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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pattison: Like Some Franchise Star - My Naked Calendar Coming Out Soon!

This video a compilation of short clips of interviews with Robert Pattinson and cast of the "Twilight" show. Worth every moment, some of the funniest footage I've ever seen done by any celebrity. Pattinson is raw, natural and completely real. He's as crazy and strange as I can be. Look out Darling Man (my current spouse) damn, I think I've found my soulmate. *giggles*

*imagine hearts and fluffy bunnies shooting about the page*
Not sure who to give this credit for compiling, but whoever you are, great job.


  1. jerseyirish4:56 PM

    Sunny, That was a long one to watch, in between cooking dinner watched a litle, now just finished it up. Love his sense of humor, and his laugh just tickles me, really nothing put on about him. Got a kcick out his 4th of July comment. He seems like a pretty down to earth young man.


  2. I love his laugh! He's a riot. Thanks for watching JI!

  3. Seems like I haven't had much time to click on any videos lately. I'm just popping to look at your new photo. You look so cute and very mysterio-so! I like it. Makes me want to come up with a photo, too.

  4. Had to block out my kiddo. Don't want her face in this context in this fan world. ha. Henry8 and the bitches once made fun of a photo I had on here long time back. I took it myself, holding the damn camera so I had distortion going on... lol

  5. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Damn Sunny, he's really as idiotic as you. It's like you in guy form. I want you babe... pant pant


  6. Ahahaha! Good news by the way (referring to your call yesterday).