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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes, The Sun Shines on the Delta: Taylor Hicks Back on Idol

Taylor Hicks performing his song, "Seven Mile Breakdown", last night on American Idol was absolutely fantastic. This fangurl within was in an absolute fantard high; by the way, did anyone besides me note the Shout out to The Sun? (me)

It's all in the backdrop dear readers - check the background video. Sunny loves you Taylor. Big kiss Mack Daddy. Love how he wore my favorite outfit too; made me creamy.
Taylor Hicks, "Seven Mile Breakdown"

Taylor Hicks returns to American Idol from Pat Boyers on Vimeo.

A.I. 8: Are We There Yet?

That's how I felt watching last night. What an interminably long season this has seemed, yet we still have three more to kill vote off before Adam gLambert wins season eight. Even with Ryan's peppy deliveries, the judges' overly dramatic (see Kara dioTardi) verbal spewing and Egomaniac Jamie Foxx and his in-your-face coaching the evening, (was it only an hour?) toiled on. Thank all that is good and Science Fiction my Walter and "Fringe" is up next.

Kris Allen had a decent meet and greet session with Jamie Foxx who put on his acting shoes promising Kris they were cutting a record based on "The Way You Look Tonight". Foxx, who comes from this area of Texas can act, seen it in his movies and we certainly are seeing it here. Plus with his recent verbal diarrhea shot at little Miley Cyrus he is obviously working to increase his public approval ratings. He's already feeling the side-effect of his actions by Billy Ray's kid; you know 'Miley Cyrus can make or achy break you'.

Kris accompanied by a boisterous big band sound came out crooning making the Tweenie fans in the audience scream. I complete don't understand any of that whole 'heartthrob' thing being put on him. Some things I am simply not meant to understand and I'm okay with that.

Randy had to elaborate how his opinion was what he personally thought; considerate since likely a huge majority of avid viewers might need that definition. Bo-Bo claimed it was Kris' best effort 'to date'.

Kara waved her arms excitedly praising Kris' technical standards and impeccable phrasing giving him 'the Dark Horse' title, trotting out yet another cliche. The Kentucky Derby runs this weekend by the way - if anyone cares.

Paula cougar roared about his boy-next-door morphing into Sophisticated Gentleman (he was wearing a suit, after all).

Simon brought the real with calling his performance 'wet' which I interpreted as "all wet".

Allison Iraheta pleased me with having her hair two-toned red and black and she wore the most adorable fluffy black and white skirted dress. I think I saw that same dress at White House | Black Market last week. Her "Someone to Watch Over Me" sang ala Patsy Cline, was good but she needed more something-something to carry her further in this competition - especially in light of all the fan fraus and tweenies who will be dialing tonight.

Randy, whom I'll refer to as Yo-Yo-Yo, babbled something about her age being "mad young", credible considering she's just turned 17 apparently this week.

Kara proving she's reading all her negative press, obviously shooting for some sort of Good Witch of the North thing told Alli all sorts of good crap.

Paula said something misty-eyed like Allison's delivery was 'tender and alluring'.

Simon again put the crowd back on planet Earth telling the girl he thought she was in trouble this week. Considering how often she has sat in the bottom three, this season, that didn't take a man making more money imaginable by being an ass to come up with.

Matt Giraud has also been reading his press and likely seen the caricature up at the VFTW site. I did not think anyone could wear their hats that low and not have them fall completely into their face. Matt's began his game of hide the mole on his fce and succeeded last night in his endeavor. "My Funny Valentine" his song selection and he worked that song in his best Jazz class styling and pointed out how he pulled a 'B' in Jazz class in college. He tried to impart his best tonal and melodic techniques but came out sounding more I-work-in-a-piano bar than anything. VFTW curse may take effect tonight and send him home. I know I want to.

Yo-Yo-Yo called him pitchy, I called him a melismatic mess. (Is that a word?)

Kara, with her mind still on Matt's 'charms' said he was 'stiff'. Likely the way she prefers to imagine...

Paula gushed how she loved it, felt it and it was excellent. She has a far better imagination than I do.

Simon went South on me and called it the most believable performance of the night.

Perhaps I'm just in a mood but I didn't like it.

Hokey-Gokey did his time with The Foxx looking almost attractive, the whole partial beard thing, the appearance he just wandered out of bed wasn't... bad. Ego Foxx was feeling 'it' too and was all 'up in his grill'. Seriously who thought of that term associated with a person's mouth? The moment was broken, for me when Hokey came out to perform with his trademark goggles and sculpted goatee. He actually sounded much better than he has this entire season last night. That or his initial appearance was still hanging on my hormonal levels. The tune started a little too softly but his build was impressive. I really dug the trombone entry. He ignited the fan kids in the Tard pit into a screaming frenzy. Naturally, he made it was obvious he thought he deserved all that love.
Oh by the way he performed "Come Rain or Come Shine":

Yo-Yo-Yo yapped hip and faked his way by saying he could hear Hokey being able to actually make an album of standards. Basically calling him Michael Buble'.

Kara fully steamy gave a shout out to his "Rat Pack Swagger", deemed him most creative in arrangement, blah, blah, blah. Hate her.

Paula heaped on her Pauler-Love calling him 'stellar' and heading for the Finish Line.

Simon praised Rickey and the band and actually agreed with Kara (traitor!) that Hokey was swaggering. Here I was thinking it was a singing competition not the Swagger Awards. Stupid me.

Finally, finally, finally saving the best for last, Adam gLambert looking smoking hot in a white satiny suit and black shirt gave the show something to feel good about selecting the tune, "Feeling Good". Adored his moments with Ego Foxx, so much man hugging - love it when men are all over each other like that. Foxx was amazed that gLambert wasn't intimidated by him, saying "You don't care who I am at all!". Love Adam for that, Ego was needed a reality check.

Adam entered his performance by regally sashaying down that pink lighted staircase as only he could have, all blue lights and sparkle. Full of brazen campy greatness, Adam strutted his stuff and made me wish I were a man. Just for a short while. He was beautiful- I love how he just throws back and lets it wail.

Yo-Yo-Yo admitted he sounded like a broken record, much like his sidekick Kara.

Kara was momentarily stunned which, thankfully, curtailed much of her overly lengthy blathering we've come to detest.

Paula beamed how gLambert was like Michael Phelps in the Olympics. Not really, but okay, we'll take that comment and add nothing more here...

Simon, begging to pop out with more Gay humor, says with the winning sound bite of the evening something to the effect how Adam is theatrical is like cows moo. Or something. The randomness of that comparison: cows mooing and theatrics, wins.

Best thing about Adam, he completely knocked the wrongness of my brief hormonal surge over Hokey looking 'dirtied up' out of my system, sang he and everyone else completely off the stage.

Down to four tonight and the Mack Daddy will be on to sing, "Seven Mile Breakdown". Big Yay all around. I pick Matt to go home, my personal choice.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rob Pattinson Takes a New Lady

Sadly it won't be me. In this photo of Pattinson he's supposedly hanging out at a Canadian pub and he certainly looks to have been enjoying a few adult beverages. I do love loaded hot men. Pattinson has agreed to take the lead role in “Remember Me,” which is yet another star-crossed lovers type of story without the undead, vampiric theme.

At least he won't be wanting to kill his next leading lady, whomever she might be.
His love interest has yet to be named but Allen Coulter, a six-time Emmy nominee (no wins) is in negotiations for the director spot. Perhaps with Pattinson as the lead he hopes to finally seal that nomination for a win.

Original script was penned by Will Fetters, currently undergoing a rewrite from "Rachel Getting Married" writer, Jenny Lumet. While he has a large fanbase due to his role in "Twilight," Pattinson hasn't moved on to other projects like "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart - she's up to play Joan Jett in the bio-movie, "The Runaways". Pattinson's had to contend with more than unruly hair, his scheduling conflicts have stymied his venturing outside the vampire franchise. "Memoirs"/"Remember Me" is also a Summit picture which should allow for him to work his schedule around filming his other projects.

