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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tonight Was a Spoiler...

What in the living Hell was that?

Vocally, man, Taylor, I LOVE YOUR VOICE.
You better get that in this being the number 9 inthe runnng game, you will probably be in the Bottom3 next. You earned this spot. Let me list the reasons why...
1. You can out perform anyone in the group - you chose not to, tonight;
2. You can out sing anyone in the group - you held back, you chose not to tonight;
3. You have more potential and stage presence than the other contestants; you chose not to show it tonight;

This is a competition.

I'm a blogger, I blog for entertainment; I looked at the web in January, 2006, and all you had was your site; I said to myself, man, he doesn't have anyone on-line routing for him yet; Your site said you're 'pursuing other options'. So I started a blog as a journal for your accomplishments.

I also blogged for you because I believed I saw Greatness....

Taylor, I'd have to ask, "Why did you try out for American Idol?" and "Taylor Hicks, have you reached your goals in trying out for Idol?"

If you answered yes to 'reached your goals'; I am sorely disappointed.

Do you want out of Idol...??? You might get your wish. This week, sweet sexy baby, you could be in the bottom 3...or worse...

Me ?

I want to see you WIN it ... Because Everyone initially said you wouldn't...and because you CAN. I want my gorgeous Dark Horse to win this race. Not for money, not for fame, but because you are gorgeous, have the most incomparable eyes, beautiful, strong nose, talented, soulfull and wear an amazing pair of jeans in Such a sexy way...size 14 shoes can't hurt...

Prove those a**holes at Idol and 19E wrong.... Win This....

Voting like a maniac.... I won't lay down and die if you don't...won't...Inspire me next week gorgeous man.

Groove on Soulman.

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