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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play That Funky Music: How to Win Idol 101

Taylor Hicks, Wild Cherry, "Play That Funky Music"

Adam Lambert, Wild Cherry, "Play That Funky Music"
No visual yet, only one out so far Idol already stopped. Perhaps tomorrow, but hey give it a listen: Oh, and Adam brought the 'Elvis' once again. He's damn smart.

I'll have a review up later.

By the way, Hokey who?

Just Kill Me Now: Robert Pattinson

My youngest hauled me to see "Twilight" a few months back. Curious about the guy who plays Edward Cullen (he's so damn pretty; my new shiny thing), I've googled him and guess what? He's a musician, a real damn musician. Plays piano, guitar and writes music and - he sings.

Here's one of his tunes, "I Was Broken" (Included in the movie.)

"Stray Dog"

lyrics, "You're lonely
Joker no, joker no more
Who would reach their own
When you can call on your mind
Crying to hope that tears sometime, they're
Wasted wasted, all before
Forget what you came here for
And you need to see the signs
And you need to stop wasting time
Start to save that stolen
story that you heard before.
And I waited for you, but you're long gone
Stray dog
You're only a stray,
Joker no, joker no more
Yeah, stray dog"

"To Roam" Robert Pattinson

lyrics include,
"Ghost and the rain
[Cold], the freedom
And I'm walkin the hallway
Yeah I'm walkin the hallway
I'm walking the hallway
Said I'm walking the hallway, and I'm walking the hallway

I am grown, I am [grown]
Think of the day where I'm sure to come
When I'm seen, I'm smiling [of ages]
When I know where I'm going to run
When I know where I will go
I will be gone somewhere else
You could see, you could see it through my mind"

"Kiss My Ass" Pattinson interview

Love. this. guy.

'Q': a Personal Post

I don't often post personal topics in this blog, but I'll make an exception today. Late last week I received news that someone I had been involved with had passed away. An old but mutual friend who had remained in touch with him since high school contacted me; seems 'Q' had a list of people he wanted notified. I had not been in touch with 'Q' for many years. Our mutual friend, 'Fox' informed me that 'Q' had never married, but fathered a daughter. He had been a paramedic and a fireman but played small clubs and small gigs for fun in his off time.

Our relationship was tumultuous at best, never easy for a number of reasons, likely we were just too similar in disposition. Even though we parted ways, he had always remained in my mind as one of my favorite men from the past. He was tall, handsome, charismatic, held a striking resemblance to that actor, Liam Neeson. He was the kind of guy who could walk into a room and own it. Now that I have a moment to myself this morning, I'm posting a few of the songs that always have me think of him.

'Q' loved a lot of the '70's era rockers. These first two tunes he played for me on our first 'real' date:
"From the Beginning" Emerson Lake and Palmer

"Still You Turn Me On"

This was also one of his favorites:
"Seagull" Bad Company done by Winton Fenderson
Bad Company - Seagull

Winton Fenderson is the vocalist on these tunes, you can access his myspace through this link.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adam Lambert Broadway's Spidey?

Adam Lambert heading for Broadway after Idol? It seems to be a trend considering all the other Idol alum that have followed their time on that reality show to The Great White Way. (Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Ace Young, Diana Degarmo, and *ETA edit* Constantine Maroulis who is making a career out of it - that and calling Bingo and performing at Borders Click link.)

Buzz has it that the new “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark” is set to open Feb. 18, 2010. Bono and The Edge of the immeasurably popular band U2 are developing the musical's score. Broadway TV reports, "While hard details about the design and direction of Spider-Man The Musical are as yet uncertain, it can be assured that whether you're a fan of the comics, the movie or just Broadway, Julie Taymor et al. seem to be preparing a spectacle of amazing proportions. Nuff' said!"

Currently Jim Sturgess is the forerunner for the role of this upcoming production but now across the Broadway cyber-sphere, talk is including Lambert as a possible replacement for Sturgess. Of course much of that may depend on young Lambert, what he has planned for his career and yes, how well this karaoke reality show continues to go for him.

It's very cool, considering on my comic-geek side I'm a freak for Spiderman.

Taylor Hicks Meets Julie's Dad

Taylor Hicks visits Julie Courtney's Dad who happens to be a host of The View to the Bay, a San Francisco morning news talk show. (Spenser Christian) Naturally Julie joins them and Regis and Kelly send the show a video from the Dating With the Stars segment aired on their show that put Julie and Taylor together. My thoughts as I watched the show video from the start to the finish, "Oh no, that wasn't awkward..." (click link)

There were more than a few cringe-worthy moments. Obviously nervous, Taylor lip smacks repeatedly and pulls out a stream of scripted sounding cliche's: "Sinking his teeth", "musical tree", "Taylorize it" - vampiric singing monkeys in suits came to mind. Or maybe just singing monkeys.

News out on the record sales for Mr. Hicks' new album, "The Distance" has it with a reported 5,972 in sales in the second week, down 34% from week one which held 8,990 units sold, bringing a total of 14,963.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tracks of My Tears: Adam Lambert

Haven't got to watch the show yet this week, caught this quickly on the fly on Youtube.

Adam brings the Elvis and I love it. Maybe I'll get to sit and watch the show sometime this weekend.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BBQ 101: You Don't Cook With Charcoal Until It Turns Grey

Last night there were two shades of gray talking Taylor Hicks - culminating with a sharing. A sharing of vimeos. Cheersing all around.

Taylor Hicks running "Naked in the Jungle" or, aptly put, "Naked and Not Humble"

Naked and Not Humble from charcoal b on Vimeo.

Taylor Hicks prefers to Drink Tea From a Brown Paper Bag. Wino Style.

I Drink My Tea From A Brown Paper Bag from charcoal b on Vimeo.

Last and a fave: !muy divertido!

How To Suceed In College Without Really Trying from charcoal b on Vimeo.

Thanks for the memories vimeos.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: 15 Minutes Tapping the Humor-ISH

"I've Got a Feeling" The Beatles

All these years I've been wandering around,
Wondering how come nobody told me
All that I was looking for was somebody
Who looked like you

I've got a feeling that keeps me on my toes
Oh yeah, Oh yeah.
I've got a feeling, I think that everybody knows.
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah.
Yeah! Yeah! I've got a feeling. Yeah!

Ev'rybody had a hard year.
Ev'rybody had a good time.
Ev'rybody had a wet dream.
Ev'rybody saw the sunshine.
Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Oh Yeah.
Ev'rybody had a good year.
Ev'rybody let their hair down.
Ev'rybody pulled their socks up. (yeah.)
Ev'rybody put their foot down.
Oh yeah. Yeah! WOOOOHOO!

Three Big Things

Taylor Hicks jokes in this adorable presentation about three big things and being "plain".

Three big things I'd like to see happen in the Taylor Hicks' 'world':
1.) More videos like this one.
2.) Taylor Hicks updates; the Bill Will perspective. (He's actually funny.)
3.) Invention of a virtual on-line taser gun. (I'd have a real good time playing with one of those...)
"We Be Plain"

Real Plain from TaysVAgal on Vimeo
(thanks to It's All Grey for giving me a Monday morning smile)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We All Have Bad Days: Dirty Laundry

In the world of Taylor Hicks fans it seems I am once again at bottom of the heap in popularity. I write from my heart, my soul, what speaks to me in the real world and in this on-line interwebs' world. What I write does not always fit within the parameters of accepted Taylor Hicks' fan-speak so I'm not exactly Politically Correct much of the time. I must add, I keep my real world writing quite separate from my fan world writing. As anyone might surmise I am wise to do so.

I fell off the Taylor Hicks' Popularity Charts a long time ago while my curiosity was peaked by the MFOYA situation. At that point I just had wandered into the MFOYA website, made a post that traced to this blog and the rest snowballed as the Hicks' fans rallied to get out their virtual pitch forks, torches and whatever else they had lying around the house. The whole event completely surprised me and it was my indoctrination into the severity of obsession that can exist in the world of on-line fans.

Yes, I lost my cyber-virginity to the throngs of the Hicks fanatics. Don't regret that for one moment; it was a time of growth for me and a time in which I finally realized the idiocy of being an obsessed fan for anyone. Sure, I sometimes occasionally get carried away - I have that propensity, but with the help of a few friends, I manage to return to balance after my occasional 'slips'.

