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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Lunatic Fringe, Crazy Ladies Fan Club Leader Has Lost Her Mind

The Caroline Lyders Fan Club webmistress, Chill has decided that Evil has been done to her. Let's shove aside all of the harassment she's dolled out toward me, and initiated, since her delusional eyes found me posting on MFOYA. This individual decided back when she started her fictional website named after the then supposed girlfriend of Mr. Hicks that I was enemy Number 2 after MFOYA. She has then repeatedly and continuously berated me and my blahg as she calls it. Now she is taking the stance as the 'wounded' antelope and trying to cast aside all blame, avoiding all instance that she may have created this situation in which someone, namely me, has taken umbrage with her cyber-bully tactics.

Since I won't back down, she's mewling and whimpering how she's being threatened. It's idiocy at its finest. Thinking she has any legal grounds shows you flat out that she's over her head in the parking lot puddle to being with. That's Texas speak meaning she's deep as a dime and as stupid as mud. No lawyer would touch anything in the webpages for nada except to look as foolish as this fool already does. There are no threats lying in her inbox outside of what I have posted on this blahg of mine. What we have here are her allusions to there existing vile and evil machinations as an attempt, feeble and IQ deficient as it is, to maintain and manipulate the few website posters she tries to keep.

Carry on Chill, but you know in that one speck of your brain that operates more than breathing and farting that you're spouting pure lies and shit-for-brains nonsense.

Now shut the hell up like I told you to do a long while back. Man, if you can't stand the heat get outta the kitchen.
"I Won't Back Down" Check Tom out in the Cowboy boots.

Note: Sometime this morning, February 17th about ten-ish, the Chill-ster came to her senses and took down her lawsuit rant. Now it's a 404 page. ha. In fact she goes so far as to say the post had nothing to do with me. Of course my name written in the post as one of the 'attackers' did not mean anything, just some of that gas emitting from her body onto the keyboard. Ride that bike backwards Chill, take the gang with you.


  1. I always thought those people were nuts but this is the first time I am really understanding how completely INSANE this Chill person is. The entire blog is a bash blog to bash people that don't agree. They have attacked you non stop for MONTHS. They attacked MFOYA but MFOYA never paid attention so that was probably boring for them. But this person sees herself as good people!???????? Love Taylor HATE everyone else????? I am speechless. If she was so scared you'd think she'd shut down her blog and start a new one. This is all about attention for this individual. Kudos to whoever is threatening her unfortunately I don't believe one word of it. She has nothing to blog about.

  2. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    Chill has now offered proof of irrationality and ignorance at it's finest. And who needs a straight-jacket? Maybe her "lawyer" can find a nice booby hatch that will welcome her and her little helper monkeys.

  3. Man, nothing that Chill does surprises me. One post she's all cutting and fierce, sending out the "Fuck You" links, then next we find her sniveling and bawling threatening to call the law. Hell even Christmas Day she was leading her lively group on a smashed insect quest to bash on one of the MFOYA posters.

    I told her once I was coming for her - Chill's spin on this is absolutely fucking laughable - shit that's what I have been doing. I will continue to take time to reply to her non-witticisms and insults as it amuses me. This is not breaking any law, no matter how she might try to rewrite them. Like Momma always said, if you're going to dish it out be ready to take it, or go home.

    In her mind, she is "good folk" so she can be as vicious as she wants. What a troll she is, really. Hell, she might be that 'reader' individual for all I know.

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Right Sunny. You never write anything nasty about anyone else as you have said before. Let me quote your nasty words.

    "but you know in that one speck of your brain that operates more than breathing and farting that you're spouting pure lies and shit-for-brains nonsense.

    Now shut the hell up like I told you to do a long while back. Man, if you can't stand the heat get outta the kitchen."

    "I found this tasty morsel of mindless goo"

    "those mindless lemmings"

    "What really is this "Chill" person toking?"

    "She claims I had at one time said, that Taylor’s fans can “Go fuck themselves.” I wasn't leading that to the broad generalization that all fans partake of that particular activity, rather folks such as herself. "

    "to a swarm of angry, cawing fans?"

    "shrill harpies"

    "you freak"

    "Lunatic Sergent"

    "this woman is a Loon"

    "post in such glowing and kiss-ass commentary"

    This is just a few of your nasty
    comments straight from your
    keyboard and there are many more
    and worse.

    Is this something to be proud of?

    Don't know why you sprinkle
    Gray Charles' name around around
    your blog. As I have read he doesn't think much of you. He refers to "you" and "hate" in the same sentence.

    I'm sure may hateful words will
    come from you when you receive

  5. Hate and snark are two different things - and it's easy to rant on with the name "anonymous".

    Regarding Gray Charles, where in the hell did that come from - random much? When I've written his name it is in relation to what topic at that time. I have no idea where you've read anything about GC not thinking much of me, but I can tell you, that's not my concern. I am not breathing hoping he or anyone else grants me some form of Medal-of-Approval. He's just a guy who ran a popular blog. I have never said a mean thing about him, so if he's knocking me that's his issue. I'm not all about puppies and rainbows. I don't suck-up for approval. I say what I think and do it openly unlike the likes of you.

    I'm sure somehow you'll constitute those words as "Hate". Most likely you'd prefer my saying, "Oh please forgive me for trespassing against ....(fill in the blanks)" and then have me sobbing uncontrollably or some shit. I just don't get your rationale, chica.

  6. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Sunny, they are a bunch of drama queens. MFOYA has left the building - they have to do something to amuse themselves. Really sad. Those people have no lives to speak of. If they only knew, Taylor hates the hero worship and the over the top behavior.

