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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taylor Hicks, a Simon Cowell top pick; American Idol, Not Idle TV

I am writing this post regarding an article in USATODAY.com, written by By Edna Gundersen and Bill Keveney

"This year, Simon Cowell is betting on Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Mandisa."

Regarding the move on artists like Taylor Hicks, and last seasons Bo Bice, fansites and forums continue to decry and debate the decision of even venturing into the American Idol arena; but facts are facts - this is most likely one of the best venues to reach national and international audiences. What Gundersen and Keveney report in their article: "...After five seasons, it's still on the upswing, and viewers find it just as fresh as they did when it premiered in 200, says Brad Adgate of ad buyer Horizon Media. (By comparison, The APrrentice hit a series low for a regular episode, 9.7 million viewers, with its recent fifth-editions premiere."

Kellie Pickler said, ""This is so weird. I went from a roller-skating waitress at Sonic to walking on the red carpet."" Prime example of how this show can change, or at least impact the lives of the contestants. It is also one of the prime audience draws for the show.

Jenny Eliscu, a ROlling Stone contributing editor, isn't surprised by Idol's clout. "You can't underestimate the degree to which people are drawn to a show about singing. She continued with, her favs, "Hicks, despite his affectations." Also Bennet, Yamin and Pickler. Oh, and the videogenic Young. "Please gouge out my eyes so I can stop looking and drooling." S
On this point, I have to differ, Taylor Hicks, the whole package is a gorgeous, talented, fascinating performer.

"Idol's runaway success "points to a desire for freshness" in an era in which music is consumed and discarded quickly", Daily Variety associate editor Phil Gallo, sums up.

Debates have already began as to whether 19E can hurt Taylor Hicks, can change Taylor Hicks. I'll reiterate what I said in a blog about Bo Bice where I repeated a posting off of garageband.com, the guy said,
.... he'd give up 'parts of his genatalia' (let's not talk further about which parts) to get a record deal with 19E and have Bo Bice's opportunities in the music world. He had added to his post, that Bice has done the right thing with his CD. He also added, "What good is it to be out there sweating in bars, performing your music, writing your own music, if no one else is going to hear it?"

Can't think of a better point regarding going for it and entering the American Idol action.

Waiting to see what The Soulman has in store for us tonight. I for one am ecstatic to have him on this show; I am sure it will only bring good things to him.

Groove on Soulman.

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