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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taylor Hicks Pumping the Prime; HotLanta Give Away

Taylor Hicks lands in the news outside of the entertainment and tabloid fronts and instead manages to score big coverage on the political front - in Canada.

Taylor Hicks is not exactly running for office, nor could he in Canada, obviously, but he is featured in The Globe and Mail political section in a feature by Jane Taber. The Canadian news source cites Mr. Hick giving the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper and his young daughter and a pal face time in a special photo op after the show. Broadway World.com has the full set of pics snapped on this honorary type of occasion.

I must say I really love the vest ensemble, that Taylor Hicks is wearing, the shades of gray work very well on him. He's looking quite tan and fit as well. Following the Canadian performances of the National touring show of "Grease" he's heading South, far South actually to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from what I understand.

Currently Mr. Hicks is advertising his August performance set for the 16th at one of his old stomping (whomping?) grounds, Smith's Olde Bar.

Taylor Hicks, through his official site and Twitter is offering a special ticket giveaway for the Smith's Olde Bar show. Details to be found on Taylor Hicks.com for all the necessary details should you want to try and score a few freebies. Oh, seems air and hotel not an inclusive in the win, so be aware you're on your own regarding how to actually get to Atlanta. "Grease" will also be an option for the avid fans, as the show will be in Atlanta August 11-16.

For "Grease" and of course, Taylor Hicks' full schedule "Grease" Facebook has the... word.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twitter: e.harmony.com, Publisher's House and Marketing Venue

Twitter is one social networking site that I've come to actually like. Well at least compared to Facebook which I've hopped on and off for the last few years and still not sure about. With Facebook, the whole idea of sharing your real life with other people ON THE INTERNET is sort of unnerving. Really. I mean, there are people I'd rather not ever find me, if you know what I mean. I've found myself opening up much more recently on-line, and it is bothering me just a little. My latest foray into Facebook will be a compilation of my real life and my on-line life. A place to share a part of me with some of my favorite on-line people yet retain a sense of privacy. Keep myself hovering under the radar, if you will.

I joined the Twitter family with my friends on It's All Grey to check out what Taylor Hicks might be communicating. At that time he was putting out few and far between tweets (as the 140 character posts are referred to) but he's upped his game and is putting out the wee posts on an increasingly regular basis. After a nice festive Happy Hour he gets quite witty. I love his beverage spiked tweets the most.

Since entering the world of Twitter I've made many new friends and am in the process of making some new potential business contacts. Several publishing firms of various impact have Direct Messaged me and I now follow them and their words of advice. I am also talking to a few right now regarding my "project". It certainly doesn't hurt to find out what other alternative options are available to a free-lancer like myself. I also applied to two writing positions that I'm waiting word on; who knows what might come out of joining this little world of tweets as an experimental follow up to my curiosity about the life and times of Mr. Hicks.

There have been some unusual fringe benefits as well. I have met several people, a few locally, whom I have made actual friends with - another nice surprise. Too, there are a few guy pals whom I really enjoy including two brave and fearless naughty boys sending me photos of themselves. Not just the nice, 'here's what I look like' rather,'here's what I REALLY look like'. I've tagged them my Boys in the Buff.

Initially when I opened the first centerfold type photo I was shocked. I quickly shut it but then had to reopen to peek again. (Curiosity is my center of gravity.) Second photo was of the same guy providing me a nice close up and it wasn't his face. Granted anyone shooting you photos like this might be some sort of sexual pervert, but the Libra I am, I must consider they are simply quite comfortable with themselves without clothing. I understand that considering my past and what I did to finance my education...

Before simply shutting them out from my Twitter feed I considered their tweets and Direct Messages to me. Outside of the whispered sweet nothings in my DM and e.mail boxes they both seem and sound relatively normal. One man might not be the neon bright crayon in the box of 96 but sometimes guys like that can just be easy to hang out with; you can let your self-editing side take the night off. He's a sort of a rough around the edges blue collar type guy. The other is actually quite intelligent. He writes professionally, has a few promising projects underway and outside of the revealing pictures comes across like an interesting person. Neither one of them need be shy about strutting their stuff without clothing. Before anyone asks, no I won't be sharing the little lovelies they send me or reveal who they are; can't peek and tell, you know.

