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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Wierd Science of Intrinsic Irony

Taylor Hicks and his fan clubs, that is a story unto itself. Who is stirring the shit? That is the question. The Caroline Lyders Fan Club webmistress, Chill in all of her 'chilling' glory must have been having a more than usually irrational day yesterday.

Taylor Hicks and the Tale of Two Women story was having a quiet moment over the weekend. Saying that, one would think Chill would be content to let those sleeping dogs lie. No, instead of embracing the very thing she claims to want for Taylor Hicks - the story to die and go away, she stirs the shitpot with her picture and her post and her inflammatory tags Saturday. Perhaps she's become so codependent upon this story and her inner battle with the (her view) demons involved that the prospect of this all going away saddens her. I mean, she could find herself spending much more time roaming about the house ranting alone.

Chill, in her first post proclaimed, "....The end is here." I said, "What"?

She wasn't talking about an end to the MFOYA story, no rather she was talking about an end to my blog and the MFOYA site and the folks who dare talk about Mr. Hicks in anything other than in a sexual reference. You see, the Taylor Hicks Tale of Two Women did get quiet, it's been passed from MFOYA to RADAR and then picked up on AOL.com. It's been talked about on the blogs, mainly in the hush hush chatrooms, but discussed certainly. But it was quieting down. Then yesterday, we have Chill, hearing some kind of ominous gong going off - in her head - tolling the end... of what exactly? I'm guessing she can only tell, so y'all go ask her if you have the time or the inclination. Granted you'll end up in her Forrest Gump Spam Box, perhaps tossed up on the site as an example of who to throw stones at next... so it's up to you.

Then there's that 'hate' part that her darling Lunatic Sergent Jeanni was babbling about finding "all over" this blogspot. I say, come, come Jeanni, copy and paste anything found relating to this story in which I say anything negative about Taylor Hicks. Include hate filled toward either Taylor Hicks or Caroline Lyders. The only perceivable semblance of 'hate' on this blog would be the posts concerning Chill's site. Most of those posts though are not true hate, just observations made and snark directed toward that idiotic site called the Caroline Lyders Fan Club. The really asinine part of all of this, their complete and total denial they are the folks who instigated this blog war. Now they seek to make themselves pure as the drivel driven snow and pass the buck. Pull the whole, "I didn't do it Daddy!" Anyone with even a third of their brain know the story on those Fanatics.

Having no more, 'she posts on MFOYA', rocks to throw at me, now - and I love this one; I am a 'user'. I am using Taylor Hicks. How dear reader you might ask? Well, according to those genius hatemongers, I am after something and so I dare type his name in my blog posts. Wow. One of their new fake names or perhaps it's a real person, writes how she's discovered a way to put up Mr. Hicks name in blog posts and no one can see it! Yes you can include Taylor Hicks' name in the posts, therefore getting your site googled and the article read by the folks with the google alerts in place! This New Addition to the CL Fan Club writes:

"I figured out a way to put Taylor’s name on your blog repeatedly without making it obvious.

Use a font tag and the color code to make the words white. That way they match the background and can’t be seen without highlighting.

The color code for White is #FFFFFF .
Stunningly smart that one. A real crafty peach.

I hate to break it to them but it takes much more than including Taylor Hicks' name in a post in white to get it 'googled'. Then there's that matter of it looking like Taylor Hicks that. See, then you could do a paragraph like this:

Taylor Hicks put on one great concert last night! He performed three songs off of his album, Taylor Hicks and rocked the house! I love it when Taylor Hicks plays the harmonica and gets so sweaty! I try and imagine that he's soooo in the moood and it's all passion for meeee! Taylor Hicks will always be special to me, forever and ever! Last night I dreamt that Taylor Hicks and I consummated my love for hahahahha!!!

I am not making this up. As anyone can see, that just doesn't look right. Man, just when I think I'm completely getting bored with this little coven they come back with more and different insanity. They are like this petri dish teeming with these fascinating new germs. It's similar to some kind of science experiment. You look through the microscope watching them swim about, and then one or more of them changes colors and shape.

