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Monday, February 18, 2008

Taylor Hicks Fans, I was Invited to the Party but Not Allowed in...

Or is the title How Do You Spell Coward?

I think it goes something like C - H - I - L - L.

I was invited to the Taylor Hicks' girlfriend site's party tonight only to find the doors barred. Yes, I could peek in the windows of that asshat of a website, read their insults, but wasn't allowed in. Chill the pill popping webmistress of the formerly Caroline Lyders Fan CLub sent a personal invite to me through one of her insulting flunkies to a 'final party' she was hosting tonight. "Final" because apparently she's changing the name from the Caroline Lyders Fan Club to something else. I won't post what that name will be as it seems to change hourly.

Anyway I was invited to see what clever post she's come up with and was treated to this image to the right. I then found the Cyber Bully Sisters Jeanni, also known as Missy Scarlett and Siamese like twin, Celebrityblondebabe, also known as Blondebabe insulting me at their whim.

CelebrityBlondebabe is a cyberbully extraordinaire. In recent statements she has posted:

celebrityblondebabe // February 6, 2008 at 10:15 pm

OMG…was just sent an insert of Sunshine’s photo…how the hell can she put that photo up? Yee gads! Does she realize how she looks? Truly…is this a joke??? Is that really her? (Meanwhile I've seen her little pic at another fansite, she looks like a 250 pound bleached white whale. Do I insult her about that? No.)

Then she brags, (February 9, 2008 at 9:20 pm) "we have completely discussed WHO you all are and WHAT you do and WHERE you live and WHERE you work…all in private…beyond what you can see or hear or read about. You can’t copy, paste nor remark. How wonderful is that? It is absolutely fantastic!!!!! I am loving it. CAN’T TOUCH THIS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Bite me! P.S. AND WHERE you go to school…seems like you would have learned SOMETHING by now…geeze!"

The "Who and What" I'm not really sure of, one thing by the sound of this person it should be disturbing. I mean look at her writing styling, completely irrational and she's bragging about doing basically illegal activities - actual stalking. Not just visiting web sites - man, going out and finding where you live, work, and where you might go to school kind of shit. This and that sister of hers an example of scary on-line folk. They have bragged about calling possible employers, etc.. to see if you work there, they will email locations they think you might be found at - whatever it takes. They are relentless cyberstalkers of a high degree in that they have a great deal of practice. They also as you can see, dear readers, take absolute pride in their work. They love Chill's site of terror because they can post whatever insults they like and the respondee can't respond in return. It gets them off and makes them feel somewhat powerful in their sad little nothing lives.

Meanwhile, chill in her fantasy lofty position as webmistress encourages and condones her little cyber mobsters to have at it - do what ever and provides them safe haven as this ranting celebrityblondebabe says. Yes, they can do what they wish and outsiders cannot disagree nor say anything on that site about it.

Frankly if Chill had wanted to be truly not a Pig, (instead of denying she's one), she would have done the honorable thing. You know, say something along the lines of, well perhaps in our Taylor Hicks' fervor, we at (whatever name they will use) have possibly at times in our enthusiasm for Taylor Hicks have stepped out of bounds. We've maybe leaned a little on the Insane Side, and well, now we're going to go in a new and different direction, take our meds and behave ourselves. Chill-ster could add, something to the effect, "I will personally see that Jeanni and CBB will stop harassing folks at their personal-real-life jobs and maintain a sober and realistic approach limiting our stalking to the on-line world of visiting web sites only". She'd also graciously admit I kicked her ass - with words. Then, taking the high road she likes to imagine treading, she would have said, something to the effect, of, "I concede to agree to disagree and let bygones be bygones".

Did we see that happen? No we saw a bitter and rather ignorant display of an almost sadistic variety. Chill and her gang instead think it witty and smart to heap insults upon insults on me, yet I am shut out of the festivities unable to say a thing. That my dear readers is cyber bullying at its finest example. Henry8 you are a pathetic and shitty individual. Karma will be found and you won't like it.

