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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spoiler for Tonight

Well "The Powers That Be" with AI5 and 19E can't quelch a guy's Grandma; I remember last season's runner-up, Bo Bice's grandma was a true source of information throughout the AI4 season. "They" can try, but well, not always succeed.

Joni Hicks has spilled the beans with "Terri" a member of the recently up for sale, but now maybe new-owner'ed site www.theofficialsoulpatrol.com . Terri had a long luncheon recently with Joni and the proud Grandma divulged that Taylor had chosen a John Denver song. I am mildly surprised but not completely, considering some of the songs that Taylor has chosen in the past to sing on his CD's and when he played live with his band, Limbo.

Denver takes me back to the '70's, but will Taylor possibly be singing, "Take Me Home Country Road"? I have put the video on page for our reviewing pleasure...

Tune into AI tonight, Happy TuesTay!

Groove on Soulman!

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