Chill backpedals with the "using" of Taylor Hicks' name halfway through yesterday's little freak fest, uttering yet another pathetic, delusional "battle cry":
"Put the name Taylor Hicks, Soul Patrol, etc., in every blog post you write to get people to your site where they can read about Taylor and download his videos and pictures. Let these people find out about the Taylor Hicks we all know and love and let them see you’re not crazy. We outnumber them, you know that’s true. We should not be intimidated!! We got the powah!! hahaha We fans need to stop worrying about all the bullshit the haters throw in the mix, such as saying you’re using Taylor to draw people to your blog, blah, blah, blah. That’s not using him; it’s called marketing. :-) Every blog and message board out there should be doing the same thing. Get your voice heard! Let’s take the internet crazies on!"
What is she smoking? Crack? Camel dung?

Seriously, who is the "THEY" she's talking about 'outnumbering'? I love her shout out to all the big fan sites to hit her email. Whodahell do you think you are Chill? Calling out to Boogie and the other boards to hit your email? Chill, you think those folk want to come TO you to rally for... what? Reading through what you're trying to do - elevate yourself to some kind of Hero for Hicks, some kind of Angel in white to save him from naysayers or even those like myself who dared to even talk to MFOYA is ridiculous. I remember a time existed in which I had no idea this 3-D teeming petri-pool of folks existed. That said, Chill has surely has me Blinded with Science. Here's to you Chill, Queen of The Science of Intrinsic Irony.

Wierd Science


  1. whatplanetamion1:14 PM


    Sunny, darling, if you have a Blue background you would OBVIOUSLY not use the color code for white text.


  2. hahahahahaha! Thanks, I'll remember that, O-K ... moving right along.

  3. Chill1:28 PM

    Why are you always returning to my site?

  4. Well, Chill it's because you must tag me, or talk about me daily. I just want to make sure I have no need of a bodyguard. LOL Keep friends close, and those who desire to be your enemy closer, chica.

  5. From chill's cowardly little site:

    Chill, "...Then when the fans started to call her out on what she was writing, she turned on the fans."

    That's what I'm talking about regarding Chill's propensity at falsehoods. Only fans I've turned on are ones who have been mean and ugly toward me. That would be chill and co. at the CL Fan Club. Hey man, you get what you dish.

    Regarding snark about the glitter and puffy paint, hell all of them - including henry8 have said much worse about me and meant it. I've been just kidding around. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're in trouble.

    Chill your professing all the fans hate me is just another one of your delusional ideals.

    Chill is your typical bully, dish it out all day yet, when it's handed back she retreats into this "Well nobody likes you anyway" *snif, snif* bullshit.

    To whatplanet, you obviously are simply one of the regulars with a new name. I'm not a forum junkie. It's not just running in the girly forums that got the man elected, fool.

    To Assine 'Sucks, I never aspired to be Gray, baby. Yes we at VFTW dip into the forums, but being members is another matter.

    Henry8, yes, I'm too cool for school. No doubt.

    Where's Baby Ethan? Time for another laugh.

  6. Whatplanet = hicksfan7. oh. 'splains it all.

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I don't even know what the focus is of the CL fan site. Defending Taylor? Are they joking? They are so embarrassing to him. He's trying to get himself away from this whole disaster and here they are toting CL's name keeping it alive. Defending him would be ignoring and not fanning the flames out of boredom.

    And Taylor is a grown man, he can defend himself! If this stuff wasn't true, he would come right out and say so. He doesn't need these lunatics making him look worse. What I'm reading on the CL fan site is just pure vemon and ignorance. But something interesting occurred to me..

