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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Taylor Hicks; The New Rat Pack LiMBO's into the Night

Taylor Hicks is doing some 'after hours' partying, going out with some of the other guys from American Idol following the Pop-Tart American Idol shows. He has been getting out with his former bandmates, LiMBO when they are performing in the same towns. LiMBO has been working to schedule gigs near Hick's Idol tour stops to coincide with the Idol Tour, creating an opportunity for Taylor Hicks to join them. I've read a few articles that claim, in error, that LiMBO had no knowledge of Taylor's "surprise" visits, but that is inaccurate. Reports surfaced many weeks previous, attempts were being made to coincide LiMBO's and Taylor's tour cities and dates to enable the guys to get together for the 'after parties'. Promotions of these "After Idol Parties" are posted on their myspace site. They are a talented band, great fun to listen to and with Taylor Hicks, prime example of grooving soul music machinery.

One other interesting item emerging from these night outs, Taylor Hicks is not going out to the band gigs solo. He and some of the other Idols, Ace Young, Elliot Yamin and Bucky Covington have formed what initially resembles the start of a new "Idol Rat Pack".

The Idol Rat Pack, when appearances have been possible, are happily providing the public an American Idol 'fantasy treat' they are showing up, allowing pictures, partying, fraternizing with, and performing for fans with LiMBO. The stop, in Charlotte, North Carolina, had the Idol Rat Pack communing with their public at Coyote Joe's, a small country blues bar. Ace Young being the sweet-faced nice guy, allowed unlimited photo opportunities, Covington, the party animal of the group, drank and danced the night away, Elliot and Hicks got up on stage to perform with the band. I hold Hicks as filling the legendary Sintra's role in the original Ratpack, with Elliot Yamin's pulling a Sammy Davis. That files Young in the Dean Martin category; Martin was the pretty one of the group. Bucky Covington, a combination of Martin and Joey Bishop. Now before anyone assaults my comparing the Idol Rat Pack to the original Rat Pack regarding the talent focus; I am simply making comparisons based on the entourage factors. (Plus, I do have a vivid imagination.) Regarding Chris Daughtry, no word out on where or if he falls within the Idol Rat Pack.

Originally I imagine the guys went out together as a way to blow off steam, but it could bode fortuitous, this new Idol Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra and the original Rat Pack ruled the entertainment industry during the early to mid 1960's, with their largely talented entourage reigning center stage in the media. Hanging together in the public eye, promotes several factors; their American Idol tour, Taylor Hicks' former band, LiMBO, but more importantly collectively sets them up for continuation in the public spotlight. Avoiding falling of the face of the map like most of past season’s Idol contestants could well be avoided should these guys retain their unique alliance. A new trend could be set sealing their individual successes in the entertainment industry. Chalk it up to another potential history creating opportunity to emerge from this season's American Idol. It is an interesting concept, one I think the guys should not discount. They seem to be compatible and good friends, all carrying separate but loyal fanbases. Strength can lie in unity.

Taylor Hicks, with his innate strengths in understanding the public has most likely already taken note of the benefits of this entourage. I stand impressed with Elliot Yamin, and his negotiations for an independent recording contract outside of the 19E grip. The Idol Rat Pack is an interesting development within the American Idol scene, time will tell if indeed we are looking at a new Rat Pack, and if they recognize or desire to retain this possibly interesting and exciting liasion.

Groove on Soulman.

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  1. Hi Sunny, Thought I would stop by and say HELLO. The Blog looks GREAT. Keep up the good work.

    Go Taylor. I wish him the best.

    He certainly EARNED his win. :O)