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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Living For The City" and Hicks Harmonica!!!

My first suggestion to Taylor in a previous "SunnylovesSoul Suggestion Box" was, "Living for the City". I reviewed most of Stevie Wonder's collection before making my prediction and felt This to be the best tune for The Soulman to perform. Hell yes! I was right again! ("Taking It to the Streets"...as another example...last week!)

I also had expressed a desire to see Hicks with 'mouth-harp' perform; but in A.I., instruments are not allowed. He did sneak it in; once during the intro to his set - how very sexy was that - and then at the end of that Gorgeous, Perfect Soul-Dancing Hot set, he has in his hand...his mouth harp. I think neighbors 5 houses down heard This Woman (that would be me) shouting out to That Soulman. Scared my poor beloved dog, Cody.

I thought his performance tonight was GREAT, but there is so much more inside this talented man, you can just feel it brimming to the top ready to spill the banks...the best is yet to come. The thing about Soul music, and folks that perform it, love it, live it and know it; they know it's like great sex, once you have had it, you never forget it and you can immediately forever recognize It. Taylor Hicks has It, he is It.

I am hoping that my friends at www.gofish.com have video ready - doubt that I'll have it until morning. Let's hope the evil powers at American Idol and 19E can't stop it. Gray Charles got the mp3 together for us and I'm running it "TRUE" for at least the next couple of days.

Hot Stuff does not even describe...

I hope to be more articulate tomorrow; tonight I am a verbally challenged, a crazily completely illiterate babbling fool. Again.

Somebody come, now, put me out of my Misery... I am so In Love...

Groove on Soulman.

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