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Monday, February 11, 2008

Crazy Lady Fanatics: "Somebody to Love", or "The Birds" Revisited ?

Taylor Hicks' Idol Blues was treated yesterday to a swarm of angry, cawing fans following my post written as a rejoinder to the statements and topics I had reviewed lately at the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. It seems they cannot let MFOYA go. It has become so ingrained in this group's psyche to HAVE to have someone to hate, rather than "Somebody to Love" as sung by Queen, that they grow restless, unhappy and discontented. I turned in last night and let them parTay on through the night without me. I had a real man to go tuck in you see...

Taylor Hicks, if the poor guy has any knowledge of the ongoing vicious and shrill harpies over at the Crazy Ladies' Fan Club, and my relationship with them, must be either laughing his ass off or groaning in embarrassment - or both. It's interesting to me how their minds seem to operate much like those organized attacks of the crows in that Alfred Hitchcock thriller. They feed on the same conscious streams of thought. One idea that fits nicely in their tortured minds, they should be able to write anything they want and it should be viewed as proper and intelligent. Above all, socially right and acceptable. They seriously believe they are being held as high example to the other Taylor Hicks' fan sites and their antics and activities seen in a positive light. One other thought process I experienced as I watched them, they honestly believe it is absolutely fine to insult others, cast their stones but none allowed to fall their direction or the person responding must be crazy. It's not crazy that they rant and rave, no that's normal to them. Too, as seen in yesterday's post, there was nothing to do with Taylor Hicks, personally, yet many are in my comment box right now fonting (hahaha) away how I have said so many hateful things about Taylor Hicks. Seeing as how yesterday's post was about them...are they so vested as fans as to think that somehow they ARE Taylor Hicks? It happens.

Taylor Hicks enthusiasts, certainly, but also individuals with obvious issues concerning their pragmatism, humor, and perhaps, intelligence. Sense of fairness or justice are completely absent rather like that of the lack of conscience seen in a sociopath. Sociopathic people are able to go out and commit crimes and feel no remorse, these folks harassing me seem to all have in their souls that same trait.

Taylor Hicks obviously, as a performer and artist needs fans, and I am sure these gals are some of his most ardent. I am put in mind, easily by the type of folk who followed Jim Jones, or David Koresh. Blind and mindless loyalty, driven by a passion born of perhaps having a kink or break present along that long and winding DNA strand. These Fanatics believe strongly in their site's leader being able to censor comments, to insult other folks, and manipulate commentary to her whim. They have big fun laughing at the commentary left in this Chill's little spam box, yet if I do the same on my site simply because the comments are boring, name calling and saying things that have nothing to do with the post, they find that unfair. Some left me many messages repeating the same things... Rinse, wash repeat. Henry8 and reader are currently in the holding room because their only contribution was to call me insane repeatedly and how I have shown my True Colors. I said, "What"?

In Reality, if they could visit that enchanted Isle, they would see how completely ridiculous and pathetic their hammering their little fists against my comment box looks, and how quite possibly the insanity should be attributed to themselves. Henry8 and this reader spend countless hours on my site. Reader was habitually copy and pasting posts off of this site to Splash for quite a while. That individual is more obsessed with me than is really comfortable, but thankfully they live a distance from Texas.

Taylor Hicks Blues has been a site in which I have enjoyed blogging out of for a long time. It began just about Taylor but as real news and information about the guy became scarce or repetitive, I chose to talk about other musical interests. For now though, this site has been intrigued with that bastion of Fanatics on the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. It's like nothing I have ever witnessed before.

For now, this story about these Taylor Hicks fans continues. It is a part of the man's career and I'll continue to work it to see where it goes. My Darling Man has a few concerns about what he's read in the comment box. He feels that many of the contributors really and seriously have more than one strand crossed in their DNA jungle. I'm not intimidated by the likes of these on-line cyber-bullies and their witless leader. I've not committed any 'crime' against Taylor Hicks, but like those witch hunters in Salem, who were convinced innocents were evil and burned them at the stake, these cyber marauders continue to harass me. Chill, the Caroline Lyders' Fan Club leader even wrote in one of her comments she liked the comparison, their being "witch hunters" not realizing the implications of her words.

