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Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank You 'Asses. The Remarkably Intelligent Member of the Fanatics

One of the participants in the Formerly Known as Caroline Lyders Fan Club, Makingfunofyourasses had an intriguing and humorous take on the on-line website conflicts between MFOYA, my site and the Formerly Known as Caroline Lyders Fan Club denizens.

'Asses as I refer to her, had set up her own little contest to end her take on the tale of the blog wars. She had been filling her blog pages with chapters cleverly written and cleverly titled to discuss and set in humorous light the sad state of affairs that the entire Caroline Lyders and Taylor Hicks story drew out. CelebrityBlondebabe had won the contest with her story really following the main conceptuality of 'Asses tale. CBB faithfully stayed on target with how the Fanatics would like to remember MFOYA.

I sent in my ending which 'Asses posted yesterday, I received First Runner Up. Granted only two of us even sent anything in - but I can only imagine what sort of discussion that brought about in private with these individuals. To their credit they have stayed the course that Chill has decided and perhaps been advised to take, to step off of my back.

I thank 'Asses for her classy approach to all the conflict, at least in mainstream print she stays as neutral as 'Switzerland' in the League of Nations. I picked her out of the pack months back as one of the truly intelligent members and she proved to be cerebrally blessed in comparison to the rest of the pack. 'Asses has held as being the site that allowed posting from all quarters. I think too her site was quite underrated in the whole scheme of things, so I wanted to take a moment today to speak out officially on my blogspot and commend her for all that she represented in this messy little skirmish. Naturally none of the Formerly Known as Fanatics honored my honorable mention to this contest with so much as an "I hate you" per normal, but at least this 'Asses gal had the chutzpah to post it. Hats off chica.

Thank you for letting me be myself: Sly and the Family Stone


  1. It just goes to show 'ya...some folks have class and others wouldn't know what to do if it smacked them in the face. I don't know if I would call 'Asses' writings totally unbiased, per se. They were, however, as close to neutral as anything I saw being pump out of cyberspace during that 'dark' period. I'll offer my snaps.

  2. No good deed goes unpunished. Your clever post on 'Asses' blog has now drawn the rath of a certain zealot, one half of the Siamese twin clowns. I'm sure it won't be long before the blonde half chimes in as well. They just won't let it go.

  3. No, she wasn't totally unbiased, but she was fair. She never banned my posts nor was mean. Rabid is not she. LOL

  4. fcuk, Man darlin' that fucking Jeanni and her sistah are just lying in wait for ripping and tearing. Can you imagine what they are like live and in person? Bwhahahaha.

    Fucking Jeanni & CBB went off half cocked (almost spelled coked, but maybe that's true ha) about something that dumb beyotch knows nothing about. What a crank cases. hahahahha.

  5. I keep thinking to myself 'are these woman scamming everyone or do they really believe what falls off their fingers?'...all the talk about inner and outer beauty, Uggs of many colors, high-bo shampoo from Nordstrom, yada yada...the sad part is that I think they really mean it. What a way to deal with an inferiority complex...brag about yourself in a public forum. Individuals develop an inferiority complex when they are obsessed with their weaknesses. Their fervent vitrole is obviously a serious cry for help. Like I said in an earlier thread, there ain't enough psychology to go around for these folks. Sad situation...

  6. Oops!!

    Spelling (-2)...vitriol

  7. I had thought that Brightlite was redeeming herself for a nano second after the Starfish rape story but, she's reverted to previous form and yes, makes little sense.

    Jeanni and CBB increasingly make the CL Fanatics resurgence. You are right, they can't let it die. ha.

  8. That Brightlite is coming across increasingly like one of the biggest whack jobs of all time. First they go out to a nice restaurant in their mink coat and don't know how to act. Next she's buying $30 shampoo? Right.

    I know I believe them. ha.

  9. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Brightlite is hilarious. She is a troll for Gawd sakes!! The best part is those other posters believe her hype.

  10. Yes, Yes, but we have to continue to enable her. Give just the right amount of criticism. Otherwise she could lose credibility.

    My favorite Brightlite story though, so far is the Starfish Story she adapted. That was brilliant material.

  11. I loved this from the article about the Alabama Award event.

    Hicks followers like Rhonda Huffman of Montgomery were out in full force.

    “I am a Soul Patrol member, which means I’m a BIG Taylor Hicks fan. He has the voice of an angel, and he’s a non-stop entertainer,” she said. “His performance always knocks it right out of the park, and it’s great that he’s from Alabama, too.”

    She tickled me.

  12. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Sunny if you don't get it. You are
    not wanted there.

  13. reader, it's not your site so bug off.