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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gregg Allman, "Come and Go Blues"

Likely one of the best acoustic tunes Allman's ever done. Really good.

Jersey Irish, I'm A Squeaky Ironing Board?

In one of Jersey Irish's comments to me on the Spinshack she sort of inadvertently - compared me to her squeaky ironing board. Or did she?

My sweet friend wrote, "Spin, Too funny!!! My ironing board was squeaking really bad, hubby went and got the W-D and was like a mad man trying to get the squeak to stop, It finally stopped and the W-D went away for now.

after reading my recent post regarding creative use of WD-40 and whatnot.

Now this is a creative use of ironing board if I've seen one.
"Ironing Board Blues" John Fuggle

Then there's always the Burn in Hell theory of thought. Likely more what the gentleman in question has in mind.

"Burn in Hell" Twisted Sister

I always get a giggle out of Twisted Sister.

Mystery Man Wrecking my Psyche?

Story to come soon. For now an image. Or two.

Yes he's trying to grease the skids. Rife with unknown manifestations and ill behavior he resorts to the WD-40 to try and assauge the situation. Alas. That's not the remedy. I wanted flowers, yellow roses would have been nice.

He does have a nice ass.

Word to the Wise, man, I've walked through the Valley. I know what it feels like and I'm not going back.
"Hard Sun"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink, New Tune: "Please Don't Leave Me"

"How did I become so obnoxious?
What is it with you that makes me act like this?
I've never been this nasty
Can't you tell that this is all just a contest?
The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest
But baby I don't mean it
I mean it, I promise
You say I don't need you but it's always gonna come right back..."

Please don't leave me (live@4music) Pink

Just heard this for the first time on my way home this afternoon. I like it; she has a nice voice, really.

Taylor Hicks Likes the Sun? Of Course he does.

Taylor Hicks has been up in Seattle, Washington since May 12, this the last date of the "Grease" tour with next stop Appleton, WI. Seattle is known for the rain, the cloud cover, but I do have relatives who reside in a nearby town, so I know it's not rain, rain everyday.

Isn't it special how Mr. Hicks incorporates mention of how much he likes the Sun? Yes, naturally I'm making it all about me.

I like this tune from Seattle, had the most harmonica out of the videos seen so far.
"Hide Nor Hair" Taylor Hicks

video c/o NJ4Taylor
Yeah, like that.
"Oh, I was lying in the bed with fever
And I was burning up inside
My baby walked in my bedroom..."


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seattle Experts on Facial Readings: Taylor Hicks Analyzed

Seattle Weekly writer wrote: "Spotted: American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, who currently stars as Teen Angel in Grease at 5th Avenue Theatre, attempting to go incognito in a baseball cap while crossing the sidewalk at 5th and University. Fans shouted his name and a very pissed off looking Hicks gave a half wave and kept on walking. Damn, Taylor. Be a little friendlier with your fans. They're the reason you won Idol and got your current acting gig. Nobody likes an ungrateful tool."

Now naturally, Erika Hobart with this one sighting, has the line on Mr. Hicks. Interesting she can read his look as being 'pissed off' from third party conversations. That's some kind of gift into facial reading. Perhaps she should check this site: Face Perception. Writers can be tools as well.

Besides, he always looks like that; it's those dark eyes and full eyebrows. Man can't help but look intense.
"Seven Mile Breakdown" Taylor Hicks San Francisco, 2009

He's So Heavy

All your weight falls on me, brings me down. Is it necessary to be that heavy?
"Heavy" Collective Soul

"Give me a word
Give me a sign
Show me where to look
Tell what will I find ( will I find )
Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find ( will I find )"

Let that light shine. Collective Soul

"She Said"

"She said that time is unfair
To a woman her age
Now that wisdom has come
Everything else fades
She said she realizes
She's seen her better days
She said she can't look back
To her days of youth
What she thought were lies
She later found was truth
She said her daddy had dreams
But he drank them away
And her mother's to blame
For the way she is today

Life's river shall rise
She Said
And only the strong shall survive
She Said
But I'm feeling quite weak
She Said
Will you comfort and forgive me
She Said

She said she's still searching
For salvation's light
She said she wishes all day
And she prays all night
She said she won't speak of love
Because love she's never known
She said it's moments like these
She hates to be alone

Forgive me
She Said
Forgive me
She Said"

(great lyrics really)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Sabbatical Adventure: Chasing a Unicorn

Sweet dreams are made of these. The song that certainly fits what I'm about to tell you. I'm going to shine some focus on myself, as well as share a piece of magic. My post today might feel a little like 'So what did you do last Summer?' except it has nothing to do with Summer. It's more about what I have done for the past several years which apparently has lead to what has culminated in my focus the past several weeks. I've had the light shine down on an incredibly shiny someone; a person who is a definitive notch above the regular human animals found in the general populace. Well, at least that is how he seems to me.

Not many of you on-line readers or friends know that I have been sick these past several years. Last thing I ever want is for anyone to feel sorry for me or feel pity, my pride just could not stand it. I have a chronic condition called lupus. It's a disease that varies in symptoms from individual to individual, some have more severity and intensity of the manifestations that this disease is able to work on a body's systems, physically. It also carries a weight on your mental standings since this disease can turn on you in a moment, it can kill you. You have to live with that knowledge. On the flip side, this disease can suddenly decide to stop what havoc it may be wrecking on your physical being and go into a remission. Vanish like a ghost. Everyone with this disease hopes for that outcome.

I've seemingly been given a second chance. How long this second chance will last is unknown. It could last forever. I could be symptom free the rest of my life. Too, it could only last a short time. I've been in a state that has varied from extreme joy to fear thinking that it could come back. Life is looking so full I have to just run out and grab it every moment.

In the beginning of this illness my symptoms began manifesting during my pregnancy with my ten year old. I had massive swelling in my legs, ankles and feet. It was incredible. The OBGYN put blame on what I was eating, drinking, my sitting, I was put on bed rest for the last two months of the pregnancy. After her birth, that first six months, the pregnancy hormones began filtering out of my system. By the time she was seven months I knew something was wrong with me. I did not feel right.

Massive tests went on and on and I was screened for brain tumors, cancer, MS, you name it. Ending result was SLE, Systemic lupus erythematosus a chronic, multifaceted inflammatory disease capable of affecting every organ system of a person's body. Initially I was terrified; had never even heard of it.

I received medical treatment, put on a strict regimen of pharmaceuticals and things leveled out for me, but I did not return to my previous high energy self. Time passed and the condition worsened. My heart, lungs and my kidneys were affected. I was on more drugs, more trips to the hospital.

