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Friday, February 29, 2008

VFTW Saves Biker Momma, Little Alaina Kicked Out

Jason Castro is going on to the next round, for that I'm very glad.

I only got one right out of my four picks this week, Jason Yeager. Little Alaina just had no real story line nor an interesting pre-show clip, so popularity wins again over singing talents displayed.

Kady certainly looked like she expected to go home, I can't help but like this girl's attitude. She was overheard by one of the audience members as saying about Archuletta, "I don't know why he's looking nervous he's not going anywhere." That is great, seems this girl is certainly not stupid. Kristy Lee Cook gets to stay due to her assets displayed in her tight outfit and really, could she have spread her legs any farther apart and remained standing? Crazy. Horse back riding skills at work. Luke Menard, just a matter of time, perhaps next week. I know I'd not buy any of the guy's high pitched singles.

Speaking of which, you can get your iTunes of the show for your very own, I'm amassing a collection of my Dreadlocked Darling's. The kid, I hope, will pull a great song out of that magical mystery song selection next week.

I wonder if the show has this on the list:
Peter Gabriel, "Your Eyes"

I can imagine Jason Castro pulling that song off. Baby, play the guitar if you want, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

VFTW Picks Amanda - Idol Gets Beatles - Finally

My biker sistah has been officially crowned the honor of VFTW Queen. Oh wait, Danny Noriega already sealed that title. Let me say simply that she's the true female choice in a sea of not the best talent ever females. I was completely entertained last night with her ensemble. It screamed "Pick Me VFTW!" Simon's calling her hair and outfit 'ghastly' was much fun as well. Finally we're getting some entertainment value from this cheesy show.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Biker Momma - not too many gals sit their own ride, and she's got that kewl Janice Joplin thing going on when she's smart enough to pull it out and use it. Amanda Overmyer is like some pied crow in a cage full of yellow canaries. To say she stood out last night is like saying Las Vegas shines in the Nevada desert. Last night was part Elvira part Cruella Deville and part female Kiss without the white makeup. One thing, she should never have done is pick a Kansas song with her limited vocal range. I have to say though, she's a glittery sequined wonder much needed on the show this season. Ghost of Sanjaya past flitted by when she came on stage. You go, "chile".

Of the girls last night Carly Smithson (Hennessey) was very good, as she should be with her professional background, and little Ramiele Mulabay was engaging. Brooke White did a Carly Simon tune which fits her whole hippy dippy throwback vibe she's working. Little Alaina Whitaker who is a dead ringer for my niece, Katie, did well, she can certainly sing. Syesha is just not living up to her hype, but I wasn't a fan of hers from "The One" either; she comes across as full of herself and leaning toward the Bitch side, in not a good way. Asia'h Epperson was croaky, but fessed up to being sick. Alexandria Lushington did well, but not memorable; Kady Malloy looks like one fiesty little chica, I love her attitude, but vocally, she bombed. Kristy Lee Cook, the one who professes to have sold one of her favorite horses to join this group wore her best assets in a shimmering silver-Ish top and tight fitting pants.

For the Going Home swansong tonight, it should be:

Kady Malloy
Kristy Lee Cook

Jason Yeager
Luke Menard

By the way, the Beatles catalog of tunes have been released to the show, undoubtedly to help fill the Michael Jackson coffers to pay all those mudane attorney fees. During Beatles week, should my dreadlocked darling still be in this race, I'd think he should consider "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"

Look for the girl with Sun in her eyes...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Guys' Sing, Paula Says ....What?

American Idol's men's night competition night had Ms. Abdul seemingly in coherent form and actually taking charge of much of the discussion. She did not slur her words and was much more articulate than usual. The talk about all the colors regarding the contestants, thankfully absent as well. Well, that was until the end of the evening when the meds either kicked in or kicked off triggered by her emotional reaction to little David Archuletta's "Imagine" performance. Following his more than adequate rendition, Paula gushed, "I want to squish you, squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rear view mirror." The mental images that statement invoked were funny yet frightening.

I have nothing against David Archuetta he's undeniably talented, but in a beauty pagent, show dog kind of way. He's been schooled to sing all of his life and the Melinda Doolittle overly humble act grating. Out of the rest of the guys, David Hernandez brought a great rendition of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone", and I enjoyed David Cook's story about how he appreciates words. Other than that, wig wearing Robbie Carrico attempted to rock out, David Cook showed he did have some skills with his guitar. Chickie Eze lost his sleezy, Jason Yeager should go home next, and Luke Menard sang Queen's "Killer Queen" like a castrated choir boy. Luke is certainly a great looking guy and could win a "Who Looks Like Orlando Bloom?" contest, but man, he is definitely a soprano. Michael (Lee) Johns was about half a note flat throughout the song, a really weak attempt at Lindsey Buckingham's song. Man, this guy is no Jim Morrison, he's no Lindsey Buckingham either and the jock talk made me laugh. Danny Noriega was better than the judges gave him credit for being. He's so pretty too, reminds me of Angelina Jolie. Yes, Danny that camera loves you.

Professor Chan's take on Castro's rendition of "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" (Andy Gibb) from the VFTW site:

Notes: Jason is like a performing savant. In his interviews he can’t even form three words together to make a sentence (much like Randy on one of his BETTER days.) But you put him on-stage and stick a guitar in his hands and Jason sings like a pro. His off-beat arrangement and clean, effortless singing is what makes Idol so great, finding undiscovered talent. Jason is a talent.

I couldn't agree more, this kid is undeniably one of the most natural talents to appear on this reality show. Jason Castro has performed in bands in a few clubs around Dallas, but as a drummer, not as a lead performer. His singing and guitar work are relatively new for him, and he's learning as he goes along. I love his take on this song, couldn't believe at first he was taking a Bee Gees related song, but I like what he did with it. The Judges were ridiculously harsh on him, stoking the fire of the manipulations this show is famous for doing.

He's very pretty too. To go home, should be Jason Yeager and Luke Menard.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taylor Hicks, Jason Castro and the Instrument Issue: Will it, Does it, Would it Make a Difference?

Taylor Hicks, if he'd been allowed to play his harmonica or guitar during Season 5 would have conclusively made the other contestants the definition of "moot points". It is also very possible that his caliber of post-Idol Cd would have been much improved as well with the altered mass public perception of his talents. The "woulda, shoulda coulda" game - I could go on. Certainly there would exist a different view of Taylor Hicks, but then we would have had less entertaining and colorful commentary by Simon Cowell, such as, "Drunk Dad at a wedding".

Taylor Hicks video,"Here Comes the Sun" by Sunnydey1

Spoilers out today indicate Jason Castro will be performing an Eagle's tune. It is reported he will be playing his guitar again this week and the judges criticize his playing it twice in a row. Again, this is just spoilers and not confirmed truth since family and close associates are bound by the diabolical 19E to stay mum and are abiding by the rules, so far...

Since the rules have changed and now, instruments allowed, the contestants who can play and feel comfortable playing, shouldn't consider 'changing it up'to mean play one week and not the other. Too much of this thought process makes them seem more Organ Grinder Monkey than artist. If the contestant plans in the future, in their career, to play that guitar or keyboard, or whatever instrument they gravitate toward, now is the time to feature that side of them. It provides further identity development in the mass public eye.

The criticism regarding, changing it up, simply manipulative jargon to fool the mass public. Let's look at the flipside. Contestants that every week stand up and just sing, how about they work to change it up? My words, "So you stood there and sang again, you need to change it up". Really, so what if they can't play any instruments, so what if they just want to sing, no interest in strumming the guitar or learning piano? In the spirit of 19E, and this bloody reality show, I'd add, "Grab a tamborine or for heaven's sake beat a cowbell, something, just change it up".

Let's tell Ben Harper, Eddie Veddar to change it up shall we?

I think not.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Holding Truth

I believe it is important to speak your mind, to be as honest with yourself as you are with others. Glossing over facts and details when interacting with other folks to protect their feelings does not really provide a service for them and certainly not helping your soul stay sharp.

In dealing with and working with others, I try to be as direct as I'd like them to be with me, but sadly there are many individuals in this world who would rather present one face to you while really possessing another. Often these people really begin to believe they are being authentic, they so want to think of themselves a certain way when in fact they are far from that internally perceived ideal.

It can be frustrating to interact with false personalities, false tales and stories that air from their lips a drag at times and an impediment to peace. Once embroiled with the types who like to play their mind games and live their act it can be challenging to break free.

During my on-line sashay into the underbelly it sometimes seemed, of the Taylor Hicks' fan world, I encountered some interesting entities and had some entertaining experiences. One thing I learned, not all that is presented as being bad is actually that - and the ones professing to wearing the White Hats, often pure malady in disguise.

I love this song.

"Diamonds on the Inside" Ben Harper

I knew a girl
Her name was truth
She was a horrible liar.