Another interesting facet of this twitter thing, it seems to be a marketing format that may hold some real effectiveness. Products of all types and interests are out there being tweeted from one to another. Products not exclusive of certain herbal products legal only in parts of The Netherlands. Not that I would purchase any of that from an unknown individual on Twitter, but it is available. There are Twitter sites offering a variety of products from hand-made soaps, candles, concert tickets and one of my favorites because of the pretty things they find, UK site, Domestic Sluts; I also love their name.

My advice to one guy pal lamenting the challenges of meeting interesting single women: forget e.harmony.com, forget any of the other matchmaking venues, just hit twitter. It's free, it's easy and only 140 characters of your time.

Go Forth, meet, greet and tweet.

"Radar Love" Ministry

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taylor Hicks on blogtalkradio

Taylor Talks on Blogtalk and the individual interviewing him almost puts he and anyone listening to sleep. She was really boring. My sympathies to Mr. Hicks for having to submit to these sort of situations.

Hit that link to listen and you too can commiserate with Mr. Hicks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Five Step Plan to Being a Fan: Things That Make me Go "Boom"!

Taylor Hicks certainly attracts a share of female attention with a select crowd on-line. I've had instance to interact with most of them one way or another over the past several year, made a few friends, made a few "not-friends".

Taylor Hicks' fans have interested me over the years on several levels. Not only do so many of them retain a high level of complete adoration for him, but some seem unable to get off the topic of other Hicks' fans. It's really incredible the material I've read in the past, paragraphs written on how to be a good fan and what makes you suck as a fan. I had thought such a topic had been left dead and buried, but well, apparently it is still being flogged, I guess, just in case.

I must warn you, dear readers, this material posted in italics written by another blogger, could hold adverse effects. If you feel you can handle it, by all means read on, then we'll have a chuckle, I have Motrin on standby.

Away we go:

How to be a good Taylor Hicks fan. Is there really a 'how to' on that subject? No not really. Even though we have discussed to no end what each of us feels is right or wrong in regards to being a Taylor Hicks fan. What has guided me onto this subject is my daughter. She asked me if I had read a article about what a person needed to do be a fan and if that is why I had joined fan sites and such. I asked what on earth she was talking about and she had me read a article she had found on a web page. It can be found here http://www.ehow.com/how_2161130_be-a-fan.html.

Let me help out by linking that for you, dear readers: How to be a fan. Let's continue, it seems we have a 'Step' plan:

Step 1 We have that covered, we know who are idol of adulation is, it is of course Taylor Hicks.

Step 2 We all have all of Taylor's CDS and if it isn't on a CD we have downloaded it, Videos, live concerts, MP3s we have it all and we have made our own CDs and DVDs.

Step 3 We buy any magazines with info of Taylor Hicks

Step 4 We are members of several different fan sites, Myspace and subscribe to many different Taylor related blogs.

Step 5 Be loyal. A true fan will stick through thick and thin to its idol. No matter what the outcome.

Now this brilliant "Step" plan was not written by an eleven year old, no this comes from an adult. A person who has been an adult for a long while. At least in age related contextual perimeters.

That is one that some times some fans seem to have the most trouble with. I am a fan of Taylor Hicks because I enjoy his VOICE. I enjoy seeing him to no since lying about that.

I must stop to highlight this part "to no since lying about that" If I might edit one moment, pretend I have red pen: "too, no sense my lying about this issue", might sound a bit better but perhaps that's just me.

I may not like every song Taylor has sang but I love 99% of them. I did not become a fan of his because I thought oh man he will top the charts and I can be there and rub it into people.

Yes, really... whatever does that mean?

I became a fan when i heard him audition for idol. I stuck through each week and I stayed tuned in to see what else he would do and how it would touch me. I didn't even think he would win for awhile insert (sic) because I figured the young kids would vote someone like Ace or the country fans would vote for Kellie or Bucky, to be the the winner. But I was fan of Taylor Hicks from the audition on and I did not at the time even consider if he would be the most popular person of the radio.

Can we say still living in 2006? Yes, let's. She returns to the present year with this: I want to hear the new music, see the new videos, read about how Taylor touches people deep in their heart. Like the other day when he called a fan we all mostly know to give her some comfort the night before her surgery.

That is a true story, he did call a fan who goes by 'SallyannLady' as she was getting prepped for surgery. Very nice touch on his part.