IDOL BLUES and my on-line situations with various cast members that make up the Taylor Hicks fan world became a separate entity for me. A true escape from the everyday issues I dealt with and lived with and sought to avoid. When not dealing with the real world and all that went with it, I escaped into my interesting childrens' lives and this almost fantasy on-line world. Focusing on me was just depressing, limiting and not a lot of fun. I was me but yet I wasn't me anymore, unable to do much of what I once loved doing. I had to avoid sunlight, I had to avoid getting too tired, which was all too easy. I had issues breathing much of the time, issues with horrible headaches, body and joint pain and general malaise. It damn sucked to be me.

Taylor Hicks provided me hours of entertainment with his musical career highs and lows. His American Idol experience was absolute fun. The whole fan world situation surrounding him has also provided me hours of entertainment - the doings of his fans and the fascinations with him and with each other.

Anyway, the past five years were the worst. I developed the heart inflammation issues, lung inflammation and kidney disorders. I've been on steroids, I hit chemo, name it I endured it. One other big escape for me was sleeping - I developed this whole other world in my dreams. I began writing them down and compiling a story of sorts from the dreams. Center in my story, a man. He was funny, sweet, kind, a best friend. He did not look like anyone I'd ever met.

He had lovely red-blonde hair, incredibly blue eyes. In my dreams I knew him as "Adam". Having him to go to in my sleep was amazing and comforting. Like some sort of imaginary friend. I actually was one of 'those kids', I had an imaginary friend. He went everywhere I did and was especially soothing while I underwent treatments for asthma or allergy shots. If I was lonely or scared he was there. Thing is, he was a horse who talked rather like Mr. Ed only he was chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. I called him Hotspur, no idea where that name came from either. Yes, my parents thought I was strange when they found out about Hotspur, but then they always tell me I was an unusual child. He was with me from the time I was three years old, while relocating to the Phillipines I became so sick I had to be hospitalized upon arrival. That's when I first imagined Hotspur.

Now I'm married, have been married three times. Once to a musician - that marriage lasted under two years; I wound up leaving him for another musician for a brief spell that just wasn't meant to be. Second husband I met while on a trip, I use to travel all the time. I was down in Ixtapa, Mexico. I worked as a travel contractor for various wholesale travel companies securing them contracts for room space in hotels, on tours, etc. It was a fascinating job and while it wasn't high paying I was able to travel for free, all my expenses paid. I was carefree and open to all sorts of adventures, I was also quite good at negotiations and so that certainly helped. It was a gypsy lifestyle but I loved it.

Husband number two was vacationing, accompanied by two women. He was seated under one of the beach cabanas near mine; he rose to go to the oceanside bar and the sun hit his black, glossy hair. I was fascinated. He was tall, dark and handsome with deep dimples when he smiled. One look and I was devastated. One look and his two companions had no chance; I decided he was for me. The next night, like out of some torrid romance novel, we wound up together on the moonlit beach. He'd seen me leave the beachside restaurant with a bottle of wine. I was heading out for a walk but had flashed him a smile across the room. Needless to add, his companions were alone the rest of that trip. He relocated to my home base, Dallas. Our relationship lasted five years but I grew tired of his control issues. He did not want me working, he did not like my friends, family. It escalated to violence and control so severe I was not even allowed to leave the house while he was at work and never after dark. I was basically that man's prisoner. I got out.

I met Darling Man while taking some writing and art classes at a local university. He was in an accounting class I had decided to take on as well. The room had these high windows and the sunlight was shining through. As I entered the stadium type seating classroom and looked up, a beam of light hit him like a shimmering ray. Next thing he's sitting beside me, we're dating, then married. We had Darling Daughter, then I became sick.

This past January some sort of switch flipped in my body's system. I began feeling differently, physically. It has been similar to being awakened after a long sleep. By March I was making changes in myself, felt this incredible energy and feeling of transformation. I began riding my bike again. My head felt clear and my body was up to doing activities I loved before. It's been incredible. It's been a gift. I feel everyday I must push myself and go and do and live because I'm fearful the past several years of feeling not like myself will return and I don't want that to ever happen. Thing is, my dreams of that golden haired man stopped.

I've not been following the Taylor Hicks fans or Mr. Hicks much in the past month, that lead one of my favorite Hicks' friends to ask me, "Well, Spin..I was wondering where in the hell you went to..glad to see you back." after posting on her site the other day.

My response to her was, "I've been on 'sabbatical' chasing a fabled 'unicorn'. It's been quite a little adventure..." I've also been writing on my project - this 'unicorn' - this individual has been a heavy muse for me, he's been inadvertently feeding the creative juices and they've been intoxicatingly enjoyable.

I sort of fell into a state of limerance, you could say. I met someone whom I have talked with in quite a different way than I've ever talked to anyone else. This is in light of the fact I don't really know him, but he just felt familiar from my first 'finding' him. Interestingly perhaps I wandered into him while working on a post about - Taylor Hicks. So as it has seemed throughout my life finding those 'shiny' objects once again leads me onto paths I need tread, have experiences I must follow.

This man pulled me in with his spark, his fire, his insane humor. He absolutely blazes with a passion for life, connection, heart. Curiously he has red blonde hair and incredibly blue eyes. I have found myself wrongly and idiotically lovesick over this man I've never met in person. I've felt guilt over this attachment I developed considering my actual circumstances. I've also wondered if this newly awakened self of mine who had lay dormant for so long might be a manifestation of some sort of brain malfunction suffered while in my deepest part of my illness.

It's been exciting finding such a muse as he, yet hauntingly sad in ways I can't put my fingers on. It's been ridiculous yet I have enjoyed this time, however brief it might be, meeting this beautiful man. It's come to pass in obvious ways, this arrangement of ours might not be what's best for him. For me, meeting him felt like deja vu realized. For him, likely a confusing situation that has him possibly unhappy. Something I do not want for him, not at all. I mean, in the real world, people really don't meet like this do they? Especially when their real life situations are already set, complicated and the relationship seemingly one made of huge impossibilities. Too he's a loyal man who, in exhibiting disloyal behavior, being in a relationship, he's not happy with himself. That's an admirable quality.

One thing, coming out from my self-imposed sabbatical, I'm seeing a refueling for my project. This fascination of mine has provided an almost other worldly near mystical experience for me. The coming out from under the lupus, my incredible feelings of transformation and renewal, this communication or whatever it is with this man, has been not unlike discovering that yes, indeed in another time and place there really were unicorns. Unicorns running around under real rainbows with actual puppies and kittens complete with elves.

Thing is - real life - is there any place for unicorns? THAT is the question. It is turning out to be one fine story to write.

"Sweet Dreams' The Eurythmics

video thank you to fritz51312

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A.I. 8 Final Two and the Introduction to Worst Winner Song Ever

Ryan Seacrest tells us that this is a final showdown between The Acoustic Rocker vs glam Rocker, Conway vs California, Guy next door vs Guyliner. I'm thinking that must have taken loads of imagination. Absolute brain racking imagination.

