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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Deadspin.com

This has to be one of the Funniest Sports coverage blogs I have ever read. Ever. I might have to join this site. It's called Deadspin.com and they provided their take on the recent Celebrity Basketball Game Taylor Hicks played a part in New Orleans. Apparently they are affiliated with This site in assembling this fascinating and hilarious story.

One paragraph, one of my favorites, "We'll admit something. We hate American Idol. With the passion of a thousand Bill Waltons. It is turrrible.(sic) But as opposed to most of the participants who were actually trying to act cool, Hicks was over the top ridiculous. He knew he had no place there and reveled in it. The man was wearing his jersey tucked into his shorts, for God's sake. Neyo kept looking at him like he was walking around without pants on. If it seems that we are unnaturally preoccupied with the man, it's just that he was so amazingly out of place, and yet mystifyingly dorky.

I laughed until tears ran. hahahahahaha. Wow, these guys are good! Gave Terrell Owens some love too.

Man, Taylor Hicks, I hope you had fun there, man, you certainly knew how to draw the attention. Apparently they could not take their eyes off of you.

Looks like that's where the Formerly Known as the CL Fan Clubbers were this weekend, as the writer includes, "...the Used-To-Bees. Women, 50 to 80 years old...apparently they would be performing at halftime..." Too it seems they were rocking the comment boxes on Hardwood Paroxysm.blogspot.com. Great little comment on the site. From Anonymous, of course.

I might be in love with these guys. Hopelessly.


  1. Yup, deadspin is definitely on my blog list. They are freakin' hilarious. Good family fun for all...



    I don't give a fig what some "people" say. Taylor looked goofy as hell with his shirt tucked-in and his pants hiked up under his armpits...visions of Dilbert. There ain't nothin' gentlemanly about that, and I'd bet my bottom dollar HE knew that all along. He's no stranger to snark.

  2. If you look at that picture of Taylor doing the funking chicken you can pretty much tell he was just having a great time. That look on his face says it all.

    Love how the Anonymous posters were pounding away at the guy on blogspot with the "Hardwood" blog. So typical. ha.

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Well, I saw the pics from the game an it looked to me like they all had tucked in shirts and the stupid long pants look bad on all the guys. Just a little worse on the shorter guys.

  4. Not all were tucked in - but yes, most were. I think Hicks was just having a great time and being silly. That man appreciates the finer lines of snarkdom.