words) in her -was it blue(?) sparkly glitter eyeshadow - the better to flutter her lids with as she gazed meaningfully into the camera. Paris tried to be Miss Teen Glam Rocker chick. yaddayadda yadda...

Groove on Soulman!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mack Daddy of Soul was in the House!!!

I was Esctatic tonight - the Gorgeous Soulman, brought it - signed sealed and delivered! The Queen song, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - far exceeded my expectations. Truly fun, great, adorable -the mic stand thing-I LOVED IT!!!! You're back Taylor and you let those Big Cahones out to strut your stuff!! I think SoulPatrollers need to get Serious Right now - Simon Cowell is BLATANTLY trying to throw this competition. (What does he have betting money on this?) His comments tonight - "Are You Drunk?" to Taylor, were completely Out of Line and offensive. I urge everyone and anyone who is a Hicks' fan to start threads, post comments deriding this 'judge' on AI5 for his out-of-line and out-of-parameters discourse regarding Hicks' performance on the show tonight. I, personally think, he has big $$$ riding on Chris Daughtry and he'd hate to lose it...
Let's Give Simon that "Horrible feeling" - and I am hoping a "Horrible Hangover" in the morning when he wakes and sees Hicks STILL leading the pack!

Groove on Soulman!

"Somebody to Love": Taylor's First Choice!

Reportedly Taylor changed songs this week, but this time it was by his own choice and not forced on him.

Word is that he chose “Somebody To Love” (he would have been so great on this song), he changed to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” when he found out Eliot had also chosen “Somebody To Love.” Eliot and Taylor are roommates and during this process on Idol, they have become very good friends. According to an "Innie" on the Taylor team, his “crazy” rehearsals may have been the best thing Taylor could have done.

Groove on Soulman, and your big sweet self!

Check Out This Spoiler List!

Well, as we saw in the rehearsal short clip vids, this was one of his choices. Thank Gawd he decided not to...
Bohemian Rhapsody
Kellie Pickler

Fat Bottom Girls
Bucky Covington

We Will Rock You
Ace Young

We Are The Champions
Taylor Hicks

The Show Must Go On
Paris Bennett

Don't Stop Me Now
Katharine McPhee

Chris Daughtry

Somebody To Love
Elliot Yamin

Check it out....

USA Today Spoilers for tonight (?)

By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY
Here are the Queen songs the Idol finalists will be singing — and their comments.
PREVIEW: Idols rock in Queen's Arena
•Ace Young, We Will Rock You: "I urbanized the verses a little, just by riding on (the notes). I put a little R&B soul on it. When we were done, they said, 'That sounds like a record.' "
•Bucky Covington, Fat Bottomed Girls: "Yes, we all love the fat-bottomed girls."
•Chris Daughtry, Innuendo: "It's a relatively unknown song. It just had a mixture of a dark feel and a positive message. And I just found out they've never performed this live."
•Elliott Yamin, Somebody to Love: "I was drawn to the passionate emotion of the song. I heard a lot of soul in it."
•Katharine McPhee, Who Wants to Live Forever: "How could (this) not be fun? We're working with so many different legends."
•Kellie Pickler, Bohemian Rhapsody: "We only have 1 minute and 30 seconds, and the song is really long. Having to cut so many pieces is really hard to memorize, because I'm not singing the song as it's originally played."
•Paris Bennett, The Show Must Go On: "Being with the band was a big experience to me, never being with a rock band before. I was able to pick a song that fits me, that's still rocky."
•Taylor Hicks, Crazy Little Thing Called Love: "You listen to a Queen song, it's really melodic and very powerful, and the dynamics (are) really cool."

I find the comments associated with the spoiler list to sound disembodied to the contestant making them...plus, I have not received a 'Google alert' about this one or find it in search...

"Borrowed" from the Great GrayCharles.com site. (Thanks o' Great gc-)

We will find out in a matter of hours....

Happy TuesTay!

USA Today - Judges Leave Those Kids Alone!

Reviewing articles put out about the contestants on American Idol 5, I was inspired to put an album by 'Pink Floyd' on my turntable. There's a tune on "The Wall" that specifically came to mind, 'Another Brick in the Wall'. The message of this song concerns the manipulation of children in schools and the encouragement to conform to achieve a uniform mindset pushed by the approved realms in society.