Naturally being the Final competition show all the judges are dressed up more than usual. Simon in his yearly outing in a sort of suit, I like Pauler's satin green dress. Kara, well whatever, she doesn't get any compliments since she co-wrote the Idol winner's-worst-song-ever, Then there's Randy. Darling Daughter turns and asks me, "Why is Randy dressed like a clown?" I answer her, "Because he's Randy-the-Bo-Bo and that's how Bo Bo the clown dresses." She seemed satisfied with that response. Is it me, or does anyone else think it odd, but why in hell are the contestants wearing leather jackets? It's California. It's May.

Ryan introduces Adam and Kris and for some reason they both think it's off the hook clever to say, "Totally". Wasn't that word more current a few years back? "Totally".

Tonight's situation regarding the competition, they sing three songs. One, their favorite from the season, one Simon Fuller's pick and one the uber schlocky Kara dioTardi co-written song. When it was announced she was a co-writer of this song guaranteed it to be complete crap. Look how she hooked Taylor Hicks up on his eponymous album.

Adam's intro brought to light he was one of those babies. Like mine was. Colic most of the first year of life and lots and lots of screaming. Thing is, that one isn't a singer, somehow that theory lost credibility. I do like his owning up as a child he was a pain in the ass. Having been one myself, for my parents, I mentally high five him.

He wisely selects "Mad World" dressed in what Darling Man pegged as something out of HellRaiser. The smoke and lighting served to remind me rather of Harry Dresden. He's a character from the Dresden series written by Jim Butler. I do like Adam's hand glam.

Bo-Bo chirps in he's giving Adam an "A" for, well, Adam. Kara started her bubbly babbling and did she say 'changed the gay up' or 'changed the game up'? Like the first choice best. Pauler was 'so proud' and we all know what she's inferring here as well. Simon called Adam on the theatrical effects; he was feeling more of a "Phantom of the Opera" whereas Bo-Bo had to come back with "Twilight". Remember in the beginning of this show Bo-Bo compared Adam to Edward Cullun/Rob Pattinson? Yeah.

Seems Kris Allen didn't like to sing in front of family, they'd have to pay him a quarter. Eventually he broke out with coupons. Likely we'll be seeing that happen now in the Big Real.

Kris sings "Ain't No Sunshine" accompanies himself with piano. Nice soulful rendition, and man, you have to give props, he's a musician. He actually plays instruments and all that so I give him additional credit. Crowd gives him a Standing O.

Randy and Kara agreed that if there is someone out there who doesn't like it, there is something is wrong with them. Pauler said he Allen-ized it (please Kris don't do what Taylor Hicks' does and start talking about how you Allenize you music. Really, don't.) Simon retracts all the mean man things he's ever said about Kris. Ding, ding, ding, Simon calls this first one for Kris. I think it a tie.

Simon Fuller, perhaps with a slight nod toward Taylor Hicks, no wait, just writing that is wrong, picks "Change is Gonna Come" for gLambert. This has Bo-Bo saying, "Dude you can sing your face off", Kara declares it the Best Performance From beginning ever. Pauler incorporates her lasso move and Simon, of course, likes it.

Kris gets, "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye. He incorporates his Jason Mraz imitation and plays guitar. His mouth seems to have a preternatural ability, more so than usual to swing completely to the right on his face. Weird. It's a repetitive and boring arrangement.

Darling Daughter fixates on Randy again with saying, "Seriously Mom what IS Randy wearing?" She just can't get past his ensemble. Kara yapped up how Kris needs to do only socially conscious message songs that will uplift and change humanity. Or some such shit. Hate her and everything she says. Darling Man yells at the television, "You're an Idiot!". He hates her with me. Pauler says he 'tore it up' whereas Simon snaps back and says something about it being like three people in the bedroom strumming guitar. You may recall he's used this line before - with Jason Castro.

Simon says that round two goes to Adam, "One million per cent".

Flash to audience and the entire season's gang's all there even that guy with thos massive eyebrows. Can't remember half of those people's names. Not looking them up either.

Last song is the worst song ever penned for an Idol winner and smug-faced Kara is a co-writer. I believe I've already said how very much this song sucks donkeys. It is full of reaching for stars, riding through a hurricane, mountains, man, just string together as many freaking cliche's as you can, slap some strings to it and bham you have a Pop song. It's titled "No Boundaries" but the boundaries lie in the immensely horribleness of it. We need have some sort of musical border control to stop this from ever hitting my radio waves.

Randy thought Adam was pitchy, likely because Adam was holding back a grimace the entire time he was having to sing it. I don't know how he made it through that dreck. Kara loved it and is practically lolling around on the table over having partially created this monster crap song. Pauler said Adam was amazing. and Simon made me love him so hard, actually called that shit song the shit it was refusing to judge Adam since he had to sing it. He tells Adam that he's the best most original contestants they've ever had on the show, considers he'll be a world wide star. So he's basically wanting to hand the Idol crown to him right now, so you folks at home listen up.

Kris Allen actually fares somewhat better, seeming to really enjoy singing about all those hurricanes, tornadoes and whatever else might be found in a 1970's horror movie. (Poseidon Adventure hit my brain, no idea why.) I almost gack over the higher, deeper dreams and mountains within this there ain't no cliche' boundaries of a song.

Randy is very proud, Kara called him compelling but that folks need consider his body of work in the season. Pauler is pleasant but not very committal telling Kris he's where he should be in this competition. Simon compliments his parents. Note, no one compliments the singing portion of this song delivered by Kris.

Winner round three, for me, another tie.

DialIdol who has been wrong all season anyway, why I keep looking at it I have no idea, has them in a virtual tie.

Looks like a coin toss tonight.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby Ducks & Matters of the Heart

Imprinting. Defined in noun form as: Animal Behavior, Psychology. Rapid learning that occurs during a brief receptive period, typically soon after birth or hatching, and establishes a long-lasting behavioral response to a specific individual or object, as attachment to parent, offspring, or site.

Obviously that definition in particular refers to the phenomenon witnessed in the animal kingdom and particularly true in the case of ducks and other fowl. It's a well documented occurrence the phenomenon of birds, upon hatching attaching themselves to the first being they may encounter. They also have the propensity to follow the next best thing should something happen to their initial focus of attention.
Puppy and Duckling:

Fan behavior is not that unlike 'imprinting'. Similar to the state of mind termed, 'limerance', which has been defined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov as an involuntary cognitive and emotional state. In other words, something or someone inadverdently flips a switch in your mind and that gray matter in your head reaches back to the primal instinct to attach. The person or thing of interest may remind you of someone in your past, or simply trigger a pleasant emotional response.

Being a natural and common condition no regular Joe is immune. It does show a marked intensity for persons with a propensity toward Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. So if you are one who must check your locks on the doors several times before retiring, or once you find an interest immerse yourself as deeply as possible, you my friend are more easily sucked in - well, at least until the novelty wears off.