Until this film is made, Pattinson will have to rely on two independent films he shot prior to his "Twilight" breakthrough to allow fans to see other alternative sides of Pattinson's acting abilities. "How to Be" is currently making the film festival circuits and May 8 the release date for his anticipated Salvador DalĂ­ biopic "Little Ashes".

Robert Pattinson: I Can Haz Cheezburger:

"Love Songs That Kill Me" Cinema Bizarre

(love their hair)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eddie Money - I Think I'm in Love

Trying to rein it in, but man, I know me. Kryptonite: Colliding with my life. Someone Garlic... Crosses... exorcism... anything. lol

Eddie Money. Love him.

Cafe Du Nord "Hide Nor Hair"

Taylor Hicks "Hide Nor Hair" Cafe du Nord

video c/o RobinAgain

Monday Morning Storm Watch

This one of my recent favorite songs: Lifehouse, "Storm"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hicks: Teen Angel Isn't Shakespeare

According to the article from the OC Register, the "Grease" gig Taylor Hicks has been working now for several months wasn't just a desperate move to continue to work in the entertainment industry.

In that article Paul Hodgens, after speaking with Taylor Hicks, wrote Hicks views the "Grease" Teen Angel role "as a character with training wheels". He continues by pointing out Mr. Hicks had apparently "wanted to ease from "American Idol" fame into musical theater" all along - without tackling "Shakespearean-sized challenges".

If that's what Mr. Hicks sought, it's what he got. No one, stretching their imagination even under the influence of recreational substances, could confuse Teen Angel with MacBeth. Regarding anything along the lines of Romeo, well with the Dating With the Stars episode on Regis and Kelly a short time ago, fans could see he's not ready for that part either. Rico Suave, not exactly.

Taylor Hicks related, "I'd been offered some roles previously, but I wanted to make sure the part was right for me". Hicks and the "Grease" entourage arrive in the OC next week, show opens Tuesday, Performing Arts Center, set for a two-week run. Hicks will perform every show except April 29, when he's slated to appear on "American Idol." Of course that may depend whether Obama doesn't carry on too long and kick the show off that night.

Hicks told Hodgens he plans on doing more musical theater, hoping for obtaining parts with increasing popularity and bigger audiences. "Broadway was one of the most amazing things I've ever done as a performer. But I think at some point I want to break into TV and film. I want to learn as much as I can first, though – start kind of small." So what might we find later on the Hicksian horizon? "Raiders of the Lost Harp"? "Soul Glow" tale of the vampiric harmonica player? "Lord of the Harp: Fellowship of the Soul Patrol"? "Fight Club: Tale of the Rabid Fans?" "Batman of Soul Forever" (with Bill Will added in the role of Robin)

Anyone who has followed Hicks for any length of time has heard and read Hicks say, "A career is a marathon, not a sprint. Every morning I get up and remember that the opportunities I've been given are a blessing."

Apparently Hicks is going to continue that marathon but it seems that his ideals and goals are more in-tune with being bitten by the acting bug than sludging through bars and clubs getting his music heard. Of course, I could be reading that all wrong. Right Henry?
Marathon - Rush

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rejection. Sadness.

Wallowing in a sadness about something that I really should not even care about. It was a hard day all around. Beat me world, just beat the shit out of me.

One of the best songs ever; love Dave beating the hell out of that kit.
"Lithium" Nirvana

Ah fuck it.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taylor Hicks On American Idol Wednesday April 29

Taylor Hicks will perform his song, "Seven Mile Breakdown" on that reality show he conquered in 2006, on April the 29th.

"Seven Mile Breakdown" Taylor Hicks

vid c/o Robinagain
*warning first 12 secs look like someone's nostrils*

Reality Show Rocker Who Dissed Me

Now this happened to me a while back, not a recent thing, just thought about him tonight. You see, I had an interview set up - I had contacted the guy through MySpazz, the place of bands and rocker wannabes. I fangurled out about his incredible voice and presence back on Rockstar Supernova (which I knew was doomed for Fail) and I requested an interview. He knew my name from an article I put out "pushing" him from blogcritics.org, so he knew I could at least spell rudimentary words. Too that piece went published in the Icelandic newspapers, was copy pasted on the Icelandic Tourist bureau for a short time.

Frankly I was flattered anyone wanted to read my fangurl prose so did not pursue the fact that other sites were benefiting from my words. I was pleased anyone thought I might have a way with cool wordage that would promote Magni. I really thought he was "It".

That's what made me brave. I actually contacted this man whom I thought the Sun rose with - it was incredibly challenging for me to even put the words together to write to him.

We set up a time to talk and... I was stood up. You see if the continents (he's Icelandic) were not in the way and I could have talked to him - face to face - he'd never done that. I still wonder what he's up to and still find him as intriguing as ever.
Magni Asgeirsson "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Loved this tune:

But yeah, he might have been a "Creep" lol

Damn he was so gorgeous.
Then he did Bowie: "Heroes" I melted over that tune. ha.

Bowie again:

I was active to say the least on the Rockstar boards. I requested to Magni on his blog he do these tunes:


One of his best, "I Alone".

What's he doing these days? Not much that I can tell. He did finish fourth on that reality show.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A.I. Disco Night and Nobody Did Disco Duck: Fail

I was not expecting anything in the way of actual good listening music and I was right. I was disappointed no none did Disco Duck (I kid). Nobody even wore a John Travolta suit. Maybe the group sing tonight?

Last night opened with Lil Rounds. Her hair gets longer each week. Like one of those Chrissie dolls whose hair keeps rolling out of her head with a twist of a button. Lil pulled a nice little karaoke outing with "I'm Every Woman". Lil's sadly missing the point, the show's evolved - you are never ever to perform the song the way it originally was done. That's so season four. Randy the Bo-Bo must have gotten worked up over those Lil rounds, he went right into "Party started!" shouting. Kara set Lil up for a lil let down with initially presenting she might actually say something nice. She opened with 'we've been waiting for you to do an artist like this' then went for the kill complete with bitchface, 'this just wasn't worth the wait'. Pauler pointed out Lil had been a lil sick, Simon did not give a care, copycatting his last week comment to her being a... copycat.

Kris Allen did his best Jason Castro impersonation. Tie some dreads on and wallah - you get the picture. Kris Castro-ised, Donna Summers "She Works Hard for Her Money". Natch the judges wanted to praise him as they've planned him to be one of the top four all along. Certainly the American voting public won't thwart their plans if they play their comments right; transparent as glass. Kara seems stuck on the whole, 'ready to make a record' thing. You know I read she's got her claws into Castro right now. Pauler insulted Carlos Santana saying she heard that in Kris' song. To that end, Darling Daughter had said, "It sounds like a Mexican song" meaning night at El Chico perhaps. Simon must have been bonused prior to show time, he gave Castro 2.0 good marks. Randy, who the Hell knows what he said. Or cares.

We had a lot of fun with Hokey Gokey last night. He was incredibly funny, made us all laugh even my Darling Daughter - in fact she laughed first. A nice sip of merlot completely left my mouth. Hate to waste good wine. The Hokster picked Earth, Wind and Fire's "September". Stuck to the same version as original and was more than a lil karaoke. He skipped about on the stage with an occasional lurching movement (that's what ended that sip of wine) looking earnest and sincere. Daughter asked if this was some sort of graduation song? How her mind works I have no clue. Oh, wait I do. Kara rambled incoherently about Simon wearing a plaid shirt blah blah, Pauler was by now slipping into the drugs and complimented Hokey's range. Range? Right. Last night the range went into screech. Simon thankfully brought some real and told Hoke, nope, no star presence, brought notice to the awkward. Finally.

"Hot Stuff" young Allison Iraheta came out bringing her version of disco which of course sounded rock because, well she is this season's designated rocker. Randy tried to act like Simon but was massive Fail calling this performance 'over-indulgent' then reverting back to Bo-Bo shouted out "You're the best singer in this competition!". Dawg, What? Anyway, Pauler called her edgy, Simon called her the brilliant Underdog. Go Allison.

