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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MFOYA, Adios, Adeiu, Good-Bye, Farewell

MFOYA has written a farewell statement on their blog, "We don’t feel that we need to leave comments open and discuss this matter any longer. We’ve discussed it for a pretty long time and it seems Radar has taken this over themselves, so we ask that you take posts and commentary to that site".

There are Taylor Hicks' fans who foam at the mouth if anything is mentioned remotely not completely complimentary about Mr. Hicks. These fans profess fear of causing him to lose fans, lose reputation. Some fans have carried it so far that anything said negatively about him created on-line riots. I have this article written by Chris Baldwin I revisited yesterday as one prime example. As you scroll down the posts, you'll see many of the players posting to Mr. Baldwin as seen on MFOYA and Fanatics. You'll also see the similarities in the continued style of behavior. I don't post as Sunny on his site, I'm seen as JewelsR. Hickschick2010 is there, and Gray Charles is there as well.

As you revisit that "Memory Lane" of one of the Soul Patrol's (not) finest hours, take note that some of these folks have not learned one thing since this came out. Take note too, that it is becoming more likely to have Hicks' name mentioned not for his talent so much anymore but the caliber of fans he's attracting.

I think much of the time these type of fans, the ones quick to shrill and scream out against perceived enemies of the man, post in such glowing and kiss-ass commentary in hopes of one day having that fateful one-on-one meeting with the man. Visions of spilling their on-line handle (c'mon ladies, I've been there, I've heard you all blurt out, "Ooo Taylor! I'm so and so from Boogie/TOSP/GC!1!") with the hope he'll look deep into your eyes and murmur, "Oohh,I have been waiting for you - I love to read your posts about my onion...would you like to see it...???" Then like that fairytale romance knight in Soul Patrol armour, he scoops you up and off to the tour bus. You and he lock eyes, you waving to all the other envious and tearful Soul Patrollers wiping their eyes with soggy Kleenex. It's that obvious sometimes.

I mean look at it rationally and realistically. MFOYA was conceived following the scrutiny of photographs of a lady that Mr. Hicks hung out with on the beach in Hawaii. Initially among the die-hard Soul Patrollers, a big outcry began that the guy was even with a woman; rampant sometimes veiled jealousy the core emotion. All kinds of on-line mayhem broke out about who she was and what kind of relationship it was.

That was what initially drew the attention of many of the folk behind MFOYA, those folk who came to sail on that Ship of Mayhem: Those fans. The reactions were mystifying, some were marrying him off to this gal he'd been seen with once, as far as they knew. Then there were the other posters that were completely hating her. The gal on the beach was called a skank, yet nobody knew her. Looking at her she certainly looked nice, attractive. Her figure insulted, her breast scrutinized, "I thought he liked big breasts" was something I read on several boards. It was beyond silly and stupid. It was vapid.

Back in the day of Gray Charles, he found his exponentially growing audience a mixed bag, some came already equipped with an appreciation for music, others came because after seeing Taylor Hicks on Idol they wanted to learn more. Gray was only too happy to oblige. One of the draws for me on his site was the fact he did not allow insipid posts to carry on about the man's ass, etc... You could talk music, you could talk Taylor, but above all talk with some intelligence.

The fans in which the group at MFOYA have had the most issue with are the ones that gather on-line talking about the man's harmonica playing equating some sort of cunnilingus, and his ass an "onion". The fans without any musical knowledge, just Idol junkies, all they could relate to was the music Idol fed them through their televisions. Granted many were the ones who got the guy elected topdog Idol, but many are the same ones who rally with such savagery at any slight against the man.

My philosophy, call the man's ass an ass if that's what you're talking about - and harmonica playing is just that. I have tried to understand, but it really has been one fucking hilarious situation all the way around.

Back to MFOYA. Certainly there was not an Angel at the helm of the site. Occasionally a rather glib and caustic post created havoc among the sensitive. Occasionally the tone would grow dark and thunder would roll off the screen. Then, other times, it was simply a snark fest, like some rollicking court jester poking fun at Hicks, poking fun at the fans and yes, because they were there, in the midst - front and center - poking fun at themselves. Making Fun of Your Ass was as much a slam to the readers as to the subjects involved, as it was about themselves and the folly they knew going in this story would create. It was pointing out to those overtly kiss-ass fans that yes, we knew, we saw that Harlequin romance flitting through your minds...and it was funny. Now, let me make clear, not funny in a Oh My GAWD you are an IDIOT funny, instead, funny in let's look at ourselves, let's reality check.

MFOYA's last line,"Hicks is talented, that’s not going to change, but hopefully he’ll decide to cut the “famous asshole years” short. Support music, not lies."

Gray Charles use to say, "It's about the music, baby!" That's what the love for Taylor should be about, not what it's turned into. That said, the man knows what he knows and surely realizes what he needs do.

Turn it up baby!