Apparently, when in this state of 'limerance' the person affected can experience intense romantic desire or emotional attachment toward their interest. Studies have shown actual brain chemistry affected by the perceptions felt or idealized by the individual. That chemical alteration often sufficient to propel 'imprinted' emotions by inciting pleasurable electrical charges in the gray matter upstairs, creating what can be best described as a virtual dopamine drip. Reality can sometimes be impaired by the pleasure center of your mind, as your brain trips along on that feel good rush. Your actual moods affected, emotions triggered such as intense joy or extreme despair depending on the circumstance. Certainly it can be fun and interesting while it lasts.

How 'limerance' is often most appropriately described - an 'emotional affair'. Limerance cited relationships are by nature, chaste, physically unconsumed. Factors involved in these relationships remaining as established may include loyalty to preexisting relationships, distance, impracticality such as a business or working relationship, or just the pure enjoyment of a fantasy.

Romantically described as an 'affair of the heart', this attachment can sometimes be maintained simply by the pleasure obtained by verbal, mental and assimilative contact. I am researching this topic in relation to my 'project' I've in the works. Too, every time I step into one of my Taylor Hicks friends' websites I'm reminded of this phenomena. In the case of being a fan of a celebrity as one example, the fantasies themselves often sufficient to continue the momentum for continuing with the interest.

Examples of how, in the case of fandom, fantasy often sufficient to propel the brain dopamine drip can be witnessed in examples featured on such black humor driven websites such as IdleTard.com. Fan fiction, a commonplace topic on IdleTard.com, brought out as entertainment, reveals the imaginative workings of fans desiring to create a stimulating virtual world. Stories insert the writers into the real life of their obsession, therefore pumping the dopamine and assisting in the sensation of pleasure, reinforcing continued interest.

Savvy entertainers understand some of this process, perhaps not on a direct awareness level but more in an intrinsic, intuitive manner. It goes along with the primordial need lurking in the wrinkles in our brain to imprint, acknowledge that imprinting and to feel connected. Savvy entertainer like John Mayer comes to mind, he seems quite good at keeping his fingers on the pulse of his fanbase. He's also open and communicative with his fans.

It doesn't take much to make fans feel connected and that a celebrity cares. One celeb I follow, on the new "hot thing" twitter, Eddie Izzard. Been a fan of his for years. Mr. Izzard posts dry comments on the weather from where ever he may be sometimes with an aside about thoughts of the moment. I've taken it upon myself to respond in kind, limiting my responses back normally only when he mentions the sun or it being sunny. I am aware of the psychological nuance, but it's like this "thing" and actually increases my enjoyment and perception of the man. Small things, people.

Thing is, we as human animals will always carry that 'baby duck' primal thinking pattern. What we need recognize is the reality as it truly exists and the ability to determine what context it appropriately fits within our lives. Now back to my project.

"My Hero" Paramore

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Angels are Singing Cowboy Songs

Have I just died? I just read that a new film is being created with both Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson. Together. With horses and chaps. Leather chaps. I am weak for cowboys to begin with, the boots, that leather smell mingled with the manly scent. I'm getting light headed thinking about it.

CinemaBlend.com says, "That means hats, chaps, tight jeans, attractively scruffy hair, and pretty much the best thing to happen to the Old West in decades.

This will all be happening thanks to Madeline Stowe, the actress who wrote the screenplay Unbound Captives back in the mid-90s, and turned down a $5 million offer from Fox because she wouldn't be allowed to star. A decade later, Variety reports that Stowe still won't be starring, and Rachel Weisz will take the role instead. But Stowe will make her directorial debut with the film."

Now to find out where this is filming. I can see it now, hiring on as the stable girl would work, I could wash the horses, tend to tack, feed and hell, I'd even muck the stalls. I have experience with that; *changing resume'. Too, I could rework my definition of "Heaven".

Heaven: [hev-uhn] Helping either Hugh Jackman or Robert Pattinson with mounting. Straightening their chaps, dusting them off between shoots. Especially the dusting off part. (You know Westerns are always dusty.)

Jackman is an excellent horseman already but Pattinson might require lessons. I could certainly be of help in presenting any educational instruction Pattinson might need...of course, that too for free.

Momma Just Wants to Chase Cowboys (renamed it)

I'll take DD, tell her it's Summer Camp. DMan, well, he will just have to understand. Giddyup.

*Note this intended in fun, for anyone who needs clarification.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zombies: Brainless Wandering Ants?

I understand fire ants can be a huge problem. Here in Texas it's an on-going battle to kill the little buggers. We've developed all sorts of kill remedies to sprinkle, spray and call the Orkin man about to annihilate them but they just keep on living, propogating and speading. Sure, the pesticide of choice might work - but it's a momentary lapse because somehow they eventually develop some sort of immunity and bounce right back.

It's amazing how after one rain fall, on your level lawn overnight, sprout the mounds of the fiery little pests. Anyone familiar with fire ants know these are not your usual busy beaver worker ants. No, they exist to conquer your garden and to conquer your yard and they will try to kill you while they do it. Stings from fire ants can cause allergic reactions in folks sensitive to their bite and even if you're not particularly sensitive you can get a nasty welt that will itch until you apply copious amounts of Benedryl cream or camomile lotion. Aloe Vera can work wonders if you happen to have some chilled in the refrigerator. I keep a bottle next to the milk ready at all times.

Anyway my point - today I read Bill Hanna's piece in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about a new approach to offing the ants and saving our yards and our skin. Now this new remedy isn't going to kill all of the ants off, no rather it might be an effective population control device. Then maybe we can hit them with some sort of Amdro Nuke and then kill them all. What the brainy scientists have discovered is that the tiny phorid fly, (it must be really small) native to a region of South America come equipped with pathogens that attack fire ants to keep their population and movements under control. You see, the tiny little flies have come up with an effective method, now we're humbly learning from their achievements. Good on the little phorid flies.

Apparently they are so small they can "dive-bomb" the fire ants, laying eggs within the ant. The maggots that hatch have a hankering for some real brain food, and since fish isn't an option they head for the ant's ... head. The tiny maggots proceed to eat away at the ant's tiny brain. As anyone might imagine if you had something noshing on your brain, the ants begin to exhibit changes in their activities. Instead of staying within rank and grouping together they start roaming around on their own. They exhibit strange zombie-like behavior. Because basically, they are zombies.

The newly "zombied" ants mill aimlessly until their heads pops off. Yep, right off and the new fly emerges ready to lay eggs in a short time in more of the ants that have not been already infected. Sounds really gruesome and I certainly hope none of the Muslim terrorist groups ever hear of this because, well I just don't want anything eating what's left of my brain. Nor my head popping off, that wouldn't set well either.
(No not zombies, just our annual Halloween party at my sister's.)