She couldn't spend one day alone
But she couldn't be satisfied.

When you have everything,
You have everything to lose.
She made herself
A bed of nails
And she's plannin' on puttin' it to use."

I made acquaintance with someone I will never forget, who inspired me in a way I hadn't been inspired in a long time. I'll always fondly remember what they gave me and the truth, humor and intellect they presented me.

One thing this individual would never do; whore out personal tragedy and loved ones' health issues for false sympathy or manipulation.

Yes, Another Fantard Post on Jason Castro

What do my wandering eyes find on VFTW? The American Idol stats on iTune sales following last week's fun filled show. Oh look, my dreadlocked darling is in the top spot. Squee.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jason Castro's Wild Side and Other AI 7 Topics

This must be surely wrong, but I am loving this picture of Jason Castro all sweaty, partially naked and shredding those drums. Castro is now serving as my new muse because lately I seem to be suffering from some sort of writer's block.

If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

This video shows the kid in a different light than seen on the show last week. I'm liking all the "facets" of Jason Castro. Too bad the recording isn't a bit better.

I felt like babbling about A.I. 7 some more this morning, especially with some of the newer revelations coming out about more of the contestants. It seems that the quiet one, David Hernandez', has lead a colorful pre-Idol life. Rumors I first read on Vote for the Worst and now hitting other media outlets have this man previously table dancing at some Phoenix gay spots.

I've known one man who made a lucrative living at that vocation for a time as he paid his way through college, he also graced my art classes by posing nude - ah, good times - but he wasn't gay. Perhaps he swung wild and hit both sides, but who am I to judge?

I have no issue with Hernandez' lifestyle, rather the fact that on his myspace pages he is reportedly stating his orientation as "straight". Rumor also has it that he has been in a relationship with another guy for several years. Now, if he's been advised the way into America's hearts and voting is strictly through the eyes of the women viewers he's been sadly misinformed. This could be what costs him an earlier that previously destined exit. He's got a decent voice but has been rather stiff, not in a good way, certainly not exciting. Perhaps he has been trying to repress, unlike dear Danny Noriega, his inner self, only David knows for sure.

Certainly by now, considering that this show is into its seventh season, contestants should realize the microscope that they will be viewed with by the public. No stone will remain unturned, and no secret unrevealed. There are simply too many folks in the contestants' lives that may have reason to divulge secrets, too many folks who are avid IdolHeads with too much time on their hands.

Then there's the Carly Hennessey thing. She was promoted and much monies spent trying to make her into some kind of Britney Spears clone-ette, but that venture failed miserably with a scant 400-ish copies sold. Reading the Idol Rules, as long as the contestants are not currently recording under contract they are free to enter the fray. What is not addressed is how often, in business especially, it's not what you know or can do but the Who that is important. Hennessey has big ties to Idol Judge Randy and after his slobberfest over her uninspiring performance last week, I would think there might have grounds for Conflict of Interest. I find her unoriginal sounding and rather creepy to watch sing. Carly has this issue with shark teeth in chipmunk jaws thing going on.

Everybody currently interested in, and watching this reality show, know all about saccharine sweet little David Archuleta, the Star Search champ at age 12 and his story about serenading Kelly Clarkson while she was in line, Season One. He's obvious a judge/producer favorite and the tweenies are in a squee-fest over him. Remember, anyone can vote, even your nine year old, so he's in this for the long haul.

Kristy Lee Cook was supposedly previously signed to Arista Nashville and faux rocker Robbie Carrico was a member of the boy band Boyz-N-Girlz United. I found them both uninspiring and boring. Cook was just bland and Carrico made me laugh out loud at his complete uber faux rocker image. I'm wondering if the permanent head gear, bandanas and Ace Young hats are covering something up - like thinning hair? Man this guy is so far removed from rock I envisioned snatching the Daughtry wallet chain and spinning him off the stage like some kind of bandana wearing spin top.

Chikezie Eze, or rather, Cheepie Sleezy, had all the relevance of a last-call lounge singer; he reminded me of the acts you find in the off the Las Vegas strip casinos. He had the incredibly bad taste to wear this Texas Longhorn shade of orange suit to boot. Cheepie Sleezy, in all actuality should have been given the heave-ho. Instead, theatre boy ("Les Miserables"), Colton Berry who bears a resemblance to Ellen Degeneres, was kicked to the Idol curbing. Simon must really dislike this kid for some reason unknown to we mere viewers - he ripped the kid, stabbing out the boy's soul, "Get a good job, and then enjoy singing, I don't think you'll make a successful career out of it." Simon, you funny man.

One of the other humorous comments he made, and why I have such a love hate relationship (in my mind) with this guy is how he treated the Bratz from Houston, Kady Malloy. Granted I haven't had much regard for this girl, but his comments were over the top in evil, describing her performance as "like night of the living dead." He clenched the King of Mean title with, "I don't know who could impersonate you, a pencil or something." Great one liner. I might have to use that sometime. Poor Malloy looked ready to kill the judges, especially Cowell. She actually has a nice husky tone to her voice, but for some reason is reminding me of Katherine McPhee, so I'm just not into her whole vibe.

Out of the girls, I'm liking Alexandrea Lushington and Ramielle Malubay. Lushington showed some fire and spunk, and nice vocals. Mulabay is an absolute baby doll with a great big voice.

Amanda Overmeyer, my Idol Biker sistah was disappointing. I mean the song was okay, but not for this show - rather more for Rock Star, and the whole hair thing is creating this Cruella Deville song in my head. Performance night she had the hair in a pseudo Amy Winehouse like bouffant in the back and then those sparse white bangs. I think a color make-over in order here, Overmeyer.

Well, a few more days and more Simon Cowell entertainment and I must say, looking forward to Jason Castro's next performance.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jason Castro

Jason Castro interview: He is absolutely adorable.

Certainly not a professional performance, you can tell he's new to this - watch his use of the mic, etc. I like this guy. This is not a professional video obviously, taken at his church.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank You 'Asses. The Remarkably Intelligent Member of the Fanatics

One of the participants in the Formerly Known as Caroline Lyders Fan Club, Makingfunofyourasses had an intriguing and humorous take on the on-line website conflicts between MFOYA, my site and the Formerly Known as Caroline Lyders Fan Club denizens.

'Asses as I refer to her, had set up her own little contest to end her take on the tale of the blog wars. She had been filling her blog pages with chapters cleverly written and cleverly titled to discuss and set in humorous light the sad state of affairs that the entire Caroline Lyders and Taylor Hicks story drew out. CelebrityBlondebabe had won the contest with her story really following the main conceptuality of 'Asses tale. CBB faithfully stayed on target with how the Fanatics would like to remember MFOYA.

I sent in my ending which 'Asses posted yesterday, I received First Runner Up. Granted only two of us even sent anything in - but I can only imagine what sort of discussion that brought about in private with these individuals. To their credit they have stayed the course that Chill has decided and perhaps been advised to take, to step off of my back.

I thank 'Asses for her classy approach to all the conflict, at least in mainstream print she stays as neutral as 'Switzerland' in the League of Nations. I picked her out of the pack months back as one of the truly intelligent members and she proved to be cerebrally blessed in comparison to the rest of the pack. 'Asses has held as being the site that allowed posting from all quarters. I think too her site was quite underrated in the whole scheme of things, so I wanted to take a moment today to speak out officially on my blogspot and commend her for all that she represented in this messy little skirmish. Naturally none of the Formerly Known as Fanatics honored my honorable mention to this contest with so much as an "I hate you" per normal, but at least this 'Asses gal had the chutzpah to post it. Hats off chica.

Thank you for letting me be myself: Sly and the Family Stone

Taylor Hicks and the Alabama Hall of Fame

Edited: NO Hicks isn't being entered into the Alabama Hall of Fame, rather he's being recognized for his efforts in Alabama music.
Taylor Hicks accepting his award:

Taylor Hicks Accepting Award from satinsummer on Vimeo.

In al.com the on-line news source for the Birmingham News, Taylor Hicks is being celebrated for his recent honor of being bestowed an award from the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Of course the much loved by Mr. Hicks Birmingham barbecue, is touted as it's one of Taylor's favorite things, but his love for the stuff slightly overshadowed by his appreciation for this honor. Having been to Alabama many times to visit my Brilliant Daughter I understand his love for the tasty food genre, but I have to say the Texas version much better. (Of course.) Next time Hicks comes to Dallas, he need pull up a bench at a local Dickeys or Sonny Bryans, now that's great barbecue.

