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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Microphone Issue: Buttons and Chest Hair ???

Taylor Hicks in San Francisco gets interviewed by CBS 5, Sue Kwon. Taylor talks about not foreseeing 'gracing' the Broadway stage, as well as his time on Idol. Love they used the clip with my favorite purple jacket. Taylor Hicks gives a subdued interview while looking completely handsome.

Ms. Kwon reaches out to touch Taylor: can that scratching sound be the microphone on his chest hair? Took me a while for some reason, to regain focus on the video.

Taylor Hicks ends the segment blowing his mouth harp while Kwon talks about his album, "The Distance".

video c/o pandarose


  1. LOL at the scratching chest hair thing! I loved this interview.:)

  2. jerseyirish1:07 PM

    Sunny, Saw that it bit ago thought it was pretty good.


  3. hey, looks like my comment disappeared! Luckily, I didn't say anything super-clever that I have to try to remember. Luckily, I NEVER say anything super-clever. :)

    That's a nice interview. He looks tired, but it's probably early for him. Gald to hear that acting is on the back burner and music is still his focus.

    Another new photo? Very cool.

  4. I thought I corrected that mis-spelling: gald=glad. And I meant there's a new photo of YOU.