Ah hell, I know I was visiting Fantasy Island for a moment, and missed 'da plane' but sadly not even an iota of that happened. Meanwhile they think as they've told me in numerous emails that the blogger they hold highest in esteem, Gray Charles also condones this conduct from them. Man, I'd be highly disappointed to learn any truth to that - but Chill and company seem to believe they have his "blessings".

Indeed I found myself rather let down and disappointed to learn that these people on that site, Taylorhicksgirlfriend.wordpress.com are really as ignorant, stupid and mean as I had originally thought. I had hoped for their redemption. I certainly hope for whatever sake, that Gray Charles doesn't think Chill and her approach an intelligent avenue for Taylor Hicks' support.
Dear readers, you want to see Pigs in the mud? Please click this link.

You think you can drag my spirits down with your inane and mean-spirited ass Chill? Think again. Remember the first time you assaulted me on-line? I do, I put up this video:
Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam "Jeremy"

Well at least she did not post my personal information and other data that her cybermonkeys may have attempted to obtain.

I'm not going to set this to 'alert', not worth the effort. ha.


  1. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Sunny, you can't expect any different from these people. Look at what you're playing with. Come on. These battle-axes are older than my mother and they live their lives through some 31 year old musician. It's not like they just "enjoy his music." They actually live for him. They worship him. Being his fans is their life purpose because they have never achieved anything else. They will deny it to your face, but it's still the truth. They tried to make Taylor Hicks a success to make themselves feel good and they failed. They tried to take on MFOYA to make themselves feel good and they failed. They're just looking for a reason to "matter", but they don't and never will. They bring everyone down, including Taylor. It's like the opposite of the Midas touch. So you have to remember the type of person you are dealing with. Desperate. So they are not going to blog anything remotely intelligent or meaningful anytime soon.

    It's pretty sad if you really look at it. Forget spending time with their grandkids and children and families, they spend their days idolizing an illusion on the computer. Look at that Henry8. Her husband is terribly ill, and look what she does with her free time. Instead of spending it with him, she spends it on the internet. Ask that woman if she's happy. That old biddy is miserable and draining. It jumps right off the page.

    The truth is that none of them care about Taylor. They only care about how he can help them run away from real life and what they can take from him. These people are trying to escape their reality, using him, that's why his true reality was too much for them. These people, they believe in Mary had a little lamb. It's crazy land over there. Fantasy land. FAN - FANATIC - FANTASY. You are dealing with the armpit of America. Expect no less.

    Oh and karma already got them Sunny. It's called "their life."

  2. Hi you.

    I discovered first hand about henry8 and it was a sad reveal. Of course I'd not expect them to let me voice any opinion, where'd be the fun in that for them?

    Obviously Karma's already bit them and most likely will continue.

    Jeanni and CBB write about and try to talk about the 'hate' on this site and lies about Mr. Hicks and it's laughable. I am floored with their fascination with fantasy, with their desperate need for fantasy.

    Thanks for adding your comments to the post. You are absolutely right.

  3. Just as I suspected...all bluster and no action. Chill the sow can't seem to get out of her own way. It's no wonder that her farrow can't get back into the some of the TH fan sites. No one in their right mind wants to be associated with these crackpots. As I posted at Radar, CBBimbo and Jeanni are Siamese twins that are joined at the rectum, thus yielding the same shit in their posts, time and time again. The rest of the litter runs behind with their tongues hanging out. I guess they'll just continue to wallow in all that shit, just like good little pigs do. That's their karma, and they SO deserve it.

  4. Anonymous7:21 AM

    The saddest part of those delusional fanatics riding the Taylor Train is, when there is no longer a Sunny or MFOYA or someone else to blame they may eventually turn on Taylor himself for not providing them with their daily fantasy fix. They desperately need him to support their delusions.If he goes back to a small independent label and does just local gigs,he will have less and less media attention.They live vicariously in Taylor's world and the whole purpose for their existence will crumble if they have no way to continually feel connected to him and his life.