Yesterday I wrote a lengthy blog in which I expressed my emotions after watching the TMZ.com tape. It wasn't just the tape that really disturbed me, it was also reading fan posts about the person in the tape, the callousness of some of the posters expressing how that woman got what she deserved, etc... What is this world coming to really when we can so easily chuck our humanity aside for a celebrity? How can these people say they love Hicks because they love Soul music when so many seem to have no soul whatsoever.

I'm not saying that this particular poster, whose quote I'm using has no soul - on the contrary she's been one of the nicest fans posting on this matter. I like her and have hung out with her on a few blogs. Yesterday she said something that many of the fans are saying although in a cleaner more polite way than most, "It was not Tays place to intervene. The man had two real rough days, 9,000 CDs and TMZ and press inside the Roxy looking for a story. He stated she was out of it, hammered, that it was good for her the police had a more urgent call and did the get out of jail free comment. He did not say I know her or expose her up close or name her or call her a name."

For one, if he'd told TMZ he knew her, it would have looked worse for him. Certainly he was not going to broadcast her name or anything; she's done some nice things for him in the past and she's a fan.

This poster points out that one common consensus among Mr. Hicks' fans: he did the right thing. Likely he did on several levels, thing is they overlook the joking over her body so to speak, they overlook the callousness that comes across on that tape in that moment.

As this poster writes, poor Taylor, he's had a bad day, a few bad days. This also a common viewpoint with the Taylor Hicks' fans: just look past everything. It is all about him after all, all about the music. He's no Superman, he's not the White Knight of the Soul Patrol, after all.

The woman in question posted on the blog (It's All Grey) which initially posted the video; she had the temerity and the courage to face the folks in that post. I commend her for that - she wrote:

"Hello all, yes I am alive sorry to burst the bubble of those who wanted a different outcome. Thanks for the “human being” comments Spin I so agree…First let me say I flew in at 10:30am the day of the show and it was a very hot 87 degrees and I had a lot to do around town before the show so I should have been drinking a lot of water; Also the only thing I had time to eat was breakfeast during my layover in Memphis. So the alcohol hit me a bit hard. I was blacked out on that wall BTW (not responsive) But I did have someone who went beyond the call of duty and stayed with me until the Ambulance came and I will always be in her debt for that!!! Taylor also I learned did not leave the venue till he knew 911 was called by the Roxy staff.

Now as for this stalking stuff, I have not seen Taylor since last year his birthday weekend at Marty’s sure you all saw the videos. Before that it was in N.Y. in July. I can not afford to go to all his events but I am just a fan like anyone else…Also I was not escoted out the Roxy my friend took me out to get some air. As for a threat towards Taylor I won’t validate that with a response. As for those girls saying I told them that we were friends never happened and I think they were trying to be funny for TMZ and Taylor but who knows.

I had a blast Taylor was in top voice and he rocked it! That was actually my last Taylor performance for a while I have a Documentary on Topper Price I am swampped in and an online music show I have in development called Majic city IAD and I am about to do the whole settle down family thing with my boyfriend Omari who is a musician and reason I am still there BTW. So if going to two events a year makes me a stalker.I must have read the wrong definition.

I wish all the SP the best and for those who wish I would have died out there on Sunset I will pray for you.

God Bless

Because he blessed me with great music and an Angel in my opinion that night! K, I will always be in your debt!!


This lady was being blasted on various sites for being a "stalker" among other negative things, saying she 'got what she deserved' what ever the Hell that means. I applaud her for standing up for herself and writing that message. I applaud her for taking the high road - and for not saying anything negative. She even speaks glowingly about the concert, what she was able to remember, at least.

It seems there was a good Samaritan in her midst that night, someone who stayed right by her side until she was helped. There are still a few good folks out there in the Big Real.

So for fans to say how Mr. Hicks was having a bad day, I think the lady who was pecked at like carrion by some in this fan base was having a bad day as well. I'm just glad that things turned out well for her and she's not on the list of missing persons or statistics.

Now remember, everyone has a bad day now and then.
"Dirty Laundry" LYRICS

damanfromplaid video

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taylor Hicks, TMZ.com, Actually No One Shares an Indescriminate Act of Kindness

Taylor Hicks actually provides TMZ.com yet another opportunity. Actually just the other day, TMZ.com passed a story around about Taylor Hicks tickets actually still remaining for his after "Grease" concert at The Roxy. TMZ.com spilled with their usual exaggerated aplomb that tickets had gone unsold for the concert. In the TMZ.com theatrical manner this situation was actually blown out to create an impression that the venue was dropping free tickets to fill the room; instead, it was discount ticket broker, Goldstar tickets who were releasing a small cache they held for just the nominal service fee.

Actually radaronline.com an equally sensationalist gossip magazine who had featured stories on Taylor Hicks during his doppelganger girlfriend scandal contributed to the story concerning the free tickets. Radaronline.com includes in their article,
""It was fifty percent full and the VIP section was only twenty five percent full," one concertgoer tells RadarOnline.com. "People who had paid the full $36.50 were mad since many people were claiming free ones." Who was in the crowd? "Mostly women in their late forties, early fifties."

Conversely the write up in the Los Angeles Times.com was more kinder toward Hicks but they don't gloss over the lack of crowd and do point out many folks left soon after the show began. Hicks hit the stage around twenty after ten and folks were filing out already by eleven.
"It might not have been a sellout, but Taylor Hicks fans got what they came for, a hearty helping of their favorite gray fox -- enough to last until they can catch "Grease.""

Taylor was apparently hanging outside the venue, after the concert, in the wee hours of the morning with what appeared to be his entourage; Bill Will included. TMZ.com camera guy/reporter approached Mr. Hicks as he and his group loitered, the guys looked as though they were waiting for their ride. When Taylor spied the TMZ.com guy he welcomed him over with, " C'mon, let's chat. I've been waiting for you guys all night". Meanwhile Bill Will, grinning a strange grin, ducked his head and swung behind a pole to get out of camera range.
Click photo to go to TMZ.com video, you'll also get a clue why I am overusing the word, 'actually', actually.

Within a few a few seconds of Taylor Hicks' banter with the TMZ.com guy, activity around the corner caught his attention. Hicks asks the reporter, "What's happening over here?" and they both proceeded to venture around the corner. TMZ.com told Taylor, 'some drunk lady'. Two gals standing on the corner, perhaps they had been in the concert venue or perhaps that's just their "spot" on the streets commented that the woman lying on the sidewalk passed out had told them she was a friend of Taylor's and they laughed derisively.

In the TMZ.com video, Hicks just stands there looking at the woman; she seems to have a few folks possibly trying to help her, that or rifling through her belongings as she lay there motionless. (There, my cynical side emerges.) There was also a disinterested looking lady cop, but she seems to have left as soon as sirens and police cars sped past. Throughout the short clip, the person on the ground shows absolutely no movement. Hicks says to TMZ.com, "She's, ah, she's ah, pretty hammered...I think she has no idea..." Conversation switched at that point to American Idol and the new judge, Kara DioGuardi. Hicks quickly points out 'actually' Kara worked with him on his post Idol CD on a few songs.

Watching Taylor's body language, his expressions, it is obvious he's uncomfortable with the scene. He shifts weight on his feet back and forth in what appears to be hesitation on what he should do in this situation. As the police cars speed past apparently on their way to a more pressing matter, Hicks turns to the camera guy and says with a grin, motioning at the speeding cop cars as they pass, "This is actually good for her, basically that's what's called a 'get out of jail' free card".

This unfortunate concert attendee, rumored to be Claudia Oakenfull from the infamous and defunct "Modern Whomp" magazine, now trying to start another magazine up called, Neo Blu or something, is seen completely passed out on a dirty LA sidewalk after the show. Now whether that woman is actually Claudia Oakenfull, I can't say for certain since I was not actually at the venue; posters on It's All Grey's site who were there claim it was indeed she. This woman is not well-loved by many in the Hicks fan base for reasons I'm not getting into - point is the folks responding seem of the mindset that she's getting what she deserved. If anyone remembers, the alleged sodden on the sidewalk, Ms. Oakenfull, provided fans with that great little pool table video in my sidebar among other video from Marty's Bar that folks, at that time, appreciated viewing. Ah yes, our memories are fleeting. You see, should one run afoul of the fans or defile Mr. Hicks in any perceived way, you should be either stoned on a busy city street or lie in a near fatal drunken stupor on a public street. Ah, sweet Soul - sweet Soul Patrol justice.