I know Taylor will probably never be mainstream, I know radio seems to have something against playing Taylor's music. But I don't really care I am a fan for life through thick and thin. I am a fan of the man and the music not what the SO CALLED in crowd thinks.

Love the capitalization emphasis. Very dramatic. She carries on with:

One of the tips and warnings that hit home is this

Do not get into fights with opposing fans, as being a fan should be fun and not dangerous.

Yes, 'dangerous', whatever that might involve, I've no idea.

I want to have fun being a fan of Taylor Hicks. I ignore those who do not like him because their opinion means shit to me.

Inserting some passion with the word, "shit". Nice touch.

Ignore them and they will go away. The same is true with bloggers and online freelance writers who through...

Yes, once again (sic) word should be "throw" not "through" which involves entering something.

...in snide remarks about Taylor. They know Taylor's fan will come running to their site and defend him which in turn gets them page views and in many cases funds there income.

Red pen time; it's actually "their income" since it is intended in a personal possessive format. "There" intends a place. Just clarifying.

They are laughing their asses off because his fans run to their site to defend them and that helps with their paycheck. they purposely so this so we will come there. They know other people will come to read our comments and then post to our comments about how they just attracted the wrath of the Soul Patrol. They love it, they get paid for trashing Taylor because we give them page views. People often talk about diet pills I think we need an invention called Chill Pills, Ignore them that is the best thing to do.

First, I think she might need some sort of 'pill' and secondly it takes thousands of 'hits' on a web page to generate any sort of income from ads; too you have to have a site loaded with ads to begin with to even consider any payment. One does not generate income by just having a web page. Who pays for that? Exactly. Third, who are all these people laughing their collective asses off anyway? Fourth, what or where is there anything to be laughing those asses off to begin with? I am missing something here, I know.

Even those who claim to be fans of Taylor's but find any reason to find fault in what ever he does, ignore them also. Just have fun being a fan of Taylor Hicks. Enjoy the man, the music, the positive and ignore the negative.
Posted by Cindy Wright

Yeah, hell ignore anyone but the writer of that brilliant post and stick with her, or anyone she might refer you to; she's the definitive Taylor Hicks fan guru. Now you all go out and have fun today a just being a Taylor Hicks' fan. Toss confetti and shout "Soul Patrol" into the wind. Carry a balloon with his name on it, you know, what ever makes you feel fan-groovy.

I must add here Cindy Wright has always irritated my sensibilities. I know she means well, I know many of you readers might really like her. I imagine she is a nice person with loads of charm. She might be one of the best chocolate chip cookie bakers ever even, really. I'm not deriding her as a human being, it's the writing part that makes me cringe. Or toss back some Motrin. Or giggle.

"Boom Boom Out Goes the Lights: Pat Travers (decent guitarist)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Time Blues Blogger Holiday

I've been taking a blogger holiday.

"Summertime Blues" Charlie Dee and the Twisters

DMan and the band do this tune. In fact they do it quite well. Time being spent trying to kick recent Lupus flare up and working a website for the band.

Follow Taylor Hicks on Twitter, he's been quite the chatty one lately, up to 75 posts, and he and I were both hungover on the same day. It's kismet I tell you!

I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The New Band Format? Technical Creativity

Imagine Taylor Hicks blowing into his iPhone rather than the traditional metal and wooden mouth harp he normally uses. It could happen:

iPhone Harmonica application:

iPhone guitar and bands, what a fun concept. I especially love the guitar application idea. You could sound so great and not blister up your fingertips. Of course, it won't replace the real deal.

Distortion? Check.

This is The Mentalists, an all girl iPhone group - they're quite good.

Check out this bit of technical creativity, "Smokey Bubbles"

Really amazingly entertaining, fascinating to see what fun you can have with your phone. Who'd have thought?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Robert Pattinson: "Goodbye American Women"

I don't think it matters which celebrity gossip site I attach, they all are saying same the same thing: Pattinson's over American women. At least the aggressive few hundred swarming him each day in New York City.

Apparently, Robert's fans are not content to just scream shrilly in his face, no now, according to the gossip sites, they are now practically tackling him on sight. He has been forced to walk with an entire crew of burly body guards, who have at least on one occasion, freaked themselves and allowed Pattinson to be clipped by a Big Apple taxi cab.