  1. Henry84:48 PM

    Okay, one comment. Have to do it.
    Hell must have froze over. I only hope you are right and she has shut down forever. It will be like having a cancer removed.
    Have to ask one question. I have heard you a number of times bitch about people assuming they know what is in your or others minds. And yet you do it all the time.
    My question, how do you get so smart that you can read peoples minds and hearts. That you always and without fail know their motivations. The answer to that is you don't, you aren't that smart.
    You don't know why any of us do what we do, say what we say, or feel how we feel. You are projecting IMO.
    Having said that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying all attributes of Taylor Hicks. I fell in love with the mans voice, first and foremost, then his abilities as a muscian, I have been a lover of the harp since I was a child and my father played. It has nothing to do with how he looks. I love to listen to him. People Get Ready is a great one, can't see him. I think Taylor is one of the best.
    Like you, I dislike thud and onion and all that childish crap but there is nothing wrong with admiring a very well put together and handsome man.
    And my semi-reliable sources (if thats good enough for radar, its good enough for me) tell me that the man in question has no huge objections to that. It has been a source of amusement to me that judging from many things I read there, that some of the most repressed people I ever ran into on the internet resided at mfoya.
    I found that funny and somewhat enlightening. But I won't presume to actually know what was in their minds. While there are certainly some things that should not be said or acted upon in T's presense, what people do in the privacy of their homes and joke about on their computers is no ones damn business. But then we do seem to have some people around who think everything is their business. Even Taylors private sex life. Thats something I certainly never wanted to be involved in.
    And about Taylors fans, they are no better or no worse than any others, did you see what happened at Rolling Stone when they said something bad about Daughtry. George Lopez was attacked at the golf tournatment. Fans can be crazy, its why they are called fans. But the bad rep comes more from bitching at each other. And to have a lecture about it from anyone at mfoya, well that is just beyond the pale, Because they have been the absolute worse cyber stalkers anywhere in the whole Taylor fan world. Bitching about others doing it while they were at it themselves. Involving others besides Taylor and doing it for destructive purposes. I have tried to get people who think they are doing it for good to stop also, but it is hard.
    About Chris Baldwin, took me a minute to even remember who that was, he was irritating because he seemed to know nothing about Taylor and you wondered why someone smarts off about someone they don't even know. I don't even remember if I said anything. I don't respond to those things often but once in awhile I do. But that was no different that what happened for Daughtry and God forbid you say something bad about Clay. Its all silliness but its what many fans do and I really hate that superior attitude that says I'm too good, I'm too smart to do something like that. Just like you smarting off because I post every 3 or 4 days at myspace. I didn't used to do that, but I think it looks good for him to get comments and I try at least once in awhile to say something nice to another fan or something imformative or maybe some words of encouragment and why does that bother you? Thats what I don't get. If you are a fan and it shows an interest in him to get comments as others do at their myspaces then why are you too superior for it? I think everyone should be free to enjoy Taylors music, talent and everything else in their own way as long as they aren't nosing into his business or doing their damnest to embarrass or hurt him in ways that are absolutely of no importance. And just FYI I have never foamed at the mouth and I have done my share of poking fun at Taylor, I think hes funny with a very, shall we say, "quirky personality" but he does not deserve to have his personal affairs that are not harming anyone drug all over the internet, whatever they might be.
    You expect that kind of thing when you are a celebrity but you don't usually expect it from your so-called fans.
    And just so you know, ALMOST, every fan of Taylors that I have come to know, became interested in him for his talent, some of them are smart, some are goofy, some get carried away, and if they want to admire his hotness as they call it, have a few fantasies on top of every thing else how does that hurt you? All fans , everywhere, are like that and maybe it you would come down off your superior high-horse you could have some fun too. Oh yes, I had my time when I thought their were too many old ones fawning over him and it seemed embarrassing, but I changed my mind. They are fans, they like him,their money spends as well as anybodys and hes a big boy , he can handle it. And there doesn't seem to be any shortage of young ones after him too. And that he seems to love.
    Whether you believe it or not , it is about the music first and formost, but when you look like Taylor and when you encourage it as he does sometimes, its going to be about other things too and there is not a damn thing wrong with that. Grow up,loosen up, and get over yourself.
    I enjoy him, but believe me if he gets fat and bald I will still be listening to him. But I doubt he will, from what I've seen, I think he enjoys the attention.

  2. My apologies at not putting this up sooner, henry8. I was out last night and got in late. Glad you decided to let it hang out. You certainly deserve your say.

  3. henry88:40 AM

    Well, thank you Sunny, I meant every word. I was thinking you might ignore it, since I have been ignoring you.
    I thought AOL turned out hysterical.
    Some of the comments were quite funny.
    Regis and basketball, it will be good to see him again.

  4. henry8 you, all of this, a part of the big picture. All a part of the Taylor Hicks' story. It's like life, there's good times, bad times.