So that's it for interesting things I read today in my spare moments between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
"Zombie" the brilliant Cranberries

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fights, Screams, Just Another Night on American Idol: Top Three

The light is shining at the end of the tunnel...or is that merely a migraine coming on? Or death?

When Danny Gokey first found out about the song selection he said, 'I don't even know the words of the song'. Flashback to his hometown visit likely in his mind. Paula was his forever girl this week and selected "Dance Little Sister". Immediately I thought of Dwight Yokum, you know, like this:

But wait, that wasn't the song, it's Elvis Presley's "Little Sister" - which would have been amusing in a completely different way than the Terence Trent D'arby song that Abdul actually did pick. Hokey remembering his hometown visit and his hilarious attempt at being David Cook, obviously studied his notes, managed to recall all the words last night. Hokey Gokey hokey pokied all around the Idol stage while braying the song in his best Taylor Hicks/Joe Cocker imitation.

Randy articulated one of his twelve words, calling the performance, "dope". Kara wild eyed, and arm waving said the Hokester hit his 'money spot', Paula stammered out something like, 'I'm a choreographer...blah, blah, blah!' in defense of Hokey's never brilliant dancing. Simon, trying to maintain his right as the only sober one in the room, called Hokey out on the desperate prancing and that horrible tinny sax solo interspersed in the song like an out of tune after thought. "Toy sax", exactly.

At least viewers had a nice Pauler and Simon wrestling match to watch. I love when they get down and dirty. Ryan made funny with calling their antics that had to be taken off camera, 'going to second base or harassment'. Damn show could have at least let us see it considering we just sat through Danny.

Lucky Kris Allen had two mentors, Randy and Kara. They or Kara, rather, selected One Republic's "Apologize" in hopes of showing off Kris' 'big vocal range' and what a lovely dark beautiful song it is, dark like Kris, how he's the Dark Horse or some other nonsense.

Kris sat at piano and was actually... not bad.

Randy pointed obvious saying Kris was showing 'us' the type of artist he could be. Kara brought the contradictions saying he appeared confident but said he did not come out swinging. Which made me wonder - boxer or briefs? Anyway Pauler said he hit a loud bum note. Simon brought me some love saying Kara had copped out as she picked the song. Kara had to try and haul out her musical credentials asking my man Simon if he'd ever had to interpret a song in his life. As if she has... Loved it, you could feel the hate. Joy. Simon continued with telling the Randy-Kara team they should have helped him with the arrangement and a lovely massive four way brawl commenced. Now that's entertainment. Hair pulling would have made it better.

Adam had Simon, was given "One", by U2, one of my favorite songs in the world. Had to acquire permission from the band; apparently the return was it was their pleasure for gLambert to sing it... Adam looked lovely all blue light (again) and his emo hair. Wonder what I'd look like with black emo hair... He began the song slow built to a gospel sound then took it down again. Nice and theatrical. You know, so gLambert. I know there are many who think he shrieks, is too screechy but I like it. He lets it all out, it sounds so freeing, like having good sex. Yes, my mind went there. The emo hair must be doing something to me. Love how his Dad and Mom are tearful. *sniff*

Randy wrapped up his ramble with the obvious, Kara called him an amazing strategist (what?) fought a moment with Simon (yay!) Paula went on about Simon and her miserable life (what?) Simon simply looked smug. I understand Simon, it's always good to be right and it's always good when it's all about you. Yes.

Hokey returns with his Taylor Hicks act in place, he selects "You Are So Beautiful" and all I could think of, in the context of this show, how imitation is not always the best flattery. Checking Gokey out for a moment, he must have read my comments last week (who doesn't?) and kept the whiskers that I sort of liked. But really, Hokey, no emails or calls, my heart belongs to another.
Here's who he tried to imitate:

This is what we got: "Ewe Har So Beautiful to Meeee"

Melisma, melisma, melisma. Darling Man, sitting in the office with me, just said this song the worst shit ever. Last night Darling Daughter began booing him before he had out two lines. It's how they roll.

Hilarious how the judges loved that with Randy going in descriptive triplicate (you know because he only really, really, really knows twelve words). Kara said it was stunning, and I really, really, really would like to see someone hit her with a stun gun. Pauler squeed her pants/panites/whatever, Simon disappoints me claiming it a vocal masterclass. Masterclass my ass.

Kris Allen picked "Heartless" by Kanye (watery video, oh well)

He pulls acoustic with guitar and really does much better with it than Kanye, whom I hate anyway.

Randy agrees with me, so I like him now, saying this better than original. Kara whined about the guitar now, but not in her selection, (where is that stun gun?) Kara "Why didn't you do that with apologize?" She continues to annoy me for 40 more words then Pauler commended him for picking a song about Simon. Simon rising to the compliment actually praises Kris and pitches Kris into the Top Two. Another judge brawl ensues. Yay.

Adam gLambert bringing the humilation for Gokey last week, picked Aerosmith's, "Crying". GLambert saunters, sashays, swaggers and purrs and screams like a big ol' emo cat; incorporates his best Elvis snarl. Standing O.
"Crying" (watery video)

DMan threatens to leave room if I don't put on my headphones while I'm reviewing this video saying, "He's a little bitch." Not a fan you may note, but then he hates everyone I like. I wave. He leaves.

Randy loved it more than "One", Kara, "Who hits those notes?" Pauler calls for free frequent flier miles, (what?) Simon sends him through to Top Two, but brings the suspense; we can never tell what really might happen. Ooo foreboding. Love it.

We are almost there folks. One more week.

Sing to Me Daddy: Taylor Hicks, "Run Baby Run"

Taylor Hicks does "Run Baby Run"

Man, I love that. Does something for me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Brand New Day" Sting

"Brand New Day" Lyrics

I'm the rhythm in your tune
I'm the sun and you're the moon
I'm a bat and you're the cave
You're the beach and I'm the wave
I’m the plow and you’re the land
You're the glove and I'm the hand
I'm the train and you're the station
I'm a flagpole to your nation - yeah

Taylor Hicks and The Magic Harmonica

Taylor Hicks spent the morning on the Rick and Bubba Show. I listened in while doing an assortment of other things, sorting through old photos in files, sorting through old vids linked, brushed dog, swept office, took pics, tossed in some laundry. Fielded calls from work, sent emails for work. You get the idea. Anyway an on-line pal who resides in New Orleans sent me the link.

Most of the interview was small talk with focus on such excitement as golf which to me is akin to watching paint dry, as well as some Pauler talk from American Idol. You know, how special she is especially when she's on drugs. Mr. Hicks' best story - Alice Cooper on the golfing circuit. Sounded somewhat Hunter S. Thompson-like. Mr. Cooper, while on this special golf outing located in a neighborhood like mine, took it upon himself to mingle with the locals.