One of the points I have attempted to make which falls on deaf ears or rather blind eyes, Taylor Hicks already took one big negative hit from TMZ.com this week. Their exaggerated story of the free tickets to fill the concert hall not very flattering nor encouraging, so not a positive regarding "The Distance" album sales. Now to top that, Mr. Hicks is now caught on film by TMZ.com standing with his cronies outside the LA venue, wandering into this unfortunate scene.

Taylor Hicks stares at the drunk on the sidewalk as the cameras roll, in the tape. Initially you can see a flash of concern and yes, recognition. Camera Guy, a stoic LA guy, for whom drunks on the street not really anything he hasn't seen before, just sort of laughs it off. Seriously there's no story in people getting tossed out of clubs because they are intoxicated nothing new in LA, besides it's not like she's OctoMom or anything. Happens around Dallas too; you get rowdy you are out on the street and the bouncers could care less what happens to you. It's not their problem.

Many of the Taylor Hicks fans on-line profess to not thinking Mr. Hicks should not have behaved any differently than he did. I mean, he is just a musician after all and it's not his place to don a cape and fly to anyone's rescue. There was no phone booth for Hicks to make his Clark Kent change into Superman. I just wonder what these people who are standing up for his lack of action on this TMZ.com footage would say if they were the unfortunate fool passed out on the concrete.

One poster whom sums up what many fans are saying wrote, "Hate to contribute to this topic, but I think Taylor did the right thing. He took the attention off the poor woman and onto himself."
I disagree, if he was taking attention off the woman why did he walk the camera guy around the corner towards her? Camera guy already knew she was there, he wasn't there to film another dead to the world drunk on an LA sidewalk.

"If he had gone over to help, the cameras would have followed him."
Hello, read my above sentence.

"If they got close enough, her face and condition would have been known to everyone who saw the video. Obviously, there were police there, and perhaps, they asked people to leave her alone until an ambulance or someone else came to pick her up. And I never saw him walk away - he was on the corner, he walked toward her, when someone pointed her out and walked back. Where was the security who threw her out? Shouldn’t they be responsible for making sure she is taken care of? Called her a cab or an ambulance, if necessary?"
This fan obviously just contradicted her initial wording in her post.

"While the cameras were on, Taylor did his job. He did the interview. Afterwards, who knows what happened? Not everyone is trained to give medical help. Maybe Taylor thought the police would be better trained to handle the situtaion (sic) than he was. I think some of you expect too much of him. This had nothing to do with being a Southern Gentlemen. It’s not like he didn’t hold the door for her. Who knew what she had to drink or what “medications” she may have taken? Best to leave her treatment to the professionals."
I hate to break it to you, this was not a "job" this was not a scheduled interview moment in which Hicks was to have a sit down with TMZ.com and talk his life and times. This was what TMZ does, they walk up to celebs on the street and try and capture sound bites. They certainly got Taylor Hicks to bite.

It's reactions like what I've been reading about this TMZ.com moment that clarify for me completely what's wrong with the world today. Why folks rather drive by an accident and lookeeloo rather than stop and go help. It's not their problem. Someone else can handle it better. It's that person's fault and they are getting what they deserve. Certainly it is the responsibility of the individual out partying to make sure they don't wind up vulnerable and possibly dead by their lack of taking care of themselves. But, certainly it is the responsibility of we regular Joes to occasionally step up and do the right thing.

There was a story I read recently about a kid who had ventured out on the ice on a pond near his house. He'd been told to not go on the ice, it wasn't safe, but the temptation was too great and he went anyway. Naturally he fell through. This guy driving by, a regular Joe, luckily for the kid happened to see him fall through. Instead of simply sitting in his car and dialing 911 and waiting for those who might know better how to help, he dialed 911 then jumped out to help the kid alone. He had not one clue how to help the kid, certainly he did not want to drown in the frozen lake himself and was not dressed for rescue. It did not stop him from trying. He had a pair of wire cutters in his trunk, cut a long branch from a tree by the pond; yelled at the boy floundering in the freezing water and got as close as he could crawling on his stomach on the ice, extending the branch. The kid grasped the end of it - using leverage, and after a few failed attempts the man got the kid out of the water. Now what would have happened if he sat in the car waiting? The ambulance and first responders got there after the kid was out of the water. Likely the boy would have succumbed to hypothermia, could have drowned.

Now the middle-aged woman on the sidewalk drunk and maybe drugged out of her mind certainly isn't quite the same as a rebellions teen aged boy who decides to go out on ice after being told not to, but this is an example of someone doing the right thing. Sadly, none in the Hicks entourage, at least while cameras are rolling, don't really seem to give a shit.

I think Hicks blew a perfect opportunity to take that TMZ.com moment, turn it on them and make something great for himself instead of simply creating a funny sound bite moment for TMZ.com... at his expense. Ah well, it is true, Taylor Hicks did not sign up to be Superman.

Remember that people, next time you see someone passed out on a street sidewalk, just make jokes, step around them. Next time there's a car accident, just drive by and look, you know you're not qualified to help. If you see someone fallen through ice, call for help, stay warm in your car.

Maybe I shouldn't give a shit either.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grand Ole Opry Without the Hoe Down: Minnie Pearl Turning in Her Grave

American Idol is apparently sticking with big booming voiced Announcer Man, he's back. Couldn't miss the fact it was St. Patrick's day either. The stage complete with green lighting and Shamrock images left no doubt. It was almost like anime, I almost went into a seizure with all the flashing green lights.

Sadly none of the judges got into the day, nothing green or Irish looking about any of them. I had hoped, with all the flashing shamrocks the show would really provide some fun. All the judges should have been decked out in shades of green with Ryan in a leprechaun hat. He's a little guy, would have worked, but then, I never get my way.

Paula wore a floral frock and left the dead dove home she wore last week, Kara must have scrounged into her back-to-the-'80's trunk and found a grey lame' ensemble, the lights just bounced off of it. Kara in the sky with diamonds. Simon in a gray t-shirt and Randy ... forget what he wore. Darling Daughter exclaimed when the top eleven were paraded out, "Nobody is wearing any green!" She's ten so things like that matter. She's my kid, so like Mom like Daughter we wanted some green! Would have at least been a little entertaining.

We did have one small but funny moment after the top eleven contestants came out on stage; Gokey waving his arms about managed to slug poor sick Megan Joy in the mid-section. Had to rewind a few times to see that again. Girl kept her feet so good on her, she was sick and could still take a hit. Hokey glanced at her but did not appear to say anything. Shmuck.

Michael Sarver decided to 'good ol' boy' it with an unsurprising choice of a Garth Brooks song, "Ain't Going Down (Until The Sun Comes Up)". Sarver had a decent harmonica guy join him on stage, but he was no Taylor Hicks. Roughneck Mike also managed to appear to not forget any of the 37,000 words in that song, although at times he backed from the mic so was hard to tell. Poor guy has no stage moves and sort of lumbers around, but then he is a Country singer kinda guy and most I've seen down at Billy Bob's have some of the same moves. Speaking of Billy Bob's, Randy Travis will be there this weekend, appearing on Saturday, March 21. Sounds like a date to me, haven't got to go drink beer and watch cowboys knocked off an angry bull - in a bar - in a while. YeeHaw!

Judges were mixed on Sarver, Randy said it was cool and fun, Kara stated the obvious - Wow! Michael remember all those words! Pauler like the harmonica guy and commented the how Sarver was indeed a country kinda guy, which is one reason she gets paid the Big Bucks. Simon was "meh" on the whole thing. I was thinking along the lines of Simon.

Sweet Sixteen and don't anyone forget it, Allison Ireheta came out with her hair styled with either a perfectly matching flower or the stylist managed some hair origami. Idol's Hispanic darling picked a Patty Lovelace song, "Blame it on the Heart" as her selection. Randy Travis told her not to be too cute because she did some prancey country dance moves while showing off her vocal talents in their 'coaching' segment. Likely she was trying to make ol' Randy loosen up a bit since he was coming across last night sort of tightly wound and very somber. I have to say every time the show cut to Randy's wife in the audience with her white hair/wig she looked like she'd just bit into a sour lime before a tequila shot. Lady did not smile one time. No wonder Travis looks so dour most of the time living with that little Miss Happy. Ali reminds me of Amanda Overmeyer - she seems somewhat out of place in a format that thrives on Pop princesses.

