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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Guys' Sing, Paula Says ....What?

American Idol's men's night competition night had Ms. Abdul seemingly in coherent form and actually taking charge of much of the discussion. She did not slur her words and was much more articulate than usual. The talk about all the colors regarding the contestants, thankfully absent as well. Well, that was until the end of the evening when the meds either kicked in or kicked off triggered by her emotional reaction to little David Archuletta's "Imagine" performance. Following his more than adequate rendition, Paula gushed, "I want to squish you, squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rear view mirror." The mental images that statement invoked were funny yet frightening.

I have nothing against David Archuetta he's undeniably talented, but in a beauty pagent, show dog kind of way. He's been schooled to sing all of his life and the Melinda Doolittle overly humble act grating. Out of the rest of the guys, David Hernandez brought a great rendition of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone", and I enjoyed David Cook's story about how he appreciates words. Other than that, wig wearing Robbie Carrico attempted to rock out, David Cook showed he did have some skills with his guitar. Chickie Eze lost his sleezy, Jason Yeager should go home next, and Luke Menard sang Queen's "Killer Queen" like a castrated choir boy. Luke is certainly a great looking guy and could win a "Who Looks Like Orlando Bloom?" contest, but man, he is definitely a soprano. Michael (Lee) Johns was about half a note flat throughout the song, a really weak attempt at Lindsey Buckingham's song. Man, this guy is no Jim Morrison, he's no Lindsey Buckingham either and the jock talk made me laugh. Danny Noriega was better than the judges gave him credit for being. He's so pretty too, reminds me of Angelina Jolie. Yes, Danny that camera loves you.

Professor Chan's take on Castro's rendition of "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" (Andy Gibb) from the VFTW site:

Notes: Jason is like a performing savant. In his interviews he can’t even form three words together to make a sentence (much like Randy on one of his BETTER days.) But you put him on-stage and stick a guitar in his hands and Jason sings like a pro. His off-beat arrangement and clean, effortless singing is what makes Idol so great, finding undiscovered talent. Jason is a talent.

I couldn't agree more, this kid is undeniably one of the most natural talents to appear on this reality show. Jason Castro has performed in bands in a few clubs around Dallas, but as a drummer, not as a lead performer. His singing and guitar work are relatively new for him, and he's learning as he goes along. I love his take on this song, couldn't believe at first he was taking a Bee Gees related song, but I like what he did with it. The Judges were ridiculously harsh on him, stoking the fire of the manipulations this show is famous for doing.

He's very pretty too. To go home, should be Jason Yeager and Luke Menard.

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