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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Taylor Hicks & Regis & Kelly & The Fanatics

Taylor Hicks is scheduled to perform on "Live with Regis and Kelly" during "Wedding Week 2008" on Friday, February 8. It seems the bride and groom have requested Mr. Hicks to appear. I have read that Taylor Hicks' will sing, "Places I've Been", a song from his post Idol Cd. The pair getting married, Kacy Hardenbrook and Jordan Edsall. You can read more about them on the Regis & Kelly website.

Taylor Hicks' is definitely seeing his name in the press lately. Good and bad. Blogger known as MFOYA brought Mr. Hicks' into the eye of RADAR Magazine from observations made regarding Taylor Hicks' love life and love interest seen last Summer in Hawaii. Yesterday AOL News picked up the story from RADAR Magazine and featured it in the entertainment section. Those two stories not exactly shedding a positive light on Mr. Hicks, but they are bringing him media attention that seems to be growing. Nothing the media and journalists like more is to capture a name and a story that will garner viewers' and readers' attention. Taylor Hicks may not have sent BillBoard charts soaring through the record industry ceiling when his post-Idol Cd was issued, but he is beginning to once again capture the interest of the National public.

Granted the majority of the posts from the AOL News' comments section were not glowing reports from the Soul Patrol fan base, or the regular Hicks' fans; comments were mostly from regulars on the AOL News site who were not waxing enthusiastic in their commentary about having any news coverage on the man. Even so, there have been almost 300 comments posted since the story came out yesterday around noon. That says, especially looking at other articles on AOL News as well as RADAR Magazine, Hicks is a polarizing individual and his name brings those readers.

Taylor Hicks appearing on Regis & Kelly for their annual wedding celebration, especially with the heart-warming story featured for the couple who won the honors will be some positive exposure. Possible with some of this National media coverage regarding Taylor and these gossip tales being handled by the entertainment news sources, we'll see an even bigger audience tuning in to give this man another viewing, and another listen.

In a more personal note, I had some messages sent to me last evening from my inverted fan crew over at the Caroline Lyders' Fan Site. One, had Chill, the site leader, creating a big ol' howdy-do in the form of a computer screen sized "FUCK YOU" - apparently the "I WANT TO" part did not fit into the screen...It was like Valentines early. Big warm and fuzzy there, baby. Not interested though, chica, you're not my type.

Jeanni in all of her 'Einstinian' way, I mean this woman is a Loon Genius, tries to correct the way that possessive form is to be used pertaining to words ending in "s", including Taylor Hicks' name. I'm not going to post the entire comment, here's the part we are all corrected on correct possessive form:
"By the way, the possessive of Hicks is Hicks’s.
Get that through your thick head.
What? Journalism has gone to the dogs. If there is a story there I can’t find it with a bloodhound."

Ms. Jeanni was on a rant about seeing that I and other writers are using this: " Hicks' ". For future reference, here is some information that might help that delusional lady - or not. That darling woman has to be the work of too many relatives in the same town.

Since it must be trading picture time, I have one for my fan CHILL, the webmistress at the CL Fanatics Club.

For the other Fanatics, F.Y.I., the comments seen on AOL were not expressing disdain toward MFOYA or RADAR Magazine, unfortunately most were about not caring who the hell Taylor Hicks is or hearing about his love life. Many were snarkers that frequent entertainment sites and post for enjoyment.

That all said, I'll have the Tivo set to record "Regis & Kelly", February 8th to watch and review Taylor Hicks' performance during the wedding for that fortunate couple.

"Song for You"


  1. Let me post a comment to this piece since I should have added it.

    Apparently some may not be aware AOL News is basically Time Warner. It's a big group, with vast resources.

    My Darling Man works for a company vested in distribution of Time Magazine, and Time for Kids.

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    That is so funny!! The psychos at the Fanatic club have resorted to analyzing comments on AOL to make themselves feel better?? Meanwhile 99% of the commentary talks about how they don't give a fuck about Taylor Hicks. It's not the story that's the problem, it's the topic of WHO it's about. Talk about spin! I have to admit I just love how foolish they all look. They all said, if it was so true how come no one will touch this story. And it seems this story is getting touched alright. Didn't that Henry8 say she'd eat her computer or something? sometimes its best to shut the fuck up. But some never learn. No wonder they are all freaking out, they're egos must be sorely bruised. Especially since this is totally out of their hands. The SP has no leverage, no power, no say. MFOYA on the other hand... they get things done.

  3. They're ripping up Ms. Gibson as well. Sad state of affairs over there... hahahaha

  4. henry812:27 PM

    OMG OMG , I'm sure I'll be wanting to shoot you for something soon but right now my heart is melted into a huge puddle. Ray is my heart, my love, and that song I had not heard for a long time. Its going on myspace, if I can find a spot. Taylor may have to move over. I would give almost anything to hear Taylor sing that. I never wanted to hear anyone do a Ray cover cause they could never come close to him . But Taylor does. Sometimes he even surpasses him. I never would have believed it, but he does. He has such incredible emotion.

