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Sunday, March 12, 2006

TWoP: Television Without Pity

I spent some time visiting The Biggest SnarkTank known to forums, TWoP, or as some call it, 'The Whipping Post'. Appropriate title, as the victims, I mean subjects of discussions are verbally tied to one and severely thrashed. It's good fun to go there, great for laughs and alternative perspectives. One bonus, you can say whatever you damn well want without restraints. Click the title and it'll take you there, but beware, have a thick skin...Snarks are on the prowl.

This post leads into a few great ones:
'Albanyguy' says;

"Christopher Cross?!?!?!I think that having the microphone definitely helped Taylor cut down on the whooing and twitching tonight.And do not ever judge another man until you have walked a mile in his bunny suit. Those damn things are hot and uncomfortable. Taylor earned every penny he made at the mall."

'Paine' responds with;

"I was a fan of Taylor's from the moment a 29-year-old kid with gray hair walked into his American F*@#ing Idol audition and told Simon he was there to have his voice heard and Randy laughed in the background."I was boooooooooooooorn by the river..."Paula's initial reaction is something I still replay. Then, 20 seconds of Ray Charles later, Randy couldn't contain a smile.

This is someone you root for in life.I was disappointed last week with the "woos". I was hoping against hope he'd bring it tonight.But....my God, he leveled the place. I'll tell you the exact moment I knew the rafters would end up as toothpicks -- the second verse, "I was raised here in this living hell", in the pause afterward he took a GULP. Not a nervous gulp, but a this-whole-song-is-inside-me-but-it's-too-early-to-let-it-out GULP. I heard myself say "Oh my God". You could feel the anticipation, the energy building and building. This wasn't a vocal, it was a PERFORMANCE.And the LOOK at the end. The same rifling glare we saw after Ain't No Sunshine brought him to his knees. We finally saw it and WOW. That was Pacino saying "I'll take a FLAMETHROWER to this place!"This is why I watch this show.This is someone I root for."

(Really! It was just WOOOOOSHHHH!!!)

"...do not ever judge another man until you have walked a mile in his bunny suit. Albanyguy, for some reason I giggled like a fool on reading this line. I must be tired.Although I suspect in the morning, I'll still want that on a bumpersticker. "

(Great idea for The SoulPatrol...hmmm...)

"paine everything you said about Taylor is so right on. He is like nothing else I have ever seen. He's why I love music. I have bemoaned the fact that music has gotten way too neat since MTV, too polished. Give me Taylor and his passion and his messiness and awkward dancing any day of the week over the crap we see currently.Where IS my cane? I know I left it here somewhere.My whole body felt different after Taylor sang. I had tingles. Like, in my joints. He makes me so happy."

Well, Shanrae, I had tingles, *cough, cough* but NOT in my joints... ;)

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