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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Country Music Week Suggestion for Taylor Hicks

I took this from rickey.org, great choice for Country Week!!! 'Bout time to hear The Soulman belt out some Ray Charles!!! Yeah-yas!!! (quoting Hicks)

"Somebody please tell Taylor—Country week can make him! Ray Charles ” Crying Time” will be the song to blow America away—I believe he closes the show 4/4/06 and everyone will be talking for weeks! Somebody who has Taylor’s ear must be reading these comments—"

Gorgeous SoulPatrolman, I love this guys taste- what do you think darlin'? What say you?

Loving and grooving on the Soulman tonight.

21st Century Songs: American Idols' 21st Century Bomb

It was time for Lisa Tucker to say good-bye to Idol. She remained positive even at the end, no tears like we endured when Ayla had to go... Kelli-what's-a-ballsy-Pickler 's "Suds in a Bucket" was, well typical countryfair fare, but she won't be leaving anytime soon. As a compliment, her make-up was much better than last week's. Apparently Idol took the paint away from the make-up "artist" that gave her that classic French wh*re look.

Ace Young. What can I say; the baring his of his scarred breast (no, I don't mean chest) completed his yammering, shaky outstretched hand performance. Paula's pills are rumored to being rationed; she was relatively calm except for that moment - she couldn't help but squee at the site of the scar, and requested they 'talk' sometime about it. Simon and Randy's responses were interesting; flashback to Corey of a few seasons back - they both snapped their necks to look at her, internal sirens blaring - Must Stop Paula!!! Wooooo Woooo Wooooo!!! Poor Ace, was it just me or did he seem really uncomfortable by Paula's oogling? He was able to lamely muster something about it being some sort of T-Ball accident (is that what I heard, T-Ball?) What a jock.

Mandisa, whom I think is a beautiful big woman and normally like her singing, this week, not so much.

Chris "Creed" One-Trick Pony Daughtry. Well he performed Creed. He sounded like every performance. Being the Special One, he gets those special rock star strobes every performance, great camera angles. (Something Mandisa did not get...) Simon did reprimand his Pick for Idol, with a reality check. Chris also had to endure some scripted questioning by Seacrest about "Live" and last week's "I Walk the Line" copy. Didn't look like he wanted to talk about it much...

Kat McPhee. Gorgeous gal, but didn't deliver her usual goods. Compared to the rest of the group, though, she had one of the night's best performances.

Bucky Covington, the guy is smarter than he looks. I had to commend him on dress and song choice. Saved himself to sing another show.

Paris Bennet (dreams of being Beyonce', no?) she is a sparky little spitfire, no doubt about it. She'll go a few more weeks.

Eliot Yamin - what is going on Dude? I thought, is he looking almost Hot tonight? Best put the wine glass away... Song choice, "I don't wanna be" performed last season by Bo Bice, maybe that was a factor...what am I thinking, Eliot and Bice in the same sentence in the same paragraph using the Hot word? Now during the Wednesday night elimination, the lighting on him reminded me of the "Seinfeld" episode with the gal with two-faces, in some lighting she was attractive, other.....scary movie time. Sorry E. I do like your singing.

Saving the Very Best for last, Taylor Hicks. He looked so gorgeous. I loved the way the camera started at his size 14's and slowly worked its way up those long legs. Replaying that often.... where was I? Oh, Simon's comments about Hicks' attire must have been derived from personal jealousy (probably wears a size 9 shoe) and the lack of anything else negative he could say. He had to put some kind of jab in because afterall, Taylor clearly beat Simon's Pet, Chris D. He was ruminating about "the horror" of Taylor becoming the next Idol, as he recently stated in an interview on MSNBC. Taylor's vocals were excellent, perfect, gorgeous. His delivery manly, strong. He showed yet another side, providing a performance in exact opposition from previous performances showing diversity and real skill.

My silver-haired darling made his fans proud; I love the way he includes the Soul Patrol mention in every opportunity. He is paying homage to the folks who love and believe in him (and vote), that is so smart. Keeping the fans involved and making them a part of the show, incredibly savvy and yet showing gratefullness. I just love him more every appearance.

Groove on Soulman!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quoting GrayCharles posting by True North

TrueNorth Says: March 28th, 2006 at 10:36 pm
The character of Taylor Hicks amazes me.
I believe this is why so many of us music afficionados have so much love and respect for this man.
He says he is on a mission to bring the REAL back into popular music. Tonight he proved again that he is staying committed to that mission. He didn’t sell out by going for a hit single everyone would know. Nope. He chose a soulful song from the singer-songwriter genre, by an artist he personally admires. A piece that actually requires something of the listener. He has enough confidence in himself to stand his ground and just do that, enough smarts to realize that this is the time to do it, and enough confidence in us to believe that we are going to trust what he’s going to give us.
I knew who he was from the moment he started singing “Change Gonna Come”, and now I think how clever and downright prophetic that particular song choice seems. Maybe my music dream WILL come true, and REAL music will rise to the top again. I can’t wait for THAT change to come.
Taylor Hicks, you are the second coming of Elvis, who soaked up blues and soul on Beale Street and then delivered it to white America, changing popular music forever.
I absolutely love you, man. I love you.

True North; I love you too, man, you have said it all. I have nothing more to offer.
Groove on Soulman!

Taylor Hicks; favorite Charity: Studio by the Tracks

Located in Irondale, Alabama, Studio by the Tracks is a non-profit organization operated to assist individuals afflicted with Autism by providing a creative outlet, a center for inter-personal growth.

from a post by RocketCity on the Idol boards:
This was on Fox News in Birmingham this morning.
Reporter: Even while worrying about their own futures American Idolcontestants are ready to help others. It seems Taylor Hicks has spearheaded a mission to help Studio By The Tracks.

Here is their address: Studio by the Tracks, PO Box 101144, Irondale AL 35210

From the organization's website:

Visual works created by individuals with autism provide windows into singularly unique and fascinating universes. No one has fully explained why autism occurs.
Friends and family members are often frustrated by the inability to enter into communion with the autistic person, but there are divides which are bridgeable.
This is the web site for Studio By The Tracks, a small non-profit agency which every week provides safe harbor for 25 individuals with autism who come here to make art. We also provide a safe arena for dozens of at-risk children who come to the Studio to sculpt, paint, draw, deconstruct, assemble, write and act.
Please check out out galleries of visual works by adults with autism and at-risk youth.

There is always talk on the fansites/forum boards about what can be done to promote their favorite contestants on AI; creating and donating to charities always a big topic. For those of you with an interest in promoting Hicks through making donations in his name to this organization, you would be benefitting more than providing Taylor with a name-mention. You are donating to a great cause and furthering and enriching the lives of many others. Great idea and it sounds like a very worthwhile charity.

Click the title link to go to the website to learn more about Studio by the Tracks.

My Money's Still Riding on the Dark Horse

Taylor Hicks numbers on most of the betting sites have pretty consistantly put him running in 3rd-4th place. Chris Daughtry, the now seemingly favorite of the Idol5 pack with K. McPhee and Mandisa doing battle with the 2nd and 3rd places. When you go to look up the Vote4 Idol numbers, though Hicks remains the Numero Uno overall Vote pick there, but Daughtry is surfing the top spot.