Our neighborhood has a massive golf course than runs throughout our little community. Ironic we bought into this place because nobody in our household golfs. The course though is lovely to walk when the golfers are not out, very scenic, creeks, hills, trees, bunnies. Looks like a scene out of The Teletubbies. Houses back up to the golfing range and many of us have wrought iron fencing, or no fencing so as not to obstruct the view.

Anyway, it seems Mr. Cooper just strolled off of the course, picked a house having a nice barbeque shindig and proceeded to use their facilities and sample the spread. How much more can you love Alice after hearing that? He's absolutely swoon worthy right now. Damn, I'd have loved to serve him some smoked ham.

Taylor also did a few acoustic tunes, "Seven Mile Breakdown" and "Heart and Soul". Mr. Hicks sounded good, obviously relaxed, having visited this show several times in the past. The ending of the program was most special. Taylor Hicks had given an harmonica as a gift to this small boy. The boy suffered from some sort of pulmonary disease/lung condition that had him on a breathing assist program. It seems that with the kiddo taking up an interest in learning to play the mouth harp after hearing Taylor, he gave it a go. After some time playing he showed remarked improvement in his lung capacity and ability to breathe easier.

I had to google information on the possibility of this actually occurring and found that there is some real merit regarding playing the harmonica and lung processes. Harmonicamasterclass.com devotes a webpage discussing the merits of taking up the harmonica if you have such conditions as emphysema, asthma or any other pulmonary issues. Seems the harmonica works to strengthen the diaphragm and open the lungs. Just when I was about to go on a fun tale of Taylor saving mankind one harmonica at a time, I find this is an actual, factual, could possibly happen, situation. Drats, foiled again.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taylor Hicks Seven Mile No Breakdown

Taylor Hicks receives a decent write up about his newly released song to video, "Seven Mile Breakdown". Had to put this up since these sort of reviews are far and wide between for the man.

I'm feeling tired today but did make myself go ride the bike, as in bike you pedal, not the vroom, vroom one. Not in the mindset for snappy and witty so will keep this brief. Too, family issues running wild - just want to share this review from Blogcritics.org written by contributor, The Other Chad. Really a nice write up and done not in a fanboy way but as a stated matter of honest opinion. Hicks reviews and commentaries like this are rare.

Excerpt from the piece:
"The song's video debuted this week, and if there's any justice CMT is paying attention. The clip for "What's Right Is Right" was rather somber, with Hicks performing the song in a smokey club. While by no means poorly done, the argument could easily be made that it wasn't going to command the attention of a casual viewer. The "Seven Mile Breakdown" video seems geared toward winning some new fans. As simple as it is, with Hicks playing the song in an open field to a small gathering of fans, there is a sense of fun that compliments the song's mood.

Taylor Hicks is the greatest talent to come out of American Idol, but has struggled finding a wide audience. Plagued by ridiculously overwrought - and entirely unjustified - bad press, the more easily convinced sector of the public has bought into the bogus idea that his Idol victory was a "mistake." If releasing a country remix of "Seven Mile Breakdown" will help him gain wider exposure, ultimately leading to more quality music, then more power to him."

So there you have it. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms. Go us.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

GNR Last night, EDGEFEST today. In the rain.

My friend Wade sent me on a Guns N Roses tick last night that's carried into this morning. This song fits right now.
"November Rain" GNR

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" Check Slash

Papa Roach will be there tonight. Hopefully without a tornado along for the ride.

Taking Back Sunday "Slowdance on the Inside" Love this one.

Blue October "Hate Me" My favorite.

Yeah, let the rain come down. I won't melt. "Into The Ocean"
EDGEFEST 19 today - rain, rain damn rain. Hell. The Edge
I'm off.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Taylor Hicks Gonna Move?

Mr. Hicks sheds some acoustic light on the Paul Pena tune, "I'm Gonna Move". Now that's what I want on an album. In the event anyone cares.

Ron Pope: A Little 'Coffee house" ?

But then I like coffee. Of course lately in and around town there seems to be a new big thing with acoustic singers at sandwich shops, malls and just everyplace.

My friend, 'Grey' introduced me to this guy, Ron Pope - he's laid back, nice sound to his vocals, he keeps it simple.

This is one of my favorites at the moment. Fits into a story line I'm working. Reminds me of someone as well - who is far away.
"I'm Yours" Ron Pope

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cage the Elephant - "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"

Found this yesterday evening while heading home, The Edge hit it spinning as a new tune:
"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" Cage the Elephant

It's kinda catchy.

"Seven Mile Breakdown": Taylor Hicks Video

Taylor Hicks' newest video, "Seven Mile Breakdown"

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Slashing the Pop: AI 8 Top 4

Well about damn time we had a decent episode of American Idol, it's been a long, cold, lonely season. Perhaps I'm just biased because of the smoking hot guest mentor, the rock format. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily Slash handled the show and the contestants. One wish, he'd have removed the shiny glasses but then Slash rarely removes the them. They're like Ritchie Sambora's trademark hat or Superman's cape.

It was obvious from the opening viewers were in for a different experience. One thing Ryan Seacrest was more subdued, reason for that - one of the large revolving American Idol stage tower fixtures tried to do away with itself and others by toppling over, injuring an unsuspecting stage manager. This act of random mechanical violence failure cost the show the usual pre-show rehearsal which, after watching last night, might be a good future move. The equipment speaks, producers listen or next week that other tower might decide to take a dive.

Adam Lambert, first up, selected Led Zepplin's 1970 hit, "Whole Lotta Love". Initially the surrealism tied into this song being performed on Idol clouded my judgment, I had to rewind to watch it again. gLambert did a good job with it - considering this a Robert Plant song, the level of difficulty. Loved his emo hair, the silvery leather and the chains, smoking hot; Adam brought the sex, the heat, he was beautiful.
"Whole Lotta Love" Adam gLambert

Paula thought Adam brought the 'whole lotta perfect' and Simon impulsively told Adam he would have the best performance of the night. Kara on the other hand once again sounded like the overly embellishing tool she is, calling Adam a "Rock God". He did a good job but obviously she has no idea what the hell "Rock God" means.

Allison Iraheta looked great too having her hair coifed by Adam's (naturally he would know the best) hair stylist. She rocked the triple hues and the cut. I've recently taken to smoothing my hair and wearing bangs, perhaps I need try coloring like that. Really liked it. Anyway back to song coverage, she chose wisely with Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby", the smokey Joplin vocals a good match for Allison's.

Kara once again does not disappoint presenting yet another inane, asinine comment, "you have no personality, but you adopt a personality when you sing." Allison gives them a little sass but that won't have any bearing on what happens tonight. The other judges prattled on.

