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Monday, April 13, 2009

Shafted by the Rainbow

I've questioned for a long while why in the name of all that is rollicking good fun in the world of music, art, film and celebrity, why so many times there seems to be a gaping chasm regarding a sense of humor among those who follow certain artists? You know, "fans".

I've always felt, even as a kid growing up, now transferred into my adulthood, such as it is that there are basically three types of people. There are those who are 'normal', those who are just 'not normal', and then the criminal element. I'm not going into the third type; not in the mood for them right now. I've gotten to the point in my personal evolution or perhaps it's actually a social degeneration, I can spot 'normals' almost with something akin to a sense of smell. (Obviously I'm not fooling myself here.)

'Normals' - a few examples as defined by Sunny (let me walk in the third person a moment to just see how it feels):

They normally attend regular activities, have a set routine and often are avid believers in a set 'God' and attend churches with others who think as they do. I fly by the seat of my pants on a good day. I'm afraid if I step into a church, a plane will fall out of the sky killing masses amount of people. It would be all my fault. I attended this church wedding a while back and I'm not going to begin to recount the disastrous situations that just kept happening. Naturally it was hilarious - just not to the bride. Sadly, we're not friends anymore.

Often are organized beyond belief in home, cars, work, garages. My garage is like one of those puzzles, you have to move things around to create different pathways but never remove a square to complete some sort of picture. The car is not allowed inside, although the motorcycles have their own shrine.

They feel a seriousness and intensity about things that often make folks not so 'normal' as myself, laugh out loud. You know, like a whack straight-line wind that completely collapses the backyard fence of the neighbor leaving their dogs standing in amazement. While you're watching out of your upper balcony doorway. Laughed until I almost threw up.

I love to play in the internets as a means to entertain myself while doing other things. Last night I came across a site that inspired my thoughts for this post. Topic circled around inspirational thoughts on Taylor Hicks. One sweet poster, very serious in her intents and emotions wrote, "...we should all be rejoicing for Taylor, as he “dances at the end of his rainbow." That had me think of Dorothy and her house spiraling in that twister. (Wiz of Oz) Further down, someone agreeing with her wrote, "As I rejoice in my own “pots of gold” ; I get pleasure out of seeing others travel the myriad of colors on their journey to their “pots of gold”. I thank Taylor for sharing his musical bounty with us." Sounds like it should be on a Personal Expressions from Hallmark Card, right?

Then there was, "I too am guilty of letting the naysayers and pseudo-fans get to me but all it takes is watching Taylor at work to refill my cup with joy." Made me want to refill my coffee cup - with coffee - it was bone dry.

Then this poster, speaking admirably of Hicks not being confused as to his identity wrote, "He is so into being himself and brings it for all to share." He may be in a travelling Broadway show but he's certainly not ready for a role in The United States of Tara.

Reading that material last night; while one part of me understands their intensity, I'm just not a 'normal' and I wound up laughing until I almost threw up.

I know this sounds like I'm raining on their parade or in this case, poking holes in their rainbow. Yes, everyone needs travel their own path, chase their own bliss, you know, all that, but sometimes the vehemency, the seriousness and the extremism regarding intensity folks attribute to an artist blows my mind. I know sometimes I am guilty of getting carried away with the moment; perhaps there's a full moon out, or my feminine hormonal swings are on high alert, but man, comparative reading on various fan sites on various artists opens me up to opposing ways fans of different artists handle their 'fan-hood'.

I've considered age difference, upbringing, the 'normals' vs the 'not so normals' - but is there something else to explain why some in the Taylor Hicks fan base behave so differently from most other celeb fan bases? Maybe it's similar to being a case of internet geography; or a taste in humor; the American sense of humor vs the British sense of humor as example. Don't get me started on the Australians.

As some of you know, I have been visiting some of the Robert Pattinson sites. And yes, I feel almost 'common' for doing so afterall he is a big deal right now and I hate following a herd or pack, but there I am. Anyway, what is refreshing, the vibes throughout the majority of his sites run along what most fans in the Taylor Hicks' world would find offensive or pseudo-fan/bad fan behaviour. People actually say humorous things including snarky innuendos (imagine a comical video like that featuring Hicks... oh wait that would not happen) and are not bitch slapped into next week for doing it.

Snark, joke or question anything about Taylor Hicks and you will find yourself in the position of immediately pissing people off. I read in that one particular Taylor related site last night, the dreaded tag of "pseudo-fans", which is often accompanied by 'why don't you just move on' regarding the frustrations regarding perceptions read on other sites.

It's like a punishment. So, you dare question? You dare make a joke? Then get the hell off and 'move on' you pseudo-fan! Don't let that rainbow hit you in your ass on the way out!
Velvet Revolver "Get Out the Door"


  1. I like the author of the blog post you're referencing (I'm not saying that you don't), so after I read it this morning, I couldn't come up with a comment. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She's a good writer and means well, but...well, I've never understood why we can't have a civil discussion about why we're disappointed about something regarding TH.

    I guess it comes down to what I always tell myself, "Live and let live." I don't mind if other fans want to completely focus on the positive, suppressing negative thoughts. If that makes them happy, God bless 'em.

    I don't like it when people are cruel or post negative things that simply aren't true. I think Taylor endures a lot of that stuff from non-fans. That makes me angry.