One thing is certain, the dark horse of Idol is running a good race. Last week's performance hurt him some in the running, although upon re-reviewing the video MANY times, I like it much more than that first night. What's necessary is for Hicks to pull a performance tonight of the caliber of "Taking it to the Streets". Or Better. We need to see the soul side of Hicks; been a lot of talk but not so much walk. 50's week had much to offer the new Mack Daddy of Soul to allow him to strut his Soul Thing; Ray Charles, Elvis, Muddy Waters, man I could write a paragraph! The would've, could've, should'ves that Hicks did not perform is a lengthy list. One thing his old fan base and his newly evolving fan base want to see is The Soulman in action working the Soul Thing.

Overriding discussion on all the boards with forums and discussion panels is that Hicks needs to pull a more serious note, be it an uptempo tune or a slower rendition, but a serious throw at
soul singing. And Never wear those white shoes again. (Until you win this, then come out and dance your heart out in them!)

Groove on Soulman.

GHD Reports Simon C. Interview on MSNBC

Simon Cowell Says - He Has A Horrible Feeling About Taylor

On MSNBC Last night Simon Cowell said the following to Rita Cosby:
Rita: Who do you think will win? What’s your prediction on who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna take it all?
Simon: I have a horrible feeling the public is going to vote for Taylor, and I’d prefer Chris.

GHD comments:
Simon we know talent when we see it, the Backstreet singers of yesterday is old news bring the Soul. This Week We Need To Vote hard, to show American Idol that the people have picked Taylor to WIN.

Visit the Gray-Haired Dude and hear some tunes at WOOOO Radio.

I'm doing what I can to help Simon get that horrible feeling...

Groove on Soulman!

Mary Colurso's "Taylor Trivia", al.com

Happy TuesTay!!!

Here is an article written by one of my favorite writers in Alabama, Mary Colurso. I have e.mailed Ms. Colurso a time or two during last season's American Idol 4 Bo Bice campaign. This article posted in "The Birmingham News" is filled with Taylor 'Tid-Bits' has gained through interviews with Taylor Hicks. I'm posting it for anyone who hasn't read it yet, a Must (*smiling*) for all the Taylor Fan-atics.

At the end of her article she lists sites dedicated to Hicks; www.taylorhicks.com (shut down while he's on "Idol") www.taylorhicksfan.com, www.taylorhicksblues.blogspot.com, (because I am very dedicated), www.theofficialsoulpatrol.com, (formerly known as taylorhicks2006), and one of my favorite sites, www.graycharles.com. One site she omitted, and I have now informed her about via e.mail, The Gray Haired Dude's WOOO Radio site. An original site that supplies me with my Taylor Hicks and blues music fix; in the event you haven't come across the GHD's site, you can visit the GHD at http://www.officialsoulpatrol.com/ WOOOO!

Thank you, Ms. Colurso for putting a mention in about my blogspot; I have a daughter attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!!!). She is studying to go into medical research and views my celebrity coverage fixation with a condenscending, yet, patient eye. It will be fun to forward this article on to her..... *wink*

Click my title link to read her article in its entirety.

Count down to tonight's show. I haven't been able to access any spoilers on what the song choice might be - seems that "The Powers That Be" have become wise to the 'sources' and are zipping the leaks...have to find a new way...

Groove on Soulman!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dining Out with Taylor Hicks, or the Spaztastic Picnic...

Article by Josephine Gillis

"The gray hair, the smoldering eyes - imagine you’ve found yourself seated across a table for two with American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks. You feel proud to be out with the man who can so easily admit to having been an Easter Bunny at the mall. The waiter introduces himself and starts to tell you the specials. That’s when the evening begins to take a strange slant. As the specials are described, Taylor follows each one up with a “Wooo” and his torso angles sideways, his neck stiffens. People are beginning to stare and you realize this is not going to be the kind of evening you had in mind...

You order dinner, but it arrives in doggy bags. You are politely being asked to leave the first class restaurant and dinner is free of charge. Taylor is ecstatic, he doesn’t know he’s just been slighted. He whoops it up on the way out, thanking the waiters, the maitre d’ and anyone who will listen, for what he perceives as a free picnic.
“Ain’t Los Angeles great?” he marvels as you stroll to a nearby park, where you munch dinner out of containers. He’s easier to be with outside of the confines of a busy restaurant. This has turned into a fun and memorable date, but you’re still relieved when it’s time to say goodnight and he doesn’t try to plant one on you. Getting too close to Taylor Hicks doesn’t seem like a safe bet.
But I am betting on him to be the winner of this year’s American Idol."

My money's riding on The Soulman too, Josey.

Click the title link to read her entire article and comments.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Taylor Hicks and Celebrity Merchandising

Information covering Taylor Hicks and the controversy over websites marketing his image and name on products without authorization is not widely released on the internet as of yet. Fansites and forums with promotion angles regarding Hicks are discovering they are in violation of certain laws.

This is a link regarding the merchandising of products, including t-shirts, coffee cups, mouse pads and pins bearing the likeness of celebrities or anyone else for that matter without their permission. http://www.wipo.int/sme/en/documents/ip_photography.htm

Well known on-line storefront, CafePress.com had this paragraph within their terms and conditions. Sellers are monitored regarding the products submitted for sale to ensure privacy rights are not violated.
Right of Publicity
What is Right of Publicity? The Right of Publicity makes it unlawful to use another's identity for commercial advantage without permission. A person's "identity" includes, for example, his look, voice, name, nickname, professional name, and other distinctive characteristics. For example, the Right of Publicity prohibits you using the picture of a celebrity without authorization on your merchandise. CafePress.com

Then there exists this law...

Parody Law
Reprinted with the permission of Bell, Boyd & Lloyd LLC. www.bellboyd.com
California's right of publicity statute provides:Any person who knowingly uses another's name, voice, signature, photograph, or likeness, in any manner, on or in products, merchandise, or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of, products, merchandise, goods, or services, without such person's prior consent . . . shall be liable for any damages sustained by the person or persons injured . . .

(legal terminology includes 'injured' as being a condition wherein images used for profit by another, without the permission of the person whose image is being utilized without gaining profit or granting consent)

Cal. Civil Code § 3344(a) (West 1999). Under this provision, one may not knowingly use the photograph of another for commercial use without the permission of the subject, regardless of who owns the photograph. The same rules apply for using the name, voice, signature or likeness of another. The statute provides an exception for using another's name, voice, etc. for news, public affairs, sports broadcasts or political campaigns. See id. § 3344(d).
A party damaged by a violation of the statute may sue for injunctive relief and recover the greater of actual damages, including profits from the unauthorized use, or $750, plus punitive damages and attorneys' fees and costs. California's common law also provides for a right of publicity that is broader than the statutory right. The elements of a common law right to publicity claim are:

defendant's use of the plaintiff's identity;
appropriation of plaintiff's name or likeness to defendant's advantage, commercial or otherwise;
lack of consent; and
resulting injury.

So the fact stands that the sites previously marketing Hicks' name or Hicks' products with his image or likeness are being stopped. (You might have a 'collector item' on your hands if you already own any of these products.) A few sites have had contact from Hick's representatives leaning on them to immediately retract/alter their marketing resources.

I don't really think it was Taylor Hicks that initiated or called for these proceedings, but more than likely, his P.R. reps through American Idol that have intervened. He is big for the American Idol franchise, and they will make certain that the only profits being made off of Taylor Hicks are their own.

