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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seattle Experts on Facial Readings: Taylor Hicks Analyzed

Seattle Weekly writer wrote: "Spotted: American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, who currently stars as Teen Angel in Grease at 5th Avenue Theatre, attempting to go incognito in a baseball cap while crossing the sidewalk at 5th and University. Fans shouted his name and a very pissed off looking Hicks gave a half wave and kept on walking. Damn, Taylor. Be a little friendlier with your fans. They're the reason you won Idol and got your current acting gig. Nobody likes an ungrateful tool."

Now naturally, Erika Hobart with this one sighting, has the line on Mr. Hicks. Interesting she can read his look as being 'pissed off' from third party conversations. That's some kind of gift into facial reading. Perhaps she should check this site: Face Perception. Writers can be tools as well.

Besides, he always looks like that; it's those dark eyes and full eyebrows. Man can't help but look intense.
"Seven Mile Breakdown" Taylor Hicks San Francisco, 2009


  1. thedingoateyobaby10:58 AM

    From the first time I heard Seven Mile, I knew it was exactly what he should be singing. It fits his voice perfectly. He looks awesome, he seems happy and he sounds great. If thats "all" Taylor gets from his Idol gig Id say he got exactly what he was lookin' for.

    Im on to a new idol this year. He wears black nail polish and has a voice that kicks all kinds of ass but Taylor will always be number one on my Idol speed dial.

  2. I hear you regarding that guy with the mad vocals. Love him too. Mr. Hicks hit a great sound with 7Mile and a few other tunes on the new CD.

    Good to see you stop by, man.