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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looking at the New American Idol Contestants

Local boy, Jason Castro 20, from Rowlett, TX, and auditioned in Dallas has my interest, more than the others tonight. I Love this boy's looks and I know he comes from good people. I grew up running with the folks in Rowlett and so that leads me to have a special interest in this boy. He also did a stint on MTV's "Cheyenne" so he's not new to television. Wouldn't it run those producers nuts if he went very far on this show? Yeah, I think it would. ;)

I've only heard the boy sing on youtube, I have not caught him when he played The Prophet Bar, but this footage was filmed there - The Prophet Bar is one of the cool hangs in Deep Ellum, one of Dallas' party districts.
Jason Castro rocking The Prophet: "Crazy"

He's not been included in the crowd the "Privileged Pimped" contestants so I'm pulling for the kid to introduce himself tonight in a good way.

It will be my first time to hear Jason Yeager, a 28 year old from Grand Prairie, TX tonight as well. He's riding the Taylor Hicks flavor, saying he identifies the most with him of all the Idols in the past. Hell, who wouldn't want to associate their name with Taylor Hicks coming into this competition, the man's still holding that legendary status of rocking the show off its Pop axis when he took Season 6. Saying Taylor Hicks is who you identify with the most isn't going to help much if you can't bring the sound to match. He's the one who cried when he got the news he went through to the top 24. That's about all I know about him at this point...

Robbie Carrico, the guy going for the rocker dude title with his long hair and skull shirts but has roots in boy band pop so far just has me muttering... "poser". Have to hear the guy sing more, but I might still be muttering "poser".

Michael Lee Johns comes across as one of the definitive producer favorites, he's good-looking, and from the sound of all of his auditions, all of which made pre-top 24 airtime, his voice isn't bad. It's just that he's so obvious that has me not hanging on the top rail of the fence for the guy. I'll see how I feel about him after tonight.

The three Davids, Cook and Hernandez; I see Hernandez as possibly the second coming of Rudy Cardenas and Cook, with his splotchy hair and wanna-be Daughtry thing going on isn't inspiring me yet to think much about him. Archuleta, is just a kid, cute, nice smile, sings nice. Tweenies will love him.

Danny Noriega, now - he's a kick. Reminds me very much of a dear friend I used to travel with sometimes - our last trip was to Bermuda, some years back. His name was Kerry - he performed at some of the local Night spots in drag, sang and was a fabulous dancer. We tripped the light fantastic many times - we were known as "Fred and Ginger" by our friends and fellow party pals. I loved him dearly, he was my best friend, and I miss him very much. He fell victim to an accident and now is no longer with us... Anyway, I digress; Danny looks like Kerry, sings like Kerry, and so reminds me very much of Kerry.

Colton Berry, another kid most of us haven't seen much of on the show yet, most likely planted as early cannon fodder. Tween girls will like him. Chickezie Eze - will have to see what he does tonight. I'm not that interested in him... yet.

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