Adam gLambert brought the soul to "If I Can't Have You", slowing it down, wearing his hot Elvis hair and a shiny lovely suit. He loves that blue lighting - it works, hey if it's not broke...Love when Pauler's moved to tears, she gave him a standing O, Randy said he was Major League, (he forgot Adam is not a sports enthusiast) Kara was inspired, Simon went with the Gay joke saying he'd have bet $10K Adam would have picked Donna Summers. He also added Adam's vocals were immaculate. Spot on, Simon.
Adam Lambert "If I Can't Have You" sadly this is a still but good sound. Damn show keeps killing off the good vids.

Matt G. aka Justin Timberlake light did "Staying Alive". I was thinking, dude you need that white suit and the moves to pull this off! He wasn't bad, Matt has a nice sounding voice, but the best part was the lyrics were really hysterical, "I'm going nowhere, somebody help me!". Perfect song for Matt. Subliminal cry for help, but will it save him? Randy the Bo-Bo hated the song choice, the subliminals flew right by Bo-Bo. Kara was wetting her pants praising him. Matt, seriously dude, hear the Cougar roar. Pauler yapped about bowling. Simon, hating himself for letting the others talk him into saving Matt hated it.

Anooop! wore a lovely gray suit with pink shirt and striped tie. He also grew some facial hair that made him much more masculine. I suppose that's what he was going for. He picked a dull and boring song called "Dim the Lights". I think this song might dim the lights for Anooop! if it wasn't for his very active and energetic fans. Kara thought it was radio friendly, by the way she was licking her lips her inner cougar wanted to pounce. Pauler's cougar radar was peaked - Anooop!'s flashing uber white teeth caught her attention. She likes shiny things too I see. Simon brought everyone back from the gleaming charms of this new Anooop! calling him mediocre at best. Translation, Simon is ready for him to go.

Chances are tonight will see Lil and toss up between Anooop! and Matt say goodbye I would completely be surprised if Kris went but not unhappy. Only one Jason Castro should advance to top four and he was last season. Hokey should hit bottom three if there is any form of fair play on this show.

Little Archies' back tonight. Later.

Portland's the Word: Taylor Hicks Just Out

Opened the browser this morning and first up on the 'to do' reading list, Just Out a Portland area on-line site. Reviewer wrote a piece on "Grease" which has just opened in Portland. Seems they liked parts of it. Like Taylor Hicks.

"And what about Taylor Hicks, you ask? Hicks fans need to manage their expectations. He is not the star of the show. His one musical number appears in the second act; but here’s the good news, he’s well worth the wait. The trimmed down, quite handsome winner of season five of American Idol does a campy and ever-so-slightly gay number that brings a needed boost to the production. And, if you’re a Hicks fan, don’t be the first one out the door, there is a bonus musical number at the end of the staged performance.

And if you’re seriously a fan, Hicks will be in the lobby signing copies of his CD at the end of the evening."

Just Out happens to be an alternative lifestyle site, the kicker for me lay in their descriptor of Hicks' performance. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Taylor Hicks does like that sparkly outfit he's got goin' on.

vid c/o soulindiane

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing Says Family Gathering Like a Stripper Pole

There I was thinking my familial unit is unusual. Down at Gokey Place seems the ideal evening a spin around the golden pole. Pole as in stripper pole. Complete with a camera in the top corner; you know, for those family album moments.

Interesting bonus to the recent 'inside information' from an anonymous 'source' concerning Gokey's religious affiliation, Faith Builders International Ministries. It seems this cult-principled manic-religious themed organization hit a recent peak, no longer just interesting for its potential grifter status (link takes a moment, from the TopIdol site). It gets better. Under super secret swears and oaths this organization touts their tenets as being able to resurrect the dead! Apparently it's like a modern day twist on Tales From the Crypt or a new religious themed Zombies Will Eat Your Brains. Just make sure you're tithing heavily.

"The raising the dead is part of the teaching they ascribe to from the Bible:

“Heal the sick, raise the dead,cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.” Matthew 10:8

Now, the raise the dead part they will TALK about. They’ll tell stories from the pulpit of Smith Wigglesworth kicking a dead baby and it coming back to life in the 1800’s. They’ll tell stories of people being raised from the dead in other countries. Pastor Jeff told us that we are not to discuss the church’s position on raising the dead or healing by faith with anyone especially as it relates to the Gokey situation. He said the devil is trying to bring attacks against the church by spreading lies and we are not to discuss things with outsiders."

Anyway perhaps beside waking the dead this church encourages a rousing workout ala "Zombie Strippers"

"Zombie Strippers"

Any wonder I steer clear of organized religions?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Even Though I'm In Love With Rob Pattinson I Still Love Dave Grohl - Call me Versatile

Dave Grohl and... special guest Will Ferrell.

Then there's this side of Grohl - How Drummers Speak - Kill the Kits:

How Awesome Dave hauls in the cash: Nuclear Sex.

Yeah. My kind of man.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mute Math - Musical Algebra

To say that Mute Math possesses a different sound than the usual suspects found out on the Billboard top 100 charts is a gross understatement. They're eclectically and electrically charged with bits of alt rock, progressive and a heavy dollop of jazz fusion. I'm reminded of some of the rock icons past such as The Police or Radiohead, and a fave, The Alan Parsons Project. The band rolls with a cohesive, intricate sound that will light up your cerebral cortex - they absolutely jam.

Tunes such as "Chaos" or "Stare at the Sun" come across as borderline chaotic - the dummer, Darren King often seems at odds with the flow of the music coming from Paul Meany and his keyboard, yet it fits. I am fascinated with King, he's a dynamic creative percussionist with an obvious love for beating his kit into complete submission. Bass player, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas brings the stand up into the sound and on this song, "Stare at the Sun" alternates between the bass and assisting in percussion in a way that exemplify the true musically intelligent from the want to be poser. Crazy innovative fusion of jazz slash alternative rock.
"Stare at the Sun" Mute Math

Inspired, I wandered the Google highway and discovered they had been in a court battle with their label, Warner Brothers. Evil label, seems Warner Brothers had violated an agreement Mute Math had set with the label. The band did not want association with Word Records branding, a Christian imprint of Warner. Regardless of what agreement the band thought they had with Warner the "Word" logo, was still attached to their album release. This lawsuit wound its way for a few months, but did not stop Mute Math from touring. Incredibly they recorded and released during this chaos, another record which they marketed at concert merchandise tables. Their self-created disc was successful enough that it showed Warner the err of its way and the case resolved in the band's favor.

That action took a high amount of conviction in themselves to buck the system and toss caution to the wind against a label such as Warner. Especially in today's music scene when so many bands struggle to gain a label this group was essentially willing to throw it away on principal. I think that likely the reason for their success and the testament to their true originality. They really are all about the music. It's almost fairy tale ending amazing that this band's strength of conviction triumphed against some formidable potential repercussions.

I fell into adoration of the lead singer, Paul Meany almost immediately. Not because he's gorgeous, and he is, but rather because he's crazy enough to play a keytar. Seriously when has that instrument ever thought of being cool? Never. Meany not only makes it look geeky-freaky cool, he rocks that damn thing like he's Slash in Guns N Roses. The ensemble has an amazing and fierce energy that is addicting to listen to - the four guys responsible for the beauty that is Mute Math: Paul Meany (keyboards, vocals,) Greg Hill (guitars,) Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (bass) and Darren King (drum abuser).
"Typical" Mute Math

"Paper Darren"

For those who like a more traditional sound, Meany and company do "What I Say". Music kicks at about the minute mark, Meany's vocals activate 2:44.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties, Texas Style

(You go Papi!)

Rick Perry Having "Tea" in Austin

So Secession on the horizon? You know Texas has always been 'a whole 'nuther country'. "Texans know how to run Texas"... excellent sound bite from our Governor. Obambi keep your money we don't want any.

Locally, in and around Dallas we were having our own parties.

"We will be called haters, and we are. We are haters of big-spending politicians. We will be called racists, and we are – we are members of the human race," Dennis, a McKinney resident, said as silence turned to roars."