Speaking of my Brilliant Daughter, she shares something with Taylor Hicks. She too was featured in al.com, but it was during last week - she also had a write-up in USA Today. Suffice to say, as she leaves the University of Alabama, Mr. Hicks' song "Do I Make You Proud" will be warbling through my head. Alabama has been good to my kid, and for that I am eternally grateful - but she has helped work to repay that debt. She along with the others on their research team, won a grant for the school coming to a quarter of a million dollars. I can imagine she's made U of A proud and pleased they decided to provide her with a full four-year scholarship. Parkinson's patients one day in the new future may have reason to celebrate my Brilliant Daughter as well. Through her work my girl has been working to isolate a gene that may very well provide a cure. Won't that be something to sing about? "Smart" runs in our family, but obviously skipped a generation with me. My Dad developed the prototype of the touch-screen computer - he was pioneering research for that piece of technology way back in the 1960's, early 1970's. He was also responsible for developing the first programs that tallied sales and profit/loss for businesses within primitive computer technology. Some of his first customers were Las Vegas hotels and Dallas restaurants. Normally weekends were spent being treated to some of the finest dining Big D had to offer, on the establishment's dime. We also spent many a long weekend in Vegas with Pops, hanging poolside at the major hotels, restaurants and casinos while he conducted business meetings.

Returning to the subject of Taylor Hicks, I loved some of his quotes in this article. They let his humor and personality shine through. Shine in a similar fashion to this picture of him in New Orleans recently cutting the hardwoods with his version of the funky chicken. He tells al.com, "I think the last award I received was for being tardy the most in high school. This will be a step up."

I understand that sentiment to a degree, although I did not gain award from my tardies, I was the champion of detention, scoring 53 my Freshman year in High School. It's sad, but true, that's how I went about making my parents darn proud. Ever the rebel.

Hicks talks about jazz bassist Cleve Eaton, 68, of Fairfield. Taylor Hicks says, "When Cleve plays, he's one of those musicians who's in another world," Hicks said. "While we're listening to him on Earth, he's playing the bass in Mars...". Eaton one of the other honorees included in the induction ceremony. He played with the Ramsey Lewis Trio, toured with the Count Basie Orchestra and collaborated with many other jazz luminaries.

Also included, singer, song-writer, Chris Tompkins of Greenhill, who recently won a Grammy Award as the co-writer of Carrie Underwood's hit "Before He Cheats." Tompkins has also played with Alabama darling, Bo Bice at the Bluebird Cafe early last year. Nashville Star winner, Angela Hacker of LaGrange, will also be honored. She's a talented lady, but I found it difficult to watch Nashville Star. That show takes the American Idol cheese and whips it into that unidentifiable substance that pretends to be cheese sold in a jar. I don't know if it's the judging panel or what but I just couldn't get into that show.

Taylor Hicks continues to make the state of Alabama proud, this a great honor for his talents in the music business. He may not have won a Grammy, but we understand what a truly politically driven mine field that event has really turned into. It is true the stars do fall on Alabama. I'll miss my Brilliant Daughter attending school there in that we won't have reason really to visit the state when she moves on. Looks like her next stop might be California. Haven't spent much time there, just skiing in Tahoe. Napa Valley here I come.

Taylor Hicks is absolutely brilliant preforming this tune.
"Ain't No Sunshine" Taylor Hicks video

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tonight's vote a go for Miss Amy-I-want-to-be-like-Patsy Cline-Davis. Hell, she was prettier than most. I love Patsy Cline tunes - so let's go:

1-866-IDOLS 05

My favorites tonight:

1. Ramiele Malubay - Absolutely great.
2. Asia'h Epperson - Loved this girl tonight.
3. Alexandrea Lushington - Great way to turn that tune.
4. Alaina Whitaker - Carrie Underwood 2.0
shit almost forgot my biker buddy chick
5. Amanda Overmeyer - she did alright, thought I was watching Rock Star (much better show) for a moment.

The rest - not that interested.
Gotta go vote. I really hate this show. ha.

On a more astrological note (one of my interests) there's a Lunar Eclipse tonight kiddies, I'll post film on it tomorrow, if the 'scope gets anything kewl.

Predictions for Thursday eliminations:

Garrett Haley
Chickie Eze (whatever)

Joanne Borgella
Amy Davis

(I think many of us got in the action late Dave, we thought it might be someone else...sorry. LOL)

Jason Castro Day Dreams

Jason Castro on American Idol performing, Lovin' Spoonfuls, "Day Dream". Smart song choice, loved the guitar addition.

Jason Castro reminded me of this guy: Then add guitar.

The subject of looks and appearances always a focal point on this reality show. It's a prevalent issue, with looks as important and voice it seems - if not more so sometimes. That brings me to the topic of Castro's hair. He's rocking some heavy natural dreadlocks. While Dreads not a real common or popular style there actually exists many forms Dreads can take. Jason apparently is more of a naturalist with his hair, the Dreads are not uniform like you might see done by a styling salon, they are home grown, so to speak. Home grown... that's a topic for anther time.

I liked him on the show last night, loved his laid-back ease and natural goofiness. Nice change up from some of the other men who are going to try and win this competition with pretty boy looks.

Speaking of the pretty boy looks, the man the show is getting behind early, Michael Johns, the Aussie 'plant'. He's actually had a professional type career that tanked and this his next chance at a breakthrough. Mr. Johns made a valid attempt to do Jim Morrison's "Light My Fire" (again). Why the judges did not chastise him as delivering a karaoke performance is only answerable by the fact, he and little David A. are top faves for them. What they're seeing is recording dollars swimming in their pupils and good looks draw the female fans easily fooled by flash. He did not deliver Morrison nor make the song his own. Michael Johns issued a pale shimmer of the original artist.

The real deal - Jim Morrison: "Light My Fire"

I've read someone compared him - his looks etc to Jim Morrison once, so I guess that's his fascination with the "Light My Fire" song. Enlighten me, someone, what was that noose he was wearing around his neck? Going for some kind of faux art house musician vibe perhaps.

The others sort of faded into the background for me, excluding little David, he was smiley and happy and so very professionally schooled it made my teeth hurt. He's like biting into a sugary confection. This kid is pure money for the show this year.

I felt really bad for Garrett Haley, man Simon, certainly that was hilarious, but look at that kid, he's not up for it. Seriously, Garrett, put down the drugs and go get some sun.

My pick of the evening,local boy, Rasta-man, Jason Castro.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Deadspin.com

This has to be one of the Funniest Sports coverage blogs I have ever read. Ever. I might have to join this site. It's called Deadspin.com and they provided their take on the recent Celebrity Basketball Game Taylor Hicks played a part in New Orleans. Apparently they are affiliated with This site in assembling this fascinating and hilarious story.

One paragraph, one of my favorites, "We'll admit something. We hate American Idol. With the passion of a thousand Bill Waltons. It is turrrible.(sic) But as opposed to most of the participants who were actually trying to act cool, Hicks was over the top ridiculous. He knew he had no place there and reveled in it. The man was wearing his jersey tucked into his shorts, for God's sake. Neyo kept looking at him like he was walking around without pants on. If it seems that we are unnaturally preoccupied with the man, it's just that he was so amazingly out of place, and yet mystifyingly dorky.

I laughed until tears ran. hahahahahaha. Wow, these guys are good! Gave Terrell Owens some love too.

Man, Taylor Hicks, I hope you had fun there, man, you certainly knew how to draw the attention. Apparently they could not take their eyes off of you.

Looks like that's where the Formerly Known as the CL Fan Clubbers were this weekend, as the writer includes, "...the Used-To-Bees. Women, 50 to 80 years old...apparently they would be performing at halftime..." Too it seems they were rocking the comment boxes on Hardwood Paroxysm.blogspot.com. Great little comment on the site. From Anonymous, of course.

I might be in love with these guys. Hopelessly.

Looking at the New American Idol Contestants

Local boy, Jason Castro 20, from Rowlett, TX, and auditioned in Dallas has my interest, more than the others tonight. I Love this boy's looks and I know he comes from good people. I grew up running with the folks in Rowlett and so that leads me to have a special interest in this boy. He also did a stint on MTV's "Cheyenne" so he's not new to television. Wouldn't it run those producers nuts if he went very far on this show? Yeah, I think it would. ;)

I've only heard the boy sing on youtube, I have not caught him when he played The Prophet Bar, but this footage was filmed there - The Prophet Bar is one of the cool hangs in Deep Ellum, one of Dallas' party districts.
Jason Castro rocking The Prophet: "Crazy"

He's not been included in the crowd the "Privileged Pimped" contestants so I'm pulling for the kid to introduce himself tonight in a good way.

It will be my first time to hear Jason Yeager, a 28 year old from Grand Prairie, TX tonight as well. He's riding the Taylor Hicks flavor, saying he identifies the most with him of all the Idols in the past. Hell, who wouldn't want to associate their name with Taylor Hicks coming into this competition, the man's still holding that legendary status of rocking the show off its Pop axis when he took Season 6. Saying Taylor Hicks is who you identify with the most isn't going to help much if you can't bring the sound to match. He's the one who cried when he got the news he went through to the top 24. That's about all I know about him at this point...

