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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hangover Blues: It's a band

It's also my condition today.

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  1. jerseyirish7:58 PM

    Sunny, My son was a concert today with local bands. Called and said he didn't want to drive that he could get a ride home but not his car, so hubby and I went and got him. It was all you could drink for $10.00, he got his money's worth. His one buddy not so lucky, he tried driving home got a DWI. Son thought he had gotten a ride home too, he was drinking a whole lot more than my son. Son said his parents wouldn't understand that he couldn't call them like my son does if he in need of help. We always stressed to him call us don't drive no questions asked just don't get behind the wheel, so he is very comfortable calling us. Kids parents had to bail him out, think it would have been a whole lot better if he could have just called them in the first place. Told son we would have taken him and went back for his car, it would not have been a problem for us.