    I read something about someone named brightlite saying that she can no longer be a Taylor fan if he was with a call girl. What the hell? What difference does THAT make? Then she rationalized that it "must be bullshit" and went into denial. RATIONALIZED is the key word. DENIAL is the key word. The bottom line is its true. Taylor did get caught with a call girl. He's 31 and single, big deal. But as you can see from Brightlites post, these people can't handle that he has flaws. They go completely nuts when their image is shattered due to their overinvestment.

    They have also tried to bait people into fighting from day one. They had tried to bait MF since the day they popped up and it never worked. This bothers them. Because they are useless. They didn't get their "word" out, MF did. Radar proved the sham was a sham, and AOL exposed it to millions of people. MF was proven right. Those Fan Site people can't get over that because they devoted a whole site to MF being wrong and now look like utter ass shats. lol They can't get over the fact that you supported MF, so you were also right. That kills them. They keep fighting because they are so angry about this. This is what insane people do. Because it's not like they have managed to get anything done with that site. Prove MF was aaron? Prove CL was on the beach? Show me one thing they have done to stop you, stop MFOYA, stop Radar, stop AOL etc.. You won't be able to. After all their rants the truth still came out. Taylor gave these people lives they never had. Most these people never left their damn houses or listened to music before him. These new revelations are way too much for them to handle. This is the underlying issue here. They try to beat around the bush and make it about other things like people and fans, but it's really that they can't handle who Taylor really is and it's sent them over the deep end!

  8. Man, I think that last part completely nailed them, "Taylor gave these people lives they never had. Most these people never left their damn houses or listened to music before him..."

    The fact that perhaps Taylor isn't exactly who they had in mind for him to be must be the big issue. That Brightlite chick - what a story in itself. They have to have a dog to kick and they kick on me. hahahahaha! Just makes them look even more ridiculous.

  9. Henry85:21 PM

    you have got to be kidding. There you go assumin' again.
    I leave my house daily, wish I could stay in it a little more.
    Full time job, full time life. Been listening to music, probably since before I was born. One of the things that drew me to Taylor was his musical knowledge. Something we shared not something I discovered. I find that to be true of most of his fans. We know music, thats why we like him. You are consistently wrong.
    As far as being right or wrong,about other things, you just can't get it through your head that MOST don't care. Its not important. I would need a lot more proof to be sure of anything, but it doesn't make any difference. You can be right, I don't care. Don't care who he was with. If what you think is true, fine by me, not upset by it at all, whatever he was doing, he wasn't hurting anyone leave him be. You seem to be the ones obsessed with what he was doing. What deep end is it that I have went over? I don't care what he does, but I don't want him belittled and made fun off, something you guys can't seem to get enough of.
    Taylor is exactly what I thought he was from day one, and as far as I am concerned he is free to be exactly whatever he wants to be. I became a fan to observe a talent I very much admire and see where he took it. I don't have the desire to control him or make sure the world knows all of his faults as you are so determined to do. I have never understood why all of you think you have the right to judge him and make sure the world knows. He certainly doesn't need defending cause he is fine, just the way he is.
    Brightlite, well, she is just a gentle soul.

  10. Single Bullet Theory6:15 PM

    I'm not sure if my last comment went through, so I'll try again...

    It's quite alarming but I'm sure I met many of these fanatics at Taylor-related functions and concerts. I guess what I didn't know at the time was a blessing. Now I know to keep my guard up and not be so gullible. They're a sad little bunch and Taylor would be wise to stay clear of them and their kind. Your anonymous poster was spot on with their observations. The fact is, they can't handle the truth, can they?

  11. henry8 wrote, "You are consistently wrong."
    and I say henry8 you are consistently a delusional asshole. You think you're right about everything related to Taylor and you're just a two-faced fool.

    If you don't care, then quit posting to comments saying you don't and just shut the fuck up.

    Nobody, you ditzy ass bitch, is making fun of Taylor here. This was about Chill and her harassment of me which occurs on a daily fucking basis.

    If Taylor doesn't need defending then quick trying to defend him, especially in posts like this that have nothing to do with him. Your logic is completely without reason.

