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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Justin Timberlake: No Sex to Music/Still Hates Hicks

The whole idea of ex-Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake, clamouring for attention to promote his upcoming CD "FutureSex/LoveSounds" by insulting American Idol Taylor Hicks, is just plain random. It amplifies the fact that though he has put together an album with adult themes at its core, mentally he hasn't left those mouse ears far behind. In numerous reports, Timberlake bashed Taylor Hicks' singing by saying, "he can't carry a tune in a bucket". In an interview with Fashion Rocks, a supplement of Vanity Fair, Justin went so far as to speculate about Taylor Hicks' sexual orientation. In a one-two punch he simultaneously mocked Mississippians, providing his impersonation of their reaction if Taylor Hicks were found to be gay, he rolled out a thick Southern accent for the reporter in saying, "Oh my god, I voted for a queer!". Apparently Mr. Timberlake either attributed Hicks with being from Mississippi rather than Alabama, or simply enacted his interpretation of how folks from Mississippi might view homosexuality. I find this humorous considering, lying in wake of the look Justin sported in the not so distant past, featured on the website Queerty.

Fred Griggs, wrote, "We decided to put things in perspective for you by publishing the above photo from the days when everyone thought Justin Timberlake was a lesbian."
Taking into account that the former N'Sync, boyband member first drew national media attention by performing on the talent show, Star Search, and now criticizes Hicks for gaining national attention by winning the talent show, America Idol, certainly rings hypocritical. Timberlake continues to astound by now announcing to the world he's unable to perform in the bedroom with music playing, he finds it way too distracting, while at the same time he's out promoting a CD with a focus on sex. Apparently Justin's world is full of conundrums.
I have been surprised at how so many reports in the media covering Timberlake's comments robotically quoted his remarks without question on motive for this random attack on Taylor Hicks. I can only surmise that somehow in Timberlake's thinking he sees Taylor Hicks as a rival of some kind. Timberlake's musical focus has evolved more in line with what's termed 'blue-eyed soul' and less boy band pop, so perhaps he may feel threatened or envious of newly recognized national celebrity Taylor Hicks. If Justin thinks his comments negatively reviewing Taylor's singing abilities and speculating his sexual orientation will benefit him, he seriously needs a reality check. His pugnacious attack on Taylor Hicks is not dissimilar to what wrestlers in the WWE engage in when hyping their next wrestling match. In this case, Hicks was blindsided by Timberlakes' attempts to cast low blows to his ego.
Publicist Ken Sunshine attempted to smooth over the issue by claiming the remarks were taken out of context. It's difficult to imagine what sort of context these comments were taken from that would detract from them sounding like the spewings of an envious, jackanape. I'm left having to discount the publicists or promoters claims when no one has produced any of the actual content in which these statements originated. In what appears to be an another example of Timberlake's inability to curb himself from making self-damaging statements, he feels the need to share with one and all his stance on illegal drug use, "I wanted the album to look to a time when everything was really sexy. Maybe everybody was coked up, but who cares? It was hot. It was all about sex." Good one Justin, plug in the "FutureSex/LoveSounds" get out the Viagra, pull out a straw and pass the coke (he's not talking Cola). I can only imagine the nightmare he presents for his promoters and publicists, but surely they are well compensated for their efforts.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Justin Timberlake: Still Making a Boob Out of Himself

It's getting annoying how many writers are jumping on the band wagon to hurry up and quote Justin Timberlake's asinine remarks about Taylor Hicks' singing ability and sexuality. It's sad, pathetic and if I wasn't wanting to get Taylor news I'd cancel the bloody google alert.

I finally read one I liked, so for the 'posterity' of this blog and to track this ill-concieved "moment" I'll include this article out of the Celebrity Stinks site:

    Justin Timberlake Says Taylor Hicks Can't Sing
    By Scott Gwin: 2006-08-17

    Justin Timberlake is throwing down the smack on American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. "People think he looks so normal and he's so sweet and he's so earnest, but he can't carry a tune in a bucket," he said according to People Online. Sorry Taylor's pitch isn't up to your standards, Justin. Not everyone spent their high school years practicing high pitched harmonies with four of their best buds.

    Timberlake didn't stop there. "If he has any skeletons whatsoever," he added, "if, God forbid, he's gay – and all these people in Mississippi who voted for him are like 'Oh, my God, I voted for a queer!' It's just too much pressure." Sounds kind of bitter for a guy whose good friend Lance Bass has enjoyed one of the most supported homosexuality revelations in Hollywood history.
    Justin also expressed a dislike of "American Idol". "I despise it, and yet I'm completely fascinated." Here's hoping he doesn't despise it for the way it brings people to fame. That would be kind of funny from a guy who got his start on the New Mickey Mouse Club.
    People also quoted Timberlake's publicist who stepped up to do a little damage control. "These comments are taken completely out of context," he said. "[Justin] only wishes him well. He has great affection for anybody that puts himself out there the way he did." Is he kidding? If that's how he shows affection for someone he's never met, no wonder Britney dumped him.