Next, the first of the duets, Hokey and Kris were paired to sing "Renegade" by Styx. They do a passable job during the harmonizing moments. Kris held his own with Hokey who trickled a little soul sound into the tune. Simon winds up telling the Hokester he outsang Kris - this the first indication that Kris Allen may be singing "Come Together" tomorrow night.

Kris Allen did The Beatles' "Come Together", incorporated the styling of Jason Mraz. Thing is Allen is not a rock guy, he's Jason Castro 2.0 and it would be hilarious to see Castro try to rock out with any believability. Same here with Kris. He hasn't the vocal force to back it up. He did a passable job and he did have the balls to jam with Slash, because just holding a guitar near him might make you wet your pants. The judge panel was oblivious - his new name, Under-the-Bus Allen.

Randy's comment, "I wasn't blown away...the vocals were weak, but that's not your thing anyways." Simon compared Allen to eating ice for lunch. Kara told Kris it just wasn't great.
"Come Together" Kris Allen (video is like watching him in the shower through glass doors, but it'll do)

Hokey Karaoke Gokey (HKG) figured he'd "Dream On" and humorously interposed the lyrics about midway with some sort of improvisational, 'dodata tado datado" part that had Darling Daughter laughing. Love her. HKG then proceeds to screech like an emissary from Hell toward the end of the performance. Seriously. Hell.

"Last note was like watching a horror movie, like Friday the 13th. Where I think with Adam it kinda worked, with you it didn't work so much," Simon said.
To endure the entire thing, click HERE; good luck with that.

Allison and Adam are fittingly paired for "Slow Ride" by Foghat; they bonded over the same hair stylist and so it must come to pass they sing together. I have to say I hate this song. Hate. DMan went through this period of hounding flea markets and what not for old vinyls and came home with the album this tune is on. (yes, I have a turntable and I love it)Unfortunately for me, he became obsessed with the album and played it over and over again to the point I think I've developed an allergy. Interesting song choice because this isn't exactly a duet oriented tune. It's more like a repetitive tripping on acid, rock conglomeration consisting of few lyrics created for band mates immersed in a psilocibin manic trance. It's quite different than the Hokey and Under-The-Bus' duet as there's not a harmonizing component, instead Adam and Allison do this dueling banjo thing, sans banjos and insert vocals. So okay, maybe not like dueling banjos at all.
"Slow Ride" Allison and Adam do Foghat

Judge comments were pretty embarrassing, Randy YO-YO-YO'd, Kara called them Rock god and Goddess, Paula said they made a 'perfect marriage' and Simon gave Allison the nod she's through to top three.

Checking in with DialIdol, which has been pretty much wrong anyway all season, it seems Allison is tied with Kris for the bottom two. B-3 tonight should be everyone but Adam.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Robert Pattinson: You'll Do

Article on the MyParkingMag.com site covered Robert Pattinson and his 'cheap date' history. Seems nothing better than a weekend in Cornwall (what?) naturally with complimentary train tickets. Well, true, 'free' is a good thing.

I loved Pattinson's entire thought process in this short piece - especially his admission he loved girls who "pick fights with me" - it's about time someone realize the benefits of a little healthy 'discussion', that underlying sexual tension. Makes a terrific appetizer to the main course if played correctly. He's brilliant.

Robert is also beautifully upfront in his approach to ladies he may have some attraction towards; favorite chat-up line, "Hi. You'll do."

No need to play games, say it like it is; where are men like that for the most part anyway? Direct approach, with humor of course, save misunderstandings about what exactly you're thinking about the person and where your thoughts lie in correlation to your attraction to them. Win, win for everyone. Life's short, grab those bulls by the 'horns'.

Love him./fangurl

Then there's this sort of approach: Hot too.
Foy Vance "Do You Want to Be With Me?"

"Seven Mile Breakdown" Premiers on AOL May 6

Tomorrow is the day, apparently, fans can see Mr. Hicks driving around in that hot red Corvette - Taylor Hicks' new video featuring the song he sang last week on American Idol, "Seven Mile Breakdown" hits AOL tomorrow, May 6. Fast work on Spencer Nicholson's part.

'Staff' posted information on Mr. Hicks' MySpazz site. To see other AOL Taylor Hicks' moments visit the The Taylor Hicks' Channel on AOL. That's what I'm calling it anyway.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Taylor Hicks, Spoonful of James and the Charlie Brown Dancers

Cheersing all around! There are now a few golden old Taylor Hicks videos hitting the light of Youtube. Fans can see Hicks back when he had a steaming, thick, hot mess of hair. In this particular video Taylor Hicks performs with bar band pals, Spoonful of James, kindly they've invited the Charlie Brown dancers to help entertain. The Charlie Brown dancers join in the merriment at about 2:36. Priceless.
"Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad" Taylor Hicks

Robert Pattinson Made Me Cry

Transworld News had the damning news; "New Moon" star Robert Pattinson recently turned down an offer to pose for his own calendar. What in the Hell is he thinking? Reason HotRpattz has given, "It’s not what I became an actor for."

Big whoop, irrelevant. When is he going to get with the program? You know, my program. That's just not selling out Mr. Pattinson!

Time will tell, we'll see what's up by the time he hits 30, all artists sell out eventually. Until then I have this and my imagination.

Stick a Needle in My Eye: AI 8 Top Four

Initially when I heard the news, Hokey "Karaoke" Gokey was the decided VFTW pick for this week, I wanted to find a needle to stab in my eye. I held back to reconsider since, well, needles in the eye are painful. Dave's words on his VFTW blog, "... it's no jokey, vote for Karaoke Gokey." inspired a slight vomit reflex.

Now Hokey for the pick really is inevitable since well, VFTW has had a pathetic season with little to no opportunity for fun with the show. Most of the contestants have been white bread dull - even gLambert (such potential) has reined in his inner shiny Rainbow Bright. Positive thought, we only have a few more weeks until this karaoke extravaganza runs its course.

Don't get me wrong I have really had fun in years past with this reality program. This year though, I haven't even felt like participating on any of the boards to much degree. I've not even felt like getting into any mischief on the Idol boards. It's been that drab. Possible positive, the after show fan fall outs that we will be able to put up on IdleTard.com.

This week might be entertaining. Slash, of Velvet Revolver and formerly of Guns N Roses, will be on as a guest mentor. Seriously, who would ever even imagine that? Should be interesting to say the least. Considering Jamie Foxx busted out last Wednesday night with his ridiculous attempt at performance art; let's not kid and say he was being musical, redeeming situation, Slash will come out and do what he do with that crazy I-Bring-Death hat.

On Slash's MySpazz site, he wrote;
"Hey all, as you may or may not know, the producers for American Idol have asked me to be the mentor for "Rock Week" next week. I was reluctant at 1st, but they offered me the freedom to do it however I wanted.

