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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reality Show Rocker Who Dissed Me

Now this happened to me a while back, not a recent thing, just thought about him tonight. You see, I had an interview set up - I had contacted the guy through MySpazz, the place of bands and rocker wannabes. I fangurled out about his incredible voice and presence back on Rockstar Supernova (which I knew was doomed for Fail) and I requested an interview. He knew my name from an article I put out "pushing" him from blogcritics.org, so he knew I could at least spell rudimentary words. Too that piece went published in the Icelandic newspapers, was copy pasted on the Icelandic Tourist bureau for a short time.

Frankly I was flattered anyone wanted to read my fangurl prose so did not pursue the fact that other sites were benefiting from my words. I was pleased anyone thought I might have a way with cool wordage that would promote Magni. I really thought he was "It".

That's what made me brave. I actually contacted this man whom I thought the Sun rose with - it was incredibly challenging for me to even put the words together to write to him.

We set up a time to talk and... I was stood up. You see if the continents (he's Icelandic) were not in the way and I could have talked to him - face to face - he'd never done that. I still wonder what he's up to and still find him as intriguing as ever.
Magni Asgeirsson "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Loved this tune:

But yeah, he might have been a "Creep" lol

Damn he was so gorgeous.
Then he did Bowie: "Heroes" I melted over that tune. ha.

Bowie again:

I was active to say the least on the Rockstar boards. I requested to Magni on his blog he do these tunes:


One of his best, "I Alone".

What's he doing these days? Not much that I can tell. He did finish fourth on that reality show.


  1. jerseyirish7:34 AM

    Sunny, He stood you up? No excuse cause he is Icelandic. His voice and style reminded me a bit of Chris Daughtry. Hope he has done ok since being on the show.


  2. We were suppose to interview but he ditched. Never met him face to face. :cry

    I suppose at that time when he was really busy, the time might have gotten away from him.