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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bye-Bye Birdie: She Put on a Happy Face

I have to say this had to be the best ever send off any VFTW pick has ever had on this show. Megan Joy embraced her VFTW status and celebrated it while simultaneously enraging Simon Cowell. I'm proud of her, yet sad the Worsters could not save her this week - we all knew it a matter of time.

In the crowd tonight flashed Jason Castro sitting next to Alexis. Whoopee. Best shot of Kara tonight - when Ryan announced Lady GaGa was to perform "Poker Face". No Poker face there, I read, "contempt" on Kara's face. Yes, I have been watching "Lie to Me" and he's (the character) teaching me all about how to spot those give away expressions. Few more episodes and I'll be a bloody expert. (Inserting j/k for those who need explanations.)

Ford commercial sucked as usual and the group sing was horrible. They performed Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and as we all know, lip-synched the damn performance. You know, that marching back and forth dance routine just too complicated to have them sing simultaneously. *rolling my eyes here*

A few of the contestants took 'good natured' pot shots at each other mimicking singing styles but no one could do an "Adam". *insert smug look here*

Scott still had his hair-netted-do on - likely the spray was still crispy from last night.

David Cook performed and midway through his boring song Darling Daughter asked me "When is this song gonna end? He's been like singing for four minutes." (I'm telling you, she's a mini-me.) Camera flashes to Davey's Mum showed she was sufficiently blinged out and I'd say by the way she was handling the sparklers it was a show of 'look what my Davey's bought me'. Idol trotted out David's platinum record, - uh, hello, Taylor Hicks did they ever do that for you? Let's say 'no' and leave it at that. *more rolling eyes here*

I was wrong in the outcome of this show (it happens) I was going by performances and not checking the pulse of the random idiots out there voting on this show. *see dialidol* Apparently sufficient numbers of fans for Matt got up off their duffs and voted for the guy this week. If it were me, he'd have left and Caw-Caw Corkery would still be there to trill and do her Sallie Josephine dance another week. Man, at least she was original.

I have to say I completely hate Hokey Danny Gokey for life now - his gloating is over the top each time he's saved. The man has no shame and absolutely no class whatsoever. He's a fug scammer and I hate him; there, I feel better. Adam has outsung Danny-the-cult-fundie now for weeks and yet every week Adam is deemed safe, he's quiet and polite. Love him for that. *Big hug to you my Adam gLambert*

I adored Megan Joy tonight, she gave me utmost joy on her sing out. Such bravery she showed the ass producers and that damn rude Simon Cowell. I hope she one day gets that spot in the music life she deserves for being different and unique and not being useless pandering fodder for this show. (Props to Allison for being her support tonight.)

Cheers, Megan, spread that Sunshine.

"Put on a Happy Face"

(Dear readers, thanks for putting up with my love of the asterisk tonight.)


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Just thought I'd pop in here to see who got the boot. LOL. I can't bear to watch result nights it drives me crazy. I have hardly watched the show for the last 2 years anyway. I've seen it enough this year to know who the top 12 were. Most of the time I just flip the channels back and forth waiting for Adam to sing. LOL. He could be big. If he loses he could take off like Daughtry LOL. If he wins they could pair him with Kelly for a tour before he hits the arenas himself.
    Tell your daughter she's right Cook is boring. LOL. I didn't see him tonight but what I've seen of him lately I'm "underwelmed." I thought I liked him last year. Go Figure?


  2. Dee I think Idol has a hot one with true talent in Adam. He's the complete package deal. I liked Cook well enough last season, his "Billy Jean" and "Hello" were good for Idol and entertaining. Never liked him enough to pick up the phone though. He was who should have won last season. It is hard for me to remember who was even on the show besides he and Archie and Castro. *shrugs* They were a forgettable group.

    Season five still stands as one of the best seasons to date regarding overall talent in the group.

  3. jerseyirish6:49 AM

    Sunny, Thought Megan would be the next to go, really admired her for cutting Simon, may have been the kiss of death for her, but she stood up for herself.

    Adam comes across as being humble and happy to be there. Danny comes across that he should be there, big difference.

    Again your little one is right on, David C's single was boring, he seemed almost nervous last night didn't come across well at all.

    You are right about Season 5, they were all pretty much standouts, can remember all of the top 12's names only remember really the winners and runner ups since. A couple names still jump out at me like Jason and Melinda D. but thats about it.


  4. jerseyirish8:27 AM

    Sunny, Taylor and the platinium record, maybe they are waiting for this appearance to give it to him, right, just another slight to Taylor.


  5. So far no word, JI if he's even going to make an appearance. Boo on the show if he's left out.