This was not a movement reserved for just Republicans or conservatives, we Libertarians were standing up as well, rallying against big government expansion, federal taxation and, ultimately the insidious form of Socialism being sold to the mass American public by our government. I'm certainly not wanting to be a part of the masses being steamrolled on debt, by our Democratic President Barack Obama. Folks wanted change, hell we certainly have been getting change, although not much in the way of change in our pockets.

Washington. i.e. the elected representatives that we currently have in our government halls need cut spending, taxes and reread the damn Constitution. The Texas slogan, 'Don't Mess With Texas' was seen on posters and signs lining the roadways as thousands turned out yesterday all over the metroplex to stand behind Governor Perry's decision to tell the U.S. government, thanks, but hell no, to the economic/socialist package program. It was a stimulating and exciting imagery seeing so many turning out with one thing in common. Very cool when people driving past honked and waved and shot Peace signs in agreement with the message. Very cool not a bleeding heart beggar for debt anywhere insight.

Word, just say NO to Big Brother. It was an interesting, incredible day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI 8 - The Top 7 Will Happen Again Next Week

Writing about this show right now is nigh embarrassing. Even for we who write for free. There was one good sound bite from Simon last night, "The first piece of bad news, two people go home next week. Second piece of bad news, next week is Disco Week."

Pauler was especially loaded and I do love me some drunk Pauler.

The fact that next week is all about Disco provides me with hope we viewers might be in for one hella entertaining show. Hoping for white suits and John Travolta moves. Think Lil will sing something from Donna Summers? I say not unlikely.

Last night's special guests were Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus. I just can't fault Jennifer, she's one of my favorites to come out of this show. She so pretty, big ol' boomy voice and hell, she won an Oscar. Miley on the other hand is becoming more and more like some kind of Britney Spears in the making. My Darling Daughter was once a major Hannah Montana fan, but as she told me last night while looking at me like I had three eyes, "Mom, that was so last year!"; kids, fans, fickle group.

I wasn't surprised when the judges elected to 'save' Matt G. If you watched closely or even if you didn't, he was featured center front in the group number and had a huge amount of face time. Having two to eliminate next week will also make anything VFTW might be trying to do even harder.

I predicted to D.D. right from the start, Matt was on the chopping block but that he'd be saved. When the show wrapped she looked at me like I was David Blaine. (It's all in reading the signs.) I utilized that moment to tell her how trying to fool me about anything, ever, will be pure folly on her part. Idol, what a great kid intimidating tool.

So bring on the disco anything should be better than the complete snooze fest (outside of Adam) that we had this week.
"Dance to the Music" Sly and the Family Stone

vid brought to you by blackplanetmusic

A.I. Top 7: Movie Tunes That Won't Move You

Movie Tunes night opens with Ryan Seacrest doing the introductions. Perhaps the show has eliminated the 'announcer guy' (unless I just missed him). Tight budgets are everywhere and tonight we see some evidence of those cuts in place even on this show. Change tonight, the judge panel divided up with only two at a time critiques; likely they only have to pay them half this way. (I kid.)

Apparently viewers are getting frustratedthat the Tivo is cutting off that last contestant - in the case of last week, almost a criminal trespass. Also, the great show, "Fringe" is up after Idol and well, we must get to the great and amazing Walter.

I've decided to go with a grading system tonight in honor of Movie hit night and will determine how much I enjoy the contestants with Stars, of course. I can't understand Tarantino's role here other than he's been a huge fan of this reality show and likely did this for free. From now out, I'll be referring to him simply as QT.

Sadly none of the songs picked tonight were any that would have appeared in a QT movie. No, we were provided what amounts to a night of smaltzy gooey love ballads and Bryan Adams. With two of the seven selecting Adams the show should just have tossed up their hands and declared a Bryan Adams night.

First singer up, Allison Iraheta. She picks that damn song from the movie where Bruce Willis has to die to save the planet from a plummeting asteroid. ("Don't Want to Miss a Thing") It's the pop ballad Steve Tyler sold out with to support his lifestyle of the rich and tasteless. This isn't her best performance and I'm being kind by saying that much. She was accompanied by a big string section that tended to over power her; her vocals were too far in her lower register most of the time. Hell it's a suck song and should not have been selected. I give her props for finding leggings and a belt that completely matched her hair.

Paula and Simon were providing her critique and both loved it. I think Simon said the things he did such as, "..it's like barbeque, hot and spicy" (guess he's had some like mine) but pointedly he wanted to take the opportunity to insult Lil Rounds whom he's outspokenly disappointed in.

I give Allison 2 out of 5 stars.

Anooop! hauls out the tired Bryan Adams song, "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)." QT tells him to basically 'man up' the performance as during their initial meet Anooop! was doing his soft spoken usual delivery. He had his Anooop! Troop with him and from the sounds, they'd just had half a kegger before show time. I was wondering why the hell he was wearing a damn baseball type jacket.

Randy and Kara dioTardi were "meh" with Kara passing him a sideways compliment about his Pop and soul delivery, so she sort of liked it more than Randy the Bo-Bo.

I gave him 1 out of 5 stars. Just not likin' it much Anooop! Dawg.

Initially I had held hope Adam gLambert would have picked "Purple Rain", unfortunately that song apparently wasn't in the bin of choices. Seriously, I watched "Purple Rain" at the theatre twice when it came out so to me, that's blockbuster material. Prince has been on the show too, so it should have been a shoo-in for gLambert. If he'd done that tune, they'd have had to pull up the sidewalks though, no point in even thinking who was going to win this season. End the show now on a high note. But then, that's not going to happen anyway, in this economic hell there's more moolah to haul in for FOX in commercial bucks.

Adam was brilliant in how he actually interacts with the band, gets pumped up and involved in his damn song no matter what it is. You can tell the back up singers love him, he at least can put on a show. He ended up with "Born to be Wild", that Steppenwolf song from the movie of all movies, "Easy Rider". I have to stop to honor that great cinematic feature. (love me some motorcycles)
"Easy Rider"

Adam hauled a combination of Axl Rose and Robert Plant into the mix and killed that song. In a good way.

video c/o adamlambert3rw2
Paula started waxing philosophical, saying, "...what makes Adam great is that he dares to dance in the path of greatness...bravest contestant ever" I found that interesting since one other musical interest of mine, according to some fans is dancing at the end of a rainbow. Somehow it seems cosmically fitting.

Simon liked it as much as he could but the audience loved it. Mosh pit fans were screaming like their hair was on fire. Wild Fire.

I give gLambert 5 out of 5 stars. Duh.

Matt Giraud shows up looking like the manager of some sort of Magic Time Machine restaurant or an old West gambler. He sits piano and does "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman". It was just as awful as his outfit. Poor Matt squawked and squeeked, warbled; just tragic. (hit link if you want to listen)

Who cares what Randy and dioTardi had to say, I don't.
No stars. Zippo.

Hokey Gokey was next, and the dude forgot to wear his goggles likely the reason behind his increased amount of squinting. He hauled a harp along on stage for his rendition of that craptastic Lionel Richie/Diana Ross duet, "Endless Love," from the equally abysmal and ridiculous Brooke Shields movie of the same name. Now when I say harp, I'm not talking harp as in Taylor Hicks harmonica, no. Hokey brings a harp like you know, the angels play in heaven. Add song title. Yeah, you're getting it dear reader. (Don't want folks to forget about his 'situation'.)

Considering the show is trying to cut corners and get the FOX viewers on time to watch "Fringe" I have no clue why Hokey was allocated stool and QT time on camera. For one, the stool time with Ryan was about a guitar he just bought. You see, the Hoksters not a musician, he just sings, too he's bored. All that time running around with show things to do and practice yet he's bored. Hokey's rendition was uninspiring and bland. Hooray for Simon to point out his lack of originality. QT tries to get him to stop some of those annoying hand gestures but Hoke knows more and just does what he do. It was a sleeper moment for me, but Pauler thought he brought his "magic place". Whatever and where ever that may be.

2 stars out of 5. He wasn't as horrible as Matt.

Kris Allen came out with the Academy Award-winning song from "Once", "Falling Slowly". Allen had debated using his guitar but opted out. I think he should have but then he did not ask me. It was good, but on a night when so many sang this same type of tune he wasn't memorable and it was bordering boring. Granted this is a singing based competition but man, I want to be entertained too. Nothing noteworthy or original about it.

