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Saturday, May 09, 2009

GNR Last night, EDGEFEST today. In the rain.

My friend Wade sent me on a Guns N Roses tick last night that's carried into this morning. This song fits right now.
"November Rain" GNR

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" Check Slash

Papa Roach will be there tonight. Hopefully without a tornado along for the ride.

Taking Back Sunday "Slowdance on the Inside" Love this one.

Blue October "Hate Me" My favorite.

Yeah, let the rain come down. I won't melt. "Into The Ocean"
EDGEFEST 19 today - rain, rain damn rain. Hell. The Edge
I'm off.


  1. jerseyirish8:28 PM

    Sunny, Off topic, found this video gem of the girl getting on the stage with Adam after taking her shirt off.



  2. Oh, I thought she was naked from the waist up! What's the big deal? Well, of course, she DID rush the stage. That was kind of scary. Sorry we went off topic.

  3. Hi hope you two will have a nice Mom's Day. I slept in was up late - DD and I watched "Shark Boy/Lava Girl", sort of a trippy little kid movie. Imagine what you could do if you could shoot fireballs from your hands? Love that concept. hahahaha.

    Went on a bike ride around the neighborhood bike trail and now need shower.

    Thanks for bringing me that link. It almost seems like it was a staged moment -watching reaction of security and the fact she did not rush him, rather ran to the side.

    Caryl what's up with your son? Dude got talent? *grin*

    I'm tired man.