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Thursday, February 28, 2008

VFTW Picks Amanda - Idol Gets Beatles - Finally

My biker sistah has been officially crowned the honor of VFTW Queen. Oh wait, Danny Noriega already sealed that title. Let me say simply that she's the true female choice in a sea of not the best talent ever females. I was completely entertained last night with her ensemble. It screamed "Pick Me VFTW!" Simon's calling her hair and outfit 'ghastly' was much fun as well. Finally we're getting some entertainment value from this cheesy show.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Biker Momma - not too many gals sit their own ride, and she's got that kewl Janice Joplin thing going on when she's smart enough to pull it out and use it. Amanda Overmyer is like some pied crow in a cage full of yellow canaries. To say she stood out last night is like saying Las Vegas shines in the Nevada desert. Last night was part Elvira part Cruella Deville and part female Kiss without the white makeup. One thing, she should never have done is pick a Kansas song with her limited vocal range. I have to say though, she's a glittery sequined wonder much needed on the show this season. Ghost of Sanjaya past flitted by when she came on stage. You go, "chile".

Of the girls last night Carly Smithson (Hennessey) was very good, as she should be with her professional background, and little Ramiele Mulabay was engaging. Brooke White did a Carly Simon tune which fits her whole hippy dippy throwback vibe she's working. Little Alaina Whitaker who is a dead ringer for my niece, Katie, did well, she can certainly sing. Syesha is just not living up to her hype, but I wasn't a fan of hers from "The One" either; she comes across as full of herself and leaning toward the Bitch side, in not a good way. Asia'h Epperson was croaky, but fessed up to being sick. Alexandria Lushington did well, but not memorable; Kady Malloy looks like one fiesty little chica, I love her attitude, but vocally, she bombed. Kristy Lee Cook, the one who professes to have sold one of her favorite horses to join this group wore her best assets in a shimmering silver-Ish top and tight fitting pants.

For the Going Home swansong tonight, it should be:

Kady Malloy
Kristy Lee Cook

Jason Yeager
Luke Menard

By the way, the Beatles catalog of tunes have been released to the show, undoubtedly to help fill the Michael Jackson coffers to pay all those mudane attorney fees. During Beatles week, should my dreadlocked darling still be in this race, I'd think he should consider "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"

Look for the girl with Sun in her eyes...

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