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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jason Castro Day Dreams

Jason Castro on American Idol performing, Lovin' Spoonfuls, "Day Dream". Smart song choice, loved the guitar addition.

Jason Castro reminded me of this guy: Then add guitar.

The subject of looks and appearances always a focal point on this reality show. It's a prevalent issue, with looks as important and voice it seems - if not more so sometimes. That brings me to the topic of Castro's hair. He's rocking some heavy natural dreadlocks. While Dreads not a real common or popular style there actually exists many forms Dreads can take. Jason apparently is more of a naturalist with his hair, the Dreads are not uniform like you might see done by a styling salon, they are home grown, so to speak. Home grown... that's a topic for anther time.

I liked him on the show last night, loved his laid-back ease and natural goofiness. Nice change up from some of the other men who are going to try and win this competition with pretty boy looks.

Speaking of the pretty boy looks, the man the show is getting behind early, Michael Johns, the Aussie 'plant'. He's actually had a professional type career that tanked and this his next chance at a breakthrough. Mr. Johns made a valid attempt to do Jim Morrison's "Light My Fire" (again). Why the judges did not chastise him as delivering a karaoke performance is only answerable by the fact, he and little David A. are top faves for them. What they're seeing is recording dollars swimming in their pupils and good looks draw the female fans easily fooled by flash. He did not deliver Morrison nor make the song his own. Michael Johns issued a pale shimmer of the original artist.

The real deal - Jim Morrison: "Light My Fire"

I've read someone compared him - his looks etc to Jim Morrison once, so I guess that's his fascination with the "Light My Fire" song. Enlighten me, someone, what was that noose he was wearing around his neck? Going for some kind of faux art house musician vibe perhaps.

The others sort of faded into the background for me, excluding little David, he was smiley and happy and so very professionally schooled it made my teeth hurt. He's like biting into a sugary confection. This kid is pure money for the show this year.

I felt really bad for Garrett Haley, man Simon, certainly that was hilarious, but look at that kid, he's not up for it. Seriously, Garrett, put down the drugs and go get some sun.

My pick of the evening,local boy, Rasta-man, Jason Castro.

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