Randy the Bo-Bo wasn't liking it, Kara commented that no one will know this song. Granted it isn't played in frantic rotation on Clearwater stations but it did win that award thing in front of about 40 million viewers. No matter.

I give Kris 3 out of 5 stars.

Lil Rounds is wearing a Cleopatra wig with wonderful sparkly glitter eye make-up - I dig glittery eyeshadow. Lil picks a big song, "The Rose" from that same named smaltzy movie. She starts off flat, her enunciation horrific. Caught me off guard when she suddenly veered into a gospel number after that weak start, but that was a lil better.

Her vocals hit some jarring breaks, she warbled off tune and ended the song with a rough long note. Lil's redeeming moment occurred after the song ended and the critique began. Paula said something strange and random granting her 'that' look from Simon. Simon then blasted Lil for being lots wrong; not what he had hoped for at all this year for the show. Simon hates being wrong, he had talked her up big time during the auditions as well as during early interview moments, now the ungrateful girl is making him look bad. You know if Simon says you are to be great, you better damn well do it.

It was a deliciously uncomfortable exchange between Lil and the Simon. Obviously she's had just about enough of this show and his talk and she wasn't taking it anymore. Likely Lil was aware that VFTW had her back too. How much that will help her I'm not sure and we can't go by DialIdol this year for anticipatory accuracy in their result findings.

I give her song performance 1 out of 5 stars but I give her after-song moment a 4 out of 5. Give 'em hell, Lil.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shafted by the Rainbow

I've questioned for a long while why in the name of all that is rollicking good fun in the world of music, art, film and celebrity, why so many times there seems to be a gaping chasm regarding a sense of humor among those who follow certain artists? You know, "fans".

I've always felt, even as a kid growing up, now transferred into my adulthood, such as it is that there are basically three types of people. There are those who are 'normal', those who are just 'not normal', and then the criminal element. I'm not going into the third type; not in the mood for them right now. I've gotten to the point in my personal evolution or perhaps it's actually a social degeneration, I can spot 'normals' almost with something akin to a sense of smell. (Obviously I'm not fooling myself here.)

'Normals' - a few examples as defined by Sunny (let me walk in the third person a moment to just see how it feels):

They normally attend regular activities, have a set routine and often are avid believers in a set 'God' and attend churches with others who think as they do. I fly by the seat of my pants on a good day. I'm afraid if I step into a church, a plane will fall out of the sky killing masses amount of people. It would be all my fault. I attended this church wedding a while back and I'm not going to begin to recount the disastrous situations that just kept happening. Naturally it was hilarious - just not to the bride. Sadly, we're not friends anymore.

Often are organized beyond belief in home, cars, work, garages. My garage is like one of those puzzles, you have to move things around to create different pathways but never remove a square to complete some sort of picture. The car is not allowed inside, although the motorcycles have their own shrine.

They feel a seriousness and intensity about things that often make folks not so 'normal' as myself, laugh out loud. You know, like a whack straight-line wind that completely collapses the backyard fence of the neighbor leaving their dogs standing in amazement. While you're watching out of your upper balcony doorway. Laughed until I almost threw up.

I love to play in the internets as a means to entertain myself while doing other things. Last night I came across a site that inspired my thoughts for this post. Topic circled around inspirational thoughts on Taylor Hicks. One sweet poster, very serious in her intents and emotions wrote, "...we should all be rejoicing for Taylor, as he “dances at the end of his rainbow." That had me think of Dorothy and her house spiraling in that twister. (Wiz of Oz) Further down, someone agreeing with her wrote, "As I rejoice in my own “pots of gold” ; I get pleasure out of seeing others travel the myriad of colors on their journey to their “pots of gold”. I thank Taylor for sharing his musical bounty with us." Sounds like it should be on a Personal Expressions from Hallmark Card, right?

Then there was, "I too am guilty of letting the naysayers and pseudo-fans get to me but all it takes is watching Taylor at work to refill my cup with joy." Made me want to refill my coffee cup - with coffee - it was bone dry.

Then this poster, speaking admirably of Hicks not being confused as to his identity wrote, "He is so into being himself and brings it for all to share." He may be in a travelling Broadway show but he's certainly not ready for a role in The United States of Tara.

Reading that material last night; while one part of me understands their intensity, I'm just not a 'normal' and I wound up laughing until I almost threw up.

I know this sounds like I'm raining on their parade or in this case, poking holes in their rainbow. Yes, everyone needs travel their own path, chase their own bliss, you know, all that, but sometimes the vehemency, the seriousness and the extremism regarding intensity folks attribute to an artist blows my mind. I know sometimes I am guilty of getting carried away with the moment; perhaps there's a full moon out, or my feminine hormonal swings are on high alert, but man, comparative reading on various fan sites on various artists opens me up to opposing ways fans of different artists handle their 'fan-hood'.

I've considered age difference, upbringing, the 'normals' vs the 'not so normals' - but is there something else to explain why some in the Taylor Hicks fan base behave so differently from most other celeb fan bases? Maybe it's similar to being a case of internet geography; or a taste in humor; the American sense of humor vs the British sense of humor as example. Don't get me started on the Australians.

As some of you know, I have been visiting some of the Robert Pattinson sites. And yes, I feel almost 'common' for doing so afterall he is a big deal right now and I hate following a herd or pack, but there I am. Anyway, what is refreshing, the vibes throughout the majority of his sites run along what most fans in the Taylor Hicks' world would find offensive or pseudo-fan/bad fan behaviour. People actually say humorous things including snarky innuendos (imagine a comical video like that featuring Hicks... oh wait that would not happen) and are not bitch slapped into next week for doing it.

Snark, joke or question anything about Taylor Hicks and you will find yourself in the position of immediately pissing people off. I read in that one particular Taylor related site last night, the dreaded tag of "pseudo-fans", which is often accompanied by 'why don't you just move on' regarding the frustrations regarding perceptions read on other sites.

It's like a punishment. So, you dare question? You dare make a joke? Then get the hell off and 'move on' you pseudo-fan! Don't let that rainbow hit you in your ass on the way out!
Velvet Revolver "Get Out the Door"

Insightful, Meaningful Exclusive Interview!

Well, not really. But hey, play along with me.

Last week I had an eventful and meaningful experience that lead to this first ever IDOL BLUES exclusive! Hold on to your eyeballs but fate stepped to the plate, or should I say dairy section last week. Perusing over the sour cream, heading toward the milk cooler I almost walked into one of the members of a favorite band I've seen multiple times in concert.

It all began after I stooped down to get my favorite sour cream. I looked up from under my hair, had to flip it back, the mess was not having its best day. I really should cut it, it's gotten so long it hangs in my eyes in the front like a My Little Pony; when I dress gets wound up in my shirts. Damp weather and it frizzes like I've been electrocuted. As I pushed it back, standing a mere 6 feet from me was a guy with hair almost as long as mine. He turned around and I almost dropped the container in my hand.

Eddie Money's song, "Take Me Home Tonight" was playing on the grocer's sound system and I locked eyes with him. I saw he had a bottle of milk in his hand, so I, attempting to have my voice sound as normal as possible, managed, "Hi". (Incredibly articulate, I know.) He smiled and I returned it, I think.

I noticed he was purchasing strawberry flavored milk; haven't drank that since I was a kid and could not have chocolate milk due to allergies. Suddenly that pink and berry flavored milk looked so damn good, I had to get a bottle too. I commented, "So you like strawberry milk too!" (Yes, I can really think on my feet.) He smiled again and said, "Yes, its a favorite of mine - better than chocolate."

That second smile did me in. I just stood there for a moment, the Eddie Money song had ended and things were moving in slow motion. After a second he said, "Well, hey, have a good one." I recovered from the smile to say, "Yeah, you too." (Told you I'm a smart one. Glib.) I did have the semblance of mind to add, "So you guys playing in the area soon?" He grinned and said, "We're doing a show nearby the 25th; just up to talk to a few people." I reached out and shook his hand and we smiled at each other, parted ways with our strawberry milks. I haven't enjoyed a strawberry milk like this in a long, long time. (Milk in picture not the same as the one purchased.)