Lyrics include, "We don't need no education.We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher, leave those kids alone. Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone! All in all it's just another brick in the wall. All in all you're just another brick in the wall. We don't need no education. We don't need no thought control."

The conflicting advice doled out on my favorite talent show of all time, American Idol, by the panel of judges, is like dealing with the PushMePullYou in Dr. Doolittle. Stop emoting, limit the dancing, emote more! Move more! What the contestants need to keep in mind is the fact they were voted into this show and are still in the show primarily due to the first impressions laid on the viewers. Taylor Hicks was voted in for several reasons, he's unique in appearance, due to his prematurely graying hair, his beautiful smile, his politeness and humility, but most importantly of all the reasons to root for this man - his ability to release passion, intensity, and his demonstrating he has cahones big enough to lay it all out. Over the past two shows we have seen a drop in that energy and lightening force electricity. In fact, during Country theme week, when I thought Hicks would shine through, he seemed almost neutered. Granted, the contestants are supposedly 'living in a bubble' and not able to access outside information, (what are they under lock and key?) but my hopes are that family and friends who have contact are expressing the public's desire to see Taylor Hicks be Taylor Hicks and not some sort of processed pop-tart baloney that the American Idol and 19E machine THINK the audience needs and wants to see. I want my big Mack Daddy of Soul back; Taylor pull out those big ones tonight, and to the judges, 'leave those kids alone'!

Groove on Soulman,..... and happy TuesTay!

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Fan's Story - Attending A.I. 5 Country night

This is an article posted in "About" by Jean Brandau, in the event you haven't been "Googled" by it yet. Entertaining read; wish it were me!!!

Tomorrow is TuesTay!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Taylor Hicks, another reason for "Somebody to Love"

Taylor Hicks, I thought of you as I reading some Blogcritics today:

This is from Blogcritics, a comment posted to an article about the new Queen + Paul Rodgers written by Paul Roy

Barry StollerURLDecember 18, 200510:01 PM
Hearing "Feel Like Making Love" and "Can't Get Enough" at a "Queen" concert shows that Brian May has obviously donated his brain to science - prematurely. Queen, to their credit, understood the high-wattage needs of their mainstream audience yet, at their best, were never afraid to poke some self-conscious fun at themselves and their idiom. "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Radio Ga Ga" are the complete inverse of the humorless, unthinking Bad Company.BTW, I noticed notice the absence of "Somebody To Love"; as a "straight" (no irony or mockery) Queen tune, perfect for a "soulful rocker," I can only conclude Paul Rodgers didn't feel man enough to take on Mercury's greatest vocal.

Taylor Hicks could take on this tune and nail it. The current crop of rumors and the naysayers, would have no option but to backpedal off of Taylor's back. This move would seal the deal for Taylor Hicks, proving his overwhelming talent. I am so pulling for Taylor to do this song.

My other favorite choice, "Sleeping on the Sidewalk", not as well known as most of "Queen"'s songs, but perfect in that it carries a very bluesy tone.

As quoted:

Vern HalenDecember 20, 200510:57 AM
I like both BC and Queen. This album makes me wonder what Queen might have sounded like without Freddie Mercury - perhaps a simplified blues rock band. There's precedent - "Sleeping On the Sidewalk" from News of the World is certainly in the same blues rock vein as Bad Company. They certainly play the Rodgers' material well anyway.

Well, I guess we will have to wait and see what Taylor Hicks has decided to perform on Tuesday night. Heading out to see if I can round up any spoilers....

Groove on Soulman!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fans Speak out...

I miss Taylor. Whoever is coaching him to suppress the Ray Charles/Joe Cocker-like jerks and tics, to play it straight, to be smooth, has way too much influence and should get the hell out of Dodge and out of the way of Taylor Hicks.

What were Taylor or his handlers thinking? Did they not know that Ray Charles has an entire album of country music? That the one little phrase that Taylor sang gritty was where we could remember and call out, "There he is!"?

Taylor, come back. Move your moves. Be yourself. You're there, but we miss you.


Amen, Sister, let it roll Soulman!
(Thank you, Beth)

QUEEN theme night on American Idol 5

QUEEN is the theme for next week's show. Queen caught my attention because they were different. Lead singer had the most unique and amazing voice; combining operatic vocals with rock music, cool and original. The band members were talented, gifted and unique. SO hearing Idol is having a Queen theme night presents some interesting ideas regarding song choices for the contestants.