    But having an open discussion that's balanced is healthy. As long as it isn't mean-spirited, I think it's cool.

  2. I don't mean any insult to her but the whole bloody rainbows and pot of gold talk is funny Caryl. Seriously. Talk about caught up in the idiom.

    I'm also completely sick of reading shit like "pseudo fans" - what the fuck does that even mean? That blather is much more insulting than my having a giggle over some overly earnest folks waxing poetic. Plus all the jokes about Hicks farting glitter and rainbows not helped by that discussion. :laugh:

  3. P.S. If you read that post you'd realize they were jabbing at Grey's site.

  4. jerseyirish4:31 PM

    Sunny, I think I'm pretty normal with the whole Taylor thing, just don't see where it is my place or any other fan's for that matter to map out how his career should go and what he needs to be doing to get there. I like it over at grey's don't always agree but I believe she is fair to the posters there. I'm with Caryl can't understand why folks can't talk without getting emotional no matter what any of us say, he is going to do what he wants and thats the way it should be. I know many are not happy with the Grease role, I thought it was great, him branching out and trying his talents in theatre, never saw it as a sell out on his music, thats just my opinion and have always felt that way.


  5. I really don't care what he does either JI. I haven't been mad about "Grease" as you might remember - I use to have a pic of him with angel wings on this site. (top corner) He's using what he thinks he needs as a "vehicle", to use a getting tired analogy.

    I am sick and tired of folks slamming others over differing opinions, daring to question and calling names like pseudo-fan. That's so pretentious and damn judgmental.

    It's like some sort of oxymoron, the fan calling other fans names over that first fan not always being a ray of sun over everything Hicks does. Ridiculous. I almost posted there about it but figured I'd be deleted. lol

  6. Yeah, I figured she was talking about itsallgrey. I don't think anyone is over there giving Tayor career advice. People like to say that but I've never seen anyone say, "Dear Taylor, this is what you should do," (unless it was a joke). We're just sharing opinions. What's the big dealio?

  7. jerseyirish5:53 PM

    Sunny, Off topic, just ran to the store, I was in line and your boy Robert was on the cover of a magazine, and everyone was saying what a cutie he is. This woman in back of me had to be late 70's said "that is one fine looking young man, he could leave his shoes under my bed any day", laughed all the home.


  8. JI that is hilarious. He's one damn gorgeous guy.

    Naturally I bought the GQ magazine and every other one I see. Darling Man's mag co.s (he's handling Time, People a few others) haven't anything yet (that I know of) with Pattinson. I keep hitting him up to make sure he brings home a copy when they do. (we'll see about that..) Hahahaha!

    Thanks, that made me laugh.

  9. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Well Sunny mark me down as one who liked the image of "Dancing at the end of the Rainbow." LOL. Must be the artist in me. I think we all are in search of that experience whether it be the attainment of the enlightened state that Buddha addressed or the pure bliss of love between a mother and child. I thought once I had reached an enlightened state but have since decided it was just an intense manic episode. LOL. Got a kick out of your three kinds of people. Not too sure I would call your discription of normal people as the normal ones though sounds more like people with a stick up their ass. LOL. After reading your discriptions I guess I'm teetering on the brink between the first two. LOL. As far as Taylor fans.... Well... fans are fans and they come in all the colors of the rainbow. (sorry couldn't resist).I think as fans it's easy to get over involved sometimes and bring our own baggage to the forums. Sometimes the overly positive fans get under my skin and sometimes it's the overly negative. LOL.
    I usually don't take what anyone says too seriously because I figure they may be just like me "moody as hell".


  10. littlewing9:31 PM

    I guess I fall somewhere in between "normal" and "not normal", though probably lean more towards "not normal", LOL. The pseudo fan moniker is a misnomer. So, one is considered a fake fan if dissension or disagreement in what Taylor does is expressed? It is presumptuous and erroneous to be branded this way. Personally, I don't judge those who choose to highlight only the positive, and I would expect the same from them should I happen to express a counter opinion.

  11. Excellent point littlewing. I normally don't write up anything I find on the side of semi-whacky or amusing on the boards like this. Normally I let their freak flag fly, you know. What irritated me is the continual branding that carries on unnoticed and not checked - the pseudo-fan, the bad fan, especially when I see veiled insults directed at myself or folks I enjoy.

    Dee you notice I did not put up a link or anything you might have contributed to the conversation. I have respect. Nothing you said warranted that only really one person did. The others I'm not hating on - just found them sort of funny.

    I'm an artist myself.

  12. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Yea thanks Sunny. I think that was the first time I ever commented over there. LOL. Only about the third time I ever visited. It is interesting to visit some of the sites and their different flavors.


  13. Well Dee they're talking about it in their sooper secrud forum that only a handful of folks are a member of. Guess it's better for them than swapping recipes for a change. Not the first time I've been discussed there either. ha.

    One guy's "hee hee" another guy's pain.

  14. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Sunny, great blog. This is the reason so many fans have backed off and left the fanbase. Too many self-righteous, judgmental, conservative, tea-drinking, red-hat society (ha), frumpy, delusional, showing your age, hateful old bats in this fanbase.

  15. Check out the responses on my Spinshack site. Some special friends have replied. I love feedback.

    So are you chasing your pot o gold today? Where's me Lucky Charms? *grins*