So there you have it, strawberry over chocolate, and I know the world was waiting to find that little fact out.

Naturally I had to call Darling Man immediately and tell him to clear the slate for the weekend of April 25th. I'm only interested in going April 25, but the line-up can be found HERE
Tickets are incredibly reasonable, and can be purchased HERE
"My Way" acoustic

"Cisco Kid" with Willie Nelson

Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Honor of Easter: The Hicksian Easter Bunny

*Correction* It was merely a Taylor Hicks imposter! Egads.

Hit Taylor Hicks on Twitter tonight - he said he was watching his youtube. *insert eyeroll*

I thought perhaps he'd haul out that Easter Bunny suit just for me. Since he's not, I picked up the slack and "Bunnied" the house tonight. Yeah, and I do Tooth Fairy and the Santa Claus thing too.

Taylor Hicks: American Idol "Taking it to the Streets"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Atlantic Records Signs Jason Castro

Jason Castro announces he's been signed to Atlantic Records. No, I'm not daydreaming, check this video if you haven't seen it already - featured on Billboard.com

I imagine this makes his family quite happy. Well, maybe not Michael so much. I kid.

"I'm an Instrumentalist": Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks surprises with performing "Seven Mile Breakdown" on View to the Bay. He'd been performing "What's Right is Right" in most appearances and for some reason decided to throw in another tune. Could this one be designated as 'next single'?

One thing, it appears, at least from the tape, he's spared banter with Julie Courtney (Dating with the Stars) and her stepfather, host, Christian Spenser this go round.

Hicks performs solo, does the tune acoustic with guitar, delivers a pretty good performance. He stammers right before the first time he sings "The Sun" naturally I think it has something to do with me since well, the universe revolves around me. (Just kidding for those who need explanation.)

During the interview he seems somewhat uncomfortable. Certainly he's not at ease as my new shiny thing, Robert Pattinson, is within that format. Robert also visited The View to the Bay in one of his early interviews promoting his movie, "Twilight". Interesting comment from Pattinson about how hard it is to make it in the music business toward end of the footage. (He loves Tom Waits too, naturally.) Interesting contrast in personalities, how Pattinson conducts himself comparative to how Taylor Hicks presents himself as well.

Taylor talks about the song, written by Wynn Christianson as a take on "...the wrong side of Mississippi in the dead of Summer". Mr. Hicks takes the opportunity to promote his appearance scheduled for April 14 at Cafe Du Nord saying, that it allows him to do all "... kinds of instruments, I am an instrumentalist, harmonica and guitar, good way for people to see me in a different kind of venue." Hicks goes further with how the venue allows him to "Be with the people". He goes for the funny with, "Make sure you don't have any wardrobe malfunctions".
Taylor Hicks and Wynn Christianson "The Badge"

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Microphone Issue: Buttons and Chest Hair ???

Taylor Hicks in San Francisco gets interviewed by CBS 5, Sue Kwon. Taylor talks about not foreseeing 'gracing' the Broadway stage, as well as his time on Idol. Love they used the clip with my favorite purple jacket. Taylor Hicks gives a subdued interview while looking completely handsome.

Ms. Kwon reaches out to touch Taylor: can that scratching sound be the microphone on his chest hair? Took me a while for some reason, to regain focus on the video.

Taylor Hicks ends the segment blowing his mouth harp while Kwon talks about his album, "The Distance".

video c/o pandarose

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Taylor Hicks vs Fame Game

Taylor Hicks fans continue to evidence they have a desire and commitment in debating and discussing the guy and his career. It's a serious matter with some, a thing that keeps many defensive even and creates a divide among the remaining parties on-line that still follow his every Google alert. Now in writing that, I'm not separating myself from those who have him on the Google list; of course I read what those 'bots pick up on a daily basis.

Recently I wrote a blog about celebrity. I stuck with Taylor Hicks and my new shiny thing, Robert Pattinson, as two examples. The topic utilized the types of media celebs endure and touched on one subject near and dear to the Soul Patrol faction - whether or not Taylor is alone in his persecution on-line. It's well known by all of us who follow him, Taylor is used as the butt of many jokes in comparisons to being a 'winner' (Job Hunting Taylor Hicks Style) or a 'loser' per perception. It's interesting how many Google alerts come through with Hicks' name use him as a snarky punch-line.

Some fans agonize over whether American Idol and 19 E, a.k.a. 19 Entertainment, is to blame for Taylor Hicks not being more popular in music or achieving the acclaim they feel he deserves. At the other end of that spectrum, the fans who take the different stand and say Taylor was never meant to be 'that kind of star'. 'He's too much his own man - he won't bow down to The Man and so is right where he wants to be, he's meant to be an Indie kind of guy'. My take, Taylor's obviously making some sort of living doing what he wants rather than spend his days suited up selling real estate or hawking loans in a bank, so hell, that's success in my book.

One of the folks I enjoy on-line wrote, "Most of the Taylor’s failure, lies with him. He made a bad post-Idol cd and that was his shot. He should have been paying attention. People who saw him on Idol and voted for him were expecting a soul and blues cd. The next Michael McDonald? Perhaps the next John Mayer? Soul music has an edge to it, but instead we got corny pop ballads, 70’s/80’s music, watered down soul and a couple of Ray Charles rip-offs. Taylor did a poor job of representing himself, so then he came up with Modern Whomp and nobody, to this day, knows what the heck it is. Just not good enough. Granted, the Distance is an improvement over the TH cd, but people are not forgiving."

Harsh to some to read, but this is a knife-edged insightful take by someone unabashedly free in speaking their opinion. Consider too all the critics who blasted Taylor's first CD that came out of Idol. Granted there were a few who liked it enough to not completely kill it off but it was not what was expected from Mr. Hicks after his Idol stint.

What was expected was a compilation of edgy soulful tunes with a new twist, instead what is on the disk is what that poster wrote, largely pop-ballads no different from what's floating around the Adult Contemporary radio heard in any department store near you. Another haunting statement that arose out of that Idol CD, Mr. Hicks came out with press about changing the face of music, (he said exactly that) and he repeatedly praised that Idol CD, claiming it was a complete representation of him as an artist.

In this MSNBC interview dating December, 2006 Taylor Hicks said, "The album sounds like “modern whomp music".

“It’s like funk, soul, jazz, blues, a little bit of hip-hop beats and rhythms,” he said. “It’s Taylor Hicks’ modern take on soul music.”

I have to say that I absolutely hate when artists refer to themselves in third person.

I recall Gray Charles being gracious in his comments about the CD; he described it as 'having many layers'. At the time I read that it set my radar up that perhaps the album we avid voters from AI and new fans of Hicks might not be what we had eagerly anticipated. When the album dropped, fan reaction on Gray Charles blog was very mixed. Tensions grew and it was about then began the fall out that we have evident today within the Taylor fan base.

On the topic of Gray Charles which, for me, an inescapable and important part of my early fan Taylor memories; I was pretty new to the internet at that time and I learned so much from following Gray. Not how to run a mega-blog I will never have that, I'm not geared that way - rather reading his site. He inspired me to learn some of the more technical aspects of blogging and writing on-line that interested me. I figure that's why so many admire and think highly of Gray - he imparted different learning aspects that some of us benefited from in one way or another.

Returning to Taylor Hicks, many fans regurgitate the theory that Hicks was 'forced into' that post Idol CD and those songs - like held hostage in a darkened room without food or drink until he capitulated. For argument's sake why did he then coin the "Modern Whomp" phrase and tag the phrase to that CD, that body of music? Why did he take time to talk up "Runaround" and other songs as incorporating the Modern Whomp sound? (That was on Gray's as well.) I recall that discussion about the swamp beat, yadda yadda. I don't buy for one moment he was held at knife-point to sing those tunes and 'act' like he liked them. Hicks did refuse to put “Do I Make You Proud” on it - but there are some who think that was a big mistake. "The Distance", his new CD, while being somewhat better (no Kara DioGuardi songs for one) it still is very similar in tone to that Idol CD.