Judges spouted a series of cliche's from Kara saying she could sing the alphabet (what?) to Pauler saying her vocals were 'rock solid' hello, it's country week. Simon called her precocious - Randy obviously had no clue what precocious meant and said Simon was wrong, the performance, (just like Randy) was Dope!

Darling Daughter was already getting bored.

Fundie boy Kris Allen was up next, he came out with Jason Castro's stool sans guitar and picked "To Make You Feel My Love". Song name all by itself was sort of creepy but Kris did a good job. His vocals are really pretty good, nice tone to his voice, and I liked it. He made some curious faces while singing that had Darling Daughter say, "Mom have you noticed he looks kind of like a monkey"? She just picks this sort of thing up all on her own, has to be the genetics. I feel for her later in life. ha.

I'd give Kris the highest marks out of the previous three, monkey face and all. Judges liked it with Simon heaping on the praise saying it was the first time he actually saw Kris making it far in this competition. Randy had the most ridiculous (again) comment saying Kris was the Tender Dawg. Kara with eyes full of faux wonder said, something to the effect of 'I didn't even know it was Opry Land week'. Inside meaning, 'that had no country sound to it at all and I loved it'. Exactly why Simon liked it so much, anyone who has sat through this show knows Simon hates country music. Simon was clever in undermining Randy with a quiet, 'more like Tender puppy'. I'm getting the vibe everything's not cozy kewl in the judging camp this season.

Lil (Little) Rounds up next. You could see the bloom falling off the rose this performance for Lil. She picked Martina McBride's "Independence Day" received high praise from guest Travis but failed in the ears of the judge panel. Kara tried to save things for her by saying 'anyone would have to be deaf not to know you're a great singer' but Simon suddenly couldn't remember her name, stubbornly kept calling her Little in a not so veiled mean-spirited way. She was also handed the dreaded "Wedding Singer" brand. Not a great round for Lil.

After that little moment, time for something Big, Bad and Brassy. Yes, Adam-I'm-Too-Fabulous-For-This-Show picked a song I figured he'd go with, John Cash's "Ring of Fire". I thought he might go Dilana in Rock Star Supernova and he did not disappoint. Thing is, he sang it much better. Poor Randy T. did not know what to think about a guy wearing makeup and nail polish - guess his bitch-face wife has had the man sheltered. Made for an entertaining and awkward segment, woke me up some from the stupor I had been sinking into. Darling Daughter just sat there with her mouth open.

Judges apparently were taking Adam and his uber fabness in similarly to my kiddo and floundered to be current. Obviously none of them had ever watched Rock Star. Pauler compared Adam to Led Zepplin, "Kashmir", Randy brought up Trent Reznor and NIN, Kara was along the lines of Pauler, dazed and confused, Simon being the grumpy old frump asked "what the hell was that"? Poor old man. I thought it was more like Freddy Mercury doing Cash. The guy has such a freaking amazing voice, now if only he'd worn a pair of those assless chaps. Or any chaps...ah, it is family show.

Taylor Hicks did get a mention last night. After Adam's performance, Ryan quipped the show had come a long way since Hicks stood on that stage. Whoopee.

Scott MacIntyre did Martina MacBride's "Wild Angels", naturally with piano. I know he's blind, but it was boring, disjointed and flat in parts. Pauler was bored too I think, that's why she wants him to come out without piano sometime. Simon and she almost came to blows, which would have livened up the place almost as much as Adam had just done, but instead, during commercials had to go into 'time out' for a few moments. Randy and Kara were sort of walking in Pauler's shoes both saying he needs to up his game. I did enjoy his pointing out to the judges and we viewers at home that song he performed was not all his choice, seems it true what we read on that Notorious Site the show 'helps' pick the songs for the contestants.

Alexis Grace screwed up this week and it might cost her Top 10. Considering she does in a way resemble a young Dolly Parton without the boobs, she picked "Jolene". This is one time it would have benefited her to sing it like it was originally intended. No, Alexis I wannabe like Parton tried to current it up a bit, add an alt-edge that wound up falling as flat as her chest. Judge panel said the same things times four, pitch issues, missed the mark she was seeming to shoot for, blah, blah, blah. Simon called it forgettable, not true since it was memorable for its very blandness. I liked Alexis that first time I saw her; I've changed my mind.

Hokey-Gokey is up next and he's wearing an Arctic Polar Explorer suit. Ready to tackle polar bears on the ice. All that white around his face made his neck look nonexistent and his face bloated. He's got a modified pair of goggles on his week designed perhaps to help him fight through that snow storm he looks ready to go out into.

Mind you, they're in Los Angeles where it's waay to warm for polar suits. That brings me to say why do these stupid stylists usually have the guys come out looking like they're about to walk the streets of New York in winter on stage? Too, why don't these contestants have a brain to say, wait why am I wearing a winter coat on stage?

Hokey does what I knew he'd do - pull out Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel". The most entertaining moments for me, when he went into his comfort zone of saying Jesus, likely just the way he does it in his fundie cult church going for the tithes. It was uneven and he makes an attempt to polar blast some of the karoke soul into the verses but overall the song falls cold. Have I mentioned how I hate the way he squints? This one of the most Hokey of his performances.

Judges blather about the start off being slow but Kara waxed enthusiastic pulling another cliche out of her head about his 'hitting his stride'. Like her song writing skills this gal is full of the tired and true lines. Pauler was getting more and more into the Anna Nicole drugs she's pumped full of and slurred out about how Carrie Underwood would buy that recording. Yeah, whatevah have another slug off that Coke cup. I thank the Idol Gods for Simon, he brought up the pathetic polar apparel, I just know we'd get along in real life.

Darling Daughter had wandered off at this point and so I was left alone to watch the remainder of the show. Anoop who did not fare so well last week had selected "You're Always on My Mind", but he did not come out and deliver it like The King or Willie Nelson. Anoop put a more Pop sound to the tune and really sang it well. He was suffering the unfortunate clothing situation as Hokey, dressed for a winter stroll on an LA stage, with all his layers he had to be nice and toasty. It did warm my heart to hear him sing this song so well as I had, from the early stages of this show thought him capable of being one of the front runners.

Judges backed me up with all hailing his return (meaning he left sort of during Jacko week) and how well he performed that tune. Simon's assessment that Anoop went from Zero to Hero a little lavish but hey, if it gets him to stay in the competition I'm all with it.
Anoop Desai, "Always on My Mind" credited to Willie Nelson, although not like Willie's:

Megan Joy, although sick last night, looked beautiful, hair to toes. The dress she wore complimented some of her best assets and they were proudly fronting that gown. I thought she'd likely pick Patsy Cline, she loves the old music and has such a blast to the past tone to her voice. "Walking After Midnight" was a piece of old school cool and her Sallie Josephine dance moves complimented her performance. I like this lady more and more every time I hear her. I give her mad props for being so sick - just out of the hospital - missed rehearsals and still did a great job - managed to not cough once during the delivery.

Judges pointed out she had just been in the hospital, praised her singing.

Matt Giraud also picked Carrie Underwood but I will forgive Matt. He performed "So Small" with piano and really did a great job. I like the sound of Matt's voice, as apparently does Kara. She cougared out again, commenting 'nothing small about you Matt' as if she has knowledge the rest of us have not been privy to... I love that gleam she gets in her eye when she looks at him, it's like she's been on a desert island and he's a juicy cheeseburger. Look out Matt, Kara in her gray lame' got them hungry eyes. Simon compared Matt to Michael Buble' which is okay, should carry him through this week.
Matt Giraud, "So Small"

I liked it. Agree with Simon, he completely out sang Hokey last night, but Ryan's "Matt Buble"? ...

Best of the night, Anoop, Megan Joy, and Matt for pure singing, Adam for most exciting (squee). Who I think will go home? Toss up between Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't Give Them Away?

What's this talk about Taylor Hicks unable to sell enough tickets to The Roxy to make it a viable concert? Word out there were so many seats left the venue decided to go the give them away approach and just charge service fees. Word out, even after the seats hit the 'just service fee' mark there is still availability. I guess the Soul Patrol is scarce on the "Left" Coast.

