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Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Honor of Easter: The Hicksian Easter Bunny

*Correction* It was merely a Taylor Hicks imposter! Egads.

Hit Taylor Hicks on Twitter tonight - he said he was watching his youtube. *insert eyeroll*

I thought perhaps he'd haul out that Easter Bunny suit just for me. Since he's not, I picked up the slack and "Bunnied" the house tonight. Yeah, and I do Tooth Fairy and the Santa Claus thing too.

Taylor Hicks: American Idol "Taking it to the Streets"


  1. jerseyirsh11:54 AM

    Sunny, Always loved that performance, he did a great job, daughter came in and got a kick out of the bunny gig.

    So did you "twitter" Taylor and he "twitter" you back? Cool if he did. Still don't get how it works, just reading.

    Have a nice Holiday!!!! :)


  2. What a waste to have that guy hidden under a bunny costume. Although, maybe he's seizing the opportunity to get out today without being noticed by wearing one! Beware the Easter Bunny today. It could be Taylor.

  3. Ah, a step back, when we were oh so innocent, and hopeful.