Holding the law to its true interpretation, just using photographs of Hicks on our blogs and websites in some instances could be interpreted as being in violation as well. One "out" for us blogging schmos - especially on a little 'spot like mine; no way are we (I) reaping in any profits of any kind; and Hicks' is receiving free props and publicity. So to hawkers of Taylor Hicks products, Beware, the AI5 Patrol is watching...

Groove on Soulman.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Alabama's 'Idol': Hicks cracks Top 10

Thursday, March 23, 2006
By MIKE BRANTLEY TV & Media Editor

In South Alabama, grandmother Joni Hicks of Gulf Shores has rallied the troops -- the "Soul Patrol," as fans of Alabama singer Taylor Hicks refer to themselves -- at "American Idol" viewing parties every week since her grandson first appeared on the Fox TV program.
Her 29-year-old, gray-haired grandson is a Birmingham native who has entertained Gulf Coast music lovers during frequent engagements here in recent years. On Wednesday night he became a member of the exclusive "American Idol" Top 10 for 2006.
Hicks received on-air praise from "Idol" judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul after singing and dancing over seemingly every inch of the stage, although judge Simon Cowell didn't care for his performance this time. Abdul commended Hicks, calling him "one of a kind" and saying that, "They broke the mold after you," whereas Cowell called Hicks' performance "a complete mess."
"Taylor has one of the great voices that I've ever heard," Manilow said on the show. "He's a tenor, a whiskey tenor -- way up higher than I can sing, but it doesn't sound very high when he's singing. It's so natural."
"To be honest with you, he was born for this," said Taylor's uncle, Sam Hicks of Birmingham, sporting a "Soul Patrol" T-shirt at the Lulu's event. "He has always been a performer. When he was 3 years old, he was doing what I call the (Mick) Jagger strut. He's never had a voice lesson a day of his life, but he has worked hard at it."
"We all knew he was good," Sam Hicks said. "When we went to see him in bars and chicken coops or wherever he played, we could see he had a passion for what he wanted to do. Now everyone can see that passion."

Besides Hicks, those still in the contest are: Paris Bennett, 17, of Fayetteville, Ga.; Mandisa, 29, of Antioch, Tenn.; Katharine McPhee, 21, of Sherman Oaks, Calif.; Kellie Pickler, 19, of Albemarle, N.C.; Lisa Tucker, 16, of Anaheim, Calif.; Bucky Covington, 28, of Rockingham, N.C.; Chris Daughtry, 26, of McLeansville, N.C.; Elliott Yamin, 27, of Richmond, Va.; and Ace Young, 25, of Los Angeles.

To read Mike's article in its entirety, click the title link.

Groove on Soulman!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Review from March 21; GrayCharles.com

Borrowing a page from http://www.graycharles.com/ check out some of the comments regarding last night. I am linking to this page because it completely sums up what I have been reading on the fansites (the ones that let you call it like you see it). GrayCharles also has up last night's video.

TaylorHicks2006, my favorite forum are steadfastly standing behind their man as they should; loyal Soul Patrollers never waver. They also have a post up regarding some of the attacks being levied against them from another site claiming to be Taylor's chosen site. Quite a bit of controversy going on with Taylor's forum sites. Have not seen anything like it in the past seasons, not even over Bo Bice. Taylorhicksfan.com - no I won't feature their link, are requiring monthly installments even to host links. For What, I am not sure, plus the founder of the site, was quite challenging to get along with - got my inner red-headed temper up a bit.

Regardless of all the in-fighting with the sites, support for Taylor overall remains very high. I thought last night's performance had some aspects that needed improvement. Taylor did not play to the cameras, he played to the studio audience. Song choice...not good considering all that was available to him and more appropriate for his talents. I did like what Barry Manilow had to say, called Taylor a "Whiskey Tenor". True; plus he said Tay had the best male voice in the competition - already knew that...but the 'torching the house' did not happen last night like when he performed "Taking it to the Streets" and "Living for the City".

No, no fire breathing for Hicks last night.

But I am 100% behind The Soulman. (After all he wears a size 14 shoe - not gonna go there...)

Groove on Soulman.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My indulgence into the Chinese Zodiac; seems I am an Earthy Boar...

Pig people are friends for life. Their relationships are very deep, devoted, and rich beyond measure. The Pig people are noble and give and receive lots of hugs. They are gallant and extend old-fashioned chivalries towards people they meet. Pig People are quiet, studious, and thorough. On the other hand, they have a quick temper and sometimes have to pay for their rash impulsiveness. However, no one can overcome their inner strength; they have such tremendous fortitude and jump the goal post very time. The Pig will have an abundance of good fortune and an abundance of years. The Pig will know a life filled with serenity and riches.
The heart of the Earth Pig is something to behold, beating sweetly to the rhythm of love, and true friendship. So gentle and caring in their ways, they melt even the toughest of hearts, and have no trouble winning someone over into their web of love. This web is very enticing because it also promises financial security and a smooth sailing future without catastrophe. The Earth Pig, you see, is highly career minded. From early childhood days of lemonade stands and newspaper routes to holding high executive office, they have always had a strong sense of responsibility to get the work done, without complaining, without tiring. A strong work ethic always sees the Earth Pig through situations that might seem daunting to the weak in spirit.
Famous Pig People: Chiang Kai-Shek, Lee Kuan Yew, Kim Dae Jung, Syngman Rhee, Tennessee Williams, Julie Andrews, Albert Schweitzer, Jerry John Rawlings, Prince Rainier, Georges Pompidou, Chuck Yeager, Henry Kissinger, King Fahd

Buddha; he knew what he was talking about...

19E and American Idol owe Taylor Hicks

Well First I am pushing my article; click the link and read on, then come back for further discussion.....

OK I'm pretending ... and hoping you took me seriously - read the article.

You understand I LOVE THIS GUY!!! .........right?

Let me play Simon Cowell - again; I've done this before on my blog. Referring back to my March 1st posting, I said things to the effect that Daughtry was the guy to beat. Well the field is widening my Sexy Silver Fox, Paris Bennett brought "it" tonight, Daughtry again, brought "it" tonight; Elliot Yamin...you know, he had the hair fluffed, the goatee; he actually got me a little 'hot' about him a little tonight. Yamin brought IT. Kat McPhee, man if I 'went that way; hello Dolly!' She is so cute - sort of a Katie Holmes thing going on with her;but she can sing beautifully. Really....

Then darlin' lil' Miss Pickler (Miss Sexy, Gritty, more savvy than dumb blonde) came in and DID Patsy Cline; one of my favorite artists. She delivered the GHOST of Patsy Cline. That is what it is going to take to win this competition. If anyone ever thinks that Kellie Pickler is a stupid Hick; they are deluding themselves; especially after tonight's performance....she's a real femme fatale...that's what Simon was referring to when he called her a 'Minx'.

Aside to The Soulman:
Hicks, You can't do what you did tonight to "Slay the American Idol dragon". That's what I really want to see you do. Win it and yet still get what you want out of it. Take that brass ring, don't hold back thinking you don't need it - you do. Your fans want you to win it; to let them down at the level you are at will kill them. That will Kill you. Get it???