More importantly, there are a few singers this year who are really impressive. Its the 1st time any AI line-up has really caught my attention.

The approach I'm taking is different than usual on the show, & I'm going to make this as Rock & Roll an American Idol as possible, wish me luck!"

Slash's fans are expressing mixed reactions, apparently some controversy about Velvet Revolver seeking new singer and some pushing Adam gLambert, also mixed results. I don't see gLambert hanging out regularly with Slash and co.

Dave's last line, "Danny surely has urned this honor for using a personal tragedy to try to jumpstart a singing career." saved my eye. I put the needle down.

"Urned". Dave you evil genius. I'm in.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Morning: Magpies, Flutes

I've been researching several different avenues of thought while working on my most recent "project". Thinking back to two weeks previous when I was ready to resign myself to letting this project slip, considering myself having had some sort of abnormality hit my ability to put cohesive ideas together, you know even a sentence was an elusive unattainable goal.

My circumstance had deteriorated to the point nothing short of resigning myself to failure seemed imminent. Here I am a short time further down the road to death, time capriciously dragging me along with its usual cold and unrelenting way, at a point of possible relief. I have found a new muse and that muse is working wonders for me. It's what it takes with me, finding that particular shiny thing that will make me tick, thrill with the stimulation. It's like this with me each time I find a new, real object of brilliance.

Sometimes I drive myself and everyone around me completely on the highway to crazy - please don't let me get blocked or I really swing off balance. Yes, and in reference to that highway to crazy, anyone who knows me understands that highway is simply one on-ramp ahead.

For my project research I've been wandering into an area that hits close to familial ties. My father is part Blackfoot, to clarify, and my new writing project has been taking me down the roads into that history. I knew that the Native Americans developed something quite similar to the Western Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac - utilizing animals in nature as the assigned 'totem' of persons born with specific time periods. I simply had not ever looked into that - but with my new story it fit, will enliven the vibe.

Anyway, late last night while up hitting the keys I discovered this site that lays out individual animal totems. Of course I had to find out mine. Unsurprising to me, yet to my delight, I'm a Magpie. Anyone who knows me will completely understand this correlation. One of my long-time favorite descriptive words, shiny. It's how things that capture my attention and adoration appear to me. Hell it's how I seemingly find people, fall into adventures and wallow into interests. A light jumps out at me, I just 'know' - and I'm right more often than wrong. It may not mean that shiny thing is something of absolute greatness but they fit somehow, will bring things to me that will, in the scheme of the Big Real, work in positive ways.

Interesting for me, regardless of whether or not it has to do with anything, I also have an alarming amount of black and white apparel in my everyday wardrobe. My favorite store, White House Black Market.

According to the article I located:
Magpie symbolic meanings are numerous and varied. This stands to reason because the magpie herself is a varied creature. Her colorful character is a delight to observe with symbolic eyes because she is so unpredictable, high-spirited and expressive.
Among her many common attributes, here are a few magpie symbolic meanings:
* opportunistic
* intellect
* perceptive
* flashy
* refined
* communicative
* social
* deceptive
* illusion
* expressive
* willful

The magpie's speech is symbolic of communication and creative expression. When we hear the magpie speak it is a message to us that we might need to listen to what is being spoken to us - listen with more attention. The chatter of the magpie is also a symbolic message that we may need to speak our minds more clearly....speak up, express our opinions, be creative with our spoken words.

The magpie's obsession with shiny things is symbolic of our tendency to chase after false ideas or perceptions.
(that's sort of freaky) When the magpie comes into our lives it is often a reminder that we may have to re-evaluate our priorities. Are we chasing after unsuitable desires? Are we serving a false ideal? Are we putting materialism ahead of matters of the soul?

The magpie builds its home in the thickest "V" of trees. Forks or V's in nature are symbolic of gateways or paths into the spirit realm. In this fashion, the magpie asks us about our level of spiritual perception. Specifically, the magpie asks to keep an open mind in matters of the spirit. She also asks us where our spiritual foundation is and encourages us to open the gateways of higher (spiritual) vision.

Her plumage is also symbolic. With striking colouration, the magpie is symbolic of flamboyance, expression, and glamour. When we see her, we do a double-take because her appearance commands our attention. This is a message for us to not hide ourselves away from the world. The magpie beckons us to reveal our brilliance (physical and otherwise) to the world. We are each composed of incredible beauty and grace - the magpie is a reminder that we must express these attributes outwardly in a glamorous display just as she does.

And just when we get to know the symbolic meaning of the magpie, she eludes us and leaves us guessing what she's all about. In nature she has been known to be shy and reclusive - yet in cities she is noted to be extremely sociable with humans. Typically, she is a scavenger...but she has also been witnessed taking down small birds and rodents - acting as a bird of prey (which is not her classification).

These and other oddities in her behavior are symbolic of illusion and perception. The magpie's message here is that not all things are what they appear to be, and we should not set our judgements in stone. Further, this aspect of the magpie is a message that we do not have to be bound to perceptions. In other words, we may want to consider departing from our habitual behaviors and avoid being type-caste into a specific role. In ancient European cultures the magpie is said to predict omens.

Magpie symbolic meanings take on a brighter note in the East, where the Chinese regard the magpie as a good luck symbol, joy, marital bliss, sexual happiness, and long lasting fortune. When the Chinese hear the cry of a magpie it is said to be an announcement of the arrival of friends and family.

The ancient Roman's viewed the magpie as a creature of high intellect and reasoning powers. She is also an attribute of Bacchus, the God of wine.
(Now that's funny I bought this lovely bottle of Chilean merlot the other night, we had to drink the entire thing. I love good wine.)

In Native American animal lore, the magpie was also viewed as having intellect. However, more often than not she was faulted for trickery and her intelligence was typically used in deceptive schemes. She cannot be judged too harshly though because her tricks are always played out with a light-hearted, good-natured intention.

As you can see, the magpie symbolic meanings are as diverse and colorful as the magpie herself. Her messages are many, and she gives them to us with a free and happy heart.

Interesting - here is the website Magpie descriptor. To locate your animal totem if you're so inclined, Native American Animal Totems

I have a cousin who makes and plays High Spirit wooden flutes featured playing in the below video. There has always been someone in the family who has created them. My grandfather made archery bows that were wooden works of art. Certain things stay with you no matter how far you roam in this world from your family, your roots. I may resemble my Scandinavian mother a bit more than my father but there is something within me that vibrates to the sound of the wooden flutes.

A music video to fit the mood for this Sunday morning and my last night's writing. Now I'm off to go light some pinion in the Chiminea on the porch and have a cup of green tea. My idea of church.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Torture and My Idiocy Never Stops

"Sunshine of Your Love": Jimi Hendrix: hell yeah. It's lengthy but worth it.

Eric Clapton & Friends: Check Phil Collins. Really.

Really tight.