Question arose yesterday from someone I consider an on-line friend. She wrote, "I’m confused. Music Maven mentioned Tay had been with 19 management and the other day people on Grey’s said he never signed with 19 and that was why he got no support. What is the story? Did he lawyer up and refuse to sign with 19 management from the getgo? ...As far as fame and celeb I think Taylor could handle it better than most. Carrie Underwood is handling her success well and she seemed such a wallflower on AI."

In one of my earliest fan related push pieces I wrote about Taylor Hicks, 19E and American Idol Owe Taylor Hicks, I basically plead the case that the show owed him, not the other way around, for the ratings, the attention and the frenzy he had kicked up on Idol. Many folks agreed. I had a big response on blogcritics.org about that as well as it being copy-pasted on most if not all the Taylor fan sites and the A.I. Board. Sometimes I wonder if that theory may have been part of the problem concerning what happened with Hicks and the show afterwards. Not implying I had any influence at all, but rather like that poster said, perhaps Hicks did start to believe too heavily in some of his own hype.

Regarding signing with 19E, that company is associated with American Idol but reading the roster of folks signed to them, he's not on the list. I had heard there was a difference of opinion between Taylor and that organization so likely he never did hit that dotted line. I would imagine much of the dispute was over money since that is a huge contract breaker in many situations.

So to the question as to whether or not Taylor Hicks can handle Big Fame better than most who have attained it, debatable. Looking back on Hicks first foray into the potential for Big Fame I can't say he handled those people very well. I can't say that he worked the system to benefit him, but now he's having to work the system in the most feasible way open to him and his talents.

Poster Music Maven said, "It just seems like it’s the same conversation over and over and over again concerning Taylor. When does it end and people start to accept that it is what it is?"

It has to be a heavy cross to bear to be in a position like Taylor Hicks (and my new shiny thing, Pattinson); creating what they want to do and anticipating what fans want from them.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A.I. Top Eight: Baby Night at Idol

It's contestant baby picture week which means time to do another old song yet somehow make it sound new, add baby pictures. It's pick a song from the year you were born or some shit, with the show now shortened to an hour long format. "Fringe" (YAY) returns tonight and in honor of that moment the cameras flash to a creepy guy from the show. Damn, wish they'd brought Walter. I have big love for Walter. Creepy guy is present, "in-character"; still and unmoving like the cyborg-like being he represents in the show. Honestly he looks like that lead guy in The Blue Man group without the blue.

Anyway the show blasts through nearly ten minutes of baby pictures with Kara dioTardi winning Most Ugly Baby; Ryan inspirationally quipped Kara looked like she just made poopy. Like he should talk considering his infant pic resembled a strawberry blonde buck-toothed bunny. Yes, only if they were as darling as I was.

Hokey-Gokey was a flat nosed little yipper. Interestingly in most of his pre-performance footage he's without those specs. Surely they're not just a show prop? Of course we get to hear how his Pop promoted his singing right out of the damn cradle, growing up with "Son you can sing!" engendering his deeply rooted sense of entitlement from birth. Hokey bored me into checking the channel roster while he was warbling, anything to get away from his flat goggled face. He did "Stand By Me", Mickey Gilley version. (Once again referencing country genre artists. Pandering much?) My Darling Daughter said, Wow, for some reason it sounds like he's doing a Christmas song." (No she was never dropped on her head as a babe.) I think she received that impression from the drawn out manner he performed the song. That brings me to another point, this guy can't perform, period. I've read comparisons to he being like Taylor Hicks, but man, Taylor brought the house down when he was playing in this Idol game. Hokey just manages to stagger around disjointedly making squinty faces. His vocals were flat in parts and just "meh" at best.

dioTardi told Hokey he "killed it", Pauler outright lied and said Hokey set the bar so high tonight (obviously she wasn't yet) who the hell remembers what Randy the Bo-Bo said, and Simon mumbled about lazy and slumped in his chair. I think he's actually tired of trying to appear he's pimping Hokey. The show might have to give him another bonus to keep it up.

Kris Allen was up next, I noticed "Fringe" guy was seated next to his wifey. She was giving her very best High School beauty queen smiles and claps. Kris had some story about taking a day off to go ride a ferris wheel and getting treated to a freebie (ferris wheel ride, a-hem) for knowing Adam gLambert by the fanboy ferris wheel guy. Kris obviously envious of Matt's hanging in the Tard pit last week positioned himself down in and amongst the out of beat clapping tweenies. He was born in 1985, selected "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" ala Don Henley. I liked the addition of the horns, gave it a jazzed up feel. Kris seriously needs to Nair his upper lip and cheeks because, man there's not going to be any facial hair coming out from his face for a few more years if ever. It looks like those boys in high school just starting out shaving who'd let their hair nubs grow just a bit to let the chickies know yes, puberty is on! He sang the song well but he certainly wasn't mesmerizing to watch.

Judges weren't falling all over Kris, with Simon calling it like it was with "boring" being the most apt descriptor.

Lil Rounds once again brought up her name, it really is spelled L-i-l. That and someone in kindergarten or some shit said that her name begged to be up in lights. You know, as in a marquis someplace. Tragically Lil decided on a Tina Turner tune, "What's Love Got to do With It". (1984) Apparently adding to the tragedy that was L-i-l last night, she sat and watched videos of Tina doing that song and had even the Turner moves down pat. It was more than karaoke with bad pronunciation, it was a skeery example of how life should never imitate art, or artists for that matter.

Pauler went with 'you look hot', Randy said something about "mad, mad, you look hot" and "Mary J. Blige" (hate to break it to you Bo-Bo but no Mary J. in '84), dioTardi with complete originality said it wasn't the right song, Simon had the best sound bite calling it a "ghastly copycat".

Anooop! came out apologizing about talking back last week, claimed he wasn't himself, blah, blah. He was a cute baby and being an only child his beaming, proud parents financially supported the photo album market. Born in 1986 he went with Lauper's "True Colors" and unfortunately sounded the same as he has every other week. He's not a good performer, sings expressionless which is a surprise considering all his experience in the UNC boy band. I guess hanging with the boys on-stage more conducive to showing off than handling the stage on his own. His vocals were good, he's got a nice voice, but he's boring. Randy congratulated him on the Tarheels achievement, dioTardi said the song controlled him, Paula said something about a rainbow and Simon called him a singing Yo Yo. (Another check in the Sound Bite column for Simon.)

Scott MacIntyre wins the cutest baby award. He was an absolutely gorgeous little bundle of love, actually could compete alongside me as poster child for Damn Cute. Scott was even cuter than this puppy who is wearing a toilet paper roll on his leg.With Megan Joy flown the coop, Scott brought his "A" game for next Worster contestant pulling all stops. He dressed in black rocker/biker gear complete with a black guitar that he noisily hit the strings now and again. Had his hair donned up like a true '80's rock stah performing Survivor's "The Search is Over". Scott was flat in parts and provided some awesome off-key warbling complete with a jacked-up falsetto that had me writing Dave to pick him, man, he earned it! Brilliant strategy since we all know he's not winning this thing. Importantly Scott went with his quirky humor and decided to pull a Bon Jovi - "Blaze of Glory". Much love for Scott, and much increased respect. I gave him a standing O.

As far as the judges comments, they can suck it.

Allison Iraheta was a cute little tot and she lets us know she'd had singing lessons and it shows, pulling off Bonnie Riatt's "I Can't Make You Love Me". Not one of my favorite songs but she made it work. Man, this gal finds the most interesting things to wear, her skirt looked like some sort of cowgirl gladiator apparel. Loved it. She was the best of the night so far and if she lands in the B3 again on that 'familiar chair' those idiots power voting for the likes of Hokey need to have their phone options canceled.