    Of course, I'm really only running this story for you ravenous Taylor Hicks fans who are always looking for a chance to defend your favorite star. Feel free to flood the comments section with all your Timberlake anger. Maybe Justin fans will get in on the fray.
You can hit the link and add comments to his article if you wish to comment.

Check this, I read it in The Mercury News report:
    Liz Morentin, a representative for Hicks' record label, RCA, declined to comment Thursday.

    Ken Sunshine, Timberlake's representative, said the 25-year-old singer's comments "were taken completely out of context."

    "He has tremendous affection for Taylor Hicks' success," Sunshine told The Associated Press on Thursday. "He would never say anything that personal about somebody he's never met. He only wishes him the best."

    Timberlake's second solo album, "FutureSex/LoveSounds," is set for release Sept. 12. "Sexyback," his first single from the CD, began playing on U.S. radio outlets last month.

    "I wanted (the album) to look to a time when everything was really sexy," he says. "Maybe everybody was coked up, but who cares? It was hot. It was all about sex."

Word to Timberlake, "Put the coke straw down. Now. Too many braincells have already been sacrificed."

Groove on Soulman.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Taylor Hicks; The New Rat Pack LiMBO's into the Night

Taylor Hicks is doing some 'after hours' partying, going out with some of the other guys from American Idol following the Pop-Tart American Idol shows. He has been getting out with his former bandmates, LiMBO when they are performing in the same towns. LiMBO has been working to schedule gigs near Hick's Idol tour stops to coincide with the Idol Tour, creating an opportunity for Taylor Hicks to join them. I've read a few articles that claim, in error, that LiMBO had no knowledge of Taylor's "surprise" visits, but that is inaccurate. Reports surfaced many weeks previous, attempts were being made to coincide LiMBO's and Taylor's tour cities and dates to enable the guys to get together for the 'after parties'. Promotions of these "After Idol Parties" are posted on their myspace site. They are a talented band, great fun to listen to and with Taylor Hicks, prime example of grooving soul music machinery.

One other interesting item emerging from these night outs, Taylor Hicks is not going out to the band gigs solo. He and some of the other Idols, Ace Young, Elliot Yamin and Bucky Covington have formed what initially resembles the start of a new "Idol Rat Pack".

The Idol Rat Pack, when appearances have been possible, are happily providing the public an American Idol 'fantasy treat' they are showing up, allowing pictures, partying, fraternizing with, and performing for fans with LiMBO. The stop, in Charlotte, North Carolina, had the Idol Rat Pack communing with their public at Coyote Joe's, a small country blues bar. Ace Young being the sweet-faced nice guy, allowed unlimited photo opportunities, Covington, the party animal of the group, drank and danced the night away, Elliot and Hicks got up on stage to perform with the band. I hold Hicks as filling the legendary Sintra's role in the original Ratpack, with Elliot Yamin's pulling a Sammy Davis. That files Young in the Dean Martin category; Martin was the pretty one of the group. Bucky Covington, a combination of Martin and Joey Bishop. Now before anyone assaults my comparing the Idol Rat Pack to the original Rat Pack regarding the talent focus; I am simply making comparisons based on the entourage factors. (Plus, I do have a vivid imagination.) Regarding Chris Daughtry, no word out on where or if he falls within the Idol Rat Pack.

Originally I imagine the guys went out together as a way to blow off steam, but it could bode fortuitous, this new Idol Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra and the original Rat Pack ruled the entertainment industry during the early to mid 1960's, with their largely talented entourage reigning center stage in the media. Hanging together in the public eye, promotes several factors; their American Idol tour, Taylor Hicks' former band, LiMBO, but more importantly collectively sets them up for continuation in the public spotlight. Avoiding falling of the face of the map like most of past season’s Idol contestants could well be avoided should these guys retain their unique alliance. A new trend could be set sealing their individual successes in the entertainment industry. Chalk it up to another potential history creating opportunity to emerge from this season's American Idol. It is an interesting concept, one I think the guys should not discount. They seem to be compatible and good friends, all carrying separate but loyal fanbases. Strength can lie in unity.

Taylor Hicks, with his innate strengths in understanding the public has most likely already taken note of the benefits of this entourage. I stand impressed with Elliot Yamin, and his negotiations for an independent recording contract outside of the 19E grip. The Idol Rat Pack is an interesting development within the American Idol scene, time will tell if indeed we are looking at a new Rat Pack, and if they recognize or desire to retain this possibly interesting and exciting liasion.

Groove on Soulman.