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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

American Idol SPoilers

Reportedly in the upcoming weeks, Elvis Presley songs will be a theme night. Right up the Soulman's alley.

Tonight - Oh Yeah - HAPPY TUESTAY!!! - two phone lines available per contestant to allieviate busy signals.... also the incoming calls will be monitored for Power Dialers so beware. Power Dialing tallies will be discarded.

Vote4 Idol has Katharine McPhee and Ace (what?) Young ahead of Taylor in the rankings! I've noticed in the little amount of time I have spent on-line doing Tay-Stuff, that the Kat McCheese, sorry, I meant Katharine McPhee fans are really coming out of their comfort zones and invading all areas of the net regarding articles and postings. We are going to see them start to really Push McPhee in the next couple of weeks. That's how this A.I. game is played, so SOUL PATROL time to really rally behind the Soulman!

Now I have been experiencing Tech-trauma plus the paying job eating up my time this week - in fact, about to pry myself from this computer and go take care of bu$ine$$ - but where is everybody this week? Forum counts (not so much on the A.I. SP board) seem down too. Man it's crunch time - get your Vote on tonight!

Groove on Soulman!

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