Man, doing Mystery Train - a bluesy cool tune which would have fit you like the proverbial glove would have given you tonight. Instead do you know what I saw? Hicks Hollywood Version 101.0 I don't want to see 102.0. Yeah, you danced - BUT you could be eliminating the essence of you - the almost spaz-soul-dancing attributes you came in with - don't think 'safe' THINK WIN THIS! This time in AI it's not about only the contestant; higher stakes are at play; it is also about individuality. and more. Barry Manilow tonight made a comment about Daughtry tonight' he sticks to who he is - Soulman tonight you did not.
Taylor, don't stop now.

Win this.

Don't pull a Bo Bice. (He regrets it, I know... )

Man I love you so much and believe in you; it would just be so sad if you laid over and died. Tonight seemed like a 'lay over and die; collect my laurels' performance.

What in the f*&%^ did they talk you into wearing? You're a Soulman...not a freaking Hicks Hollywood man.

Taylor Hicks; Scorching Hot Soulman!

Taylor Hicks, is this the secret of his fiery performances?

Taylor, in the zodiac is a http://www.astrology-online.com/libra.htmLibra (as I am also). But, in the Chinese Zodiac, created by beliefs handed down from teachings of Buddha; people born within certain years possess the traits of
chosen creatures, the Chinese zodiac has a 12-year cycle, not a monthly cycle like our zodiac.

Regarding Taylor, birth year is provided as 1976, which makes him a Dragon. Plus, within the time period in which he was born, he is a Fire Dragon. Each category gets five designations, natural effects, such as Earth, Water, Wood, Air and Fire.

Some excerpts of the qualities attributed to folks born within this time period are as follows:

"Dragon people are the most eccentric in the Chinese Zodiac. Soaring high into the serene heavens, they can be stubborn, passionate, excitable, honest, and brave, wear purple and walk barefoot in public fountains. They listen to their own drummer, thank you very much, while the rest of the world stands in amazement....

Downright electrifying, Fire Dragons breathe vigor and power. These natural leaders smile at adversity, turn complainers into optimists, and lead lives as inspired as a Beethoven Sonata....

As for themselves, they ooze charisma and never need anyone to fix them up. Successful in love, often placed on pedestals, Fire Dragons are attractive and have fire in the belly. The opposite sex feels very secure....
Famous Dragon People: Ringo Starr, Edward Heath, Dr. Seuss, John Lennon, Harold Wilson, Helen Keller, Pearl S. Buck, Salvador Dali, Francois Mitterrand, Hosni Mubarek, Maya Angelou."

If curious, check your sign information out - it's interesting... click the title link.

Oh, and here is a modern day story about 'real' dragons photographed flying over Tibet...what do you think? Check it out. http://english.epochtimes.com/news/5-8-7/31030.html

Happy TuesTay ;)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Taylor's Song Choice for Tuesday, March 21...

OK my damn blog was kaput all week with "blogger", my server in the toilet, so didn't get to rattle on much about this week's song choices. RUMOR has it that he is doing a Buddy Holly tune. Not that is a huge surprise, Holly was Huge in the '50's. It's just so much of his music was so very hyper. Of course, it could be modified...

We'll just have to tune into the show TuesTay night and catch the Mack-Daddy of Soul doing what ever tune he has selected.

Behind you Soulman...and what a great view! ;)

Taylor Hicks, the Gray-haired contestant, Brings Huge Rewards to 19E and AI5

American Idol Going Blue

When I started my blog there were no sites dedicated to Taylor Hicks. I saw his audition and converted my blog which had been "American Idolizer" to "Taylor Hicks Blues". I knew I was looking at a winner and saw greatness in the making. I remember before I saw Hicks thinking, 'this season just doesn't have the "it factor". Where is the talent to make me want to continue to watch it???' I wasn't seeing it. I was thinking about tuning out this year.

Then, one evening when I had about decided it might be my last night to watch American Idol, in walked a quiet man. Hicks' First Audition. Older looking than his reported age because of his gray hair. Reserved in his mannerisms, polite. He was asked by the judges, what he was doing there and why he was there to try out for Idol. His quiet, calm reply "I think I have a voice, and I want it heard". He was respectful. Paula was appreciative and asked for 20 more seconds. Hicks smiled, and burst into "Swannee River", knee slapping and clapping and swaying, and fearlessly belting the song out.

Fearless is Hicks. He attacks the stage like a tiger let out of his cage, letting it all out and giving everything he has - and he is amazingly, completely infectious - a quality that all of the truly Great Entertainers have possesed.

19E, and American Idol owe Taylor Hicks. He has gifted them with more than he has so far received from the show. He has given American Idol and 19 E yet another season - the response this year because of "the Taylor phenomenon" guarantees next year, and the next, because the public is seeing that contestants may not all come from the crowds of pop-tart-dom or rocker-wanna be's. We might, through AI5 find what we, as a music loving audience have secretly been seeking; another Elvis, another Beatles phenomenon. A REAL American Idol. Big shoes to fill, but I hear Taylor sports a size 14 shoe. He can handle the pressure. It's been a long time coming, but the public craves 'that' artist to idolize, for Real, and that is what American Idol originally set out to deliver. 'The Powers that Be' recognize what the public really want and hence the development of American Idol. By glorious accident this year is they have discovered they have a bonafide newsmaker and a Real star on their show, and his name is Taylor Hicks.

The Modern era Mack-Daddy of Soul.

I knew, the moment I heard him sing in his initial audition, he Was It. I watched him, transfixed - I knew that from the looks of attention and astonishment on Paula and Randy's faces they saw the possibility of IT too.

19E and American Idol owe Taylor Hicks a debt of gratitude for the injection of promise, hope and sheer talent he has surprised them with and brought to the table.

Here are a few articles I discovered waiting for me in my e.mail box - enjoy;

Taylor Hicks: An Image of Grey-tness
19-Mar-2006Written by: Amy Smithers

Unusual American Idol contestant a great role model for youth too concerned with perfection. Though he's only 29 years old, American Idol contender Taylor Hicks has a full head of grey hair, and he's not afraid to flaunt it. The Alabama born blues singer may seem an unlikely winner, but many viewers are singing the praises of his individuality and genuine nature. Host Ryan Seacrest jokingly suggested on a recent show that Hicks was being pressured by Idol producers to update his look. He, however, has no intention of modifying his style, and the fans seem to like him that way. "Grey-haired idol" was one of the top Yahoo searches this month, and multiple fan sites have popped up quickly for the singer, such as www.greycharles.com; a tribute to his hair and his musical influence, Ray Charles.

Are you a Gambler?
Gambling 911 predictions and their latest odds:
American Idol: Latest odds now up, Simon Cowell predicts final three
American Idol judge Simon Cowell predicted who would be the three finalists to end this season of American Idol: Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Kellie Pickler.
This comes as a bit of a shock since Pickler was certainly not at her best this past week, though she managed to stay out of the bottom three.
Cowell stated this for the Fox TV talent competition during a Thursday telephone conversation broadcast on Howard Stern`s Sirius satellite radio show, the New York Post reported Friday. Let me tell you who`s gonna be in the finals, Cowell said. The bald-headed kid (Daughtry) and the guy with gray hair (Hicks). A few minutes later, he added, I think the top three will be the two I mentioned and Kellie Pickler. Cowell was right on with his predictions from last year, including Carrie Underwood ultimately winning the competition.
Nine.com (see web site here) has the latest American Odds up going into Tuesday's show. (see their props section, bottom right of home page).
Chris Daughtry is listed at +150 odds, Katharine McPhee +350 and Kellie Pickler is at +1200 (she pays out $1200 for every $100 bet or $12 for every $1 bet).
Mandisa and Taylor Hicks are both listed with odds of +600.
If you are not betting on American Idol, why not? With Ace Young appearing among the bottom three last week, anything can happen. Had Ace Young been eliminated, the payout on those elimination odds would have been enormous.
Keep in mind that Daughtry was a 6 to 1 favorite to win early on in the competition and is now a practically even odds. The odds picture is always changing rapidly with American Idol. In any given week, one of the contestants can shine over another and perhaps make it all the way (i.e. Katharine McPhee came back strong last week).
Elliott Yamin pays $8 for every $1 bet, as do Ace Young and Paris Bennett.
Mandisa pays $6 for every $1 bet.
You can bet on American Idol here

My money rides on Taylor Hicks from the first audition until the end. The Soulman has got what it takes to win this competition.