Naturally TMZ.com has to jump into the shark frenzy machine and add insult to injury with their take on this event. Their take, "It's not a charity show, it's not a fundraiser ... Taylor Hicks concert tickets have now been reduced to a whopping $0.00 -- and it still hasn't sold out."

Bah, they have never liked Hicks much anyway. Folks on this off site TMZ.com take are trying to voice a positive opinion. CLICK for positivity. Better luck in San Francisco Mr. Hicks, IDOL BLUES gets multiple hits everyday from around the Golden Gate area.

Another One Bites the Pixels

"Another One Bites the Dust" Queen

Another Taylor Hicks site bites the pixels. Ah well, we knew ye such a short - ISH time.

Chelsea Lately Treats Hicks Lightly

Chelsea was kind to Taylor, talk centered around sucking, blowing, the silver fox issue, Paris and Britney Spears. Oh yeah, and the awkwardness of a man's fly being down and yeah, his penis. Nice.

Is that a "Kick Me" sign hanging off Taylor's back side or is he wearing a Kenya towel? What? ha.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Kiss on the Lips? Tapping 15 minutes and a Mirror

A turn of events, a luck of the draw, a slight of hand and bam, fascinating material has come to pass this week in Taylor Hicks land. No, 2 plus 2 does not equal 15, but cagily 15 does equal something the likes of which taps my imagination. There should be a code, that would bring me satisfaction. Numbers that come to mind: Rubik's cube anyone?
Kiss My Lips, The Duelers

Argh mateys:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taylor Hicks at the Susan G. Komen Event

Taylor Hicks getting control over his pantomining the song that we watched on The Ellen Degeneres Show the other day.
"What's Right is Right" Taylor Hicks

video c/o Inside the Edge

Great job, no cheddar, no Soul Patrol shout out. Looking good, man.

The View to the Grey: Charcoal or Gas?

I love cooking on the grill. My man does too but I'm just better at it. I get into soaking Mesquite for the flavor it imparts to meats and vegetables on the grill, I'm selective about my charcoal I use. I have a system of arranging the coals to provide a central heat system so that I can slower cook meats around the main heat source rather than cook right on top of the hottest part of the charcoal; I cook slow and smokey. Oh, I never use gas.

A friend of mine who is into buying the most expensive, the name brands of anything, went out and bought himself one of the best and largest gas grills on the market. It's a monument to waste in my opinion, gas just doesn't impart the same taste as charcoal grilling. Sure it's easy, yes, it's fast, but you miss out on the quality. We had an actual cook off once, me and my trusty Weber Kettle and he and his humongous gassy grill. Outcome of our cookoff? Gas always loses out to the quality of the flavor of good charcoal.

Speaking of charcoal and gas, apparently there's a new Taylor Hicks related site out there in the internet. It was getting just a little too peaceful out there in the magical Kingdom of the Taylor Hicks' fanbase. The Lions can only lay with the Lambs for so long and well, they get hungry. Lions are lions after all and lambs, well, they're herbivores.

"The Distance", Taylor Hicks' newly pressed and released to a store near you, or if you prefer via your fingertips on iTunes, CD just hit the stands and now the shit hits the fans on-line. The new site, It's all Greyish is a response site created as a parody of and an answer to It's All Grey.

Greyish has opened aiming for humor with featuring posts off of IAG and the regulars on the site in a snarky and mildly insulting manner. Blogroll, monster icons and play on names with snide inserts as comments intended to poke fun yet say what this blogger really thinks about those on IAG. Greyish is a parasite to the It's All Grey's site, and like propane, can not impart the flavoring of natural charcoal or Mesquite wood.

Bottom line, Greyish is to Grey as Charcoal is to propane, it's faster, easier, and full of gas.
"Banapple Gas" Cat Stevens

vcw 180

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free is a Good Thing: "The Distance"

Like I have said before, free is a good thing. Here's a link to take you to the "The Distance", Taylor Hicks new CD. Listen as you wish. No bonus tracks, unfortunately.

I was having a Blues Brothers' dream last night. Love my little nightly brain adventures.
Sam Moore and Elwood "Soul Man"

"Messing With the Kid"


Friday, March 13, 2009

"What's Right Is Right", 'Free' is Good, Accept No Imitations

Initially I could not believe it, a free download? Free is always good, better this time around considering Hicks is offering one of the best songs on his new CD, "The Distance" as a freebie, "Seven Mile Breakdown". If you're running behind on news on the Hicks' front as I am, just follow this link to amazon.com to score your download.

Taylor Hicks appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week, performed his title track off this new record, "What's Right Is Right".

There's a saying that goes, imitation the sincerest form of flattery. Apparently one of this American Idol season's contestants, Danny Gokey a true believer. He's making the run for the confetti disguising himself as Taylor Hicks. You doubt me? Just click this next link for a side by side comparison. Hokey vs Hicks. Seems his now deceased wife was a fan of Taylor's, had compared him to Taylor and he decided to enter this show based on her belief Danny the next Taylor Hicks. Too he apparently grew up with a houseful of singing family members. Sort of like in the "Sound of Music" only in Milwaukee.
Danny Gokey, "PYT" Michael Jackson week. Check the Hicksian dance moves.

He possesses a decent sound to his voice, has a little growl, some Michael MacDonald tone, but lacks Taylor's melodic timber. I love when a performer reduces Pauler to incoherence. Okay, maybe that's not such a hard thing to do. Simon slams him for his dancing, Gokey gives a plea for dancing help. Meanwhile in multiple bios about Gokey he lists Salsa dancing as a hobby. The guy likes to change his story to fit the mood it seems.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Foy Vance: Indiscriminate Act of Kindness

From one to another who has had issues in life with chemicals:

Top 13 Hitting the Jacko

The reality karaoke fest opened last night with a new look and sound. Instead of the judging panel being intro'ed from the comfort of their stage front and center seating, they had a walk-on moment. Idol must have grabbed some guy who normally announces baseball games or game shows from the sound of him. Naturally Simon thought up this whole new look, he was sporting an annoyingly face splitting grin.

It was Michael Jackson night but Jacko was not there to guest mentor, rather the contestants had to pick some of his past hits selected by the show for our listening pleasure. Introducing this theme night, Jacko wasn't portrayed as we normally see him now in the media, all covered up with a huge bodyguard shielding him from the light, because we all know he's no longer human, he's a vampyre. A pedo vampyre maybe but just the same, you know what sunlight does to them... Alluding to Jacko now being a creature of the night, the show preferred to depict "Thriller" Michael Jackson, from back in the days when he was still a human.

Seriously, some plastic surgeons should be shot.

Naturally, all the judges, before this song fest could get underway had to add their sound bites of blathering self-grandiose advice. My favorite "don't let the stage swallow you up". Nice mental image of a secret pit operated by a hidden switch, once flipped, contestant drops out of sight. That would really give the show a new twist, like that old "Gong Show" sans hook.

Lil Rounds drew the shortest straw apparently, she sang first. Of course her bio-moment of her cute three kids and the Hurricane taking all their belongings leaving them in the long-term stay hotel should save her. I do really like her husband's very non-plussed attitude each time he's interviewed. Idol he's not going be your fool. Rounds selected, "Way You Make Me Feel", delivered a solid vocal performance but nothing completely mind boggling.

My kid said, "I'm not a big fan of her pants", while wrinkling her nose. (She takes after me in so many ways, poor kid.) Randy blabbed something about 'way to kick it off', Kara said something while wearing some sort of hideous swatch of clothing wrapped multiple times around her neck. I couldn't figure out what the hell it was. Darling Daughter said, "I think it's an upside down skirt". Paula, looking ever the not fashion expert with what appeared to be a smashed dove on her shoulder, raved about the show's glam squad. By the looks of Paula's face that glam squad was giving loads of free botox backstage as well. She looked fit to stand up at Madame Toussard's.

Scott MacIntyre brought out the piano performing a religious themed song I'd never heard of, "Keep the Faith". Being the heathen I am, not into religious songs, per se. I thought his vocals were reminiscent of Neil Sedaka but still just not a fan of the guy. Yes, I KNOW, he's blind. Kara had to stress to anyone who cared that Scott had "just learned that!" to show his genius. Paula waved her arms about and rambled about his being magical. Simon had the best line, 'dont' be artistic, not on this show". No shit Sherlock.