Judges liked her but Simon had to comment that perhaps the voters just don't know who she is and not that popular, prompting her to ask in a quiet voice, "So nobody likes me?". Shame on you Ameerika! Voting just for the erroneously perceived 'cute guys'; Word, they're not gonna date you. Kara wanting to sound cool yelped something about 'let's go make a record!'. Like she's going to fund that project. *insert eyeroll*

Matt G came out in his Justin Timberlake outfit and did 1985's "Part-Time Lover" likely a tribute to departed Alexis according to the rumor mill. His opening segment was ridiculously cheesy. Apparently Matt was one of those bossy diva kids - film footage showed Matt glaring and throwing his weight around (all 75 pounds) while wearing his angel white in his role as head angel in a school production. Sad thing, he seemed obnoxiously proud of that moment as he recounted how he had 72 lines (!!!). Yes, Matt that's your defining moment of why you should be famous. I will be nice to Matt for a moment, he has a sort of an Al Jarreau thing going on with his vocals.

Best judge comment, Pauler, showing that even while heavily drugged can count better than dioTardi, she said to Matt, "Two Words, Standing O."

And now for the guy who's likely to win the whole enchilada: Adam Lambert. He's candidate for next Cutest Baby, loved his introduction, as if we needed to guess, he wasn't much into sports and preferred to play dress up. With Capes. Doesn't get any better than capes, well except masks. Uber great dress up combo, capes plus masks. Adam was born in 1982, selects "Mad World" by Tears for Fears one of my fave 80's bands. Adam's genius shines through as he while seated, performed the tune in an uber controlled styling with just blue light filling the stage. Can't tell I like Adam one bit now can you, dear readers?

First time in the history of this show, Simon Cowell gives a standing ovation. Enough said.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pattison: Like Some Franchise Star - My Naked Calendar Coming Out Soon!

This video a compilation of short clips of interviews with Robert Pattinson and cast of the "Twilight" show. Worth every moment, some of the funniest footage I've ever seen done by any celebrity. Pattinson is raw, natural and completely real. He's as crazy and strange as I can be. Look out Darling Man (my current spouse) damn, I think I've found my soulmate. *giggles*

*imagine hearts and fluffy bunnies shooting about the page*
Not sure who to give this credit for compiling, but whoever you are, great job.

You Have to be Crazy to Want Celebrity

The same old story, different name of the obsession. It doesn't matter really who it is in the world of celebrity, apparently it's a part of the human brain anatomy to create a surreal environment. Following a few different fan groups along the lines of a scientific experiment has provided me an inside view of the beast the celebrity must deal with; one thing that maintains similarity - media and fan reaction.

Media supplies the fuel that feeds the fans' reactions with stories or rumors following each other from one viral gossip site to another like a round robin game of Chinese Whispers. Each translation carrying more fantasy and an increasing sense of fact no matter if true or not. Meanwhile the celebrity of focus is left trying to scrabble some semblance of truth from the mess the media rats posing as journalists have created for them.

Likely this facet of almost immediate notoriety something guys like Taylor Hicks and Robert Pattinson had to fast track, both hit celebrity with a speed akin to a flash of light. Taylor Hicks became a household name and a pivotal force within a matter of weeks on the FOX reality show, American Idol. Rob Pattinson, hit the track after securing the role of tragic hero, lovestruck vampire, Edward Cullen, in the Stephanie Meyers' book to movie series.

One of Taylor Hicks biggest challenges in the media has to do with the very thing he's set himself as a career path - his singing. The gossip hags within the on-line vortex found early on if they wield insults and criticisms about the guy's singing, their articles get hit hard. On one hand, the more something is said the more readers think it carries truth, the other hand, after a while those who continue to carry the story feel elevated, hip and in the know. Besides it is always more interesting and enjoyable to make fun of others lest you are the target or the butt of the joke. Problem here, this sort of thing creates it's own demons that can be a real buzz-kill for an artist's career path.

Fans too are targeted. By insulting the fans following the celebrity, intention to make that celeb look less desirable. The nuttier the fans portrayed, the more unattractive they may seem to be in pictures creates a more insulting and demeaning environment for the person they are following. Word catches on, readers read or look at photos of the folks media castigating and are given pause to think how they might not want to be a part of that crowd.

Most of the time media mongrels place fans following a celebrity in either the teen-age hormonally driven mindless bracket or the bored house wife category. I don't care if the celeb is Joe Jonas, Taylor Hicks or Rob Pattinson or a Michael Buble', the fans are thrown together in one of the two groups, or both.

In the case of Taylor Hicks, the 'in' thing concerning his fans: cast him as adored by plump females largely hanging in the menopausal crowd. You know, like perhaps an elderly Auntie who thinks a wild night out is dinner at Luby's and Bingo. Can't tell you how often I've read about the "Grannies" knitting him sweaters and scarves. Like anyone under fifty can't knit. Okay, I can't knit. Regardless of truth or untruth or really who cares how old someone is to enjoy music. This slant merely provides the media more fuel to attempt to sound witty, make snide comments and get internet attention. That is one thing important in the internet world since so many writing positions are not financially very viable and the attention can work for them on several levels.

Heckler Spray.com writer, Stuart Heritage, one of the baddest boys when it comes to dissing celebs, he's also one of my favorite celeb bashers, notably one of the funniest to read. "Taylor Hicks Unexplainably Labelled ‘Hot’" an article written by Heritage the year Hicks' won Idol. Heritage draws the reader into the piece with, "Where did all the hot guys go? You know the ones we mean; the slightly overweight, prematurely grey hot guys that can't manage to get through a rudimentary sentence without whooping like a Tourettes sufferer walking barefoot over Lego. Right girls?".

In this piece, Heritage said, "Taylor Hicks In Producer Lawsuit Frenzy" says, "It's hard enough winning a televised talent show like American Idol when you have the outward appearance of a fully functioning cognitive human being - so imagine how tough it must be for Taylor Hicks". I mean damn, people, that's funny. Thing is outside the humor those seeds of doubt hit the reader, sprouting ideas such as 'hell, he's just not cool, he is spazzy' he's an idiot.

Guys like Heritage are now running amuck with a viral campaign going on against Robert Pattinson that really stinks. Google alert after alert reads the same material as the entertainment sloughers vie for the funniest take on the idea that perhaps handsome Rob isn't fond of bathing. I traced the first of this rumor to a male writer; in fact overall it is the male entertainment writers deriving the most glee in casting Pattinson in a bad light, or in this case, in a bad smell. I say don't hate him because he's beautiful.

"Twilight" is currently shooting in Vancover, and this article in the Vancover Sun discusses Canadian singer Adaline's chance recent encounter with Pattinson at a club. Adaline said, following her brief moment spent with Pattinson, "In the end it was lovely to meet the man who so well depicted the character so many people love. I can tell you two things: 1) Even though Robert is not Edward, he has the same intense stare in real life. It took me off guard. 2) He smells lovely. The stinky thing is a bunch of tabloid garbage."

Put that in your bong pipe Heritage, et al, and smoke it.

Another viral story that is in high repeat mode, Miley Cyrus' comment about Pattinson not being liked for himself - rather the fans mistaking him for his movie character, Edward. (Not really that unlikely.) Naturally Heritage gives it a go to put fresh spin on it and liven up Cyrus' statements in "OMG! Miley Cyrus Totally Doesn't Love Robert Pattinson! Etc!". Stuart shares with the readers, "Everyone knows that Robert Pattinson has two main target markets - hysterical teenage girls and lonley (sic) old women.

So Miley Cyrus should be perfect for him. Miley’s got a little bit of both Robert Pattinson fans in her - the enthusiasm and breathless cadence of a teenage girl, plus the speaking voice and dead-eyed world-weary cynicism of very, very old lady."
Hilarious, true but yet spookily accurate descriptor of Miley considering in public appearances evidence of a typical girl of her age sorely lacking.

One thing I have read extensively since I became a part of the Taylor Hicks' fan base, the fans upset about how he's portrayed, that he's selected out of the world of celebs and singularly castigated and insulted. One thing I can confirm, that is not the case, the kind of abuse Taylor's hit with is very similar to what many in the bright glare of celebrity experience. So take heart Soul Patrollers, (or just plain ol' fans of Taylor Hicks), at least he's not being accused of smelling like a 'sweaty tramp's dirty rectum like Pattinson.

(That poor kid's transfixed.)