Groove on Soulman!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box for March 21

I have to tell you, I had some really great 1950's tunes in mind that Taylor could really do well, but many of them wouldn't fit the AI5 stage that well. ( Elmore James hit my turntable - yes I do have a turntable and love to spin my old vinyls from time to time.) Rollin and Tumblin would be a great tune, lyrics roll like this:

I roll and I tumbleI cried the whole night long. Yes, I roll and I tumbleI cried the whole night long. I got up this morning Feeling that something going on wrong, Well now want you to love me baby Or please let me beYes, love me baby Or please let me be If you don't like my peaches Please don't shake my tree Well, I want you to love me baby And come on and say you'll be mine I want you to love me baby Come and say you'll be mine If you don't like my potatoes Please don't dig up my vine ...
Follow this link for a sampling of Elmore James. http:/www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000032Z0/ref=pd_sim_m_1/102-6156876-0286508?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=5174

The only problem with Elmore James is the fit to the American Idol stage and whether the house band can play this tune... right...

I searched on. I was trying to stay away from a strong potential fit, and a little afraid of choosing music by Elvis for obvious reasons, Taylor doesn't want to defeat himself by being accused of a kareoke performance which can happen when music by someone as prominent as The King performed, but I couldn't help myself. Out comes the "Sunrise" album, an early album with some of his best music (in my ever not so humble opinion). I had been, while playing with Google, reviewing a song called
Mystery Train. It has been released by a plethora of early blues artists and was Elvis' first number one hit, released by Sun Records in 1955. This is my favorite selection for The Soulman to sing (plus it has 'sun' in the album title). I think he could do an amazing job with this tune, plus Elvis is not the only artist to record this song, and it is not a currently highly recognized tune of his.
Click here to play music

There is so much music in the '50's that would be cool for him to do, I went through Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, a mulititude of bluesmen tunes, but narrowed it to these two. I'm sure that other folks out there will have some great ideas; I plan to prowl the fansites later for more info and opinions...

Bottom line choices from the SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box:

Mystery Train
Rollin and Tumblin

Song I'd recommend avoiding

- too many to list, but I'd veer away from anything that would hold as a cliche', songs too hyper, songs too overly done and high profile. This is a potentially dangerous era as so many of the hits that came out could have that Kareoke feel if handled even slightly wrong.

Well this was an excellent way to spend an evening, spinning my slightly scratchy, but oh so good to listen to vinyls.

Groove on Soulman.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daily Blabber; (just a blabbering Idol fool!)

Recap from last night; sharing the Idol Mania...

As you gear up for tonight's live results show of American Idol -- Stevie Wonder is performing! -- Jewels** has provided a little recap of last night's show. Enjoy...
Ooooo-Weeeeee -- Bucky got a blow dry!
It was apparent that the stylists were backstage doing their thang this week. The contestants were all made over... or in some cases, made under. Examples, Bucky, Ace, Mandisa (her shoes!) and even Melissa. They looked much better with their own styles. Hey Ace: Bring back the beanie! Speaking of Ace, what happened? Classic Motown -- not his strongest performance. He's kind of been an every-other-week hottie. I have faith he'll get 'em next time.
Another not-so-pleasing sight -- but nothing in comparison -- was seeing Mandisa's feet squished into her shoes. Even more unsettling, Ryan taking them off saying she had "moist ankles." Ewww! What's with her and the "dogs barking"? Her feet, the jaw thing (where she barked at Ryan)... That chick can belt it out there, but boy is she an odd one. Paris had Paula on her feet dancing! And there was another Fantasia comparison -- this time by Stevie Wonder. Wow! Although I don't see it, Paris is too sweet. And it was a total compliment from Stevie to Elliott when he said, "You should definitely choose this as a profession." He did great! Taylor brought the funk with his electric performance. Chris rocked out hard with his version of Higher Ground. Once again, giving me no doubt that he's taking this competition all the way. Lisa signed, sealed and delivered yet another stellar performance. The stunning Katharine dazzled. Pickler looked fabulous, but I couldn't stop yawning during her performance. And she was the second contestant. Then there's Kevin, "little Kevin" as the great Stevie Wonder called him. Did you hear him defending himself to Simon: "I wasn't expecting much from you anyway." Go Kevin! Which brings me to... You can't forget the lyrics at this stage in the game, so bye-bye Melissa. She actually got the lyrics right when she sang, "this time could mean goodbye," and I really think it will.
More tomorrow...J

The only thing I am sad about tonight is that Taylor Hicks won't be strutting his stuff!!!

Groove on Soulman.

American Idol March 14, the recaps continue...

In the event you haven't been Google updated on the AI5 reviews, here are two more.

TV Squad was up late too, here is there take on the AI5 contestants; article posted at about 1:00 a.m.


Mike Brantley with al.com has an apparent direct telephone line to Hick's grandmother, she said if he makes it through to the next round he may be singing something fromthe '50's...
Mobile Register

The '50's, that is a pretty wide-open market...any sugggestions for the "SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box"?

Groove on Soulman!!!

Reality TV American Idol 5 March14 recap

The title link sends you to "Reality TV" where you will find some chaotic debates going on on the AI5 March 14th performances. Tune in, it's all good.

I have to add this post; weeks past this publication was spouting nothing but Hate Hicks Mail, looks like they are reluctantly singing a different tune...click this link...

How I l ove it when I see folks seeing the light. Take the Snark Tank posted below, check them out, Tay did Some Good Tonight! Calmed those frantic and evil Beasties down a notch; even garnered a few converts to the SoulPatrol.

Way past the SunnylovesSoul's bedtime, gotta try and sleep...sigh.

I need me that big loving teddybear/bunnyman/Soulman.

I'll be back at work on the SoulTrain tomorrow...

Groove on Soulman.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Living For The City" and Hicks Harmonica!!!

My first suggestion to Taylor in a previous "SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box" was, "Living for the City". I reviewed most of Stevie Wonder's collection before making my prediction and felt This to be the best tune for The Soulman to perform. Hell yes! I was right again! ("Taking It to the Streets"...as another example...last week!)

I also had expressed a desire to see Hicks with 'mouth-harp' perform; but in A.I., instruments are not allowed. He did sneak it in; once during the intro to his set - how very sexy was that - and then at the end of that Gorgeous, Perfect Soul-Dancing Hot set, he has in his hand...his mouth harp. I think neighbors 5 houses down heard This Woman (that would be me) shouting out to That Soulman. Scared my poor beloved dog, Cody.