Time to do the Hokey-Gokey. Danny got his Taylor Hicks on tonight performing "PYT". Hokey left out mentioning his dead wife this week, likely been reading the boards. He did think it cute to talk about his folks having him sing his homework. That was suppose to instill the fact the guy's been singing all his damn life so he so deserves to win this. Vocally he's not too bad, nice Taylor Hicks soulman type attire and somehow he found a pair of those goggles he prefers to wear that match his shirt. For some reason the crowd gives him a standing O and the judges join them. Paula babbles, by now she's obviously feeling the drugs, she's flushed and panting all over the table about Danny, giving him the show right then and there. Simon tries to reel her back in with, "we're only three contestants in and you're giving him the win!" Since Hokey was doing the Taylor Hicks dance Simon had to insult his stage moves and Gokey squints up and says he's working on it. Randy babbles about passion, caught up in man-love for Hokey; thankfully Simon again tries to make something real happen in the judging camp. I have no idea what Kara said, caught the words, "joy" and "parents".

Michael Sarver was next - I take it back his being the first to go home. He did a stand up guy performance of "You're Not Alone" showing his roots really belong more in the country genre. Liked it. The judges liked him and gave him props for bringing a good effort. His little girl is really cute. Liked his bio-moment with the Texas oil rig guys cheering him on. You know those guys were gonna get their phone-on after he sings.

Jasmine Murray warbled out "I'll Be There" and I have no idea why this gal was selected over Jessie, she should not be there. Bratz doll girl got props from the girl-judge tagteam about "poise" and "confidence". I think Pauler just liked her ample amount of eyeshadow, looking at Pauler last night with all that gold glitter on her lids, you know she's into the heavy eyeshadow bling. I did not care for Jasmine's performance. My daughter asked me why they (the show) had her come out in her nightie.

Kris Allen came up with "Remember the Time". Brought out his guitar, wore a plaid shirt (again) and reminded me somehow of Jason Castro without dreads. Thing is, this boy has a better voice than Castro. I was pleasantly surprised with Kris last night; enjoyed what he did and strangely, I agreed with Randy the BoBo, Kris has a Jason Mraz-y thing going on. Simon again had the best line, telling Kris, something to the extent of 'you really should have kept your wife a secret a few more weeks'. Wife did not like that much. Maybe they'll stage a fake separation.

Allison Iraheta remembers her past childhood singing in Hispanic markets (shout out to that market in San Antonio!) where it's not uncommon on weekends to see performers up on the little stages playing and singing while you shop. Folks wander about drinking beer, shopping, others singing - good times. Anyway, Alli-girl can sing. She brings the rock and she's only 16 (!!eleventyone11!!), as Pauler points out. Idol, for some reason thought it necessary to subtitle Allison's family's commentary. Alli sang, "Give Into Me" - the judges gave her good marks, well except Simon who thought the whole act a bit 'dark'. Alli retorted with something about not cutting herself to bring levity. In a dark way.

Anoop, the lucky thirteenth had an unlucky night erroneously and hideously selecting "Beat It". If there was indeed that new fangled trap door on the stage, I'd flipped the switch and dropped him through it. Performing with The Matrix lighting and his outfit looking like he's trying out for the Broadway performance of The Matrix does Jacko he awkwardly made faces and stomped around in an attempt to look grim. Anoop who did his college thesis on BBQ does not do 'grim' convincingly. I felt for him, I like Anoop, really think he has a shot to go far in this show but man, Noop-Dawg never ever "Beat It" again. I don't think he'll go home unless Simon has his way. Noop has a big on-line fanpatrol going on that will likely save him. Simon on the other hand expressed regret after seeing "that" to having made a special thirteen this year. Harshing on the Noop-Dawg, Simon.

Puerto Rican, Jorge Nunez is up with a disjointed bio-story from his home. First the family is close. We see about a hundred folks from the looks of it crammed into this little house. Sitting on top of each other, smashed against the walls, well maybe I exaggerate. Next we're told the family drifted apart after Grandpa died, but Idol may save the Nunez family because they're all smashing together again this time to watch Jorge sing. I have no idea what they did when Grandpa was alive that made it special, Jorge doesn't share that information. Maybe Papi made some killer barbacoa or Bar-B-Que, the kind Anoop wrote his thesis about.

Judges slaughter the poor guy and Darling Man, who had just come home asked me, "Why didn't he just come out and sing in Spanish? Hell with the gringo crowd!". DM ranted something in Spanish and left the room. Good point, I thought, likely the panel might have tread more carefully. After all the show was using subtitles for anyone with a slight accent except Simon, they could have just subtitled him. You know that would have certainly changed the format up a bit. Better idea than that game show announcer intro at the beginning of the show. Ah well.

Meghan Joy (dropped the Corkery) gave her baby some face time in her bio. She cried on camera as well about how he's (certainly a cute little tot) the love of her life. Her MILF Mom spoke out too, explaining how Meghan was such a great Mom. Tragically the song choice was "Rocking Robin". You know, 'tweedlely deet, deet'. Meghan gave it some extra twist, twist doing her Sallie Josephine dance (last week's wrap up) with added sound effects. Well, maybe not the correct sound effects - she was singing about a little Robin but made 'caw, caw' sounds.

Darling Daughter was fascinated, she kept hollering, "I know that song! I know that song! We sang that song in like Kindergarten or First Grade!" She was so pumped that someone on Idol was singing a song she bopped around to in school. That's not saying anything complimentary about Meghan Joy but got her the win for the Vote for the Worst pick.

Then came Adam. In his bio immediately the stripe in his hair matching his shirt caught my eye and I actually let out a Squee. Why? I have no idea. My kid and Darling Man, who had returned to the room just looked at me and sighed. Coordinating hair color with clothing, much better than matching eyewear to clothing. It's like some kind of rock, paper scissors thing.

Lambert selected "Black and White"; no better fit out of the entire Jacko collection for him to perform.
Adam Lambert, "Black and White"

Paula lost her mind, sobbed out her undying love and adoration for Adam who likewise sprouted tears, naturally moved by her sodden ravings. I think one squeeked out of my eye, but then I've been emotional today. Randy reiterated Adam's "currentness", Kara and Simon bowed before the awesomeness that is Adam. I had to watch it multiple times. I don't even hate him for wearing Chris Daughtry's wallet chain.

Breaking out of my Adam reverie, I noticed that Matt Giraud was at the piano, doing the Justin Timberlake while he performed, "Human Nature". Judges loved him for what words did they use? Oh yeah: sexy, talented, justin timberlake - wait that's a name, something from Simon about what? meat and potatoes. That about summed up Matt: Justin Timberlake in a bowl of meat and potatoes, but in a slightly sexy let's make love with food kind of way. Which made me think of Mickey Rourke before those butchers of plastic surgery got hold of him. Not that Matt is Mickey Rourke but...the seed was planted.

Pimp spot goes to little Alexis Grace whom I rather liked when I saw her last. Likely it was the four glasses of wine (last night I had none) that first time out and her being somewhat different from the usual female Idol performer (Jasmine Murray). Unfortunately I wasn't loving Alexis so much last night. Perhaps it was because I was getting the vibe she was pigeon-holing herself as the 'dirty little minx' type this season. Perhaps I'm just a fickle beast. Alexis came out 'dirtied up' for "Dirty Diana". I do hope she pulls something else next week because once I found her charming, this time not so much. Of course, like I said it could have been the wine. Pimp spot should save her this week.

I've read conflicting stories about the eliminations for tonight. First I heard that two will go home tonight but now I'm hearing only one will actually leave. Simon promises something special and I certainly hope he wasn't talking just the guests tonight because I'm no fan of Kanye's. If I were to pick who I thought was out likely Jorge Nunez. Dude should have just belted out the song in Spanish.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taylor Hicks His Indiscriminate Act of Kindness

Taylor Hicks' fans, I heard something today, a song off of Mr. Hicks' new CD. A song that has me looking right past that Achy Breaky Heart-Keeping It Real song. Target is fortunate to be the venue offering Taylor's newest CD, "The Distance", in being able to handle this particular additional track of "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness". It is one damn fine song.

Taylor Hicks sings, "This is the reward you can get..." one of the lines from this song. Appropriate because this tune, written by Foy Vance, proves solidly Taylor Hicks does indeed possess the ability to translate and communicate his heart and soul in the plastic format. Many fans of the man talk about his live performances being where the guy truly lives and I for one, have been questioning his ability to communicate as effectively on the digital format. Questioned what happens to Mr. Hicks when he hits that sound booth. "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness" has answered my question, allayed my doubt.

