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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dining Out with Taylor Hicks, or the Spaztastic Picnic...

Article by Josephine Gillis

"The gray hair, the smoldering eyes - imagine you’ve found yourself seated across a table for two with American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks. You feel proud to be out with the man who can so easily admit to having been an Easter Bunny at the mall. The waiter introduces himself and starts to tell you the specials. That’s when the evening begins to take a strange slant. As the specials are described, Taylor follows each one up with a “Wooo” and his torso angles sideways, his neck stiffens. People are beginning to stare and you realize this is not going to be the kind of evening you had in mind...

You order dinner, but it arrives in doggy bags. You are politely being asked to leave the first class restaurant and dinner is free of charge. Taylor is ecstatic, he doesn’t know he’s just been slighted. He whoops it up on the way out, thanking the waiters, the maitre d’ and anyone who will listen, for what he perceives as a free picnic.
“Ain’t Los Angeles great?” he marvels as you stroll to a nearby park, where you munch dinner out of containers. He’s easier to be with outside of the confines of a busy restaurant. This has turned into a fun and memorable date, but you’re still relieved when it’s time to say goodnight and he doesn’t try to plant one on you. Getting too close to Taylor Hicks doesn’t seem like a safe bet.
But I am betting on him to be the winner of this year’s American Idol."

My money's riding on The Soulman too, Josey.

Click the title link to read her entire article and comments.


  1. Thanks for the plug Sunny. Taylor has made this season worth watching. There's no one else like him - he has to win!

  2. Jo, you're an infinitely fun writer; love your site. Stay in touch!