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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taylor Hicks Seven Mile No Breakdown

Taylor Hicks receives a decent write up about his newly released song to video, "Seven Mile Breakdown". Had to put this up since these sort of reviews are far and wide between for the man.

I'm feeling tired today but did make myself go ride the bike, as in bike you pedal, not the vroom, vroom one. Not in the mindset for snappy and witty so will keep this brief. Too, family issues running wild - just want to share this review from Blogcritics.org written by contributor, The Other Chad. Really a nice write up and done not in a fanboy way but as a stated matter of honest opinion. Hicks reviews and commentaries like this are rare.

Excerpt from the piece:
"The song's video debuted this week, and if there's any justice CMT is paying attention. The clip for "What's Right Is Right" was rather somber, with Hicks performing the song in a smokey club. While by no means poorly done, the argument could easily be made that it wasn't going to command the attention of a casual viewer. The "Seven Mile Breakdown" video seems geared toward winning some new fans. As simple as it is, with Hicks playing the song in an open field to a small gathering of fans, there is a sense of fun that compliments the song's mood.

Taylor Hicks is the greatest talent to come out of American Idol, but has struggled finding a wide audience. Plagued by ridiculously overwrought - and entirely unjustified - bad press, the more easily convinced sector of the public has bought into the bogus idea that his Idol victory was a "mistake." If releasing a country remix of "Seven Mile Breakdown" will help him gain wider exposure, ultimately leading to more quality music, then more power to him."

So there you have it. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms. Go us.


  1. Yeah, that's a great review. Nice to hear someone say the Taylor bashing is unfounded. And, why does it carry more weight when it's written by a man? LOL Maybe all of we (us?)bloggers should write a glowing article and sign it, "Bob."

    Happy M-Day to you, too, even though I think the day is a joke. Nobody really appreciates Moms!

  2. I don't know if it carries more weight, not with me anyway, but it is refreshing to read positivity directed toward him.

    So far today's been good. New mp3 player, new monitor for the PC and DD made me a card.

  3. jerseyirish8:01 PM

    Sunny, Saw that review, thought it was very good. Taylor is working so hard to keep his name out there it warms my heart when I read good reivews like that.

    Son calls Mom Day Hallmark day, handed me a $100 gift card for Kohls no card, said his hugs are better. Can't fight that one!!!


  4. I think it carries more weight when a man writes a positive review because Taylor's fanbase is full of lovesick women. I'm serious! Whenever I read a glowing review, I check to see if a female wrote it and if it is, I think, "Oh, well. There ya go!"