"Indiscriminate Act of Kindness" written by Foy Vance, sung by Taylor Hicks, one of the best songs I've ever heard. Ever. I love the Foy Vance version, but man, Mr. Hicks does something to this song that elevates the message and the feel to a different degree. I'd heard Taylor do "Georgia" back in 2006 and had felt I had not heard a recording by him that matched it. Did not know if he was capable of doing that type of studio sound again. Hicks' delivery of "Indiscriminate" every bit the type of music we heard on his earlier recordings, only better. Take any track off of "Under the Radar" or "In Your Time" times two and you get the impact of Hicks singing this song. Hell, this is one of the best songs, I've ever heard by anyone.

Taylor Hicks performs this tune with his gravel laden vocals subdued, keeping the music simple, he eloquently, soul drippingly tells this story. Listening to Taylor Hicks, his vocals left my heart bursting, little bits and pieces of my soul singing right along with him. The man took my breath away; this song is worth the price of the whole CD and then some. Yes, my dear readers, set your eyes on the bullseye and get thee to Target.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Morning Taylor Hicks News: The Eve Before the CD Drops

I'm short on time this morning as Monday is conference call day. Scanning the alerts this morning I decided to catch and gather some to have as sort of a historical reference for the blog.
Howard Cohen gives his review on "The Distance", Miami Herald.

To get the bonus tracks for this CD buyers have to jump stores. One track, "Hide Nor Hair" can be accessed if you purchase the disc through Wal-Mart. "Indiscriminate Acts of Kindness" through Target, and "Yes We Can" through iTunes. You can also just purchase the straight CD sans bonus tracks through amazon.com and other outlets. Marketing strategy? Apparently so, I mean why put out a record with all three bonus tracks when you can hit folks for three? Feel free to google.

Taylor Hicks appears this week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wednesday, March 11th. Humorously he's appearing the same day as Carol Burnett. I keep hoping one day Mr. Hicks will throw this Black Sheep fan a "Carol Burnett"; (yeah, I know doubtful) if you recall, on Burnett's show she tugged her ear to say "Hi" to her Mom or something.

This site has links to the radio stations, "The Distance blogspot" playing Taylor's songs.

Taylor Hicks is artist of the Week on aceshowbiz.com.

Connie Phillips writer, editor on Blogcritics.org writes up her review of "The Distance" hit link: blogcritics.org.

MJ had this linked - Taylor Hicks' ABC Interview.

After cleaning house yesterday, and popping in and out of Its All Grey's blogspot, we went out to dinner so, bad fan that I am, I missed out on the Taylor Hicks' DJ experience courtesy of the folks at KSDW 100.3.

I did get a kick out of reading the ladies at Chill's this morning; they were busy providing comments last evening as they listened. Apparently Mr. Hicks was in fine form and to their delight giving that Soul Patrol shout out as he did his thing. These ladies love some Taylor Hicks

I really dig this band's sound. Taylor featured them on his KSDW 100.3 guest show.
Citizen Cope "Hurricane Waters"

Want more Citizen Cope information? Click Link.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Taylor Hicks Interview Circus: Born in the USA

I was going to talk "The Distance" as a listening experience today but I'm waiting until I have the CD and all the data in front of me and the music - as is on the disc. Instead I'm hitting on some interview points that have surfaced in the Taylor Hicks google alerts.

Taylor Hicks is in the interview circuit circus, out promoting "The Distance" coming out March 10th. Mary Colurso, a writer whom I enjoy with The Birmingham News, gets Hicks to sit a spell and talk about this CD. She stages a song by song discussion with Mr. Hicks providing his views on the songs on the CD. Gosh, I don't think even U2 did an interview like this for their new album.

Kicking off this interview, Taylor Hicks, talking to Mary about "The Distance" calls it his version of 'Born in the U.S.A.' He said, "I think the message is clear; the distance between us and the world is closer than we think."

I had to mull that over a moment. The world, us. Closer than we think. It appears to be a consciousness reaching statement talking about what, our country? We as humans running around on the Big Blue? I know when I walk outdoors my feet are hitting that pavement. What grabbed me was his comparison of himself in a round about way with an artist like Bruce Springsteen. That gave me pause.

In expressing his first single, "What's Right Is Right", Hicks likens it to a lesson. He's here to provide a little education for we masses dubbing this song, "Soul Song 101". I guess in all of us there's a little bit of the teacher. Hicks carries on with adding, "the saxophone subtone in the solo is kind of like a little music lesson".

I had been wondering why that sax was saved for the last on this track. So we could get edumacated about the sax. Light bulb on now.

Taylor tells Mary, "You can really hear the instrument breathe. In the video for the song, I wanted to get across my idea of what true love is, when you know it's real. What happens to one person happens with another."

Thing is I watched that video a dozen times and I still don't see how he's communicating the message of "this is true love". Nope, not buying what you be selling Taylor Hicks in that statement.

Taylor calls "New Found Freedom" his gospel number. He stresses his gospel past; I was unaware that he was a strong church goer. Managed to squeeze that time in I guess between all those gin joints and such. What makes this a gospel song though, you might ask? It's all in the choir. He and his cohorts on this album found a gospel choir and worked it out. Yes, it's all about the choir. That makes it gospel.

Hicks says he likes "Nineteen" because "it's American and honest". I agree certainly nothing French in those lyrics. It's a story of a war hero. Seems like so many artists are singing about the soldiers, hey Bruce Springsteen has and since this album is Hick's "Born in the USA" it fits. He says this is a relevant issue and since it's being sung about by many, I agree. Though, Obama promises us this War is gonna end. It's a nice song, country flair to it and he may find it commercially appealing to the Country music crowd.

"Once Upon a Lover" features Father/Son combination Abe Laboriel Jr./Sr. Being legendary Latin musicians Hicks feels this gives the song authenticity. Certainly the music sounds very Latin but I'm not sure it is a great fit for Mr. Hicks and his gringo pronunciations.

One of the more bluesy tracks on this CD, "Seven Mile Breakdown". Doyle Bramhall II plays slide in it; it is one of the best tracks on the CD. Hicks talks about thinking of the song along the lines of "Traveling to the west side of Mississippi in a conversion van with no air-conditioning in the middle of summer." Been there, done that and no, it ain't great.

I was tickled by Taylor's comments on "Maybe You Should". Certainly this guy has no lacking when it comes to confidence or self-esteem by the sound of this, "I wrote that with Mike Reid, who's famous for 'I Can't Make You Love Me' with Bonnie Raitt. It's one of those songs where we got chill bumps. It could end up being a career song for me." Keeping it confident, Mr. Hicks

Which leads me to this next track, "Keepin' it Real". Taylor Hicks in keeping it really real says, "That's my tongue-in-cheek reference to pop culture. I got my ideas for it when I went to a local magazine stand." Magazine stands and Billy Ray Cyrus - it's okay to throw rocks, folks. Sticks and stones.

Now this title is funny. Seriously, if anyone's been in this fan world of Hicks for long you have to find humor in the title, "I Live on a Battlefield". He thinks it necessary to explain this is a blues song. With a name like that, I guess so.

Again, demonstrating a complete overwhelming confidence in himself, Taylor Hicks tells Mary, "Wedding Day Blues" might make a movie someday. He may have the cast already picked out but he's not sharing that right now.

Last track on the main CD is "Woman's Gotta Have It", features his buddy, Elliott Yamin. Hicks is quick to own the fact that he considers both Elliott and he have great natural, soulful sounds to their voices. He gives Yamin props, saying, "There's no better pure vibrato sound than Elliott Yamin's way."

A fellow blogger and struggling writer, Cindy Wright, was able to interview Taylor Hicks again. She's promised to have that up as soon as it goes 'live' - that's website lingo for published on Associated Content. AC has scored Ms. Wright numerous interviews and even a first listen to the CD. For now on her blog, taylorspoeticheart, she gives a heads up on what's to come. So far Mr. Hicks has provided her with a rather vague, 'maybe' interview moment, but perhaps this just the segue into the real deal.

One thing certain from what I've read so far, Taylor Hicks is very confident of this new CD and its potential as another vehicle to have his voice heard.