I thought his performance tonight was GREAT, but there is so much more inside this talented man, you can just feel it brimming to the top ready to spill the banks...the best is yet to come. The thing about Soul music, and folks that perform it, love it, live it and know it; they know it's like great sex, once you have had it, you never forget it and you can immediately forever recognize It. Taylor Hicks has It, he is It.

I am hoping that my friends at www.gofish.com have video ready - doubt that I'll have it until morning. Let's hope the evil powers at American Idol and 19E can't stop it. Gray Charles got the mp3 together for us and I'm running it "TRUE" for at least the next couple of days.

Hot Stuff does not even describe...

I hope to be more articulate tomorrow; tonight I am a verbally challenged, a crazily completely illiterate babbling fool. Again.

Somebody come, now, put me out of my Misery... I am so In Love...

Groove on Soulman.

Taylor Hicks, a Simon Cowell top pick; American Idol, Not Idle TV

I am writing this post regarding an article in USATODAY.com, written by By Edna Gundersen and Bill Keveney

"This year, Simon Cowell is betting on Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Mandisa."

Regarding the move on artists like Taylor Hicks, and last seasons Bo Bice, fansites and forums continue to decry and debate the decision of even venturing into the American Idol arena; but facts are facts - this is most likely one of the best venues to reach national and international audiences. What Gundersen and Keveney report in their article: "...After five seasons, it's still on the upswing, and viewers find it just as fresh as they did when it premiered in 200, says Brad Adgate of ad buyer Horizon Media. (By comparison, The APrrentice hit a series low for a regular episode, 9.7 million viewers, with its recent fifth-editions premiere."

Kellie Pickler said, ""This is so weird. I went from a roller-skating waitress at Sonic to walking on the red carpet."" Prime example of how this show can change, or at least impact the lives of the contestants. It is also one of the prime audience draws for the show.

Jenny Eliscu, a ROlling Stone contributing editor, isn't surprised by Idol's clout. "You can't underestimate the degree to which people are drawn to a show about singing. She continued with, her favs, "Hicks, despite his affectations." Also Bennet, Yamin and Pickler. Oh, and the videogenic Young. "Please gouge out my eyes so I can stop looking and drooling." S
On this point, I have to differ, Taylor Hicks, the whole package is a gorgeous, talented, fascinating performer.

"Idol's runaway success "points to a desire for freshness" in an era in which music is consumed and discarded quickly", Daily Variety associate editor Phil Gallo, sums up.

Debates have already began as to whether 19E can hurt Taylor Hicks, can change Taylor Hicks. I'll reiterate what I said in a blog about Bo Bice where I repeated a posting off of garageband.com, the guy said,
.... he'd give up 'parts of his genatalia' (let's not talk further about which parts) to get a record deal with 19E and have Bo Bice's opportunities in the music world. He had added to his post, that Bice has done the right thing with his CD. He also added, "What good is it to be out there sweating in bars, performing your music, writing your own music, if no one else is going to hear it?"

Can't think of a better point regarding going for it and entering the American Idol action.

Waiting to see what The Soulman has in store for us tonight. I for one am ecstatic to have him on this show; I am sure it will only bring good things to him.

Groove on Soulman.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Foxes on Idol; the Foxydonna news source

I t seems that Idols on Fox is calling Elliot Yasmin the next American Idol. Donna has been pretty accurate in her previous predictions, but I was surprised how quickly she dismissed Taylor. She did cushion the blow with saying she thought he's a shoo-in America's Bar King (or something to that effect) and for Grammy awards in the future... Is that a Magic 8-ball she's gazing into or working a Oujia board?

Maybe I need to get mine out of the closet....

Click the title link to read her article.

Song selection is the big key, and frankly, I'd like Taylor Hicks to be around a long time; Tay choose wisely big guy!!!

Groove on Soulman.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

TWoP: Television Without Pity

I spent some time visiting The Biggest SnarkTank known to forums, TWoP, or as some call it, 'The Whipping Post'. Appropriate title, as the victims, I mean subjects of discussions are verbally tied to one and severely thrashed. It's good fun to go there, great for laughs and alternative perspectives. One bonus, you can say whatever you damn well want without restraints. Click the title and it'll take you there, but beware, have a thick skin...Snarks are on the prowl.

This post leads into a few great ones:
'Albanyguy' says;

"Christopher Cross?!?!?!I think that having the microphone definitely helped Taylor cut down on the whooing and twitching tonight.And do not ever judge another man until you have walked a mile in his bunny suit. Those damn things are hot and uncomfortable. Taylor earned every penny he made at the mall."

'Paine' responds with;

"I was a fan of Taylor's from the moment a 29-year-old kid with gray hair walked into his American F*@#ing Idol audition and told Simon he was there to have his voice heard and Randy laughed in the background."I was boooooooooooooorn by the river..."Paula's initial reaction is something I still replay. Then, 20 seconds of Ray Charles later, Randy couldn't contain a smile.

This is someone you root for in life.I was disappointed last week with the "woos". I was hoping against hope he'd bring it tonight.But....my God, he leveled the place. I'll tell you the exact moment I knew the rafters would end up as toothpicks -- the second verse, "I was raised here in this living hell", in the pause afterward he took a GULP. Not a nervous gulp, but a this-whole-song-is-inside-me-but-it's-too-early-to-let-it-out GULP. I heard myself say "Oh my God". You could feel the anticipation, the energy building and building. This wasn't a vocal, it was a PERFORMANCE.And the LOOK at the end. The same rifling glare we saw after Ain't No Sunshine brought him to his knees. We finally saw it and WOW. That was Pacino saying "I'll take a FLAMETHROWER to this place!"This is why I watch this show.This is someone I root for."

(Really! It was just WOOOOOSHHHH!!!)

"...do not ever judge another man until you have walked a mile in his bunny suit. Albanyguy, for some reason I giggled like a fool on reading this line. I must be tired.Although I suspect in the morning, I'll still want that on a bumpersticker. "

(Great idea for The SoulPatrol...hmmm...)

"paine everything you said about Taylor is so right on. He is like nothing else I have ever seen. He's why I love music. I have bemoaned the fact that music has gotten way too neat since MTV, too polished. Give me Taylor and his passion and his messiness and awkward dancing any day of the week over the crap we see currently.Where IS my cane? I know I left it here somewhere.My whole body felt different after Taylor sang. I had tingles. Like, in my joints. He makes me so happy."

Well, Shanrae, I had tingles, *cough, cough* but NOT in my joints... ;)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ray Charles Country Music HALL OF FAME!!!

Extensive Display Focuses on His Contributions to Country Music ... click on the title link to read more...

Stevie Wonder week; Some Suggestions for Tay

This will be a challenging week for most contestants on AI with the exception of Elliot, this week is right up his vocally pitch perfect alley.

Taylor, my man, I hope you choose something uptempo, allowing you to work that sexy growl you do so well. How cool would it be if AI would allow you to bring in the mouth harp, just a little bit... If Bo Bice could perform accapella in AI4, you should have a little flexibility as well, but the I haven't read all the fine print in the American Idol Official Rules Book.