Robbie Carrico, the guy going for the rocker dude title with his long hair and skull shirts but has roots in boy band pop so far just has me muttering... "poser". Have to hear the guy sing more, but I might still be muttering "poser".

Michael Lee Johns comes across as one of the definitive producer favorites, he's good-looking, and from the sound of all of his auditions, all of which made pre-top 24 airtime, his voice isn't bad. It's just that he's so obvious that has me not hanging on the top rail of the fence for the guy. I'll see how I feel about him after tonight.

The three Davids, Cook and Hernandez; I see Hernandez as possibly the second coming of Rudy Cardenas and Cook, with his splotchy hair and wanna-be Daughtry thing going on isn't inspiring me yet to think much about him. Archuleta, is just a kid, cute, nice smile, sings nice. Tweenies will love him.

Danny Noriega, now - he's a kick. Reminds me very much of a dear friend I used to travel with sometimes - our last trip was to Bermuda, some years back. His name was Kerry - he performed at some of the local Night spots in drag, sang and was a fabulous dancer. We tripped the light fantastic many times - we were known as "Fred and Ginger" by our friends and fellow party pals. I loved him dearly, he was my best friend, and I miss him very much. He fell victim to an accident and now is no longer with us... Anyway, I digress; Danny looks like Kerry, sings like Kerry, and so reminds me very much of Kerry.

Colton Berry, another kid most of us haven't seen much of on the show yet, most likely planted as early cannon fodder. Tween girls will like him. Chickezie Eze - will have to see what he does tonight. I'm not that interested in him... yet.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Fans, I was Invited to the Party but Not Allowed in...

Or is the title How Do You Spell Coward?

I think it goes something like C - H - I - L - L.

I was invited to the Taylor Hicks' girlfriend site's party tonight only to find the doors barred. Yes, I could peek in the windows of that asshat of a website, read their insults, but wasn't allowed in. Chill the pill popping webmistress of the formerly Caroline Lyders Fan CLub sent a personal invite to me through one of her insulting flunkies to a 'final party' she was hosting tonight. "Final" because apparently she's changing the name from the Caroline Lyders Fan Club to something else. I won't post what that name will be as it seems to change hourly.

Anyway I was invited to see what clever post she's come up with and was treated to this image to the right. I then found the Cyber Bully Sisters Jeanni, also known as Missy Scarlett and Siamese like twin, Celebrityblondebabe, also known as Blondebabe insulting me at their whim.

CelebrityBlondebabe is a cyberbully extraordinaire. In recent statements she has posted:

celebrityblondebabe // February 6, 2008 at 10:15 pm

OMG…was just sent an insert of Sunshine’s photo…how the hell can she put that photo up? Yee gads! Does she realize how she looks? Truly…is this a joke??? Is that really her? (Meanwhile I've seen her little pic at another fansite, she looks like a 250 pound bleached white whale. Do I insult her about that? No.)

Then she brags, (February 9, 2008 at 9:20 pm) "we have completely discussed WHO you all are and WHAT you do and WHERE you live and WHERE you work…all in private…beyond what you can see or hear or read about. You can’t copy, paste nor remark. How wonderful is that? It is absolutely fantastic!!!!! I am loving it. CAN’T TOUCH THIS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Bite me! P.S. AND WHERE you go to school…seems like you would have learned SOMETHING by now…geeze!"

The "Who and What" I'm not really sure of, one thing by the sound of this person it should be disturbing. I mean look at her writing styling, completely irrational and she's bragging about doing basically illegal activities - actual stalking. Not just visiting web sites - man, going out and finding where you live, work, and where you might go to school kind of shit. This and that sister of hers an example of scary on-line folk. They have bragged about calling possible employers, etc.. to see if you work there, they will email locations they think you might be found at - whatever it takes. They are relentless cyberstalkers of a high degree in that they have a great deal of practice. They also as you can see, dear readers, take absolute pride in their work. They love Chill's site of terror because they can post whatever insults they like and the respondee can't respond in return. It gets them off and makes them feel somewhat powerful in their sad little nothing lives.

Meanwhile, chill in her fantasy lofty position as webmistress encourages and condones her little cyber mobsters to have at it - do what ever and provides them safe haven as this ranting celebrityblondebabe says. Yes, they can do what they wish and outsiders cannot disagree nor say anything on that site about it.

Frankly if Chill had wanted to be truly not a Pig, (instead of denying she's one), she would have done the honorable thing. You know, say something along the lines of, well perhaps in our Taylor Hicks' fervor, we at (whatever name they will use) have possibly at times in our enthusiasm for Taylor Hicks have stepped out of bounds. We've maybe leaned a little on the Insane Side, and well, now we're going to go in a new and different direction, take our meds and behave ourselves. Chill-ster could add, something to the effect, "I will personally see that Jeanni and CBB will stop harassing folks at their personal-real-life jobs and maintain a sober and realistic approach limiting our stalking to the on-line world of visiting web sites only". She'd also graciously admit I kicked her ass - with words. Then, taking the high road she likes to imagine treading, she would have said, something to the effect, of, "I concede to agree to disagree and let bygones be bygones".

Did we see that happen? No we saw a bitter and rather ignorant display of an almost sadistic variety. Chill and her gang instead think it witty and smart to heap insults upon insults on me, yet I am shut out of the festivities unable to say a thing. That my dear readers is cyber bullying at its finest example. Henry8 you are a pathetic and shitty individual. Karma will be found and you won't like it.

Ah hell, I know I was visiting Fantasy Island for a moment, and missed 'da plane' but sadly not even an iota of that happened. Meanwhile they think as they've told me in numerous emails that the blogger they hold highest in esteem, Gray Charles also condones this conduct from them. Man, I'd be highly disappointed to learn any truth to that - but Chill and company seem to believe they have his "blessings".

Indeed I found myself rather let down and disappointed to learn that these people on that site, Taylorhicksgirlfriend.wordpress.com are really as ignorant, stupid and mean as I had originally thought. I had hoped for their redemption. I certainly hope for whatever sake, that Gray Charles doesn't think Chill and her approach an intelligent avenue for Taylor Hicks' support.
Dear readers, you want to see Pigs in the mud? Please click this link.

You think you can drag my spirits down with your inane and mean-spirited ass Chill? Think again. Remember the first time you assaulted me on-line? I do, I put up this video:
Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam "Jeremy"

Well at least she did not post my personal information and other data that her cybermonkeys may have attempted to obtain.

I'm not going to set this to 'alert', not worth the effort. ha.

Shoot-out at Chill's Corral

Chill, "this nitwit" got your messages! The leader of the newly dubbed Fanatics club sent one of her followers (they're so loyal and cute that way) to deliver a special message. First, she did leave that 'homerun' comment up, so yes, this "nitwit" got the message. Then I'm informed that I'll have a special 'last post'.

Can't. wait. Please. Let. the. Time. Fly! Maybe it's something mean and personal that she's dredged up while stalking me. Who knows. ha. In her message, sent special delivery, she ends with an OK Corral sounding, "See you then, sunny." Hmm. Wonder if it's at Sundown? Yes, Chill, "I'm your Huckleberry".
Oh, man. Where's my horse?

Bwhahahahahaha What a freaking let down. Chicken Chill said what?

I Spy Something New!

Have my eyes deceived me or has *someone* changed the name of their website? And now...back to your regularly schedule program..." interesting. No more Caroline Lyders' luv? What about how she 'inspires'?

Funnier still, *someone* removed the comment about hoping Taylor Hicks 'gets a homerun' during that Charity basketball game. Man, think I might have embarrassed *someone*? ha.

Good times.

(Thanks for the heads-up hwy66gal- here's to you, Much love, chica.)

Oh wait. *Someone* might have to get to serious business again...

Top Twenty-Four on Idol Sing-a-long Starts This Week

Revving up for the start of a new American Idol season, this week we get to actually hear some of the folks who made it through to top 24 who the show's producers did not think deserve pre-season pimp time.

We have a couple of look-like-someone-else folks in the running. One young man, Garrett Haley, 17 years young, is a cross between Leif Garret ('70's teen heart-throb) and a young Peter Frampton. Man, kid has the hair down pat. Unfortunately his myspace page has been 19E'd and nothing on youtube found yet.

One other male contestant bears a marked resemblance to Orlando Bloom - enjoying a glass or two of merlot increases the resemblance. His name is Luke Menard, he's 27 years old and has been a member of an acapella men's group called Chapter 6. Certainly, he's easy on the eyes. Beard stubble just a little to 'groomed' for my taste, man's aiming for the bedroom look of "I just woke up Baby", but I'm seeing a little bit of trying too hard. Man, just be a natural guy.

