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Friday, February 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks to hit Homerun: According to The Caroline Lyders Fan Club

Meanwhile, he's actually playing basketball tonight on ESPN.

Taylor Hicks' fan and webmistress of mindless spin, Chill, has a lighthearted post today after trying to once again sic her flunkies after me. Today's post had me really tickled. Chill excitedly exclaimed, "I have to work late tomorrow, but Tivo is set. This is going to be a great basketball game. Hope Taylor gets a homerun. ;-)"

Yes, Chill, I'm with you man, let's hope he, and the term is, "hits" that homerun, but that won't happen tonight; perhaps if he plays baseball sometime...haha. She's so entertaining.

This light-hearted foray a break from yesterday's humorously titled post, "Enough Sun, it's time to freshen the air". Yes, Valentines Day spent like Christmas Day, focused topic - somebody to insult. The fan clubbers proceed to tumble into a morass of mercurial meaningless dementia written out in the startling fanatic way only Jeanni/Missy Scarlett and CBB/BlondeBabe can mete out. I imagine theses two hillbilly babes make their regular board of Taylor Hicks' fans proud.

I found this tasty morsel of mindless goo, posted after I set them straight regarding the error once again of their assumptions they know anything. You see that smart Chill assumed I was a poster on some other site called 'fcuk'. I was emailed by fcuk that was happening so had to check out the Fanatics.
"Sunny…you are right. You are not fcuk. However, you are fcuked! HAHAHAHAHA! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bet Spinshack has been out hooking…all day and all night…it is all about VD. LOL"

Yes, readers, I'm accused of carrying sexually transmittable diseases by this Einstein.

BlondeBabe, in full-tilt brain-rush goes into this typing frenzy:
"They came and took it away…OH MY
They came and took it away…OH MY
Hee Hee Ho Ho Took the Funny Farm…
Where life was beautiful all the time
They came and took it away! HA HA


So…where did all the crazies go? Back into their holes? Sounds like the BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!!! The big boys with Law degrees…and Big Atache cases…FULL of legal papers and THREATS…OMG…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~
Sound like someone spoke…but, did not say a word!"

Brilliant. Oh, and it's Big Attache cases. Someone spoke, indeed and wrote some idiot words... ding, ding, ding.

Speaking of ding, ding, her sister Jeanni (are they twins?) chimes in with, "ARE YOU KIDDING MOI? Sunny IS = (mixed up) FCUK???.. LMAO, SHE’s that vile little b*tch? AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. Should have guessed it, didn’t. Thanks for telling us Chill…OH BROTHER."

Yes fcuk, "those mindless lemmings"...

Mind reader henry8 informs anyone reading her comments that Taylor Hicks is simply too busy to read any of this material on-line. Just one other symptom of the delusional thought processes she entertains. She is convinced she actually knows Taylor Hicks and doesn't mind stating to the world how he spends his time. A case of The Fan becoming The Man - tragic yet very funny.

Well, Chill has stopped making up those funny "FUCK YOU" Valentines for me. They were growing repetitive and certainly not enticing. I may have walked on the wild side a time or two, chica, but no can do - with you. Chill-Pill leaves us hanging this morning with, "Let’s have fun today, because tomorrow I have serious business to attend to here."

Serious business, I hope that includes obtaining a brain.


  1. Chill's serious business is most likely figuring out how to tie her shoes.

    The Fanatics site has become a virtual wiki of internet bullshit. The Siamese twin sisters (the blonde one and the scarlett one) continue to provide me with hours of entertainment, exceeded only by henry8 and brightlite's lamebrained babble. They are gems, I tell you, GEMS!

    P.S. Loved the cartoon...what an excellent likeness to our fine feckless friends.

  2. Most likely Chill sticks to velcro tennis shoes. Easier.

    Siamese twins, perfect! Kind of how they come across on-screen hahahahaha!

    Hey, Brightlite surprised me - she seems the one emerging as the smart one of the group. ha. Too she thinks for herself - unlike hicksfan7.

    Chill removed my comment though. Drats, foiled again.

    Lemmings, the perfect depiction for the Crazy Ladies.

  3. I'm heading out for the day, but for henry8 here's a link for that fcuk shirt you wanted:
    FCUK Clothing. 'Bit pricey but hot. LOL

  4. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I don't think Brightlite is a real person, Sunny. I think she's a troll. Did you read her latest post? She met Taylor in 'short' shorts and heels?? Barf! C'mon on, she's not a teenager. I mean if she really did that, can you imagine how stupid she must have looked? And she said that Taylor didn't talk to her? Geez, I wonder why? He probably took a look at her and threw up a little in his mouth, nevermind about talking to her.

  5. Anonymous4:48 PM

    What a nasty person you are.
    Yes, you must of taken over for

    Your family must be real proud
    of you if they see any of this
    nasty stuff you write.

    If you did raise children that is
    a fightening thought. What terrible example you must of been.

  6. reader, you freak, there's nothing 'nasty' written here except what you wrote.

    You are ridiculous.

  7. anonymous, what I was astounded by with Brightlite, last night she bragged about being a little bit rich, mink coat and all. Then turns out that poor girl did not know how to act at a restaurant. Sad really.

  8. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Sunny, thanks for the updates on what goes on in that insane Fanatic Fruity place. I can't bring myself to read that rubbish by actually going there, but your summaries are perfect. That was I can get the idea plus some sane commentary.

    By the way, I think Reader is actually has down syndrome or has autism or something of that nature. I don't mean that in a mean way either. I am dead serious. If you look at this persons posts they are robotic and repetitive. It's like they miss the nuances of what is being written and their replies lack logical thought.

  9. The Crazy Ladies are a fascinating study. Regarding reader, man, you might be right. Incredible the tenacity this individual has and single-minded focus. They really hate me too for some reason. ha.

    I do at times almost feel sorry for reader. Then I worry they'll show up at my door... ack.

    Stepped to the RADAR site for a moment tonight.

    Chill has us all in suspense...She plans for some big event tomorrow. Might be a big ol' wooden stake in the heart for the Sunny One. ha. Or maybe they're moving. Time to leave the Caroline Lyders name behind.