    Brightlite might be a gentle soul in your eyes but then those are your eyes and I can see how fucked up you can be.

    Immediately you think every fucking thing is about you henry8 nobody here has mentioned your name - none of them.

    MFOYA was right about you. Run back to that hell hole of hillbillies you prefer. I have had enough of your insults and your fucking two-faced bullshit. You are a liar, you are two-faced and you are borderline psychotic.

    I have been way too nice to you.

  12. Anonymous8:55 PM

    "If you don't care, then quit posting to comments saying you don't and just shut the fuck up."

    AMEN!!! Priceless!!

  13. Anonymous9:20 PM


    It is no wonder some call you
    sick mentally.

    Your blog has become nasty and pathetic. Extremely hateful.

    That is how you will be remembered,
    hateful, if anyone cares to remember you at all.

  14. SixxFan10:09 PM

    I agree, Sunny. You have been way too nice to most of these assholes. Henry8 is obviously a two-faced, delusional, nutcase. I see her/him all over the place posting away, yet he/she/it claims to have a full-time job and a full-time life.

  15. henry8, you and most likely your sidekick reader are not welcome here any longer and will not be posted.

    In response to your attempt to post here:

    I am not tossing you because you said anything that made sense, rather, you are out because you lack any form of human decency and protocol.

    I have been gracious, I have been nice to you I have even defended you. I figured you were simply slightly mad.

    That said, fuck off. Karma is a bitch and you'll be receiving your due. Your true self came out long ago.

    I don't give a rat's ass how I am remembered by the likes of you. It sounds almost like some form of threat from you all... "How you will be remembered." You psychos have something planned I don't know about? I plan to stay here for a long time.

    Henry8, it's like this, you mean nothing to me. Your opinion isn't important to me.

    Regarding your comment about MFOYA fuck off on that one too. Leave MFOYA the fuck off the equation this was personal, your treatment of me. Trying to blame it on Hicks or MFOYA is simply a ruse. You have resented my taking up a communication with that individual.

    Go rant on your hateful site with Chill and company. You deserve to be there. Regarding the comments from your other friends on how I "will be remembered", I think I perhaps need to hire some legal council. That sounds like a personal threat.

    Yes dear readers, I have now been threatened by these freaks. It is simply a symptom of their insanity. I am saving several of their comments regarding this issue. Man, you all have no idea the real crazy behind these folks at the CL Fan Club.

    New name, Crazy Ladies Fanatics Club.

  16. SixxFan10:44 PM

    Also, Sunny, make sure you keep the post from CelebrityBlondeBabe who claims to know all of our real names, work, home, and school addresses.

    That threat always cracks me up. I mean, what do people think they are going to do with this information, even if they really had it? Are they going to run to my boss and saxy, "Look at what SixxFan wrote on a message board about Taylor!" LMAO!

  17. Henry8, one more to you, chica. I kept some of your emails to me. Here's one in which you are talking about Jeanni and CBB. This one received just about 13 days ago, we were talking about a few websites - you see, I know Cee from Myspace:

    "Not crazy about the other board either, Jeannie and sister are loons. I need a little late night entertainment to take my mind off hubbys (sic) illness. Poor Guy. Thats him in the picture. I have to work tommorrow.(sic) Yeah, old as I am I have a job. LOl"

    Just had to throw that one out in the event Crazy Taylor's Jeanni or CBB or reader dropped back by.

  18. Another Irony Sixxfan, henry8 and the other bitches complain about cyberstalking and man, they're right there, calling TV stations, etc.

    CBB made a comment about I should know better about something because of where I fucking go to school! hahaha! I've been out of school for a looong time. Bitch most likely was on my other site and saw the University of Alabama link.

    One thing henry8 was right, they are a pair of loons.

  19. I just put a new post up with just a few hits from my stattracker today. Hours, where from etc... Put that in your crack pipe Chill.