Now Robert must walk along with either sunglasses on or eyes averted and he's been warned, please, no waving at the hoards of salivating women or they may become spiked into a full-on stampede. Then what? Headlines will scoff at his near miss being run over by a cab and focus on his remains lying on the pavement with heel marks, articles of clothing scattered around complete with lipstick smears. It would be horrible.

It's hilarious yet sad how folks can become a complete mob under strange and mystifying circumstances; this situation for one. I mean, yes the man's gorgeous, he's talented and plays an emotional, sexy and sparkly vampire in the "Twilight" series but really, for fans to act and react as they're being portrayed in New York, it is astounding. I'm saying this, my fellow American Women, back off, calm down, take something for God's sake to squelch the hormones and let Robert Pattinson live. After all I've not been able to try my hand at tackling him yet...

"American Women" The Guess Who

An oldie but a goodie brought to us by bleckdackel

Sunday, July 05, 2009

On the Road Again: Taylor Hicks Goes to Philly

Taylor Hicks should be, if he isn't all ready there, on his way to Philadelphia, PA for another run at "Grease". Jonathan Takiff from philly.com wrote a glowing piece about Mr. Hicks that came out today, From stolen album to stolen hearts ... This Idol's in heaven. The article gives a nod to past history of Taylor's start up on Idol and the resulting circumstance of his career while providing a positive write up on the new album, "The Distance".

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Where in the World is Taylor Hicks?

Why last night, Taylor Hicks was in Riverside, CA groovin' it up with "Gonna Move". Hicks performed at the Red, White and Cruise Festival. Fortunately for the fans NOT in California, someone captured this for the Youtubers. Sound could be better but hey, man, beggars can't be chosers. Or something like that.
"Gonna Move" Taylor Hicks

Shortly before his appearance at this California gig he was seen in Mexico from what the TMZ.com folks say, "Where in the world is Taylor Hicks, why he's been in Mexico.". I have read some folks on the fansites say that isn't he, but I'd know those legs anyplace. His feet do look a bit small in the article photo.

Taylor Hicks has this chameleon ability to look differently depending how he's photographed. I have that same characteristic, as do many people. I mean, could you think this guy featured in the left photo the same guy as the one on the right?
He's quite The animal when it comes to bread, apparently.

Next stop for Mr. Hicks, he's on the road again as Grease resumes July 7th.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jail. Not a Thrilling Word.

Yesterday morning as I was attempting to log into IDOL BLUES I was met with messages. Not the "Hi, how are you" sort of messages rather this:

"This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.
This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.
Your blog is marked as spam

Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive."

Basically IDOL BLUES was locked erroneously into a Spam Jail. I could see her, I could read her but I could not post. It was sad, slightly distressing and well, made me a bit angry. I sent an email worded as carefully as I could to inquire what had prompted this travesty.

"Your site was flagged by a reader. At the top of your blog is a tool bar that readers, if they believe you've posted questionable material that may be in violation of blogger's terms of service, can notify we, at blogger, to investigate."

Now then, the email went on more about the terms of service, protocol and assurances that this could not be a tool used by spiteful people to squelch my freedom of expression, etc... To which I replied that obviously that was what had indeed occurred and I wanted to know Who would do such a thing. Of course, they could not tell me but reviewing the hits I'd received I proceeded to sleuth through motives, timeline and subject of material in question.

I was pleasantly surprised after much Nancy Drewing research I was wrong about the exact Who might have tried to hurt IDOL BLUES. (I mean they were threatening to delete her!) It seems it was one of my old "fans" from the looks of things from way back in the day...

This morning, I breathed a sigh of relief to see that blogger was so kind as to remit this apology which I will accept:

"On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs."

So all is right with the world of my IDOL BLUES - until the next time that someone decides to try and hurt me. I was also assured that this likely won't happen again, blogger claims they'll be on lookout for duplicate staging efforts to shut me down.

That leads me to the situation of this afternoon. My court date for excessive use of motorcycle is at 1:00 p.m. DMan has already told my Patrick and all the guys in the band he'd let them know at practice this evening if I was spending the night in the County facilities or not. Nice. Maybe I'll get more sunflowers.

I will admit, it wouldn't be the first time I hit Hotel County Jail.

Perhaps I'll get to do something like this:
(contains "Thriller" appropriate for the time)

it's dance, or get solitary confinement. Obviously they chose, 'dance'.