A couple of suggestions from the SunnylovesSoul(man) Suggestion Box:

"Living for the City" (good growling opportunity, and possible mouth harp spin)
"Higher Ground"
"Signed Sealed Delivered" (uptempo version)
"I Was Made for Love" (don't do it soft though, rough it up...)
"Hey, Harmonica Man" (if mouth harp allowed)

Song choices that may be should be avoided:

"Ribbon in the Sky" (that one's Elliot's)
"Isn't She Lovely" (GAWD no!)
"My Cherie Amour" (don't even think it)
"For Once in My Life" (I'll run screaming from the room)

Songs that may give you a stretch:

"Positivity" (on the scat-jazzy side)
"I Wish" (jazzy)
"Gotta Have You" (I do like this title)

Stevie Wonder Links:

I am looking forward to see next week's show.

Groove on Soulman.

A.I. 5, Eliminations to Final 12, Tay Hicks Stands Out

Here are a few re-caps on articles about the Final 12 picks, overall, Tay Hicks leading the group when it comes to interest and influence.

Christian Science Monitor: March 10
'Idol' hands
FOX's American Idol should just fast-forward to the final four. It's already clear who's the dross and who has golden-Idol talent: Paris Bennett, with pipes well beyond her 17 years; Chris Daughtry, who makes last year's rocker Bo Bice look like Barry Manilow; the seemingly effortless Katharine McPhee; and Elliott Yamin, perhaps the most versatile of the crooners. Our dark horse? Taylor Hicks, he of the silver locks.

Crazy like a foxTaylor Hicks is the oldest man in the competition, and looks even older than his 29 years. And yet he acts like he’s about 14, even making hand gestures behind Ryan Seacrest’s head during the show’s introduction. His routine on stage is totally chaotic; at some point, he’ll throw out his back muscle doing his signature dance move and have to sing the following weeks in traction.
That said, if Hicks is crazy, he’s crazy like a fox. Since he looks and sounds like a young Michael McDonald, he figured he’d sing "Taking it to the Streets" by the Doobie Brothers. It got a standing ovation from Paula, and a "best of the night" from Simon. That’s usually good enough for the voting viewers.

The Post Chronicle:
Taking the stage next was Taylor Hicks, with the song Taking It To The Streets by Michael McDonald. Yeah, this is one of those song choices I was referring to before. I’m not a fan of this song, but in some ways Taylor made me like it. Or his rendition of it, at least. Vocally, he did a great job with it, but I think his stage antics overshadowed his singing at some point. But it really was his energy that took this performance over the top. I could have done without the weird arm movements though.

Buffalo News:
Highlights: Taylor Hicks, in costume, talking about his former job as the Easter Bunny, then flailing away during an up-tempo "Taking It to the Streets." Wooooo!

Mercury News:
American Idol: Taylor Hicks and Ace Young back on top; Chris Daughtry plays it safe
AEI Editors, 10:23 PM in Celebrities, Concerts, Music, TV
Taylor Hicks was in rare form tonight. Singing "Taking it to the Streets," Hicks just went for it and hit pay dirt. Though he sounded just like Michael MacDonald and in this case it was a good thing. I have three questions: 1) Is he really only 28 years old?2) Was that his wife, or his mom, in the audience?3) What the heck was that lame look he gave to the camera just before the first chorus?

The Easter Bunny, aka Taylor Hicks was next. Taylor once worked at a mall as the Easter Bunny. He sang "Takin' It To The Street" very good, but the windmill thing bothered me. He was better for me this week, without all the "woo" and toned down spastic movements. Randy loves him, but wasn't sure about the dancing. Paula must be desperate for new dance moves because she's stealing Taylor's. Simon told Taylor he could singlehandedly ruin the music video industry. He did love the song, saying it was all about having fun and standing out.

WFAA, Dallas, Texas:
1. (tie) Ace Young and Taylor Hicks: Neither was perfect, but they both took major risks in the name of onstage entertainment. People have been medicated for less spastic energy than Taylor displayed, while Ace's falsetto may be responsible for shattered eyeglasses across the land. The show needs these dudes.
(to read more...http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/ent/stories/DN-idolindex_0309gl.ART.State.Edition2.50ba95b.html)

TAYLOR HICKS (A.K.A THE EASTER BUNNY) SONG: ‘Takin’ It To the Streets’/ Doobie Brothers OUR FIRST IMPRESSION: Omigod—I can’t believe he hasn’t sang Michael McDonald before now… it’s right up his alley! What an amazing entertainer he is! JUDGES NOTES: Randy loved the song but thought the dancing was questionable. Paula thought it was his best performance thus far. Simon ‘absolutely loved’ the song and thought that he stood out.

American Idol Fodder, Rachel Cericola;
I love Taylor Hicks, but when he talks about the thrill of meeting Christopher Cross, it makes me want to pick up the phone -- and vote for someone else. His bunny suit didn't help either. His song started off a little shaky for me, but when he started "takin' it to the streets," that little epileptic dance of his won me over. (read more... )

I beg to differ with Ms. Cericola, I find his dancing strangely sexy and powerful.

Groove on Soulman.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Was he HOT tonight or WHAT????

Aside to Tay...

"I knew you had that in you My Man, good GAWD!!! I think I got a SunBurn from my TV tonight!!!! you looked great, sounded great, and the power you've got inside came on out!"

And to myself and anyone reading; and...Gorgeous....and SEXY what an incredibly HANDSOME MAN: the jeans; the whole look! HOT!
I LOVE a man with a sense of humor - how I LOVED the Easter Bunny bit; (I did that once myself!!!!)

...........Yes, you have me, you GOT me with the Bunny.........

(Soulman, I know that isn't ALL you've got!!! )

I am just a blathering fool about you, I' m a writer by trade, but an Idiot right now, Here.. ..
(Somebody help me. Life boat, lifejacket, ring thing, something...)

I am beside myself ; can I even think about sleeping....??? I knew from the first moment on A.I. competition footage; how you were so quiet, so laid back; a Tiger roared within; I knew it!!!
Tay Hicks, greatness in the happening, ....

The audience on Idol tonight got a glimpse of It.

I am so in love.

Groove on Sexy, Sexy, Sexy 'Bunny'-Soulman.

What will he sing?

"Taking it to the streets", by Michael Mcdonald seems to be the top choice going on across 'the boards'. We'll find out tonight.

Give this short take a listen... click the title link.

Groove on Soulman.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Reluctant New Hicks Fan ( brilliant blogger)

Some great excerpts from the blog:
"Week in week out thousands of ninnies dream of going on some TV show to become the next goddamned American Idol; their dreams involve being processed and packaged, of becoming prime time merchandise with a built-in expiration date. No matter how real the talent featured on AI might be – and they can’t help but stumble over some, no? – because the show is a show it inevitably feels phony, contrived. What came out of Hicks’ mouth seemed genuine. "

Which led into - LOVE this;
"But I stopped eating my dinner, went over to the couch, and nodded along when Paula Abdul said, “Wasn’t... expecting... that.”
(Her expression was priceless. Like someone had just turned over one of those little cans with the holes in it. Where did that “Moo” come from?)"
Just kill me, too funny.

"Abdul did a really smart thing and asked him for twenty seconds of something else, and it was what happened next – before Hicks launched into a little bit of Ray Charles’ “Swannee River Rock” – that was really remarkable.
He glowed. He beamed. Because he would get to sing some more."
Which is what Hicks lives for...