Here's a little ditty from Chapter 6 - "Krispy Kremes"

Chapter 6 has toured in schools and performed at 'family friendly' functions, interspersing humor with song - if you're into that kind of thing.

So far I'm kind of liking Amanda Overmeyer from Indiana, she looks like Rogue from X-Men and sings a bit like Dilana from Rockstar Supernova - along the likes of Janis Joplin. . Thing is, if she stays "in character", theme weeks will kill her. I like the story behind Overmeyer - especially how she rocks that Hog. Love the fact she sits her own ride.

Have to wait and see how versatile she is - that's the telling point in this reality show. Too, how many of the ladies will actually appreciate an independent spirit such as hers - that plays a role as well. Should be able to tell too what the first round pick will be for VFTW. Can't help myself, I have to watch this cheesy show.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Lunatic Fringe, Crazy Ladies Fan Club Leader Has Lost Her Mind

The Caroline Lyders Fan Club webmistress, Chill has decided that Evil has been done to her. Let's shove aside all of the harassment she's dolled out toward me, and initiated, since her delusional eyes found me posting on MFOYA. This individual decided back when she started her fictional website named after the then supposed girlfriend of Mr. Hicks that I was enemy Number 2 after MFOYA. She has then repeatedly and continuously berated me and my blahg as she calls it. Now she is taking the stance as the 'wounded' antelope and trying to cast aside all blame, avoiding all instance that she may have created this situation in which someone, namely me, has taken umbrage with her cyber-bully tactics.

Since I won't back down, she's mewling and whimpering how she's being threatened. It's idiocy at its finest. Thinking she has any legal grounds shows you flat out that she's over her head in the parking lot puddle to being with. That's Texas speak meaning she's deep as a dime and as stupid as mud. No lawyer would touch anything in the webpages for nada except to look as foolish as this fool already does. There are no threats lying in her inbox outside of what I have posted on this blahg of mine. What we have here are her allusions to there existing vile and evil machinations as an attempt, feeble and IQ deficient as it is, to maintain and manipulate the few website posters she tries to keep.

Carry on Chill, but you know in that one speck of your brain that operates more than breathing and farting that you're spouting pure lies and shit-for-brains nonsense.

Now shut the hell up like I told you to do a long while back. Man, if you can't stand the heat get outta the kitchen.
"I Won't Back Down" Check Tom out in the Cowboy boots.

Note: Sometime this morning, February 17th about ten-ish, the Chill-ster came to her senses and took down her lawsuit rant. Now it's a 404 page. ha. In fact she goes so far as to say the post had nothing to do with me. Of course my name written in the post as one of the 'attackers' did not mean anything, just some of that gas emitting from her body onto the keyboard. Ride that bike backwards Chill, take the gang with you.

Taylor Hicks, Captain "Slow Patrol"?

Taylor Hicks, a former student of W.A. Berry High School, graduated from its successor Hoover High School in 1995. While in Hoover Taylor Hicks played varsity baseball, soccer, and basketball. Curiously, in a comment included in the review of the McDonald's Celebrity Basketball game, written by Matt Wurst, of NBA.com, Taylor Hicks is quoted as saying, "I think this may be the first time I have ever shot a basketball in my life". Now I'm thinking perhaps he was either joking, or maybe he intended to say, "I feel like I've not played...." anyway, I found his comment interesting.

Mr. Wurst continues with, "the 2006 "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks also came out and gave it his best shot (Soul Patrol? More like SLOW Patrol!)." Obviously not impressed with Hicks' skills on the floor.

There was an ample audience - the game sold out. Had I known that one of my favorite Dallas Cowboys, Terrell Owens, was going to be a surprise guest, I'd certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss it - could have talked Darling Man into recording it for the T.O. action. (I had to work late, and Darling Man refused to tape it - he was watching something else...) T.O. certainly came to Big D with his share of detractors but I have been absolutely fascinated and a big fan of this man, even when he came to town and threw down on the Cowboys' field emblem, during the era-before-Romo Cowboys' game. The man is an incredible athlete. Sure, he may go all Hollywood with his giant, I borrowed-Grandma's-earrings thing, and he's certainly earned his rep as a National Football League big mouth, but he walks the talk. Last night he scored the game's MVP award, making it look smooth and easy in the Big Easy. Referring back to Deion Sanders, his cry-baby stance; "I'm a little mad at T.O., he made the game more challenging," Sanders said afterwards. "If he hadn't played we would have blown them out."
Wah, Deion, you got beat by a better man. ha. T.O.! T.O.! T.O.!

In Wurst's article, Sanders closed with a vow: "I'll be back next year. Not only to win, but to take my MVP trophy back from T.O."

Overall it looked like great fun, and definitely for a great cause, here's a shot of some of the guys having a little hardwood non-basketball fun. But, really what a thrill for Taylor Hicks I'm sure, to be able to play with the folks assembled, especially Terrell Owens. That deserves a big "Wooooo"!

Oh Yeah!
"Throwing it All Away" - Nothing to do with Basketball, but since Darling Man is a former Motorcross racer, and kick-ass skier - plus I like Juke Cartel:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks to hit Homerun: According to The Caroline Lyders Fan Club

Meanwhile, he's actually playing basketball tonight on ESPN.

Taylor Hicks' fan and webmistress of mindless spin, Chill, has a lighthearted post today after trying to once again sic her flunkies after me. Today's post had me really tickled. Chill excitedly exclaimed, "I have to work late tomorrow, but Tivo is set. This is going to be a great basketball game. Hope Taylor gets a homerun. ;-)"

Yes, Chill, I'm with you man, let's hope he, and the term is, "hits" that homerun, but that won't happen tonight; perhaps if he plays baseball sometime...haha. She's so entertaining.

This light-hearted foray a break from yesterday's humorously titled post, "Enough Sun, it's time to freshen the air". Yes, Valentines Day spent like Christmas Day, focused topic - somebody to insult. The fan clubbers proceed to tumble into a morass of mercurial meaningless dementia written out in the startling fanatic way only Jeanni/Missy Scarlett and CBB/BlondeBabe can mete out. I imagine theses two hillbilly babes make their regular board of Taylor Hicks' fans proud.

I found this tasty morsel of mindless goo, posted after I set them straight regarding the error once again of their assumptions they know anything. You see that smart Chill assumed I was a poster on some other site called 'fcuk'. I was emailed by fcuk that was happening so had to check out the Fanatics.
"Sunny…you are right. You are not fcuk. However, you are fcuked! HAHAHAHAHA! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bet Spinshack has been out hooking…all day and all night…it is all about VD. LOL"

Yes, readers, I'm accused of carrying sexually transmittable diseases by this Einstein.

BlondeBabe, in full-tilt brain-rush goes into this typing frenzy:
"They came and took it away…OH MY
They came and took it away…OH MY
Hee Hee Ho Ho Took the Funny Farm…
Where life was beautiful all the time
They came and took it away! HA HA


So…where did all the crazies go? Back into their holes? Sounds like the BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!!! The big boys with Law degrees…and Big Atache cases…FULL of legal papers and THREATS…OMG…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~
Sound like someone spoke…but, did not say a word!"

Brilliant. Oh, and it's Big Attache cases. Someone spoke, indeed and wrote some idiot words... ding, ding, ding.

Speaking of ding, ding, her sister Jeanni (are they twins?) chimes in with, "ARE YOU KIDDING MOI? Sunny IS = (mixed up) FCUK???.. LMAO, SHE’s that vile little b*tch? AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. Should have guessed it, didn’t. Thanks for telling us Chill…OH BROTHER."

Yes fcuk, "those mindless lemmings"...

Mind reader henry8 informs anyone reading her comments that Taylor Hicks is simply too busy to read any of this material on-line. Just one other symptom of the delusional thought processes she entertains. She is convinced she actually knows Taylor Hicks and doesn't mind stating to the world how he spends his time. A case of The Fan becoming The Man - tragic yet very funny.

Well, Chill has stopped making up those funny "FUCK YOU" Valentines for me. They were growing repetitive and certainly not enticing. I may have walked on the wild side a time or two, chica, but no can do - with you. Chill-Pill leaves us hanging this morning with, "Let’s have fun today, because tomorrow I have serious business to attend to here."

Serious business, I hope that includes obtaining a brain.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taking Over from Where MFOYA Left Off

Taylor Hicks' girlfriend blogger (non)Extraordinaire had to make yet another foolish statement yesterday. She can't help herself. What really is this "Chill" person toking? Maybe she has a stash of some killer Lebanese Blonde. The most recent blog post begins with, "Sunny is trying to take over where MFOYA left off. Isn’t that obvious? I’ve told you, I don’t go to her messy, unorganized, using-Taylor-Hicks-name-to-get-attention, inane BLAHg Ô ." Man, hating on my "home" too. That's just mean. ha.