  7. According to those hypocrites like Chill, he loves the worship so who knows, certainly not me.

    Regarding Gray Charles, it's so funny that the last 'anonymous' to try and make her point used his name as confirmation and validation of her point, such as it was. Like saying Gray Charles says so makes it scratched on Moses' tablets. Man, folks like that blow my mind.

  8. Chill took down her threat to sue and now is once again the reigning Queen of Intrinsic Irony. She's blustering how she did not name me as an 'attacker'. What? My name was right there on the page with RADAR and MFOYA. I have the page copied, so ride that bike backwards all you want.

  9. taylor is jesus1:50 PM

    Not only that, she wrote something along the lines of your blogging about her would be considered "stalking." So guess she would be a danger, threat, stalker for MFOYA. And so would Jeannie, Henry and the rest of the old freakie ladies? The difference is MFOYA's no pussy and would never in a million years cry about something like that. Chill just showed how pathetic and weak she is. It is no wonder her blog attracts the same types of weak insecure whack jobs. BTW there was ANY threats she would have posted them. She's full of shit like we've seen over and over. And Cease and desist!!??? Can we take a moment to laugh over that!!?? MORON! Something else,did you all know that MFOYASUCKS posted on AOL that she was gooing to cancel her membership because they outted that sham story!? hahaha.

    Anyway keep doing what your doing Sunny. It's fun to watch. Chilly wants so badly to get the respect and the attention that people gave MFOYA but that's not going to happen because the woman is a nothing inconsequential low life. There is no personality behind that name,there is no brain behind that game. She imitates just about anything and everything MFOYA created anyway. To her "categories" to now replying to people by writing "chill says:" No pride, no creativity. Now she can pretty much only blog about you or put up a picture of taylors legs. That is just straight up embarrassing. The woman is the mother of adult children. How messed up is that????? So she's like 50-60 years old? OMG.

    And reader you're too fucking stupid to understand snark anyway. God help you.

    Why is it that all the incredibly stupid people are anti-mfoya and anti-sunny. That's something to think about right there.

  10. Anonymous3:27 PM


    Did you see the pic with Taylor and T.O? It's on Taylor's myspace page in the gallery.

    I find it hard to believe that the leader of the CL fan club has the "nerve" to threaten legal action. Stalking, attacking, threatening? Yeah. That would be the CL fan club. Those gals need to take a long look in the mirror.

  11. Just as we knew all along, she can't run with the big dogs.

    Do I hear a BWAK BWAK BWAK???

  12. fcuk, I heard that Bwak! last night when I came home and read that post. Seriously. Most likely her main issue is wanting to be like MFOYA - only you know, for the other side or some shit.

    No - haven't been to the myspace today, but I'll check it out. Want that pic of Taylor and T.O.! T.O. is one hot mess of a man.

  13. Damn, I missed the Lawyer post but it doesn't surprise me. That chick is a major idiot. Her writing is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Agreed that she strives to be a wannabe MFOYA for the other side, but what is their side again? People that make no sense? And whatever their "side" is already got brutally defeated. At this point they're just licking their wounds trying to distract themselves. But they should have known better. I wonder if they actually convinced themselves they were a real opponent for MF? Because from an outsiders view it was like little runt puppies up against a fierce lion that would strike them down with a mere glance. lol. Even if you hated MFOYA it's hard to deny that they were a force. They had balls of steel, were highly intelligent, intimidating, confident and superior sounding. That's the kind of personality that gets respect and can actually "lead a cause." And they were connected with insider knowledge.

    This Fanatic Club reads like a bunch of TV dinner eating hillbillies trying to make some kind of convoluted statement that even they are confused by. Pretty much the only thing they have accomplished is giving us something to laugh and shake our heads at and of course yet another reason to make fun of the Soul Patrol. The only opponent MFOYA had was the Sham Patrol and they lost... They took it like men and moved on, too bad these housewives can't do the same.

  14. Hi, lurk, glad you posted. Your description of MFOYA spot on. MFOYA was like some magnificent lion, but not all roar - they had information to back the swagger.

    The Crazy Ladies' Fan Club, now that is one strange turn of events isn't it? All drawn together in one misguided mission - one they're not quite sure themselves what it is.

  15. The Crazy Ladies' Fan Club is composed of a gaggle of old geese falling all over each other to "prove" their allegiance to Taylor Hicks. I'll bet they really make him proud. *insert snort here*

  16. You can post this (or not)...

    Have you noticed something missing on the Crazy Ladies' site? Hmmm...they finally took down the "Caroline Lyders Fan Club" header and now have this: And now . . . back to your regularly scheduled program :-) I'd like to think that someone finally got the message, but I may be giving them too much credit.

  17. fcuk, just posted a little bit on that haha - friend of mine emailed me to check it out.

    Notice the tone of the comments? Think *someone* had a pow wow on making some changes in attitude and blog topics? ha.

  18. "The Crazy Ladies' Fan Club is composed of a gaggle of old geese falling all over each other to "prove" their allegiance to Taylor Hicks."

    That is exactly it. That's so funny. But all fan sites slobber over taylor 24/7 too, but these ones are the slum of the fans because they are the gossips, the rabid psychos, the rumor spreaders. They are the ones emailing this NBA journalist who was attacked for saying Taylor couldn't play ball, the ones emailing Lois Gibson and everyone else who says something they don't like about Taylor.

    On TOSP, missyscarlett/jeannie and her sister blondbabe/cbb are universally hated. They are known "crazies" and have been suspended, banned etc.They are really terrible are not wanted there. The CL site is where they hang out and where they are accepted. So you can pretty much see what the rest of the fan base thinks of the fanatic site.

    They can try to be all about Taylor Hicks now but they are still bottom feeders that live and breath drama.