"Towards that end, Hicks employs a whole series of questionable ticks and affectations: When he sings, he claps his hands and slaps the sides of his legs and sways. Just like his idol, Ray Charles. Is this an impersonation? Is this just an act?
I’m buying it. Hicks comes off as a compulsive misfit, one who’s missing something – I keep waiting for him to turn to the camera and ask us to tell him about the rabbits – and has learned to fill that void with music. Someone for whom music is a necessary thing."

This brilliant blogger had this to say about Hicks' response to being accepted into the hallowed 24 finalists; that instead of simply thanking the judges;

"He made music. He has to make music, whether it’s by a dirty street corner or in a subway station or on (ugh) FOX. The AI site has a brief interview in which Hicks describes his profession as “broke performer;” if he loses the competition, he plans on going back to being a broke performer."

Whereas this blogger isn't all praise and unbiased adulation, the blog piece concludes with rooting for Taylor, because he is the unlikely winner, and has the most to offer in sheer heart for the music he performs.

Isn't that what American Idol is suppose to be about?

Groove on Soulman.

Exclusive Interview with Taylor, from "Wade on Birmingham"

Here are a few excerpts from Wade's interview with The Soulman (how cool is that, "exclusive inteview" - you Go Wade!!!)

“Considering I’ve had more years performing, playing every honky-tonk imaginable in the Southeast, that’s helped a lot,” said Hicks, by phone today from Hollywood.
And unlike Bo Bice, Huntsville native and 2005 runner-up, Hicks said his sound is more soul and blues than rock. It’s not only what separates him from Bice, but also from the other finalists this year.

Is talent enough? In a published report Thursday, notorious judge Simon Cowell said, “You’re not going to find 12 amazing singers this year, but you’re going to get 12 characters … It’s a real sort of chocolate box of talent — or lack thereof.”

Hicks, in response, described himself as “a soulful singing character.

Hicks’ three-month campaign begins next week. And he already has a slogan.
“Vote for the soul man!”

I say, "Vote and Vote Often!!!"

Waiting for next Wednesday, March 8th.

Groove on Soulman.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

IDOL Chatter from March 1 performance

"Its music man. If music is in your heart you feel it, you play it, you sing it, you perform it, you bust your buns doing it. That’s what its all about!!" - Taylor Hicks

..........I think he can do way better than Bo (Bice). And Bo did ok. ~Gypsy

On 3/1/06, limbuwaan off the Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
yeah..I want to realy see him sing like the way Bo (Bice) did or Chris did tonight, because he really has the heart and soul for it!

On 3/1/06, Rachel, from the Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
ugh!this show better kick into gear soon ... we had a few good numbers but not nearly enough - taylor was good - not greatand although he seems to have reduced his physical ticks - singing hey or yeah every 10 seconds was a little much, i thought..i love every mp3 of taylor's that i have and there's none of that on his recorded stuff so i'm wondering if it's a nervous thing...rachel

On 3/1/06, hilaryhaft2000 from the Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
ok guys i have to say since i have not seen any posts about it yet.....How good looking did Taylor look in his pin-stripped suit....lookin hot taylor !!!

............He shoulda sang "She came into the bathroom window. LOL.........
On 3/1/06, limnath, Yahoo Soul Patrol, wrote:
OK Folks,I'm not gonna sugarcoat this even if I am a Taylor Hicks fan ( whyelse would I visit this thread )? Tht top 10 male performance of "EASY" was underwhelming. Firstly, he's gotta cut down on this "whoos". We heard him do it inLEVON. Why do it again on a song like this one ? Totally unecessary.Secondly, SONG CHOICE WILL KILL YOU. Nadia Turner for example, was arguably one of the better singers last season. What got hereliminated prematurely ? ANSWER — POOR SONG CHOICE.Whoever advised Taylor to choose this boring song ought to be shownthe door ASAP. This does not showcase what Taylor can do. Thirdly, the elimination nights are the chance to showcase yourpersonal talents and highlight your strengths. WHY ? WELL BECAUSE YOUARE NOT LIMITED TO A THEME OR A COMPOSER !! You can pretty much chooseanything you want, any genre. Why Taylor did not choose to blow usaway with his awesome version of GEORGIA ON MY MIND will be the puzzle, only he knows how to answer. Apparently he doesn't read this forum.Mind you, Taylor's fans will keep him safe this week for the reason that his performance was good enough ( not the best, Christ Daughtry'sHEMORAGE was the best and Eliott's MOOD FOR LOVE eclipsed Taylor too). But Taylor was not the worst ( I don't think he can ever be ). He was middling at worst.BUT IF HE STILL FAILS TO DO GEORGIA NEXT WEEK, IT WOULD BE A SIN. I'mafraid with the lame theme nights (e.g. DISCO ) coming in the top 12,this will be his last chance to showcase what he can do. PLEASE TAYLOR, IF YOU'RE READING THIS — DO GEORGIA ( the one we've allheard ).It would be a total shame to let AI 5 pass us by without hearing you do this on national TV.

Hello hicks fans! I'm Benj and a Big Fan of Taylor like y'all. :)Loved him since the Las Vagas Audition and Hollywood week. I was a bit disappointed with "Easy" seemed too safe and "easy" for him. Taylor doesn't need to be safe. Hope he sings something upbeat next. Or at least Georgia. :)
He should sing "I 'm a man of Constant sorrow" from O brother where art thou or Joe Cocker's "Unchain my heart" or "with a little help from my friends" what do you guys say? If he reads this then pls Tay bring him home boy..next time!

From another posting;

He could absolutely WOW us with Georgia, Baby What'd I say, With A Little Help From My Friends, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.... There's four songs that I think everyone here would love to hear him sing and the country would collectively say WOW! This guy is something special. My personal choice for next week would be like you said, Georgia.

These exerpts are from posts I reviewed regarding the Wed. night AI 5 show. They mirror the type of comments voiced repeatedly posted on various sites.

One thing is for certain; The Soulman is getting more than his share of fan support and tons of coverage. He is smoking up the web and blogrolls like I have never seen, even coverage about Bo Bice pale somewhat from last year compare to what Taylor Hicks is currently receiving.

Hot Stuff.

Groove on Soulman.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Message to The Wise; Tay, heed the Voices...

Separated at birth: Love or loathe him, silver-haired Taylor Hicks has emerged as the most recognizable of the current crop of “American Idol” finalists. The 29-year-old Birmingham, Ala., native stands out for several reasons: He’s the oldest contestant on the show; he’s got Ray Charles soul in his voice; and he’s got some herky jerky moves that recall another Charles-influenced singer, Joe Cocker.
But what we can’t understand is why no one has mentioned what’s glaringly obvious: Hicks not only sounds like ex-Doobie Brother Michael McDonald, he’s two weeks-without-shaving from looking like him, too. Who knows what Simon, Randy and Paula will say if Hicks dares to sing “What A Fool Believes” or “Takin’ It to the Streets,” but we’d sure like to see him try.


Listen Up BluesMan!


Man oh Man. Tay....Not gonna work for next week...DUDE did you hear and see ....emphasis on SEE ...Chris Daughtery...THIS IS THE MAN TO BEAT!!!!

Think COOL dude. Think hip. Think Soul. Not so many "WOOOO" shout outs baby.


YOU CAN DO IT....Just Make The Changes Now.

My "brother", BO Bice was in attendance in the audience rooting for Taylor. If you blinked you missed him, catch a glimpse of him in the audience at the end of Hicks' performance on the YouTube video.

Groove on Soulman.

Sunny loves you loads.