Taylor Hicks' I'm sure would just pat her on the back the way this gal spouts "user" when her blog title also carries the guy's name. Combine that with her - how does she say? "BLAHg" titled, "Caroline Lyders Fan Club", when anything is farther from the truth. Where IS the Caroline Lyders' news? As I've previously written, this webmistress is The Queen of Intrinsic Irony. Perhaps that should be her new website title, certainly nothing fits this bashing blogger more.

Covering this "Chill's" initial statement about my "taking over" where MFOYA "left off" - I would think that would include my taking up further research and investigation into Mr. Hicks' personal life of which I have no plans to do. Importantly, no one could match what MFOYA accomplished and did, that site was and should stand alone as making some kind of new-wave blogging history. I can't help it if I'm drawn to the different, the interesting. I'm doing what I've always done, only previously I was flying under the radar from the Fanatical side of the Taylor Hicks' fan world.

Chill rambles on adding a misquote. She claims I had at one time said, that Taylor’s fans can “Go fuck themselves.” I wasn't leading that to the broad generalization that all fans partake of that particular activity, rather folks such as herself. She goes on to say I spend hours on her site daily which is completely ridiculous - I don't have hours to spend on line. Normally I take a peek at that site of hers to see what manner that day in which I'm being blasted, then I leave. What the hell is on that site to spend hours doing anyway? The writing certainly holds no charms. There is a blogger from this area who hits me daily and most likely follows the story there. (I'd stop with the bragging my time is spent on your site chica, I just hit and run. You might fool your followers but I know the truth. ha.) Too, she can put up in the posts any numbers she wants, doesn't mean they hold truth, it's just typing, man.

Taylor Hicks' news:

Taylor Hicks will be shooting the hoops and running the hardwood tomorrow night on ESPN. Team Line-ups:
Ne-Yo (2008 Grammy for Best Contemp. Album)
Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights)
Taylor Hicks (2006 American Idol Winner)
Seth Gilliam (The Wire)
James Lafferty (One Tree Hill)
Master P (Hip-hop Artist)
Ruth Riley (WNBA All-Star, San Antonio Silver Stars)
AJ Calloway (Extra)
Coach: Gabrielle Union, (Starship Dave)
General Manager: Stephen A. Smith (ESPN)

Chris Tucker (Rush Hour 3)
Common (2008 Grammy for Best Rap Perf. By a Duo or Group)
James Kyson Lee (Heroes)
Josh Peck (Drake and Josh)
Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris)
Deion Sanders (Two-Time Super Bowl Champion)
Swin Cash (WNBA All-Star, Detroit Shock)
Tony Potts (Access Hollywood)
Coach: Alyssa Milano, (Wisegal, Touch clothing)
General Manager: Bill Walton (NBA Legend and ESPN Analyst)
Sounds like a great time to be had for all who are able to attend.

"Basketball Jones" Cool old video, tune courtesy of Cheech & Chong c/o playthatbeat

Hey, here's a cool move for Taylor Hicks to pull. ha ha. Check that loong shot.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Song for BrightLite

This song and video tonight is dedicated to one of the Crazy Ladies' Fan Club members. Granted she took the Starfish Story to a new height, but she's proving herself the voice of reason, sanity and yes, intellect on that wacky site. I am very impressed with how she handled the recent bout of blog sparring. She proves to be a saving Grace for that site. I am, I admit, surprised.

BrightLite, has actually stepped to the forefront as the Voice of Reason on the Crazy Ladies' Fan Club.

Note to Brightlite: My comments to henry8 were not directed at you per se, rather my annoyance with her constant derision and negativity toward me and my commentors in the name of Taylor Hicks, especially when he wasn't the topic. Too, she's been such an alley-cat backstabber, I've rather detested her for it, I'll make no bones about it. You see, at one point, I really liked her. That said, I've never had anything personal against you, I'm just sometimes one bloody smartass and will seize the moment if presented to snark. Most don't understand it's not malicious. I hold no malice toward you.

Regarding emotions of course I have them - and yes, I'm an emotional, very passionate person. What has surprised me is your understanding of that concept. I apologize for the confusion regarding my comments to henry8. I wanted to thank you for your compassion extended, especially your kind words.

I had a tough day today; reading your words actually helped me quite a bit. Cheers to you chica, again, thank you.

"Bright Lights" Matchbox Twenty

I'm not going to be able to blog much for the next week; I'm under a certain deadline I have to meet.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Crazy Lady Fanatics: "Somebody to Love", or "The Birds" Revisited ?

Taylor Hicks' Idol Blues was treated yesterday to a swarm of angry, cawing fans following my post written as a rejoinder to the statements and topics I had reviewed lately at the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. It seems they cannot let MFOYA go. It has become so ingrained in this group's psyche to HAVE to have someone to hate, rather than "Somebody to Love" as sung by Queen, that they grow restless, unhappy and discontented. I turned in last night and let them parTay on through the night without me. I had a real man to go tuck in you see...

Taylor Hicks, if the poor guy has any knowledge of the ongoing vicious and shrill harpies over at the Crazy Ladies' Fan Club, and my relationship with them, must be either laughing his ass off or groaning in embarrassment - or both. It's interesting to me how their minds seem to operate much like those organized attacks of the crows in that Alfred Hitchcock thriller. They feed on the same conscious streams of thought. One idea that fits nicely in their tortured minds, they should be able to write anything they want and it should be viewed as proper and intelligent. Above all, socially right and acceptable. They seriously believe they are being held as high example to the other Taylor Hicks' fan sites and their antics and activities seen in a positive light. One other thought process I experienced as I watched them, they honestly believe it is absolutely fine to insult others, cast their stones but none allowed to fall their direction or the person responding must be crazy. It's not crazy that they rant and rave, no that's normal to them. Too, as seen in yesterday's post, there was nothing to do with Taylor Hicks, personally, yet many are in my comment box right now fonting (hahaha) away how I have said so many hateful things about Taylor Hicks. Seeing as how yesterday's post was about them...are they so vested as fans as to think that somehow they ARE Taylor Hicks? It happens.

Taylor Hicks enthusiasts, certainly, but also individuals with obvious issues concerning their pragmatism, humor, and perhaps, intelligence. Sense of fairness or justice are completely absent rather like that of the lack of conscience seen in a sociopath. Sociopathic people are able to go out and commit crimes and feel no remorse, these folks harassing me seem to all have in their souls that same trait.

Taylor Hicks obviously, as a performer and artist needs fans, and I am sure these gals are some of his most ardent. I am put in mind, easily by the type of folk who followed Jim Jones, or David Koresh. Blind and mindless loyalty, driven by a passion born of perhaps having a kink or break present along that long and winding DNA strand. These Fanatics believe strongly in their site's leader being able to censor comments, to insult other folks, and manipulate commentary to her whim. They have big fun laughing at the commentary left in this Chill's little spam box, yet if I do the same on my site simply because the comments are boring, name calling and saying things that have nothing to do with the post, they find that unfair. Some left me many messages repeating the same things... Rinse, wash repeat. Henry8 and reader are currently in the holding room because their only contribution was to call me insane repeatedly and how I have shown my True Colors. I said, "What"?

In Reality, if they could visit that enchanted Isle, they would see how completely ridiculous and pathetic their hammering their little fists against my comment box looks, and how quite possibly the insanity should be attributed to themselves. Henry8 and this reader spend countless hours on my site. Reader was habitually copy and pasting posts off of this site to Splash for quite a while. That individual is more obsessed with me than is really comfortable, but thankfully they live a distance from Texas.

Taylor Hicks Blues has been a site in which I have enjoyed blogging out of for a long time. It began just about Taylor but as real news and information about the guy became scarce or repetitive, I chose to talk about other musical interests. For now though, this site has been intrigued with that bastion of Fanatics on the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. It's like nothing I have ever witnessed before.

For now, this story about these Taylor Hicks fans continues. It is a part of the man's career and I'll continue to work it to see where it goes. My Darling Man has a few concerns about what he's read in the comment box. He feels that many of the contributors really and seriously have more than one strand crossed in their DNA jungle. I'm not intimidated by the likes of these on-line cyber-bullies and their witless leader. I've not committed any 'crime' against Taylor Hicks, but like those witch hunters in Salem, who were convinced innocents were evil and burned them at the stake, these cyber marauders continue to harass me. Chill, the Caroline Lyders' Fan Club leader even wrote in one of her comments she liked the comparison, their being "witch hunters" not realizing the implications of her words.

Regarding the Fanatics and their time in the Sun yesterday, I think I provided what they craved and needed - somebody to hate. I fed them the nourishment their combined tortured souls demand. As my comment box began to fill with the same words, reading through some of their identical postings on Chill's they kept repeating yesterday, of that Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds", and I, Tippy Hedren. I kept hearing these screaming and cawing shrieks as their Witch Hunt site leader, Chill egged them on.
"Somebody to Love" Queen and the incomparable Freddie Mercury

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few Crazy Lady's Fanatics Visits

These numbers from the Fanatics who frequent my site, from today - a few always use the proxy through Reston VA: Totaled 8 in all today.

