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Monday, July 06, 2009

Robert Pattinson: "Goodbye American Women"

I don't think it matters which celebrity gossip site I attach, they all are saying same the same thing: Pattinson's over American women. At least the aggressive few hundred swarming him each day in New York City.

Apparently, Robert's fans are not content to just scream shrilly in his face, no now, according to the gossip sites, they are now practically tackling him on sight. He has been forced to walk with an entire crew of burly body guards, who have at least on one occasion, freaked themselves and allowed Pattinson to be clipped by a Big Apple taxi cab.

Now Robert must walk along with either sunglasses on or eyes averted and he's been warned, please, no waving at the hoards of salivating women or they may become spiked into a full-on stampede. Then what? Headlines will scoff at his near miss being run over by a cab and focus on his remains lying on the pavement with heel marks, articles of clothing scattered around complete with lipstick smears. It would be horrible.

It's hilarious yet sad how folks can become a complete mob under strange and mystifying circumstances; this situation for one. I mean, yes the man's gorgeous, he's talented and plays an emotional, sexy and sparkly vampire in the "Twilight" series but really, for fans to act and react as they're being portrayed in New York, it is astounding. I'm saying this, my fellow American Women, back off, calm down, take something for God's sake to squelch the hormones and let Robert Pattinson live. After all I've not been able to try my hand at tackling him yet...

"American Women" The Guess Who

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