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Monday, February 04, 2008

RADAR Magazine Calls Out to Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks' tale of two women that has ended up with garnering me my share of on-line harassment, continues as a popular target for RADAR Magazine. Neel Shah, in his latest article basically calls out to Taylor Hicks, 'all ye, all ye outs in free'. Come out, come out where ever you are...

Neel Shah also provides Lois Gibson a voice to have her say to the rabid fans that have been apparently flooding her email box with their posts of wrath and as she puts it, "I have gotten some feedback from fans and they are not acting logically at all. .." I think she's perhaps making a mistake by claiming to enjoy Mr. Hicks and being a fan. The logic from the rabid fans, or rather the illogic, will be, 'why did she not keep her mouth shut' and 'how if she's a fan could she drink the MFOYA Kool Aid'. I sympathize Ms. Gibson, these ladies are illogical.

They can also be single-mindedly vicious, they have this need for someone to hate. Someone to be the Villian. Watch out Ms. Gibson, they have your e.mail and website now.

Speaking of those devils, that fool who goes by 'mfoyasucks' and the site leader, 'chill' of the Fanatics had to have their daily fix of ripping out my virtual entrails. It's an almost daily obsession for them. They must live and breathe waiting for me to post the way they visit this site daily and look for anything to comment negatively on.

Did they talk about my Super Bowl story? Oh, no, that would be too normal, they must try and get the most hate for their time, biggest bang for their buck so to speak. It seems to be all they understand and what they hold dear, the hate and the spite. Mfoyasucks, your soul is as ugly as that picture you had up of yourself recently.

Specifically to mfoyasucks, the lurker and coward extraordinaire, I wrote what I did on this post because someone in your little group thinks you are all as nutty as the proverbial fruitcake. I think what really eats you is wondering who that might be.

That said, my comments were directed toward Margaret, not to you. Regarding my sanity that you are questioning, take a moment and look hard in the mirror, both of you. You might scare the living Hell out of yourselves. It's so shamelessly cowardly to hide on your site and insult me with my not being able to respond to the site. You feel all protected so it's easy to write what you'd like to make yourselves feel better about you. Crazy is getting yourselves as invested in what I say and what I write as you apparently are - I mean why shouldn't I feel important when I have your group frothing daily over me. It seems to provide them some kind of an orgasmic experience to pick me a part and talk about me. Try a vibrator, from now on, it might work better.

Bluzcat apparently wants to not be associated in any way with your site from the sound of her commentary. That was too funny. I was told negative things about her, but my guess is she's really all right.
"Man in the Mirror"


  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    As a friend of BC I can assure you she is not what alot of people think. She is very upset with the likes of Jeanni & CBB for trashing the fanbase with their bizarre posts.
    Sunny, it is funny how some people who are trashing each other have more in common than you would think.
    I can't understand why this all happened to Taylor's fans.

  2. I had previously little exposure to the majority of the fans, until this situation with MFOYA.

    From that point forward it's been continual harassment from some in this group of about five women. None of it is logical and the reasons they target me ridiculous.

    It's enough to make one question the validity of being a Taylor Hicks' fan when you encounter the likes of these women.

    henry8/Cee on myspace, once seemed like such a sensible person. I had really liked her, thinking she's at least a thinker and rational. Man, I was wrong about her. She's as bed-bug mad as the rest of them.

    It was comical how chill completely missed the point of BC NOT wanting any representation of herself on that website. Flew right over her mean-spirited head.LOL

  3. As clarification, mfoyasucks lurked here again last evening and has made proclamation the picture she had up previously wasn't she.

    Doesn't change facts about her character. She's a sneaking, cowardly and vicious dog of a person. Wonder what her handle is on the other sites outside of Fanatics. Anyone?

  4. sixxfan12:35 PM

    Sunny, I too never had as much exposure to the rabid Soul Patrol until the Splash News blog and MFOYA. I heard terrible remarks about BluzKat, but from what I see of her posts...well, I don't understand why they all gang up against her. She seems to be a huge Taylor fan, but doesn't drink the Kool-Aid like the Fanatics do.

    I've read the comments on Chris Baldwin's blog and am just appalled at how ridiculous these fans can be. Yes, I do like Taylor, but I refuse to be associated with the SP. And I just "love" how MJ (not the same MJ from Big Blog) tells us we are trolls if we do not agree to being labeled as the Soul Patrol. We are told we are not real fans of Mr. Hicks unless we embrace the wackiness that has become his pathetic fanbase.

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    TIF, TaylorsIndyFan.. she accused the 15 year old of being mfoya on the boogie board. she pretends to be friends with Julie, Soulfunkgroove meanwhile trying to convince people that julie is behind mfoya. that picture she was toting around is this woman named Dana an old GC poster, dana has never ever logged onto MFOYA and isn't even interested in taylor hicks anymore and these nutcases are accusing her now of being mfoya. LOL

  6. Thanks, someone else told me her name was TIF. Yeah, I read some of the Dana references. Reaching man, just reaching...LOL.

  7. sixxfan, unless you're drinking Bullshit flavored Kool Aid you're not a true fan. Unless you post nonsensical sexual innuendos about Hicks you're not a true fan.

    It's like that Red Neck thing, we can do this all day. I could devote a blog to that topic.