Returning Visits:88
Referring URL: 88
Dayton Ohio United States
4 hours 12 minutes
No referring link

Returning visits:34
Reston Virginia United States
cache-dtc-aa14.proxy.aol.com (XXXXXXX) [Label IP Address]

10th February 2008 17:13:36
5 hours 7 mins 27 secs
Returning Visits:122
Referring URL: 34
Reston Virginia United States
cache-dtc-ab14.proxy.aol.com (XXXXXXXXX) [Label IP Address]

Returning visits :10
10th February 2008 17:34:48
4 hours 38 mins 1 sec
New York United States

This one is henry8:
10th February 2008 18:14:27
4 hours 24 mins 27 secs (yesterday she was on the site 10 hours 11 minutes: it is documented)
Ottawa Kansas United States
(XXXXXXXXXX) [Label IP Address]

10th February 2008 17:13:19
5 hours 7 mins 45 secs
Reston, Virginia

There's more, but all I'm putting up for now.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Wierd Science of Intrinsic Irony

Taylor Hicks and his fan clubs, that is a story unto itself. Who is stirring the shit? That is the question. The Caroline Lyders Fan Club webmistress, Chill in all of her 'chilling' glory must have been having a more than usually irrational day yesterday.

Taylor Hicks and the Tale of Two Women story was having a quiet moment over the weekend. Saying that, one would think Chill would be content to let those sleeping dogs lie. No, instead of embracing the very thing she claims to want for Taylor Hicks - the story to die and go away, she stirs the shitpot with her picture and her post and her inflammatory tags Saturday. Perhaps she's become so codependent upon this story and her inner battle with the (her view) demons involved that the prospect of this all going away saddens her. I mean, she could find herself spending much more time roaming about the house ranting alone.

Chill, in her first post proclaimed, "....The end is here." I said, "What"?

She wasn't talking about an end to the MFOYA story, no rather she was talking about an end to my blog and the MFOYA site and the folks who dare talk about Mr. Hicks in anything other than in a sexual reference. You see, the Taylor Hicks Tale of Two Women did get quiet, it's been passed from MFOYA to RADAR and then picked up on AOL.com. It's been talked about on the blogs, mainly in the hush hush chatrooms, but discussed certainly. But it was quieting down. Then yesterday, we have Chill, hearing some kind of ominous gong going off - in her head - tolling the end... of what exactly? I'm guessing she can only tell, so y'all go ask her if you have the time or the inclination. Granted you'll end up in her Forrest Gump Spam Box, perhaps tossed up on the site as an example of who to throw stones at next... so it's up to you.

Then there's that 'hate' part that her darling Lunatic Sergent Jeanni was babbling about finding "all over" this blogspot. I say, come, come Jeanni, copy and paste anything found relating to this story in which I say anything negative about Taylor Hicks. Include hate filled toward either Taylor Hicks or Caroline Lyders. The only perceivable semblance of 'hate' on this blog would be the posts concerning Chill's site. Most of those posts though are not true hate, just observations made and snark directed toward that idiotic site called the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. The really asinine part of all of this, their complete and total denial they are the folks who instigated this blog war. Now they seek to make themselves pure as the drivel driven snow and pass the buck. Pull the whole, "I didn't do it Daddy!" Anyone with even a third of their brain know the story on those Fanatics.

Having no more, 'she posts on MFOYA', rocks to throw at me, now - and I love this one; I am a 'user'. I am using Taylor Hicks. How dear reader you might ask? Well, according to those genius hatemongers, I am after something and so I dare type his name in my blog posts. Wow. One of their new fake names or perhaps it's a real person, writes how she's discovered a way to put up Mr. Hicks name in blog posts and no one can see it! Yes you can include Taylor Hicks' name in the posts, therefore getting your site googled and the article read by the folks with the google alerts in place! This New Addition to the CL Fan Club writes:

"I figured out a way to put Taylor’s name on your blog repeatedly without making it obvious.

Use a font tag and the color code to make the words white. That way they match the background and can’t be seen without highlighting.

The color code for White is #FFFFFF .
Stunningly smart that one. A real crafty peach.

I hate to break it to them but it takes much more than including Taylor Hicks' name in a post in white to get it 'googled'. Then there's that matter of it looking like Taylor Hicks that. See, then you could do a paragraph like this:

Taylor Hicks put on one great concert last night! He performed three songs off of his album, Taylor Hicks and rocked the house! I love it when Taylor Hicks plays the harmonica and gets so sweaty! I try and imagine that he's soooo in the moood and it's all passion for meeee! Taylor Hicks will always be special to me, forever and ever! Last night I dreamt that Taylor Hicks and I consummated my love for hahahahha!!!

I am not making this up. As anyone can see, that just doesn't look right. Man, just when I think I'm completely getting bored with this little coven they come back with more and different insanity. They are like this petri dish teeming with these fascinating new germs. It's similar to some kind of science experiment. You look through the microscope watching them swim about, and then one or more of them changes colors and shape.

Chill backpedals with the "using" of Taylor Hicks' name halfway through yesterday's little freak fest, uttering yet another pathetic, delusional "battle cry":
"Put the name Taylor Hicks, Soul Patrol, etc., in every blog post you write to get people to your site where they can read about Taylor and download his videos and pictures. Let these people find out about the Taylor Hicks we all know and love and let them see you’re not crazy. We outnumber them, you know that’s true. We should not be intimidated!! We got the powah!! hahaha We fans need to stop worrying about all the bullshit the haters throw in the mix, such as saying you’re using Taylor to draw people to your blog, blah, blah, blah. That’s not using him; it’s called marketing. :-) Every blog and message board out there should be doing the same thing. Get your voice heard! Let’s take the internet crazies on!"
What is she smoking? Crack? Camel dung?

Seriously, who is the "THEY" she's talking about 'outnumbering'? I love her shout out to all the big fan sites to hit her email. Whodahell do you think you are Chill? Calling out to Boogie and the other boards to hit your email? Chill, you think those folk want to come TO you to rally for... what? Reading through what you're trying to do - elevate yourself to some kind of Hero for Hicks, some kind of Angel in white to save him from naysayers or even those like myself who dared to even talk to MFOYA is ridiculous. I remember a time existed in which I had no idea this 3-D teeming petri-pool of folks existed. That said, Chill has surely has me Blinded with Science. Here's to you Chill, Queen of The Science of Intrinsic Irony.

Wierd Science

Taylor Hicks: Wedding Singer

Taylor Hicks wasn't that 'drunk Dad' at the wedding yesterday.

Taylor Hicks was selected to sing during the nuptials of Indiana couple Kacy Hardenbrook and Jordan Edsall, winners of the Regis & Kelly Wedding Week 2008 contest. In msnbc.com the couple's story is outlined. It seems Kacy and her daughters were burned in an explosion at her Mother's house, last August. The youngest daughter, just two years old, remains at Shriner's Hospital undergoing treatments.
"The Right Place" video c/o glotrovato

I do love that song.
Taking It To The Streets with Ripa. It's in the Regis & Kelly flashplayer. Very funny. In a very good way.

Friday, February 08, 2008

HAHAHA! Late Night Reading Brought the Grins and Giggles

Reading a print out of...? What is that? Chill's website? Is that the picture of Taylor Hicks that runs on the top of the Caroline Lyders' Fan CLub?

I was laughing like Baby Ethan while reading the chill-ster's blahg (sic) and her postings last night. Received an email from a dear friend to check 'em out. It helped I'd been to Happy hour.

Man, Chill - good ones last night... Laughter is so good for the soul. You are so funny.

Hugs and kisses to "reader" - oh wait she'll be here today too...

Hicksfan7 why don't you stay the hell off my site if you detest me so much. I think thou doth protest too much. Stay sweet.

(Thanks to Baby Ethan for providing the perfect laugh track.)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Taking a Taylor Hicks Break Tonight

In honor of a fellow blogger, let's listen to a guy who could have really helped Caroline Lyders out should she want to tie her star to a Music Man: John Mayer. In another note, if partial male nudity offends, go no further than the video. ha!

Yes, Johnny, it's all about words. Words give you a life beyond the everyday, the mudane, the real the dirt under your fingernails.

Words help you connect, show how you feel - IF - you really Say what you need to say. Love the new tune.

Love this picture from that cruise. hahahaha!
JM does Borat:

Man, I have to say, yes, you DO look like my Darling Man.
In a more serious musical note, here's JM with Herbie Hancock. Jazz man in a Pop Star body...this worth the time to watch. Nice groove.

