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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Taking a Taylor Hicks Break Tonight

In honor of a fellow blogger, let's listen to a guy who could have really helped Caroline Lyders out should she want to tie her star to a Music Man: John Mayer. In another note, if partial male nudity offends, go no further than the video. ha!

Yes, Johnny, it's all about words. Words give you a life beyond the everyday, the mudane, the real the dirt under your fingernails.

Words help you connect, show how you feel - IF - you really Say what you need to say. Love the new tune.

Love this picture from that cruise. hahahaha!
JM does Borat:

Man, I have to say, yes, you DO look like my Darling Man.
In a more serious musical note, here's JM with Herbie Hancock. Jazz man in a Pop Star body...this worth the time to watch. Nice groove.

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