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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Results are In

It seems McCHEEse and Daughtry had the highest numbers last night and Elliott and Tay hung in the middle. Proves DialIdol not the King of the stats. Reality Check indeed for Taylor. First time he has Not had the highest number of votes. Slimon was vindicated.

DialIdol also had results on who was going home. Like I had said, Paris should stay and Pick Pickler should go and well, Vote for The Worst lost another contestant to root for...interesting to see who they chose now...

To have Elliott in the middle is wrong. That Mr. Tumnus from "Narnia" can sing! I thought for sure when Tay was with him they were top 2, but hell what the hell do I know really, anyway...not much.

Just look at this blog, it's still partially in the crapper with no time to fix right now. (Significant Other, well, he spent his time chasing my links not HTML so not much was accomplished. I hope that with a day off looming soon- from the heinous paying job, I can repair the damage from the massive onslaught from the previous week.)

Anyway time's up for now - Taylor baby, I really want you to win this damn competition. Soul Patrol want you to win this. We'll be sad if you don't.

You're Our Hero, afterall.

Groove on Soulman - pick yourself up, dust off the velvet jacket and carry on.
Sunny-still-Loves Soul.

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