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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bucky goes home but Taylor is - of Course - SAFE!

Basing it on performances; Bucky should still be on the show and ACE out, but Ace Young has the GayBrigade to thank for his continued longevity.... Bucky was a True Southern gentleman tonight and I loved his comments, "Well, somebody had to go." He really is a tall drink of water, sexy in a blonde, slow talking, southern man way... Known a few of them... mmmmmm

I think the overall A.I. Crowd realizes who Owns the Big Cahones in this show. I loved Taylor's part in the group sing of Queen medley, Fab Man in "We Are The Champions"!!! Happy was I when the show went an hour and we were able to hear some of the contestants sing again as well as see their cheesy (but love it) commercials and 'personals'. Very nice. *wiping a tear from my eye*...

(Somebody schedule a lobotomy for me... I am a complete moron and seriously ridiculous when it comes to this damn show. Maybe Lithium...something. 12-Step program. Shrink. Call 911....)

Did they say Rod Stewart Week next??? Taylor Baby, You Own "The First Cut is the Deepest"! But yet, the Libra within me is nagging.... there are a lot of songs out there Taylor would absolutley be able to knock out. Lemme break out a little Rod tonight... (*music plays, Tonight's the night....gonna be alright.....*)

Taylor I love and adore your sexy Soulman ass! Win this Baby!

Groove on Soulman.

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