Taylor Hicks and the Idol Thirteen

Considering this show, last season, showed a marked decrease in viewership, producers are seeking some sort of luck charm. Rabbit foot will not suffice, so instead of starting with the even dozen like the seven seasons past, this year Idol is choosing to begin making those Ford commercials with thirteen instead. Anyone who follows some of the 'cult sciences' such as numerology or reads tarot know that the number thirteen has interesting and complex meanings. For those of you who want fast, quick references, the following attributes have been associated with the number thirteen: Completion, Magic, Intuition, Psyche, Warning, Power, Creativity, Betrayal. Reading those words it appears with the exception of magic and some might say, creativity, this season should play out like all the ones before.

Last night we had a return of eight contestants including the controversial Tatiana Del Toro who - wait here's some magic, returns with a new Spanish accent. Obviously she was taking a page out of the Jorge playbook and decided it might be effective to draw on her Latina roots. As stupidly as suddenly harkening back to her Puerto Rican heritage, she sang the same song she's been singing throughout her attempt to be on this show. Major fail on her part and she's finally done.

Jessie Langseth came out trying to sing the blues version of "Tell Me Something Good" and while I prefer Jessie over that Bratz-doll, Jasmine I knew it wouldn't get her any further on this show.

Matt "dressing like Justin Timberflake" Giraud was up next. I laughed out loud and slapped the table at his over the top, look-at-me 'Merka I'm a stah ensemble. Obviously Matt got himself a stylist for this look and man, he really shouldn't have. I found his vocals over the top overcompensating for his Coldplay faux paux. Matt's realized the show want s him to be bluesy so he was going for it with gusto. Killer moment, Simon Cowell's comment.

I've read review after review this morning and Simon's remark to Matt is certainly at a forefront. Dear readers, here are two of my favorites. I've saved a few snippets and links. I found it coincidental considering yesterday in a post I commented that Taylor Hicks had left his mark on the Idol stage.
Rodney Ho, writer about all things Idol for ajc.com captured Simon's uneven comment to Matt Giraud, "It was again a billion times better than last week. You went back to what you did best. I hate what you’re wearing… I saw bits of Taylor Hicks coming through." (That’s an insult nowadays, apparently!).

Another reviewer, Greg Barber in expressnightout.com worked out Simon's remarks to Matt: "A steady stream of boos follow, either for the mention of Taylor Hicks or for Simon comparing anyone to Taylor Hicks or just at the mere existence of Taylor Hicks. And far away in some two-star hotel, Taylor Hicks — fresh from his role as second assistant understudy in the Baltimore Amateur Players' community theater production of "Pippin" — is pulling out clumps of his prematurely gray locks and flinging them inartfully at the TV. And sobbing to himself — but that part's just a normal phase of his evening."

I found Barber's comment funny but apparently he's not following what's up with Mr. Hicks these days. Greg, he's in a national touring production of "Grease" playing the Teen Angel role right out of a big ice cream cone. Just setting the record on the where of what Taylor's up to - it's not Baltimore community theatre.

Megan Joy (somewhere along the way she's decided to include her middle name) Corkrey comes out and does K T Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." At least she did not get down on the floor and wiggle around, but she did wiggle. Poor Megan Joy is being picked on mercilessly for her movements while performing. Frankly I'm sick of the choreographed dancing singers there are too many of today. She reminds me of Sallie Josephine. I know you all don't know who that is, let me fill you in quickly. When I was a poor white child growing up in the black lands of Texas there was a small clapboard church I would attend occasionally with a neighbor family. (My folks at that time did not like church much, they were conflicted I guess with all the religious diversity under our small roof.) This church had largely a Black congregation and though I stuck out like a sore thumb I felt very comfortable there. The church had a small choir and Sallie Josephine was the lead singer. She'd get up in front of that choir and made the same sort of movements little Megan Joy does when she performs. I see much of her style that reminds me of Sallie Josephine and for that I think I like her. I also like she reminded me nothing of Katherine McPhee's version.

Von Smith increasingly reminds me of animation hero Jimmy Neutron. I was bored and he's gone.

Jasmine "Bratz doll" Murray was brought back with the premise that she had to show she could sing. (We all know she was in like Flynn.) Why the judges like her so much is beyond my imagination. Darling Daughter thinks she looks like a Bratz doll. Even though dear Pauler was canned from that Bratz movie subliminally she just can't get past it.

On-line popular guy, Ricky Braddy sang "Superstition". Bad song choice, Ricky is out and all those Braddy Bunchers will just have to cry in their t-shirts. Sorry Braddy Bunchers, he's not back after all. Shame, I sort of liked his singing.

Tatiana Del Toro was next but I've already talked about her.

Anoop Desai, who sings Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative," AGAIN, but is not castigated for doing so like Princess Tat was; oh, he only performed it twice, Tatiana was on her third and you know with three, you're out.

Top Thirteen for season eight:
Kris Allen
Megan Corkrey
Anoop Desai
Matt Giraud
Danny Hokey-Gokey
Alexis Grace
Allison Iraheta
Adam Lambert
Scott MacIntyre
Jasmine Murray
Jorge Nunez
Lil Rounds
Michael Sarver
I'm going to take a stab at this but I'm betting Michael Sarver the first to be voted off the Island. What say you?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Song for the Losers

Rob Paravonian has written a song for the losers on American Idol or any resemblance there of...not hitting that elusive and lofty Peak.

I thought this very clever and funny. Thanks to the folks at Idletard they always bring me back to reality with that harsh yet loving slap to my brain.

Hokey-Gokey Ticket to Ride the Soul Patrol

Cathy Beers wrote on the website, nationalledger.com:
"Danny Gokey, a top 12 finalist on this season's American idol overcame the tragic loss of his wife to go after his dream. A report from In Touch explores some of the background of the rising star and in a report reveals that Sophia Gokey loved all kinds of music, and though her husband, Danny, thought it was weird, she was fan of American Idol's Taylor Hicks, because the season five winner reminded her of Danny."

Well for thinking his now deceased wife's taste in music "weird" for her liking Taylor Hicks, or imagining that Danny was like Taylor, Danny certainly has no aversion to using Mr. Hicks' name to promote himself on the show. This is probably the fifth time, at least, that I have heard Gokey use Taylor Hicks' name in comparisons for talking about himself or his music. Granted this is done in an off side sort of way but he's planting that seed of thought: Soul Patrol, I'm just like Taylor Hicks!

I say hardly. Maybe Taylor Hicks used an Easter bunny costume in his attempts to endear himself to the Idol viewers but he never once brought out any sob stories about his troubled past as Gokey has so far. Taylor certainly could have, but the man avoided such sob story by-lines and focused on what his goal was in being on the show.

As in my Scott MacIntyre comments this is more than likely going to send me stepping closer to the burning pits of Hell, but enough already Danny, it's common knowledge now that your wife is deceased. It's wrong on several levels to continue to bring up Sophia's name and her death. Perhaps a mention in the beginning would not have been so bad, but afterward man, it could have sufficed to say something to the effect of, "hey, I covered that on the show, it's painful to talk about and I really don't want it to seem like I'm trying to win this contest by using her death". Oh, and mean it.

He has commented recently, as carried on realityblurred.com "I apologize to everybody if they feel like it’s shoved down their face, but it’s so fresh in my mind". There are several other articles in which he repeats this sentiment, yet he continues to carry on about Sophia. He has stressed more than once her admiration for Taylor Hicks, attributing that for being the reason he decided to enter this show in the first place.

If he actually means what he professes why the continued mention of her name? Her death was only seven months ago. If my man passed away within seven months I'd not be able to do this show and look so bloody happy while on it. Then of course, I'm not Danny Gokey.

I find it humorous his last name rhymes with Hokey, considering this guy is coming across my radar as one big ol' husker grifting for a spot in the American limelight. I'd add some information on his church affiliations but my pal at TopIdol has that covered quite well already. She has also questioned his eyewear, I figured he already had an endorsement deal. Guys in the line of practice as Gokey with his church affiliations know how to twist a dime into a dollar. He's also banking on that ability to twist being a church leader into an American Idol win.
Sex, death and money, sonny
Makes this wicked world go round
Sex, death and money
It's the Gospel here in Dragontown
Sex, death and money, honey
Grease the wheels and make them fly
Sex, death and money, sonny
That is why we all are gonna fry

Long live Alice!