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Monday, May 04, 2009

Taylor Hicks, Spoonful of James and the Charlie Brown Dancers

Cheersing all around! There are now a few golden old Taylor Hicks videos hitting the light of Youtube. Fans can see Hicks back when he had a steaming, thick, hot mess of hair. In this particular video Taylor Hicks performs with bar band pals, Spoonful of James, kindly they've invited the Charlie Brown dancers to help entertain. The Charlie Brown dancers join in the merriment at about 2:36. Priceless.
"Why Does Love Have to Be So Sad" Taylor Hicks


  1. jerseyirish2:02 PM

    Sunny, Loved watching all the vintage Taylor video's still had it going on back then. Got a laugh out of the dancers also, kind of schuffling around the dance floor.


  2. Like some sort of drunken Zombie dance. hahaha

  3. hey, where did my comment go? Huh. oh well, I think I said something like...I was afraid Taylor was going to be one of the Charlie Brown Dancers. But, actually, he kind of is for a minute there!

    The Charlie Brown Dancers! haha! funny. And true!

  4. Yeah, love it when he's grooving along so seriously. ha. When I first saw this at Grey's first thing I thought was Charlie Brown.

  5. Hahhahahhaha.... Is Bill Will Snoopy??!? Sunny, you crack me up, girl!!

  6. labelle311:07 AM

    Loved these videos! I also loved your description of the dancers as 'Charlie Brown' dancers! Too funny!