Regarding Taylor, my top picks:
Somebody to Love
Sleeping on the Sidewalk
Get Down Make Love

Tunes to Avoid:

Fat Bottom Girls - just don't go there; too common
Bohemian Rhapsody - Constantine did this. Not for you, Taylor.
We Will Rock You - sports theme cliche'.
We are the Champions - stop right there. No.

Should be interesting. Check out the Video.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Like my daughter Daphne said...

....after my beloved idiot of a canine, Cody demolished our bedroom's sliding screen door trying to get in the house, threw up all over my vehicle's back seat and floor boards, then urinated on the front porch planter, "Awe, Momma, he is having The Worst Day Ever!" Yes, he (?) was... This morning while getting her ready for school she informed Cody, "Today's a new day and a fresh start for you, Momma can't be mad at you still, 'cause it's a new day an' past is past." She's my little philosopher at the tender age of 7...

To utilize a quote appropriate to my train of thought today, uttered by the colorful, Quentin Crisp, "If you describe things as better than they are, you are considered to be a romantic; if you describe things as worse than they are, you will be called a realist; and if you describe things exactly as they are, you will be thought of as a satirist."

I plan to take the satirical stand according to Crisp's definition. Here are some links to reviews I have gathered regarding last night's American Idol performances. (Checking my 'romantic' side at the 'door').



Comments that say it like it is; from Gray Charles.com
TrueNorth Says: (writing back to Soultrain's quote)
Soutrain says - “It seems so silly force specialist singers to sing genres of songs outside their style. The public doesn’t challenge superior piano players to strum banjos to prove their talent. No one should have to do everything. Taylor’s amazing at what he does and he should be able to do it every week! ”
True North replies:
NO SALE. There are a gazillion great songs he could have done that he would have kicked ass at. (I’m not gonna say it…) What the F*CK was the thinking?

I don't know who this True North is but I am finding we have a great deal in common in our thinking.

as the evening progressed...

TrueNorth Says:
betcha chris comes out and kicks our ass

...which he seriously did and it hurt *OUCH*!!! Mr. One-trick Pony jumped off his used up steed and delivered. Hicks boards were trying to tear Daughtry down, but I disagree, he was very good last night.

TrueNorth Says:
I feel sick.

The fact that Taylor's Grandmother was in the audience, looked like she was up in the front row, might have held an impact, made Tay nervous. His lead in by Kenny Rogers was one of the worst I have ever heard given by a guesting star. Rogers was negative toward Taylor and that may also have impacted the performance. Of course looking as absolutely frightening as Rogers did, and looking as adorable as Taylor does, the over plasticized Rogers may have had issues with Hicks...Rogers did show a wierd fondness for Ace. ;)

Timbo Says: I thought the entire night showed very little preparation by anyone, including the band, support, staging, judges, contestants, everyone. I think the whole production of this show is becoming lazy. I have not been entertained now for two straight weeks except for Taylor’s performance last week. I think that someone made a very bad decision staging the fiddle in front of Taylor and focusing more on the the fiddler than on Taylor with the camera. I think that the comments made by Kenny Rogers were not complimentary and I think that he was a useless wart on this show (I reallyliked that part) his absence would have provided more time for performance. I think that Taylors mike was turned down so that the band drowned out his vocal. I am voting for Taylor, but I wish I could take out by frustration on somebody. Oh well, if next week is not better I may not even watch the show but just vote.

I think we may see Mr. Rogers nominated for Worst Guest Ever on Idol. Definitely the Worst Plastic Surgery Ever candidate.

It may be that Taylor was either not feeling well or was unhappy about something. I read on a few other sites that his first song choices were denied by AI (truth???). Rumors had been circulating this week he wasn't feeling well also.

One common comment I have read on most of the sites is that, overall most folks agree that Taylor Hicks is changing the face of Idol, I stand by my article posted in Blogcritics. He has benefitted this program more than 19E vil and AI may even realize.

Moving on to next week, Queen Theme, I think “Somebody to Love” would be an excellent choice; lyrics such as, “I try and I try and I try, but everybody wants to put me down. They say I’ve gone crazy.”

Good theme there Soulman, and a decent tune.

