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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Song for BrightLite

This song and video tonight is dedicated to one of the Crazy Ladies' Fan Club members. Granted she took the Starfish Story to a new height, but she's proving herself the voice of reason, sanity and yes, intellect on that wacky site. I am very impressed with how she handled the recent bout of blog sparring. She proves to be a saving Grace for that site. I am, I admit, surprised.

BrightLite, has actually stepped to the forefront as the Voice of Reason on the Crazy Ladies' Fan Club.

Note to Brightlite: My comments to henry8 were not directed at you per se, rather my annoyance with her constant derision and negativity toward me and my commentors in the name of Taylor Hicks, especially when he wasn't the topic. Too, she's been such an alley-cat backstabber, I've rather detested her for it, I'll make no bones about it. You see, at one point, I really liked her. That said, I've never had anything personal against you, I'm just sometimes one bloody smartass and will seize the moment if presented to snark. Most don't understand it's not malicious. I hold no malice toward you.

Regarding emotions of course I have them - and yes, I'm an emotional, very passionate person. What has surprised me is your understanding of that concept. I apologize for the confusion regarding my comments to henry8. I wanted to thank you for your compassion extended, especially your kind words.

I had a tough day today; reading your words actually helped me quite a bit. Cheers to you chica, again, thank you.

"Bright Lights" Matchbox Twenty

I'm not going to be able to blog much for the next week; I'm under a certain deadline I have to meet.


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Maybe you will come to your senses
    and not blog at all.

  2. reader, why so much love for me. Truly I am not worthy. hahahaha.

    If I left what would you do with your time?