Taylor Hicks vs. The Fanatics: A Visit Back to Salem

Taylor Hicks' most freaky of fans, members of The Caroline Lyders Fan Club, were having big fun last night. Nothing more entertaining for a troop of Taylor Hicks' Inquisitionistas than spending the evening...not listening to Taylor Hicks' music, not reading a Taylor Hicks' book, not volunteering at the local shelters: no, instead once again, like the way they spent Christmas day and every day, finding someone to bitch about. Yes, these are upstanding and fine folk.

Apparently this rowdy band of Taylor Hicks' loyalists live for the Witch Hunt. Last evening chill, the webmistress, sent me yet another 'Funny Valentine' (the answer is still a "thanks, but no thanks"). While composing my Love Note she decided to give a peek into her spam box. That spam box must be like that "box of chocolates" in Forrest Gump, ya never know what you might find... I left her a little chocolate covered cherry to relish but it did not make the Big Taste Test. Just an 'honorable mention' in comments. (I've got a new website starting called The Spin Shack *wink, wink*)

My darling creative and accomplished friend, "JM" did not make the grade either, must have been lost in cyber Hell that is chill's spam-orrhea. Instead Sixxfan and Mommyof3 were laid on the sacrificial pyre for the ladies to dance around and chant. From what I'm deducing from this lot of Fanatics, I'd entertain the notion that, if it possible, these Taylor Hicks' enthusiasts would prefer to use this device. During ancient times tongues were ripped completely out of one's mouth for maligning the Lord or saying anything considered blasphemy. Thing is, in today's world, they could also use it to rip fingers off - ending that pesky blogger from writing in their pesky blogs. Mfoyasucks, likely the first to beg to wield the device, "Let me Mommy! Let me!" she'd cry while on her knees.

Perhaps in another life, if there truly exists reincarnation, we would have found these dogged loyalists fighting for their right to bear the Chill Coat of Arms rallying forth, swords drawn, lances thrust. That lends too much of a chivalrous image though to what amounts to a pack animal mentality. Really I'm sure they would find much more enjoyment burning those they perceive trespass against Him (Lois Gibson, moi) at the stake.
Rush, "Witch Hunt"

To these Fanatics, Taylor Hicks must be adored with the fervor matched seen at evangelical tent revivals. Indeed, it's possible they actually speak in tongues while attending his concerts. Fascinating. I'll be watching for that, just have to look for the sparks of glitter flying from floor friction at the next Taylor Hicks' event. Just think, tomorrow they may be off their site long enough to roll in the floor of their living rooms, eyes back in their heads while Taylor Hicks sings to the couple reciting their vows on National television on the Regis & Kelly Show.

All I can say Taylor Hicks, it is a heavy cross to bear, man. Remember, there are those out there who love you but maintain the real feel. Doesn't mean we like or appreciate you less; we simply express ourselves 'differently'.

As an aside, initial reports on the tune Taylor Hicks is singing, "Places I've Been", might be incorrect. I'm now reading he's going to sing "The Right Place". No official word on his Myspace site or, the Regis & Kelly site.
"The Right Place" Interview with The View as well c/o Geanna5876

Lyrics to "Witch Hunt"
"The night is black
Without a moon.
The air is thick and still.
The vigilantes gather on
The lonely torchlit hill.

Features distorted in the flickering light,
The faces are twisted and grotesque.
Silent and stern in the sweltering night,
The mob moves like demons possesed.
Quiet in conscience, calm in their right,
Confident their ways are best.

The righteous rise
With burning eyes
Of hatred and ill-will.
Madmen fed on fear and lies
To beat and burn and kill.

They say there are strangers who threaten us,
are immigrants and infidels.
They say there is strangeness too dangerous
In our theaters and bookstore shelves.
Those who know what's best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves.

Quick to judge,
Quick to anger,
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand..."

Special Note:
henry8, it's not a matter of reading Jeanni's tirades, most closely - you see, she did not have any indicators in the post that she was quoting anyone, she just had the message typed out *rolling my eyes*. There were no " " or anything...besides she's quite guilty of using the possessive format incorrectly, often.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Taylor Hicks & Regis & Kelly & The Fanatics

Taylor Hicks is scheduled to perform on "Live with Regis and Kelly" during "Wedding Week 2008" on Friday, February 8. It seems the bride and groom have requested Mr. Hicks to appear. I have read that Taylor Hicks' will sing, "Places I've Been", a song from his post Idol Cd. The pair getting married, Kacy Hardenbrook and Jordan Edsall. You can read more about them on the Regis & Kelly website.

Taylor Hicks' is definitely seeing his name in the press lately. Good and bad. Blogger known as MFOYA brought Mr. Hicks' into the eye of RADAR Magazine from observations made regarding Taylor Hicks' love life and love interest seen last Summer in Hawaii. Yesterday AOL News picked up the story from RADAR Magazine and featured it in the entertainment section. Those two stories not exactly shedding a positive light on Mr. Hicks, but they are bringing him media attention that seems to be growing. Nothing the media and journalists like more is to capture a name and a story that will garner viewers' and readers' attention. Taylor Hicks may not have sent BillBoard charts soaring through the record industry ceiling when his post-Idol Cd was issued, but he is beginning to once again capture the interest of the National public.

Granted the majority of the posts from the AOL News' comments section were not glowing reports from the Soul Patrol fan base, or the regular Hicks' fans; comments were mostly from regulars on the AOL News site who were not waxing enthusiastic in their commentary about having any news coverage on the man. Even so, there have been almost 300 comments posted since the story came out yesterday around noon. That says, especially looking at other articles on AOL News as well as RADAR Magazine, Hicks is a polarizing individual and his name brings those readers.

Taylor Hicks appearing on Regis & Kelly for their annual wedding celebration, especially with the heart-warming story featured for the couple who won the honors will be some positive exposure. Possible with some of this National media coverage regarding Taylor and these gossip tales being handled by the entertainment news sources, we'll see an even bigger audience tuning in to give this man another viewing, and another listen.

In a more personal note, I had some messages sent to me last evening from my inverted fan crew over at the Caroline Lyders' Fan Site. One, had Chill, the site leader, creating a big ol' howdy-do in the form of a computer screen sized "FUCK YOU" - apparently the "I WANT TO" part did not fit into the screen...It was like Valentines early. Big warm and fuzzy there, baby. Not interested though, chica, you're not my type.

Jeanni in all of her 'Einstinian' way, I mean this woman is a Loon Genius, tries to correct the way that possessive form is to be used pertaining to words ending in "s", including Taylor Hicks' name. I'm not going to post the entire comment, here's the part we are all corrected on correct possessive form:
"By the way, the possessive of Hicks is Hicks’s.
Get that through your thick head.
What? Journalism has gone to the dogs. If there is a story there I can’t find it with a bloodhound."

Ms. Jeanni was on a rant about seeing that I and other writers are using this: " Hicks' ". For future reference, here is some information that might help that delusional lady - or not. That darling woman has to be the work of too many relatives in the same town.

Since it must be trading picture time, I have one for my fan CHILL, the webmistress at the CL Fanatics Club.

For the other Fanatics, F.Y.I., the comments seen on AOL were not expressing disdain toward MFOYA or RADAR Magazine, unfortunately most were about not caring who the hell Taylor Hicks is or hearing about his love life. Many were snarkers that frequent entertainment sites and post for enjoyment.

That all said, I'll have the Tivo set to record "Regis & Kelly", February 8th to watch and review Taylor Hicks' performance during the wedding for that fortunate couple.

"Song for You"

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Taylor Hicks' Tale of Two Women Walks on

Taylor Hicks' Tale of Two Girlfriends hit the pages of America On-Line today. All I could say was, "Holy Crap!" Man, you've just got to feel a twinge for Ms. Lyders. It's one thing for a guy to get randy on a beach with a babe, but to be touted as the girlfriend of interest, then speculation and evidence comes to the forefront discounting your place in the story - what can that be like? Certainly it would not be pleasant to be walking in her shoes.

Rather than interest waning in this Tale of Two Women,interest seems to be growing. The copy title on the America On-Line News article reads, "Idol Hicks' Gal Pal Under Scrutiny". It seems that RADAR Magazine reporter, Neel Shah has captured the attention of a broader market in entertainment news.

The AOL News article includes, "Fans and bloggers rushed to analyze the beach photos with TV stills of Lyders, and concluded that she was not the person Hicks' reps said she was." The story, even though it defies rationality and logic apparently has legs because it keeps on walking. There is a poll available for readers to hit to voice their opinion of the story. To keep it real and AOL News recognizes some voters might be more 'motivated' than others and says in the clause,
NOTE: Poll results are not scientific and reflect the opinions of only those users who chose to participate. Poll results are not reflected in real time. That should keep the FanTards at Fanatics busy for some time.
"New Shoes" Paolo Nutini, video c/o ukateam