Dial Idol Results:

Hicks at #1 with 37.33

Katharine McPhee at #2 with 28.589

Kellie Pickler #3 with 28.135

Chris Daughtry #4 with 26.915

Ace Young #5 with 23.787

Bucky Covington #6 with 23.113

Paris Bennett #7 at 19.035

Elliott Yamin #8 at 14.184

Mandisa #9 at 13.177

We'll see the results tonight. Mandisa, Elliot, Paris chosen for bottom 3. Dial Idol isn't the rule, look at last week...Kat in the bottom 3.

Let's hope some freakish turn of the cards (humming Dick 'Plastardly Rogers stupid 'Gamblers' song) doesn't turnout with Taylor singing "Country Roads Take Me Home" again tonight.

Groove on Soulman. (((Hugs)))

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tonight Was a Spoiler...

What in the living Hell was that?

Vocally, man, Taylor, I LOVE YOUR VOICE.
You better get that in this being the number 9 inthe runnng game, you will probably be in the Bottom3 next. You earned this spot. Let me list the reasons why...
1. You can out perform anyone in the group - you chose not to, tonight;
2. You can out sing anyone in the group - you held back, you chose not to tonight;
3. You have more potential and stage presence than the other contestants; you chose not to show it tonight;

This is a competition.

I'm a blogger, I blog for entertainment; I looked at the web in January, 2006, and all you had was your site; I said to myself, man, he doesn't have anyone on-line routing for him yet; Your site said you're 'pursuing other options'. So I started a blog as a journal for your accomplishments.

I also blogged for you because I believed I saw Greatness....

Taylor, I'd have to ask, "Why did you try out for American Idol?" and "Taylor Hicks, have you reached your goals in trying out for Idol?"

If you answered yes to 'reached your goals'; I am sorely disappointed.

Do you want out of Idol...??? You might get your wish. This week, sweet sexy baby, you could be in the bottom 3...or worse...

Me ?

I want to see you WIN it ... Because Everyone initially said you wouldn't...and because you CAN. I want my gorgeous Dark Horse to win this race. Not for money, not for fame, but because you are gorgeous, have the most incomparable eyes, beautiful, strong nose, talented, soulfull and wear an amazing pair of jeans in Such a sexy way...size 14 shoes can't hurt...

Prove those a**holes at Idol and 19E wrong.... Win This....

Voting like a maniac.... I won't lay down and die if you don't...won't...Inspire me next week gorgeous man.

Groove on Soulman.

Spoiler for Tonight

Well "The Powers That Be" with AI5 and 19E can't quelch a guy's Grandma; I remember last season's runner-up, Bo Bice's grandma was a true source of information throughout the AI4 season. "They" can try, but well, not always succeed.

Joni Hicks has spilled the beans with "Terri" a member of the recently up for sale, but now maybe new-owner'ed site www.theofficialsoulpatrol.com . Terri had a long luncheon recently with Joni and the proud Grandma divulged that Taylor had chosen a John Denver song. I am mildly surprised but not completely, considering some of the songs that Taylor has chosen in the past to sing on his CD's and when he played live with his band, Limbo.

Denver takes me back to the '70's, but will Taylor possibly be singing, "Take Me Home Country Road"? I have put the video on page for our reviewing pleasure...

Tune into AI tonight, Happy TuesTay!

Groove on Soulman!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Taylor; you Are "Trouble"

Watching and, more importantly, listening to the "Trouble" video for at least 9th time tonight, I am in complete awe of your voice. Gorgeous!

When I just watched the video (on mute); loved your expressions, sort of like 'having sex' facial expressions; it's obvious how difficult it is for you to be still... Your legs and hips (so Sexy) (so Sexy) (so Sexy) - put the two together, sound and image,Taylor, where you been, Mack Daddy of Soul? Glad you ventured out of Alabama.

...So in tune, so melodic, so masculine. So very now appreciated. Hot stuff big guy... Waiting for Tuesday...

Groove on Soulman

Country Music Week - yet another great recommendation, Tay

I'm hoping for "Time of the Preacher" from Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger Album.
said, "howeste". She/he added, (because they are nice), "Nice site, by the way." Awe, just a blog site, not a Graycharles site! or WOOOO radio site, c/o GHD- see my links.

Good request/recommendation. How I hate it that "The Powers That Be" have so CHOKED my sources. What is wrong with them? Evil pure evil :(

3 more days...

Need a Hicks Fix!!!

Groove on Soulman!