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Friday, April 28, 2006

Tuesday show Reviews

The critics reviews are pouring in, to start with, "The Orlando Sentinel", deemed it a 'strange, strange night', starting with Paula Abdul and her frantic, manic antics.

Edith C. Webster, "Rockford Register Star" had out her report that the Idols were "Underwhelming". Her article lead a reader to think Hicks should have been in the bottom 3 of votes. Considering the fact he was in the middle 2, not hjis usual top 2, if there had been a bottom 3, he very well would have stood there considering the 'off' performance he delivered.

"L.A. Times" put Kat McCHEEse and Hicks in a tie for second in this contest with Daughtry the winner. He looked definitely like he plans to give it his all to take the show on Tuesday.

Josh Hart with "The National Ledger" reports his top two will be Kat McCHEEse and Daughtry with Hicks pulling up the third spot.

"Ohio.com" reports, "aside from Taylor, who's been swimming in mediocrity for a bit, no really stinky singers left" the report continues with, "Taylor. ''Just Once.'' Man, the guy's range seems to get smaller every week. C minus.
Chris. ''Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman.'' I might have been more impressed if he had reached into the Clapton catalog for ''Have You Ever Loved a Woman.'' (Taylor might have done all right with that, too, getting back to his bluesy origins.)
"Ohio.com" brings up an extremely important point, that being song choice. Taylor's been riding with some important misses lately and he has got to refine his criteria for the next few rounds.

Pointing out the bad side of the news regarding Hicks' performance in no way diminishes my regard for Hicks, just a 'reality check' as Slimon put it Tuesday night.

I hope next week brings you back to form Soulman.

Groove on.

Tuesday's night record setting 47.5 million topped all show number with the exception of 2 show finals.

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