    Back to other crap for a minute, like an idiot , I sat here and read all those comments last night and actually there were quite a few that showed disdain for radar and aol for even bothering to put on the story. Some because they thought the story was stupid, some because they think Taylor is not important. The usual bash Taylor bunch that hit every story about him. they are unimportant. But I don't think mfoya received the Erin Brockovich reception they had hoped for. The reaction was more like, "somebody spent more than 5 minutes on this"? All in all, I was pretty happy with the aol responses. My two favorites,
    "When I saw forensic expert, I thought he was seen with a dead lady" and "What is he? A married pastor spending his parishoners money on vacation? This is stupid"
    Did those from memory, hope I got them right. There were other funny ones too.
    Didn't mean to post again right away but you got me with that song. I've got to get on Youtube more instead of reading stupid comments.
    I know its hard sometimes LOL but you have to read Jeanni more carefully, she was quoting last night. Nuff said. LMAO

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I just left a comments at CL Fan Club Site. I am sure that they won't post it. Or, maybe they will so their eight members can rip on me. I have been reading MFOYA, CLFC and your site. CL Fan Club is absolutely the most juvenile, uneducated,
    dillusional group of people I have ever encountered. I feel bad for the way they take such joy ripping on you and your comments instead of dealing with the fact that their Savior is a fraud. Anyway, enjoy your site very much.


  6. henry812:31 PM

    Just saw that, my egos in fine shape sweetie, Maybe too good. LMAO

  7. henry81:01 PM

    Ah crap, I forgot, Elliott put that song on his album. Like the guy but not a fan of his voice, never could get myself to listen to it. Guess I'll have to force myself. Still would love to hear Taylor do it.

    You know Ms. Gibson has a good rep, but boy she has never met a microphone or a camera she didn't love, and why she wanted to be involved with this silliness is just beyond me. Rather shes right or rather shes wrong, it just doesn't make any difference. They can all be right if they want to, its fine by me, I know there are some really invested in being right on both sides of this, I just don't get it. I can't believe people are still talking about it. it just makes no difference. I have an interest in what happens with mfoya, but the story I have no interest in.
    I wish it would quit snowing so I wouldn't be stuck at home. LOL

  8. Single Bullet Theory1:24 PM

    Many thanks for posting that link to plural/possessive rules. Ms. Einstein to this day still uses photo's when she refers to the plural of photo. I'm surprised she didn't say "Journalism has gone to the dog's."

  9. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Regarding Taylor performing on a wedding on Regis, I'm not sure this will help Taylor at all. Most people still look at him being a "wedding singer". And Taylor being linked to a hooker? That's good for his image. He's not a good boy after all, is he?

  10. single bullet theory; Yes, Ms. Jeanni does that. You can always pick her posts out on sites for that little trademark, whether she's Missy Scarlett or Jeanni.

    She tries to say that she was copying a post and that's how 'they' wrote it, but reading the post on Fanatics, there is no " " marks indicating that it's someone else speaking.

  11. Thank you JM, always happy to see you've stopped by! We'll see if they post it, but if you're standing up for me, doubt it.

    I haven't come by to read you this week - check you later, man.

  12. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Henry8 as usual you are grasping as straws to look like less of a fool. Lady, you need help. You NEED help. Your obsession with mfoya, the topic, all of it is just so nuts!!! Mfoya's not even around!!!! I don't think MFOYA expected anything because the scam is so damn stupid. Don't spin it honey, if it was about someone else people would love it. Eric Brockabvich? Fucking nut job you are.

  13. Anonymous11:13 AM

    It's pretty interesting to see the demise of Henry8. Even her writing style has changed to now match with Jeannie and the rest of the freaks over there with all the LMAO and the hahahhahahah when they actually have egg all over their faces.

    All I know is if my mom was posting on fanastic blogs 24/7 and posting like that, i would be embarrassed as shit. According to a mod at TMS, henry8 also spends her days reading fan fiction about TH. ewwww. This woman scares me. Sunny why do you even bother letting this person post here? It kind of makes it less enjoyable to read.

  14. This is like the "Switzerland" of fansites, no? I'd think Mr. Hicks would like to see her here. She has history with this story and so she too belongs, you don't have to like her. Hell, I am not sure if I do sometimes.

    OK, enough puppies and rainbows, I let her post because I won't be like that asshole, chill.

  15. Anonymous9:54 PM

    The only history henry8 has with this story is that she's hated CL from day one. haha. I remember those anti-CL posts on the boogie board quite well. Other than that she has much history as anyone else. The mods at TMS probably have the most history.

  16. Yes, from what I've heard, henry8 was quite the nasty snarker on CL. Ironic now that she's a bonafide member of CL's Fan Club hahahaha. Henry8 certainly has the knack for hating on other women, that's for sure.