Regarding the Fanatics and their time in the Sun yesterday, I think I provided what they craved and needed - somebody to hate. I fed them the nourishment their combined tortured souls demand. As my comment box began to fill with the same words, reading through some of their identical postings on Chill's they kept repeating yesterday, of that Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds", and I, Tippy Hedren. I kept hearing these screaming and cawing shrieks as their Witch Hunt site leader, Chill egged them on.
"Somebody to Love" Queen and the incomparable Freddie Mercury


  1. reader/me9:45 AM

    You are sick, sicko Sunny. blah blah blah

  2. That summed up reader's comment to me. As I've said, this person hangs on my site.

  3. Any messengers coming here for Chill, that wasn't my IP you're looking at, there's someone else from Dallas hitting these sites:

    11th February 2008 09:32:30
    Dallas Texas United States

    They hit me too. Besides, my IP should come from outside Dallas.

    I visit you only for as long as it takes to check on what you're writing about me. I have never been on your site 5 hours, but lie all you want, it's your parade.

  4. Single Bullet Theory10:13 AM

    It's plain to see that reader is bucking for a spot on the Olympic Dumb-Ass Team. I don't think there's enough psychology on the planet to help this blockhead.

  5. Sunny, you are a fair person. You are a smart person and there are no blogs about Taylor Hicks that are well written. Yours is it. These people call themselves "fans?" They attempt to run you and your blog off based on personal vendettas in the name of Taylor Hicks. That's similar to those preaching hate in the name of Jesus Christ. NEWS FLASH: it has nothing to do with Hicks or Jesus. It has to do with them and their self delusional ideals and need attack and be rabid.

    These people have nothing else. Thats why they need Taylor to fill them up. Their lives are gloomy, and unexciting and filled with problems. They live for this drama. They don't know what else to do.

    MF was interested in exposing the sham and once they exposed it they were finished. Mission was accomplished. Now MF is not blogging anymore. They moved on. That's usually what people do when they don't care, they drop out and move on.

    So who is left here? The CL Fanatic club. Who is the main culprit and instigator of hate? Hate MFOYA, hate Sunny, hate Lois Gibson, hate Radar, hate AOL, hate every single person that's ever posted on MFOYA and every person who sees the truth for what it is. Who is busy blogging, commenting and spreading hate at this VERY minute even though MF is gone? The CL fan club. Who really cares? It's obvious to anyone. The CL fan club.

    Taylor doesn't even speak to Caroline Lyders. Meanwhile these people use her name on their site. Imagine if that relationship was actually real, how messed up that would be? To have your "fans" using your "ex-girlfriends" name on a site that talks about you. I'm sure present and future girlfriends would just love that. These people are fucking disgusting. Like I said using Taylors name and whoevers name as a guise to spread their hatred and continue to embarrass Taylor as much as they possibly can.

  6. Anonymous10:41 AM

    This Henry8 can't keep her story straight. I have read many of her posts. She says one thing, then another. She uses her sick husband as an excuse for her downright scary obsession with MFOYA and Taylor's personal life. Husband sick or not she'd still be so immersed in this. Her posts are proof of the time she spends on these topics and on these sites. She claims she'll never be back and comes back over and over and over again. There are the signs of insanity. And she uses her husbands illness as an excuse to rationalize her obsession. Now that's really sick.

  7. Sad,
    Thanks for your comments. Another nice site to visit is Bloom's. She includes little stories of inspiration. My Idol

    Hi You,
    Cee is one messed up person. She is currently trying to deny the area she's from out of embarassment that she's on my site so much. ha.

  8. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I see that you are doing the same
    thing MFOYA has done and edit
    messages people are posting.
    Censorship because people don't
    agree with you.

    You need mental help.
    You blog is pathetic and
    is a reflection of you.

    This is a challenge post this
    message as is.

  9. Bwhahahahahaha! I have been challenged. Oh, by the way, that's 'reader' they've been on the site all day. ha. Posting away in my comment bin. Such devotion, I surely am not worthy.

    Leave MFOYA the fuck out of this reader.

    It's me you really want...and I'm beginning to wonder in what way...ha.

    *singing*I think it loves me. But what am I so afraid of - afraid that I'm quite sure of a love there is no cure for...

    Man, I will be out for a while today, take a nap.

    Where's my laughing Baby?

  10. Reader, I am not going to post your insults, your assumptions and your lies. Do better than that and I'll post you.

    You sent a definition of socio/pscho paths, I'll post those: This from Reader:

    American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition - Cite This Source - Share This
    sociopath [(soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-uh-path)]

    Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others. (Compare psychopath.)

    Yep, that is you in a nutshell. You see, look up fanatic and then add this definition and there you are.

    In your whack world all that matters is how Taylor Hicks is treated. How you treat others outside of Mr. Hicks is of no consequence as long as Taylor is protected. Too if you had one iota of rationality you'd see I have committed no 'crimes' against the man. I am not the enemy, but I will not be fucked with, kapeesch?